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Jack Edwards: Never was the will to win more apparent than it was in last nights game

May 14, 2013|

We talk to Jack after the greatest single game comeback in Bruins playoff history... left for dead at 4-1 with 10 minutes to go, the Bruins pull off the unthinkable, and Jack was there to call it all.

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They learn it. -- the play. His job that miracle. Third period. -- -- Tough night to be on Toronto radio play -- -- primer -- one more time to -- ring primer torn -- we're. All get tired -- that. Jack Edwards joins us. -- in play by play voice of your Boston Bruins Jack -- could have been you last night. You know -- You got a feel for the guys in Toronto. There's no more chances they've even been in the playoffs. And they allowed the broad -- nature album in this series fired it wide margin. But. -- told -- will -- as Rick and I were talking about. Just before they -- park last night it's about the will to win and the ability to make it happen it's most important times -- think we'll ever see it more vivid. Example the that we saw on the last eleven minutes of regulation at all unless it. So where do you stand last night I mean we were watching everybody was watching the game you guys had a huge number again and short -- Where you run the fortitude they have a chance strain or did you start thinking it was possible for victory. I thought it would remotely possible forestry. The score goal in a minute and 22. In the National Hockey League beginning with the senator rice straw. You have probability against duke is enormous even if you have a goalie pulled and human -- collecting with the man advantage which by the way. The broad war in that series. They they just found a way to get it done they want every single battle they are. Gritty work out of college so they can make -- perfect rotation on the triangle. It's sort of the game winning goal of the -- and watched goaltending to collapse inside and out. And and everything worked their way just it was so on. It was still highly unlikely in my mind. At at -- short and it was literally on believable. For a war. You don't they didn't -- The camera on the dot com and I don't know -- jump but I know I -- open elections pretty art. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I said we're back. I cannot reproduce that surrounded by or on Bergeron goal that that's a horrible sound that. It's totally spontaneous I don't Wear black culture on those. -- -- -- -- -- Are talking about the winning goal of the triangle. -- let's here we go let's hear and we have a -- play let's play back Wal-Mart would put as Jack's call for the game tying goal last. It's just. And they started ringing rhyme retarded and right after -- Senate context -- because if you could do what Powell. How do you put this game into conned into Boston Bruins history into the context of this season give us a little a little context -- this. Well it's so amazing. Quote -- were speaking about chuckled and because. That was. It's not that the Bruins were horrible for the sport game. But from the state they've they've turned -- between local. That's a lot of -- so opportunistic and so good patch in and -- sort out what we're gonna vote -- rep. Not yet war on the night and didn't check -- check on Bergeron you're wearing goal. But. Couple that -- -- goal. It looks so we are a lot war council showed enough. Opportunity to and -- -- in order -- -- far side. No it is not the score but also knowing there's no -- Can control that rebound the way you want to interpret her outside the polls so we got the part of -- -- -- at the proper angle. It's just face it -- and so when they go through -- practice every single that entire fortune tutored for. The reports -- that no. Not good player. In crucial moment and then all of a sudden. We found yet to hear that we've been leading this city. Since early trouble that we sent the the Bruins are but we never thought we'd never saw a runaway victory we never saw. Six minutes of nuclear hockey we only audience for a band I mean. The Portland conflict in broad history. Would never like his -- that was nearly like it again. -- there was some talk before the game and after the game. Are so unlikely characters. About -- job security now the likely characters us talk radio people this is what we do we're morons. But how about. Milan Lucic each other games saying I had thought that maybe this is the end for us if we lose this game I watched you after the game Jack. Gives them pretty good numbers. About this series. Numbers that the number of series wins at the Bruins have had in the last three or four years here. Are you looking at all quite down without a period left 41. You know you start to hear yourself. This is the end of of of this group here and and because it probably would have -- if if if we didn't win this game but. Basing your research stem cell like you thought close jobs have been questioned in the first place. Well you know you're putting it you know the -- drive not say they are in that we've seen their foot console and we expect from the weight to -- but if you look at the the big picture since 2009 go to 17. Playoff series hole. Seven series went. That's part of the pop marked international arguably. They have gotten into the second round four times in five years -- this season. No other NHL scene has gotten in the second round four times in five years and by the way during its on going without one barely got. So a -- Chicago or LA or Detroit. Or that or ends up winning. The Stanley Cup all of which could happen and probably one of those it will -- You can make the argument that proposal about in the NHL over the last five years as incredulous does that make now. Because we all know that they couldn't be better than -- ground there but the fact that about it remains that. They'll end up being group or second or third into the NHL over that period. And we still on the very -- -- we are. But hopefully it is the national hockey was the difference between victory and defeat in game this year and series. Is there -- And war arbitrary. Then it any other war or any other league in the world and you know I I know that we'll open -- statements that it invites arguments for going. Because the numbers -- out there and not different Stanley Cup champion the last nine and it shall see. Not just kind of got our I don't think you can argue that the word arbitrary is an interest in wanna -- I was trying to hit on that point yesterday and -- use -- a better word than I did. I was saying that. Narratives are born in the NHL. Almost at the expense of what really happened out there because because one puck bounced of laughter to the right. Can completely change the narrative of the game if it Lucic is able to elevate the shot that makes it 43 yesterday and so they end up losing the gamer he misses it wide or if the -- in the beginning of the game trickles in that Rascal -- by him. We're we're all having the conversation today about quotes jobs to the question is should that actually even change based on the final 8910 minutes of the game. Well you know that's that's. Fortier surely get paid the big box and keeps chopper double and that's don't respond on about that like he goes. You know what we can wind a -- totally different fortune in hockey history -- go back -- that awful -- stupidest -- -- 2011. Playoffs when he -- -- -- from Montreal the Bruins are down two games to none it's the end of the first period the -- to -- Truly -- OK so let's play out this scenario if Montreal scored the next goal -- -- -- haven't swept the first two games at TD garden. It's a 21 game rewards -- said. What they're playing for a 21000. Maniacs up there what you think the chances are the the -- all probably one goal lead in that atmosphere watcher or having the chance to go all three games to none. Which we all know. What's not plan on another what most type of things happening abroad probably lose that series they gas fuel and they are all the core and everything changes right. But holy optics are still been heavily at the end of the first period the Bruins in scoring at its -- the power play goal. Four cents after it expired in the second so instead of the next goal being to walk -- over Montreal now three year old. The -- they're not winning the active -- history and thought that's why. At that very mobile populists like another couple of all let's have. Current role cheap shot and wait the report. And then what's Eric rival on what a lot of people thought was legitimate check a large seller. Look at the trajectory of the two teams offer both respective won't. Both of these books all tumors ended up getting -- and all the teams whose players were walk because of injury so. It would brought OK but look at politicking and react to Montreal what whining complaining to the media. All -- arms the Bruins went into -- suck it up and -- out of Vancouver is for the next five -- You know and and those are the same song on which the experience and these these series turn and that's right Michael it is all narrative. Which -- patients to pull apart in the top of the goal last night. You know the inability of the Sydney Brothers the Kashmir on watch -- -- in the Stanley Cup final. In 2011. He is in the faces changed the trajectory of hockey history as probably one other thing that really makes this so involved in the game emotionally. It was hit forty repeat what I say -- How about that such monstrous events and such monsters narrative in hockey history. All right let's move forward and look forward and ask. Who's the better to a better team Bruins or Rangers and out and why that team better. Okay back on requests and demands a snapshot answer and you have to look at the two -- today right this minute the Rangers -- the better. Principally because their culture abroad have three workshop that or are right now. -- has been in walk around in a boot and on crutches Dennis Seidenberg as some current lower body injury. It was several it to me he didn't have a lower body injury. You know of course that was picked up against the Rangers and game one of the truncated season and -- the couple against. Not knowing that this is the -- saying aura or something completely different but the only -- third -- second against seven. Well it was serious. On top of that way right. There is five and seven and if you have a guy sitting out game seven you know that's not but it's such an injury so that's really significant beyond that. Number one course obviously has found that won't shut up a Washington. Apps white single role in elimination games and you are going on the planet period when he is on he's on right now so. That says. It works is that the Rangers in the -- in -- on the other hand it influences their sick about it -- series with a victory. With eleven months ago last site. And they get that team back -- -- that that's my question and an after watching it cloak and talk about ups and downs and Jacqueline hide but how do you. How do we get to see more of the good who wins and west of the bad -- About it one internal -- to coach. I wish I could -- -- the first -- What motivation comes from within. Supporters like themselves great news then you can have all the greatest coaching in the world that you want. What you need -- heart and -- people like trees Bergeron. Milan -- what what changed in the last ten minutes -- think -- that it ought to. There are also wouldn't want lawyer announced it was he not with words but action hop on why not what area. And you did -- did that for the pro -- on. They. You know they need to find -- that you heard me. That will to win. On every single -- the Rangers are capable of winning the Stanley Cup easily easily. Capable of winning this that was so I'm not saying one thing that got it was -- there who was capable. If they honored their neighboring area. We thought it was an imagination at all there's some aren't talent and -- around without going over there at the end of. Our Jack a -- and all -- Smart hockey fans this question I need to step up here and just give me any name who is a power play guru for lack of a better freeze. Who can coach it up so the Bruins for the first time in years. Don't have to talk about while we just didn't get down and get it done a power play we didn't have to power plays we have a sink where we didn't have a single shot on goal. Whose coach out -- the best in the business that Peter surely needs to go out and hire. -- -- job they have more ready oh please don't tell me that the. Let it won't let there. I know -- -- pretty well and I I think he's trying to have to a artists that you're look at me do what contributed go outside the organization. Or outside the current coaching staff. -- -- broadcaster not a coach -- never tried to get market players to do what I think there ought to go. But as the brightest guys I've ever thought you regarding our -- a guy who works alongside Nunavut and Berkeley who. Since you didn't like -- so strip and know and what's going yeah a former head coach and a New York Islanders who are coincidentally or maybe not. What -- coaching young HL when they've -- not a -- out. And all guys are our. Excellent -- guys who have written for the game and really. Really understand how often outside the box -- confuse the -- players who know what they're built and not so. Vote until lost interest in mind that I felt props but again normal -- -- our coaching certainly not as you know. But whatever text -- to make the power play a little better it would just take this team to a new level Jack. I'm sorry your season comes to an end but what -- way to end it last night and glad that we're gonna get a lot more opportunities to talk to you through the playoffs thanks for being with us and we'll do a lot more. I am so what -- forwarded it on board. Aren't there you go all right -- Edwards. Great call last night what -- -- say it was primal. Can't even can't even mimic. What he did with his voice last night -- Bergeron scored the game tying goal great moment. At the garden last -- lot of room for your calls here for the next hour or so 6177797937. After incredible game last night. And it was a great comeback and it's one of the best we've ever seen. Now Jack just ahead three guys were three left handed shot defenseman all hurt. All -- one team at the same time in the playoffs. Can you still have high expectations for them. Can you demand that Milan Lucic do what he did in the final ten minutes more often can you demanded the bees play like that more -- you just happy I got to see which -- got to see. 61777979837. What more you coming up -- and solid --

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