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Salk and Holley's Miked Up and Answer the Question - 5/14/13

May 14, 2013|

Reimer! Reimer! Reimer!

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Mean it's so rude I can't believe that set so -- got them now. This is around your friend. -- -- -- And lines unfortunately all good things come to -- and it's -- -- we've solved and Ali I have -- quantity and blow it. OK okay. Boulder Mountain View high right now you guys Elmo yeah dial 6177793535. In that no I don't court. I go to. Before it's reversed if a kid and now. My job to do that will probably turn off his nation it off weeks salt can holly. I'm like dubbed project like AT&T WEEI live available on your iPhone or android device brought to buy AT&T official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. We'll move on to round two of the most four G coverage in New England anyway we have that. I get some more open Micah. Things open Michael -- available on the guns W yeah I lie about what your iPhone or android device bottom right corner. You'll Salk you know they use that to -- that -- you Simpsons Family Guy on the same category. Your wife goes to execute. Do it and you're talking GG. But I ammo -- -- this is an -- you don't think that's funny it's a little bit. You know in the level it's politics I think it was garbage that you are the context. Is garbage that -- found the Chinese restaurant to generate T statute even those stories that world. -- your regret -- and his house blows straight Salisbury. -- get cute with Simpson's. You what is it with the Mosul people use to make it was the funniest thing something about a while but he is not like that -- as well. -- Dreadful. Words -- is getting clobbered dreadful streets and seems pleased to note please don't Mikey. Can't -- Our talk like this come from California aren't good leader of the New York. Well I -- musical oriented group often looked. Apparently -- I think they set up to what was there. Qualities that have been objects that's just part of being sucked up and believe so -- apparently unknown you know for two months I used some words describe the but I would not use them that's -- uses and we'll find out what -- -- later this -- The other day I heard guys say. Down the open -- thing to background noise com. Where you don't. -- -- that you don't that I got was definitely in the room. Thanks Toronto for not being a budget diving French frogs like Montreal. Are much -- knuckle heads burning on your own city like Vancouver. As were those people square two days if you watched him yes. Walked away couple people. -- that little papers they had. Record. But they were peaceful -- looked it looked like. Voice that likes to play -- -- -- sound really. Thanks Toronto for not being a budget diving French drugs like Montreal. Bunch -- knuckle heads burning on your own city like Vancouver. Start tomorrow. Africa. Or -- tax. They -- -- -- so the -- have to like him in and Tomas he mixed together there's no food whose bills to give. It. Could keep me out here. I thought that only one go to Toronto things didn't work. Yeah I was kind of along a little Longo impression last night by James driver -- this -- -- period. It sounds. Laboratory. How about Chris Kelly's open greens -- Rule. Out she. That's pretty brutal to get away without. Hitler with a lot of things and tell her to though when you when you're the one lying on the ground and he's on top BUN you're just trying to get -- don't yet. What you deserve to get away with a -- a lot of it yesterday like. -- -- -- Like ads that are involved -- what good did you feel this is video ever vetoed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it would applaud you think you don't hit it better -- -- -- the World Series. Have been and a hockey. -- but that it radio station as well did you predict. But they don't want to have a cup football as they did it but they can't go wrong no. About it but it Tibetan border both legal and -- don't know -- -- but I won't say. Go Bob Bob they had thought about. -- Starting cook's mother went quick. To put two people texting and one says it sounded like there is dealer which I kind of agree with little of the nasal in this America. Matthew Broderick sort of -- -- people saying it was the satellite radio apps -- that's your call will -- well all our targets are -- sounds like the. Thanks Toronto for not being a budget diving French products like Montreal so much knuckle and it's burning on your own city like Vancouver that's the guys -- -- just clearly calling in from Chicago now he's happy about that. In fact. Is that -- act. Yeah yeah. And this message -- What -- what do you think she did after the winning goal gets fresh batteries. Apps that apology to Boston Bruins went to bed last night but that was done that -- -- are there. But you know you don't base coach there -- got movement. It is they did great when guys are doubting him. That's the best thing about it is I think he thought would still call because nobody is such a great hockey good day. -- It's like this I don't -- is they thought of the -- the play sort that the -- sing it smooth silky smooth release saying it the really nasty way. But it carefully on stuff with this idiot. No but I think there. But today. -- -- -- opponent under shocking comeback win at Kennedy got Michael always. Right and I think this guy picked that. Picked the wrong order -- Hollywood. -- -- It is over we're going on around -- kinda. Round two words ranchers. Get excited to me please sign in this room suburbia they're fine him. We can discipline and a -- so in the games review -- start tonight -- really matter. My. Guess. That live right. -- this front -- It's you really did they had -- -- involved. Then well it's doubtful that this ball up or do you opening your big mouths of all as good. Good morning grade victory prematurely. -- It's only added that the. And men are well I will learn from Macy's. Other people did it sounded like Michael J. Fox. I don't know about I don't hear that a couple people said it sounds like John Wall. The whole -- -- that either not amazing amount. Yeah maybe not bad. It's what I just wanna put in perspective what you just heard there. Is that just a really. Emphasize the brilliance that was accordion man accompanied by the voices in his head but but but doing zombie -- very impressed amazing. Back. Yeah. It's. And yeah. Never gonna get tired of drivers born a lot of that thing named form as far as I'm concerned he got pesky pole -- primer -- -- up. Powered by ADT official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins the most orgy coverage in New England let's answer the question. It's. Time -- answer the question jerk answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question -- Always brought you by ERS restoration specialists if your property your facilities manager or insurance for local heiress to ensure you have a disaster restoration game plan and please call 877461. 1111 or go to a -- -- served dot com Mike Adams is with us Mike Dee. First. First questions for real. And right off -- excellent. He should not -- -- my ball away I think you know the answer it's Jackson means why don't Mikey get to come in late last night after playing golf on the morning calls an excuse for coming into work late to school. -- the longest course in America international and apple is the longest course in American veteran team that tiger's. For the Jimmy is just call. This is big guys -- -- -- are your card era that's. -- what -- sexier a woman any -- sweater or woman and a Sox jurors. -- there's another half. The Celtics tough. -- -- -- there -- a bit more shape to sort of tighter -- Tuesday. Despite that could actually get to them for women opponents sweaters can look like move moves out there and really. And -- flattering portrait. -- like she was -- they do that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About certain answers -- usually mr. Reflect future your future children of Bruins fans were conceived us. It was a big night it was a big night for Bruins fans in the city but he last night was and it would be exhaust noted it would no doubt absolutely dot. Last night was for overtime. More ways than one. -- the kids. Last night. Question. Are jerks. With the new remake of Superman on the way it would -- best remake you never. The best to remake. Easily ocean's eleven is excellent little -- wrapped -- -- scar face. -- was. It was loosely based enemies and those in the last kind of loosely based -- in the original it's good. The remake wrote to go to -- it. Oceans eleven that that's really. Is Gladys spots -- random tests on him -- for us to coast to coast of to a musical right. It. -- that. Question like this. Order island. Where did you watch you where did you find your first -- graphic material. My first you're assuming I've done it already. You're assuming -- that they were probably happy yes we are here excuse me she. No I would be in the basement. My grandparents' house will react to the relative eight millimeter -- black -- -- -- that in the magazine back in -- -- that -- register as just that material that is what the hell with America into and I just at -- as noted in the will look at. Have asked this question before what year was that probably 1957 months ago I don't know if you have it was a -- the magazine -- -- magazines they have no idea what the moving pictures today just and it's free -- know -- -- stay in business -- found my personal in my brother's room. Jenny McCarthy's first label it nice ball it was mis remember funds it's a buddy's bodies bothers. People draw. My buddies father's office in the world file cabinet full or play soccer parents also had a how -- -- by the way how great was that moment. When you first when you found it for the first time you've got your first -- your libeled by beyond. Like I didn't realize I had no doubt about it where when I look at it and hear it because what that's exactly opposite the more I'm shocked I -- -- what was panel. Well not -- repairs also had a bar in the basement. There was a poster. And it was I guess it could be considered a pornographic poster because of the heavy caption underneath. It was a rejection was I can't believe I -- the hole it could. But seventy's at the office. Mike you got coming up. Now. It's still stunned it is pretty good aren't supposed to from the first point of the 45 years like this -- still trying to get over that moment I was -- aggregate daily planet and yes we are spike recognized stick around for Mike you'll be back the guys tomorrow at 2 o'clock --

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