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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 5/14/13

May 14, 2013|

Four topics we haven't... nevermind, today, it's four BOSTON BRUINS related topics, after a comeback for the ages.

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-- And now -- silicon -- swollen already roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. Green card. Well we solved it -- and Sports Radio WB and now that the conference semifinal matchups are set and got the Bruins are some Rangers and black not a red wings representing the original six. Do original six teams matter to you. For some reason they do to -- -- A lot of respect form they were here first and I think part of it is. Hockey there are so many cities. In franchises. In hockey. That I think are bogus. Whether it's. Phoenix. Whether it fla. Whether it's Columbus. And on nationals had some success Nashville. It just it just doesn't. Grabbed me when those teams. Win or they do anything or it didn't have to win this their existence. Does the main thing it did you get at Tampa -- normally. Boston -- Rangers the red wings the planet that's something I mean from Toronto. -- Thank you hear it and there's six of them -- good -- -- -- -- as I really care that much about original six but I also agree with you like it behind lord reverses its verses. The expert Stanley Cup teams in the middle. I mean the waters are originals to get our -- real real audio and -- and Pittsburgh you know probably am buffalo. For the most part our. The -- -- second chance Minnesota would. By those two minutes of hockey Minnesota -- -- -- -- it was stolen away by. I think for the most part our ideas about the course the whenever. Properties that will work -- And I think the people that remember when they were actually six teams. Still a lot of them out there but that number's obviously shrinking every year. I think anything that was the team when I was a kid I'm perfectly well allow it to be and I think we all think that what they love -- Minnesota then they would name in the line -- this. Open border north stars among. Oh the source Florida won the Bruins were looking dead in the water and fans started making their exodus have you ever left the game early only to realize you made a horrible horrible decision. Our I don't know that I left the game early but I can definitely admit. To a huge mistake I made gains for. ALCS. 2004. What happened I was at home now I was in turning at the time at be short lived fifteen and the. I was made shortly well the show I was in turning on paper bills. They are tired players particularly remember the great to -- in the morning. Are going on -- and that wells I was open how much on the mornings I wake up but remember it seems now. -- 4:30 in the morning you part of that classic what's your favorite video game I was not there now. Unfortunately. Goes on for. Two. Guy but I woke up right you have to wake up early and sought to -- in my house to drive home. And now we can watch and wait for the game and kept going lecturing other extreme finally. The cards did it take moments rather than seeing Ortiz is walk off home run hurt in the car. That's pretty. Big game. I've got something worse look at. I had tickets. To game 61975. World -- oh red through Red Sox. I was in a bar across the street. A -- but tickets across the table to her and said guys. I gotta go see about a girl. Okay rob Williams what it would have been you don't think that's an original a collection of stories stole from a movie let sought. Do you like them apples I stand stand him up and you -- until it's not your fault that the boom boom boom boom there's still have to go hunting thing you putt from off sales for years older and iTunes iPods so what the -- Actually left -- the patriots were down 22 nothing in 96. -- game of the season second last in the season at Giants Stadium. Tickets from my father for Christmas. Three days before Christmas -- left at halftime. Which they won 23 to. -- a good buddy in LA when we were living there who by the 2004. Team. Called me and maybe June July to that -- about. A -- Red Sox fan my entire life my buddy Mike who listens -- show's title please listening today to be called out everywhere Mike from Paulson. With Livan only caught the show now he listens patiently for all the time. And I just said Mike. What's going on he does come out. I quit I'm done with the Red Sox and becoming an angels fan I can't take this anymore. In this -- highlight this is the year I finally given up and now an angels fan I will not watch this team the rest of the 2000. In 2004 and I'll tell you one more just for good measure it's not quite leaving but it's very close game six also 2004. Series as long. The -- had the Mark Bell -- home run that got reversed which is a miracle that happened yankees game not really it was so obvious daylight Yankee Stadium got to get whenever you don't again with the umpires corporate options -- on call. This year the debut of the A-Rod play with the Bronson -- were lost and out of his hands so the umpires originally decided it was a clean play right whereabouts or the Red Sox the lead. And my father who I love Matt walked in the game -- house -- Loses. I'm talking -- loses his mind. Has its -- in front of them at in the living. Storms into the kitchen with his -- in his class and the rose both -- them into this thing. Breaking everything in the think including -- in the last cursing loudly as you can have my -- and personal but he would not -- Over what's happened at the -- now we see where it comes right. Some feel a window into its goal. Of silk. -- -- -- While my mom and I are just share share the umpires come out right to have their little hole that point that -- they column out -- and Jeter back to second base. My mom and his partner like. If you wanna come back in here and his -- -- she later wearing a bomber -- about the good stuff. If you're from the Dexter left their clothes no hitter in the second inning to go what's the bones lose it. But -- memorable for the second inning -- second inning that's pretty early view even with the same day that McLaren. Got suspenders dirty in suspended for that game and it was the right time. And that's series zones and. -- At last night's game seven will never be forgotten but what is the best thing you've ever seen. Are the best game seven I've ever seen. I mean just war for psychic purposes. And not necessarily artistically. Game seven yankees. Yankees lose the Red Sox after the disaster of 03 but it wasn't a great game it was great for Red Sox fans but it wasn't close. Maybe. 2008. Semi finals the Celtics beat the cavaliers. And Paul Pierce at 41 points LeBron had 45. They're going back and forth. And there was a free throw late where the ball kind of bounced around the rim and then -- and balls that later it was red. Tipping the ball out of an America that was great. Last night by the way he's gonna stand up with anything or what you're right Garland I don't know what -- I could say that is dead -- -- an overtime game seven with an epic comeback for the ages two goals with a six on five goalie pulled with the end. He put all that together I don't know how you beat that eighteen year old -- and 55 year old. I kind of ignited the garden I -- it scripting these fifty which maybe is not true. And she's 26. Carol. I don't AV last night at a game seven to drive theories out there it's awful. Hurtful from our perspective it was a it was a great game but it's actually great game as the -- kind of a come back it's just impossible to watch because it's a rule. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Watch on TV. Joe Buck didn't see anything for the first inning he just they were just aren't they just let -- magnitude of the moment the game seven just eagle. -- We insane for a little while it was pretty cool and then obviously finishes as miserably in game now I was there but in the end. That game where Brett who was the the big guest analyst Eric it's that he started -- anything you -- game seven of the year against the lightning won nothing. That was one of the guys -- -- penalties that would -- that was really hockey game I've ever in the bruins' -- data Steinberg so. Might be at -- right there in terms of well play. -- Toronto fans are deservedly dejected today is Boston fans we have certainly been disappointed by our team's losing a big game seven. What would you say to a Toronto fans today. -- sports next week answers you're just gonna be miserable the only thing that I say two things to them one you're gonna need a Google. It's just it's not get a work with it's not gonna happen there is just that's just not gonna happen -- unfortunately. Drivers or has -- named after him in Boston drivers or playing in concert I don't know how he could possibly be your goal now going drivers warrant at the paradise did you hear him after the game ticket to 24 dollars. Poor guy but I do feel map army seems organize diamond this with him after the game. The criticism in the eyes weren't too high and then come. It's just because you -- going on Anemia and you know we're -- phone -- while -- -- -- in my Kris points. It's you know it's four wanna use their folks from. Console there. Supplemental -- Come on these are properties at worst moment and as our guys aren't apparently little more from primer I think you can feel home. I think you know the status curiosity got more on you know -- tomorrow. -- Assignment by the meanest player minutes -- -- to him is forestry experts say they shouldn't change you know. We've changed the way you play adversaries before and are no matter what so. You know for myself and a lot of guys called prom but as you -- mean it was just announced -- -- going forward to. Com we'll -- -- -- folks ignorant mean and values keep playing your game and thank you Tom Baer now and then and maintenance is. Did -- I gotta make leafs fans that are hearing him talk about the game I guess we do a good young team on the and hope for now I guess your -- You need another team from undersea to pull you toward brown pulls out of it after gallery. My name means you won't -- sells cheaper just the mere Portland does it right in his attic of a one point 8% chance of making playoff scoring is -- but they've got. They haven't won a couple of 46 years now. The -- So they're kind of like -- of -- other halfway there. But the Red Sox and equal -- a Red Sox then cubs then. Indians. Maybe the bills hopeful about it this year. From the Toronto -- I don't care about the bills now they are gonna bills just play there they don't feel better win the big game that they play in Toronto next years that role -- -- -- they did to -- if you're thinking about the bills -- you about anything -- problem is a business up there obviously Tim -- -- -- -- don't -- there something like that -- -- -- for example. Whose team these are afraid to say it. You need some you see any of the characters of them up thereafter were the people just looks so devastated after literally we literally went home and all those guys got to leave you after Monica. You do that is today's Ford four.

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