WEEI>On Demand>>Remembering Game 7 and the epic comeback that was... what was your favorite part of it?

Remembering Game 7 and the epic comeback that was... what was your favorite part of it?

May 14, 2013|

We talk to the fans and get their perspective on what was one of the most amazing nights in Bruins history.

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Period for a very young team. Tough day to be in Toronto great data -- of Bostonians have Bruins fan especially her two great stories. This morning Michael about the experience of the game last night. I just sort of how awesome sports is general which is whatever these moments these games happen Iowa's they would have great sports are. Right those moments that bring people together that's that's always cool. My mom was on a plane last night she flew out to Seattle to my daughter my wife which is nice of her and she was on jetBlue flight. And how big game on the flight Boston Seattle flights that when they scored both the fourth and fifth goals. The higher plane erupted you know in unison is everywhere on the plane for the most part -- from often without the people are as the girl cheer in the bruins' game as that goes on -- I love that stuff especially being -- Completely random location. You realize that everybody around -- is doing the same issue blocked and you TVs on the plane and wanted to be left alone. -- that you get the camaraderie of realizing that everyone around you is all watching the game and or somebody watched movies as elusive -- -- that -- West Coast are just trying to -- -- India right now I'm back tomorrow. Hundreds of Portland then you hate don't you don't -- Portland. The dream of the ninety's is alive in Portland it's actually come -- as -- -- it. There's very accurate for Portland. Does that thing where they watched the battles are yet dvds -- is there. Monica's Fred -- stinks -- and now he's hysterically. And partly anyway the story heard this morning was of via a father met today. Who was watching the game last night at home and game goes -- goes in overtime to make the decision and Michael in a lot of fathers making have to make as soon as well maybe or as to whether or not to let your kids stay up later to watch the game. That's something you've done yet. Sport it's -- he's not quite resolved -- he's he's one maybe 23 years away from a couple years couple years now where you're gonna have that conversation of a I stayed up late watch this right now personally I remember those is -- -- the greatest moment in 686. And those World Series games on little bit later my parents say. Are at this is special. You can stay up late that's why I never get too angry about the league teams. That they now after baseball -- people you'd ever want. It's important to you that you can make forty cares if he's definitely one day here's here's the other thing I I would think right. That the answer most of the time. Would be yes because I'm skeptical. That you'd be able to stay absolutely have I think they'd stay up would be great. And it they're really not committed you know they're willing to do but they're not able to. My fault so who cares all right and you shield them that this is a special and that's -- you end up. That's how you end up with lifelong sports fans because they are -- from an early age that. The world agrees is a bigger games the Stanley Cup Playoffs are a big deal like get to stay at least forty something special something desire to his father was to the moment gone to sleep those just in the world and -- it. And they basically made a rule to each other not to say anything to wake up tomorrow because -- -- -- they did -- they've managed all the way through -- 23 and four to be cheering but not actually say that Iran and there are ways it is but they're not actually saying a word they said and finally when they scored the game winner in overtime they both erupted and started -- -- -- and -- whole house because. If they have lost. To justify that the mom. Right like yes our players they went. Now now it's just a result of that about the law that's exactly right. They finally come back they started screaming nine of -- -- as it got Africa also. The argument I've -- this because you're at the game and confidence. I think. I missed it just that you -- I eventually someone put up on YouTube bowl -- -- -- Equipment on our -- would that. -- put I don't wanna I don't wanna spoil it for obvious today that they've got a studio across from the garden. And excited fans. Made themselves a part of television -- -- is it wrong and I was which Nicklaus which opposed the 607 sevenths all -- 79 -- seven what we're working people -- that. We put that up somewhere we're not gonna sponsors are FaceBook page just got to see the moment of truth it was whole -- -- and Indianapolis. I -- it on real life out. It was great it was correct well it could well mean that -- city music DiMarco. This is the perfect microcosm of the season they'll blow this series just like people eaters so third period leads throughout the season. Exactly what it means I'm not surprised at all obviously it is well it doesn't -- -- important -- tropical. And pulpit but what does that mean that it was an eloquent book at. Are you work stoppage or not pissed off right now. Okay no knowledge and Darren had asked. Because summit there. Because some of your neighbors in spiritually and you're in Indianapolis with some of your Boston and new England sports and neighbors are upset we've we've heard from them. On the AT&T Tex signs saying they're upset package be happy about that game. They were they were up 31 in the series and they needed this miracle comeback to win the. -- you just can't help but get caught up you can still be upset at the way they played early could still be. Irritated or wonder exactly what's gonna happen now because they haven't they haven't exactly played impressive hockey short of those few minutes. We can't how could you not get caught up and how could you not get swept up in the emotion of a comeback like that gays in Framingham -- We -- Dave. I Yasser. Your irreverent Reverend Wright and dad -- now I wouldn't be a father. -- -- I'd be reverend doctor bishop. -- -- -- low -- and I have picked a special collection to have a special collection today I don't know I -- tell you about it. -- the last minute special collection -- The plate please hey here's the problem Dave I don't know that you could go to David and Goliath on this and does the Bruins are David. Here's the thing that's supposed to win that's -- bit this if -- -- it one CB David and Goliath now and -- -- -- of the favorites took a liar that's supposed to Wear -- time to use -- the biological life America lives are confused the -- that's -- which you know I was like a deviant life that confused I got. They not only can pull that -- OK. Still -- that the Bruins of the team that was supposed to win all along and they ended up winning this abuse of Goliath beat David. -- -- -- a couple of quick and I wanna go out first I was that the game and I think this -- one of those parents to make sports just. Phenomenal -- strangers hugging strangers. The college that was sitting next to me when I don't know if -- -- huge chance didn't even know. Well blow away almost sold out well I loved it but dig into the and I that in about strangers hugged strangers who went on what you McAllister. First of all was -- -- All. You re really sort of like yeah this like a little -- -- -- -- this is I'm seeing him. What it all really data Mary. Not. Every one I get aren't as. -- Great to. Get some information what do we have. In their grill. Some very different they're holding. Oh yeah. Pretty good day's work 5200. Wedeman and college out of what do we -- it that -- and that -- idiotic us behavior if you know 2223. What reports period I maybe she was in an assault on what. Are at 26 points out that they have very impressive. Love love in the air last night at the Boston Garden give Dave credit he found love. With a graduate student fees if she must've been plan and that the whole way and she's won me that he's in graduate student he's at 26 when he says mr. Dallas what he says I'm kind restaurant that's what that's what he -- it and I think it at the stores both the divide in half and had seven anyway so he's fifty she's got to be 32 c'mon get together Adams and Robert what's going on out. What. So. Comic -- the Bruins Rangers here's a comment quickly before I do that schalken. You description of what -- -- -- pandemonium and really good description of a moment. But I think that surrender I -- moment together you don't have to compare apples to apple it's like. We are not building and everybody thinks that the same thing apparently happened and then inexplicably. Absent. That's what -- at the moment together to call absolutely all the content feel all right. Is the perfect and Ellen port. -- compared -- twenty extra point unit at 99.9. And an apparent and we need it by like twenty yards from the left. Pandemonium broke out -- 60000 people and we just about to make the Google. Great point you're absolutely right -- -- absolutely right great point. Thank you now about the upcoming series -- I think on that -- -- -- -- -- talk to you by no idea. And I think that was the problem this year and Marchand Bergeron because they are quick people so I actually think that the rate matched up. And savor them in the same way to Canadian though which are not what they are recycling downloaded so quick. I think there are outlined electric line right out -- Toronto and what a social successful and I think that in the. I don't really I would say -- is why hasn't worked out that way between these two teams to the past few years. What -- a minute -- -- I mean out of the numbers in front we really start talking more about the series tomorrow but the Rangers can have the bruins' number for the last few years now. I don't have -- pertain to the one line I expect they'll want to have a better gold it. Again. It could not much worse. But they wouldn't take much for them to be -- than they were slightly you know one and and more like themselves -- the yeah -- -- -- put -- that lacked a privately held -- app player. They are out there are so so we are here I mean they had was a great comeback we're talking about it it was awesome. But it is is there somebody whether it -- -- who was great in this series you expected to continue. Or what was it Tyler Sagan who got the talking to. From Shawn Thornton before overtime came out with a little extra -- and -- in overtime. And and obviously responded. To the word from Thornton you expect in the next series because you were given life -- you were supposed to be dead you're given life. Poll respondents. In in this series coming up -- the Rangers who do you expect to respond. Can't predict anything with this team Michael that's a problem on the right now is that them at and I think we all marked the moment. You think one thing about them they do the opposite the moment you think OK now they get it now they know what they're supposed to do they decide to turtle for a few for few periods. Then moment you think are they're done they have nothing left Toronto has beaten them they decide to play the most inspired hockey -- played in the entire year really. Since they won the Stanley Cup a couple of years ago. So for I would love to answer your question I'd love to really -- I'd love to tell you that I expect mile Lucic to go out -- crushing people but he thought game one. And and be right back to be in the soft hitting pretty wild escape but he could have been recovered -- -- Yeah he's he's the one guy. Who gave you consistency throughout this year and -- yes and he could go right back and become inconsistent Lucic in the next game I must say I'm gonna say he won't. Since he was able to get it done when people were asking people were expecting it in the post season. They wanna see this team step up than they do it as a group know they can do as a group won the series. But there are some people who disappeared at times. Notably -- on -- Right or change is not on that list not the -- ominous today. Little I expect to continue to perform and Bergeron on that list and and neither is neither is David crate -- I expect I expect those guys to get it done. Maybe I'm just talking about Sagan MR shot. They were they were given. Extra life at least four more games may be said that most likely seven more games. Do you think they're gonna take advantage of. I sure SOA and certainly they did at the end in overtime last night they were not supposed to be together on the outline. Polluted juggled it up right need to younger on to the line with Bergeron marsh and and then there was a -- issue for younger at least that took quotes edit and so both younger -- important. Had an issue with their skates and he threw -- and right back out there with diesel partners. And it just clicked again. And maybe that's the best thing that can come out of juggling lines last night is that when you put them back together -- all relieved to be playing with -- each other again oh I actually know where this guy is going to be okay and go right now know. -- it did seem like moments where. -- kind of bumped into each other there's a little bit of confusion there's a little bit disk and Bobby elation because they were used to -- they didn't have the natural chemistry. And then you sorry but those three guys back together the ticket shifted over time -- you score -- -- -- -- that night and yet. Seek him back to where he needs to be -- that wild -- martian impact of the player he was -- regular season. I sure hope so. But I but I have no like yeah. I'm not -- look at an eight minute stretch from the Bruins and make -- and make a determination that they're back. If I have and they could show up. And be the -- -- that started the third period last night so they're perfectly capable of a stink fest. Just as they're perfectly capable of dominating anyone in the league are you asking me for an interpreter you know I don't know if you don't know is that what you want to know our epic doesn't making a call that we're have a chance. Hello my -- out of -- -- his Mike off right now. He critic are what's going on. Before I get to report viewer does Israel -- combat as bishop for years and years the person I called up and you joint stock in. Yeah I've warmed up to look the inside the -- you're rich. Only Ben walk like 87 or eight weeks dean usually takes people least two or three years to say that about me so I've. This a great job and -- -- don't -- the never heard about that at that but they -- here or it's got a real last night is been a long time. That night I I've experienced over experience operating unit experience or experience last night. And I on the tire and -- bought into that matter the sport. -- in a ball BI compared here she is relate. But you know I would like pat and I we go to all the games -- have this thing the game at all. It -- -- they're coming we took we took what you are street straight via a game seven -- camp back -- now AME we will would not you know like a cool idea like. -- -- article from the Q poly they're two minute two minutes for the first pitch and I'm -- you know three rhetoric games seven in New York. And you know the colossal you know just clap -- -- in the senate seat. You know mortified at the emotion that makes the winning so much better but you know what we weren't that. And you know -- attitude that we you know it -- you know for the game seven in New York. Made that we and so much more credible like last night and I am help -- that feeling and -- -- -- last night. In because you separate -- that are a lot of the year emotionally attached. I -- for -- that -- accurate moment the about it or when the Red Sox beat the it was a it was mostly -- bankruptcy. That's your answer it not a fair point in terms of an individual come back. It was a great comeback in game seven -- meant something it's a first round of the playoffs verses. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wouldn't say a it ranks up there. It's in terms of a joy -- and he felt what he felt. Understand you you win a first round series until now you're excited about. Taking on the Rangers -- a first round series over it probably would have been more exciting pitted them against Montreal in the first round. Her except for -- on -- other than Toronto you know. Montreal would make a little better. -- the first round. -- And clinch anything -- to clinch a series and it's logical to the second round as opposed to. ALCS -- the panic and you beat the Yankees and you know. That even though the cardinals were a a good team you just know he's gonna win the World Series whether seven games four games five games you know get the better team. -- the right place -- we have Peter surely on the show tomorrow at 3 o'clock so -- Lincoln Michael about things Damascus general manager in terms of what the -- -- Bruins team that. Going forward what are reasonable expectation is for them. Now what spots looking back some of the acquisitions he's made some of the decisions he's made we'll talk to Peter sure rally tomorrow. At 3 o'clock now. We spent a lot of time in this business and and just as sports fans in general. Questioning and second guessing coach -- and made a good point to -- couple weeks ago as you know what. Often the coach knows a lot more than we often -- a little bit of information. That we could never know is that and Terry Francona always used to say you can never managed like a fan. Oral should be fitted with -- that's exactly right. -- since last night at the end of the game that certainly never dawned on me. I'm gonna -- didn't on on most of this. It is a very good explanation as to why he kept away. The lines the way he did for as long as he did it sound expose on warrior calls -- -- W. Those are all legit and it. Those are all legit tweets and your feet last -- yes. All real weak here and make any of that none of that to written bit -- all stuff from your Twitter feed him they've added a few weeks. Make the better. About -- -- Which. Is that was all over his Twitter did -- not. Not via after a game like last night fantastic games so much fun. All lines all for you guys today 6177797937. -- Jack Edwards join us at 430 Peter surely mar oh. At 3 o'clock here on the show -- talking about obviously. And looking for talking to Jack who. As the Bruins games that is solo will be seeing a lot of in the -- want to Jack over the next a couple weeks is the Bruins continue on this Ryan Perry. But on this morning and it just and these and he's been on at one more -- this guy. That night -- 28. I wrote me last night he wrote what actually wrote silk and me I won't be surprised if Michael calls out tomorrow. If you be sick this show another show would be holly responding to people calling on his predictions who thought the game was over right any thought. That the Bruins lost the theories. That instead of coming to face the music in dealing with they won't lose another game to figure that was -- and caustic I thought you were to announce that the argued Georgia I'm wrong so much. Predictions perturbed used to be a -- number at this point. Like -- -- In this in this I don't say this without. A lot of thought going into. The series is offered. Over the result -- you're not lose another game it -- that has a great -- or not -- of the games you're you're absolutely not what your genius or two to -- -- the that you wanna go the opposite -- Rangers and for you happy about no I'm not you don't woman as they -- and four W ideas of how well I really like Roger -- six right well what are you worried about my track record. Like the oracle at Delphi you absolutely -- what was gonna happen last night. So we keep written -- right now everybody keeps -- change the lines change lines -- jogger doesn't make any sense to have with Kelly apparently and Marcia struggling in -- struggling in juggle mall up. And I think we all had decent points at various times I was not a big one in terms change in -- and other problems -- that's not -- the big one for me. But I don't -- very perfectly explained last night in his post game why it's never as simple as we wanted to. Yeah -- -- that -- decent job on that other line I think what you are here too is he's a pretty unique player and he plays a certain style that. I think it's always important for guys that are playing -- them to understand what he's trying to do. That's why he's been such a great player and spent a lot of time. Doing video with Beverly and Kelly as far as get them to understand that it. How he plays deepened and his own and everything else and we thought we're making progress there. Coach I was looking a little differently than we are we think are able -- not -- -- here so just put them out there with a couple fast guys who can score goals and everything should be fine he's just being selfish because he -- trust -- we have to trust Kelly. In close look at that in saying that. And I have a system. Everyone here plays almost exactly the same way we import this guy -- army -- Yonkers but in the league since forever who's got his own way of doing things and it's different and you can't just adjust to it instantly. And so I'm working with these two specific guy that's pretty -- I think -- understand how to work desperate desperate again it's not that he. You'd expect the coach -- locked in the fountain. No matter what the sport it is. But he is watching the film with his staff in an in this case knows joggers going to be there with Kelly improperly -- -- he's getting younger to commit to watch the film don't know little extra time or just my gas. Maybe it does I think that would help them and watch film with these guys and Thelma Carter started and then. What about the three of them -- On the forum in this case and sit down and say aren't. -- yarder this is what we saw on film but you know like you can communicate these guys. What you have a month now all that being said he ended of juggling -- might take off that line and playing in the Bergeron marsh and it works good but. I just like the idea that -- you know. It's fun to criticize it's fun to say well we would do we were in their shoes part of the fun of being a fan it's part of the job I think of being a Sports Radio host. But they do think about the usually have a reason whether we understand the reason or not whether they're willing to explain that reason or not. They usually have a reason right or wrong and I thought it was cool to your -- in recent months if it's if it's. If it's a short series. Is code is -- off the hook this game. Take him off the hook completely no not -- his bottom a little more time. It depends -- I'd get -- it by part of the story might just the way they play where they don't have that I think it's a little bowl that the piece of evidence it's part of the conversation if you're a lawyer on one side or the other for the prosecution for the defense this is now part of your. Evidence part of your presentation to the jury as to -- Julian whose job. Right but it was like ten minutes now is an incredibly important ten minutes it outweighs certainly for that series what happened for the other six games and fifteen minutes. And it was only ten minutes of people out there get waxed by the Rangers are six games. They played that then and -- played. Well for the last -- -- and I just mean it was the up and down nature of the first six games follows how many how many good games -- planet in that series. What a great game one. Great -- to every. Good game for. Great end of games and probably as good a good game six okay yeah good OK to -- lost six okayed a good game to. It was game seven. That game -- possibly describe a golf that it could get me it was entertaining and what the -- it was an entertaining game great off the bat asleep for most of the middle and then as good as I've ever seen at the end great finish. You think. It was a guy who makes those movies with that with a great but the surprise finishes that. M. Night Shyamalan yeah myself last night was like the usual suspects and they'll -- and I mean maybe you're Smart -- mean you've figured out the usual suspects on the big idiot but I sure didn't see the huge and the usual suspects common. And that's well last week the game was so there's -- walking off with a limp. Finished it right now each day -- the glowed. Did you guys prove he's a bet you guys do the same thing about it but you do if you go to the game you just fired. -- you you can get enough of NASA and the bro wins in two I watch a lot of around midnight here to watch it again who watched it again. Watching the game. When you know what's gonna happen it was a lot easier Lester and I -- -- -- think Eddie Toledo last night that they should just play the last six minutes for the entire two hours on -- -- That is showing the wretched first few periods but yeah if it was that bad. Was elected it was OK first few minutes are good that it was pretty bad. Go to the net. But they hit it into that -- I got booed off the ice at the end of the second they are getting through what they didn't -- -- -- the gallery was shameful well. Beginning of the third period machine full -- that they play it as bad as I've seen the Bruins play. Since I don't Dave Lewis -- all of -- it's as bad as I've seen them play forever they were -- at the beginning of the third period. When you go uncle Dave go Dave Lewis. And that's that he bet that represents a and that's how bad things -- the bottom -- Mike Sullivan purpose now in and his three and argue with the third and Mike Sullivan actually actually. Got into the playoffs mikes myself and what they're number once -- one year yeah but then after the lockout it was. Good solutions. On Lewis was one and done -- was terrible. Couldn't defend any institute picks the mustache doesn't look good on TV it looked okay in person you could see the edges and person. On TV -- to settle their error what you're looking for six out of that argument 77979837. Patrick in Manchester hi pat. Top it was a Patrick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think the reason that no way more successful would it sit so by the Bible or the tempo. When they're -- sulphide they -- football. We're big on the power went artwork. That he slowed down in my opinion -- holed the putt that holed that they sit order. This -- so that came down I think with that bring up the temple that way more except what. I think that would probably mean to me that's probably agriculture. Because they've been stagnant. Without that for four years with a power play bigger -- the pop in the wake of the Olympic. What kind app -- You -- important step but when they blast that happened that it -- the talk. About the or. Even switched places with the idea of what you're probably right but I'm wondering -- an error. I guess we asked -- actors you know Kevin Paul DuPont. DJ beat all these all these Smart hockey people that we deal with. Somebody in hockey. Cooler if you have your specialists. Isn't air like he. Eight power play specialist. With the Bruins how -- guy that got the penalty kill we got that down. They are great at killing penalties. But how about his being aggressive. And offensive minded on the power play -- they. They have struggled with this forever is closer marketing our sense of arts and Savard went down it. And he was the power play guy and he he's he's a great power play player when he was healthy they've not had a good power play and they tried everything I mean they had gone to -- this umbrella formation. While they try different formations instead of the normal two guys -- the points you've seen recently that don't Chara and then more the umbrella right the one to two correct power plant -- hasn't really worked they've gone they've tried different combinations of players different guys at the point different guys in front. But I think the caller made a good point that they're not very active on the power play they try to pass it around a lot but there's not a lot of moving this is like each guy moving changing positions. Driving towards the net they don't do that a lot and another point made here -- the eighteen to text line. To your question about six on five verses by importing it's a good one. -- on four is about having the extra space out there being able to control rebounds -- quicker for you to get to the -- -- six on five and I thought they dated very well really in game six in seven. Is almost just about throwing so many bodies at the net that the -- we just can't see you -- do you don't overwhelm him with the extra guy and maybe that just works better for them especially when you have players like -- in front of the net for Bergeron goal right a big bodied players like -- Georgia so strong and powerful physical blot out the sun. Maybe that's just what they need that actually works better for them than five. Format that's a fair -- that's a really good point and I wanna say something else about -- because we had a caller. Who was on when Jack was in here Jack was in studio in a caller asked about -- and he hasn't been the same guy this year he's not the same -- and and Jackson he's a little different OK he may be a little different. That man showed up you sure as night -- 35 minutes of ice time and you mentioned a gold down 43. There's a reason is not just the cool stat that he's the tallest player in league history. Did the power forward thing last night right in front of the net just boxing people out get out here get out of here OK it is is that. Illegal your your your -- a couple of I don't know I don't know well now he did a great job that I love -- absolutely loved it. I just buckling Gleason you know Oakland the great cameramen for her for Comcast yeah Glenn says right when that happens right to salvage yard we did this as they look. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Coming off one of the greatest wins any of us have ever witnessed couple days now off. Before they take on new York at home against the Rangers Thursday night to a few days to rest. What team shows up. What Bruins team do we even do we have any idea. What -- -- we're gonna see from here on out the jet our expectations -- change 617779793. Sevenths rockaholic WB. Their make up of their. Their -- is a little more veteran lane. Not true veteran but -- older. And thereafter probably heavier more alas you know a journalist tells -- maturities at present terrific terrific going. Forwards and has with a trade in their -- they're a little deeper now because they've got that kind of two or 3-D percent and now so they're a little deeper not as much game breaking. Not as much speed is Charles Charles Pasqua these guys that really -- Mirror images of each other that's Peter surely talking in his press conference earlier today he'll be all of us tomorrow at 3 o'clock here on the show. Look at -- -- and Hammond. Speak a defenseman. Bruins down three of them now. Ardea glossy Andrew Ference birdies and walking boot according to the picture T on TS and not a good sign using crutches Wade Redden unable to go in the Dennis Seidenberg injured early after once per shift. Played just six more seconds after that last -- to the Bruins haven't played with five. -- placed thirty fight you -- early in Europe lost nine -- 35 minutes to place last night boy chuck placed 28 he's supposed to be one. Your third maybe fourth defenseman depending on how you consider -- -- -- -- plays almost 25 minutes he was supposed to be on the team. Hamilton plays 21 minute he's not really supposed to be on the team healthy scratch Angela -- -- games and wade goes sixteen. So you start thinking about the contributions they got from those guys and and they had to make the decision today. To call up this kid from from Providence. As they go forward. The defense is going to be question mark because you don't really knows much about how these guys handled themselves. Over a long -- Doug Hamilton is a good stretches as if he stretches where cows he was excellent yesterday but does he get exposed over time. And I gonna advocate who has not been up in the in the in the pros I don't think all year. Yeah you you've got you've got a you've got a problem with with the bodies. And also -- crude is this coming duplicate Carlisle. Carlisle is a good coach for Toronto rent and their coach. Such a better coach coming in here. For the Rangers -- literally have a better coach he's more entertaining we know that -- the most entertaining -- -- for us but. He knows what he's doing so you you asked. Are these guys gonna get exposed. Shore and whatever the Rangers weaknesses is going to be exposed as well. So what does it come down to that -- -- will get into. You know the the nuances of the series. Tomorrow. But if you just. Just simply looking added. Look at their goaltender verses the Bruins goaltender you look at their core players vs the Bruins were players. Essentially it will come down to that if you look at. If you put them side by side is -- is there an advantage for anybody is you are huge advantage even looking at coaching coaching. Goaltenders. Top two lines. Is -- -- separation between the Rangers -- Bruins. That's in question don't you talk about it asking a question please. Do not gonna talk of what it is in question. No credit union and the question please. There's a lot of fun but that's Johnny said so he says ask me a question -- don't just Doumit brought about so the guy asked a question he -- give me another question a two girls apparently gone to journalism school he knows you know that the Sadie -- this is a journalism professor apparently QB great on -- answer the question he would be on defense -- -- -- we should get to -- relatives say next question. But you sure that won't be that hard to do that get him to do alive for -- -- down there and ask him to sort act like you needed to he -- -- next question we can ask a question fours can be -- celebrity. Liberty question -- in a car I don't. -- -- right Tony great. Michael you got quite a difference between -- on -- and he had one more yes. What's the major component that it between now you know. -- All in one situation into -- -- When you get sick all the Al what do you think happens you'd run and -- and our league but don't. A finality. Of bull I think. -- -- -- -- -- completely. Drive. Or you don't need to clear out on a regular outlet and exchange act and make -- -- and that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you you're. Likely to Iran -- When you when you look up happening. Yeah you're adrenaline and I aren't -- a major. So you can call -- I think it's more -- straight out yeah -- did you know that we are words -- Techsters says -- why don't more teams on the power play pull the goaltender. And then and created six and four bunkers too risky -- exhibiting can -- -- to -- I put it right indoor area is just too risky if -- you almost wonder at the end of the game sometimes when the look when the team that's up. Has taken a penalty should you even go six on four you better off 514 with the goalie because one of their ability -- the pocket and just fired from anywhere. And try to win the game without any repercussions -- when you look at that and not not just talking about the six on five last night. When they were when they were creeping back it's 4243. Everything. Indicates -- on the replay -- mean obviously we know this but just watching again. Out all the things that had the goal right easy just to keep that within shouting distance to keep them at four. I'm we talk about -- save with about three and a half minutes left on a breakaway rates -- they did a great job made a couple of them but. Just guys he's finishing the check guys clearing the zone. Read so many things had to be perfectly done. The put yourself in a position. The -- that thing up and get you know. And they did it in that gold doesn't get it back in if the rebound is caught -- -- -- -- -- -- -- imagine that then we're talking to enable firing Claude -- and that's the entire conversation today. But primer gives up a rebound -- to puts it in. Chara has a screen and and Bergeron puts it and and then great work by Sagan in front of the net after the rebound another when given up by a primer and Bergeron is able to put it at rough girls made the save on that. See how close he came to make -- to save an overtime for I think he might have even attempted just a teeny bit if he ends up making the save. And who knows and the -- go down and score. Why are we having a completely different conversation today because the Bruins gave it -- -- -- -- were talking about yesterday Michael how the narrative and hockey can change. According to -- op -- just bounces an inch and a half or another half cents on the first few minutes of play the puck that almost trickled in past Tuukka. How different right out of made again. -- you know you think about luck. Not coaches can say this they can be self deprecating after a series away and and they can say -- -- you know we were lucky or I was lucky. Good players make good coaches and all that and they talk about luck and we just dismiss it because we got what we want it. What the team to win you move findings value insurers aren't good -- But good luck is a part of it it's bad luck some cases amid some guys who lose their jobs. Because their bad coaches but they've experienced bad luck. And that's what happened last night to the Toronto Maple Leafs and if you think about it what they have done differently when he had to pull the goaltender. With five minutes to play six -- the play. Bringing year you're late inning guy what do you do. There's just that -- Is is is the back up better than driver would you have any idea at -- one that you wanna take -- the first course not. And I think what brought you must need to win as bad luck you just need to win or or you just need to win it's not that the coach should have done something differently he'd just. You just need to -- to win. Just need them to make one more play than the other team makes -- 44 coming up next with a four pack of all Bruins -- related questions. In honor of last night's game seven incredible victory it's coming up next alcoholic WB.

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