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A night for the Boston Sports History Books - Bruins 5, Leafs 4

May 14, 2013|

You will remember that one as long as you live, and we discuss it and remember it fondly.

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You just keep plant animal and over and over again. -- just like the end of the game last night James drivers going to be here and that -- his dreams but the rest of life. Well. Airports dreams. Nightmares assuming that he sleeps. A basically last night obviously about. Why don't sound alike and it will get to him later some of the sound that he adds is that quote after the games like he died. And I know a little while. 08 set last night. It was bad bad. That's not the worst thing that's happened to. Some beliefs. -- how bat was formed. And I think they're absolutely right there are some games just will not forget it as the great thing about. What a great thing about what we do sports. Dealing with sports people watching gains. Is so memorable. Good and the bad. And some games you'll never forget where you were where you were. Twenty minutes before the game started an -- of the game ended two hours of the game ended two weeks after the game was over. Because it was it was good and then on the flip side you will ever forget October 2003 Yankee Stadium never ever never. We never conversations you had hoped. As it was happening police that were called and I'll never forget that -- -- -- from 2003 out last night on the list Michael last night unless one of those -- -- isn't it hard to compare it to anything -- one of the best games I've ever been to a person I decided to go over you know -- we talked about it during the day yesterday. Went over there and and found -- -- I was up on the ninth floor last night press room floor. Sitting with a bunch of Toronto writer so some of their reactions to what was happening throughout the game was interesting to hear the other side of it. But as they were common back in just -- it can go into complete thoughts were this year we just -- applause. You feel. Aren't too happy this happened yesterday's -- -- time. 24 hours ago the world -- it -- you know I really wants. I was -- wide eyed little whiny that such yes yes I now all we shouldn't be -- that you had and -- -- you shouldn't be happening to hold on tape saying. Now -- that hadn't had it. If you have a you don't have this mode right now don't have games I -- I you know Michael you're right. I -- about -- let's talk W the guys that I can't believe I spent all day whining like Donte'. Whining about how we weren't even supposed to be we shouldn't even have to deal with -- -- seven. And we were we would have been deprived. Of one of the great sports moments that certainly I've been to impersonate any of us of seeing one of the great all time -- you're right. All sorts out -- want -- -- that top ten. No matter how old York. You can be 99 years old nearly nine years ago. One of the top things you have to know you've ever seen in sports I've talked up the cost of -- top spot because it was my house. It just it is not supposed to happen that way you're watching the game. Look good at the beginning of the game and Toronto tied it up when they were looked drag you easy and you right back to watching the old Bruins that that we've hated for the past couple weeks right they were who who. Would you please just show up. -- -- the Bruins show up you're needed at the garden your season's about to expire. Why are you carelessly passing the puck to the other team why is there no effort the only thing they did for for the entire game last night was hit in the course I'll give him credit. They continued to hit and hope -- -- back my mind and -- and this is embarrassing. They get loose for one maybe they'll score one to make it 42 at the end but it best it's going to be 42 and could be a lot in Arizona. It was going to be over -- over we were gonna talk about the the and the -- Julianne and we were gonna talk about which players are gonna come back and which ones were -- ago. And the only thing to keep me any amount of hope and -- a pretend like I had much but I did not but the only thing -- gave me any hope was. At least when they're playing that. And and the first two minutes of the third -- that anything I've ever seen wrecked at least when they're playing badly there's still hit. And we have that old conversation -- well the way the Bruins. System and the way they're full lost their identity supposed to work is the key to getting you to keep hitting you they're bigger and you they win or you're down. And in the third period you're tired. And there for a -- you get -- you had a thought yesterday it went through my mind. But I didn't think it would work. I just figured out what that's fine during the regular season when it at a port when a game seven it would it would import a -- when it was portal one I think I did think of it I thought that added that none bigger critic and maybe. I didn't think it was actually get how fight their way back into the other complete tight during. -- scores is gold to make -- 42. Out of my deck or use -- -- game any text one away from one away it's it's Larry salt special. Loves that phrase in hockey. Euros and when -- wanna waste when you're away from one way. You're still kind of in the game and I'm thinking Aaron that you've paid your tickets are happy that there yet try to. You try to do say whatever you need to to make yourself happy down there and justify the expense come into the game tonight. But it the end of the game. What it was like when they scored when they scored to make deported to. It was like in football on somebody and you're down 35 nothing. If you have some sense to score touchdowns you're 357. Is kind of got to give the ball to the official news and go and endure your teammates. Did get a little tap on the helmet tackle a crazy you know it and it's a good accomplishment. It doesn't mean that much over gonna acknowledged that she did something positive that was 42 yeah I -- but it 43. Why. -- different thing is automatically now it's completely different ball you read Lucci just let their guard every I don't need to say there's Jericho we just need one more right back in this thing in just. Being there at the garden they score the third that the third goal -- goal which I thought was I thought was great. Right -- each it was so perfect for how the how the series had gone right she shooting pucks from the point. You get a rebound which puts a -- -- Exactly about it before we get out too far ahead of ourselves and got my cup at the end of the showed a marked up and answer the courts dirt. Mike -- one and now. What was. Was last night the greatest one game comeback you've ever seen. Greatest one game comeback you've ever seen give us a call 617779353561777. -- 3535 also. We have the WEE I live app download an -- Ten seconds express yourself anyway you want to. And we will play that as part of -- Major major contributions in your participation and he had to work so it's on a map the -- Okay it it's got its dire it's dour people are sad people are depressed. Even in the even in the press room can only just people are -- things coming to an -- people start to think about what the future is at the end of the second period. Especially after the first few minutes of the third year wonder in RI. Is gonna be the end for -- which players are going to be back. Important goal was fine but when this happened just completely changes the entire dynamic. -- -- -- This is very old I think -- torn did you believe -- rock numbers more road drivers are favoring a -- born again at that point. They are. We're going over adapt when I did not know why it got a three I had two thoughts in my head because it was so similar to the end of game six right where -- -- -- had to come back at the end. And and and -- to put the puck in the net but he would put him with about thirty seconds left you're selling -- like I had a little -- little what are -- -- -- too little too -- you don't have enough time to regroup get back -- the offensive zone and even though they were able to do it. Chara had a shot from the point right that he passed up the Bergeron shot got blocked all could think of was if -- had -- not the night before to -- the stupid talked. Maybe would have had a chance but it is okay. Why didn't have a some problems by the way why why. In early in the game was just nerves when it too tight. Nobody they had consecutive. Power play opportunities. Where they came away with no sharks aren't going to -- their power play went out and you gotta get shot -- say it you've got to score for. What you've got to get a shot don't you keep looking for the perfect shot there was no need again there are many times -- sure it just shoot the puck at primer the kids being that insane enough for seven games. And and I still believe I believe from moment one until the final bell sounded at that ought to know why it's important -- Playing at the end last night I was -- it stinks that can be right. There -- sort climbers horn sounds like something from Greek mythology so you can be right. And I can be your series is over to go to sleep in your head and that's right if -- your head of the beliefs would not -- again. After games haven't -- but. Brad proposed on the before you know he did this code used to work with dale over the weekend. In -- Did not want to acknowledge. That that they could possibly lose game six game seven on Sunday couldn't possibly up while -- That is because that -- was it -- -- lose this series deals that can happen. Market happened -- a series I agree with Michael completely what -- -- you you're right you try to tell Bradford there's no way in hell. The Toronto Maple -- to win a series right. -- Were good not a very good hockey team yet they would finally be it would picker to cut from -- with about ten minutes left in the game. Gigantic -- it's. About. -- got -- from ten minutes that the if you're -- guy in Europe breezed -- Thurmond. I don't know. You're. In Boston. Or in Toronto. In Toronto treatment games where polls yet. So you know it's not about. To comfortable. Getting complacent. Thinking that it's over -- it you've got all wrapped up this permit for. Talk about never giving. Appear to be honest. Really being buried and coming back to life. The official song of the Toronto maple leaves those kind of a slow down version for some gonna kick in little -- how does that give me something here you want a real sermon. You're on us and let the -- about drivers aren't. A daily life. Do you want a little primer torn. Iran pretty loud at the end of regulation. It's. That -- have a Jack -- on last night right. They must have been going crazy well tell him I've been a lot of buildings were great moments. I would just allows you heard. It's not necessarily that it was the -- but there are only a few times that I could think of in my life being in a building and witnessing absolute pandemonium. And that's what that would set last night apart. Here's -- -- what went when you're picking a great view from the ninth floor looking down at the entire garden crowd. When something big happens in the game and a normal game when a normal size big event happens. People -- they go crazy right there clapping their -- maybe they're waving the towels that they have last night they're there. It weighed in their fists in the air or something and dancing. But last night took it to the level that goes beyond that that's okay eleven. Is what you start pushing the people around him. And that's what I saw last night our -- that is the -- -- like ten is excited and cheering and screaming on my fists in the air. Eleven and that is I'm so beside myself from what I've just seen. That the person next to me I'm shoving them in the chest they're shoving me back. And warm option in -- -- you where you -- I've -- not a drop to reported did not regards roar of guys when I was looking down over the balcony and I told you could see my dad my sister my sisters weren't quite animals yours. Thank you you're one of the building with the Adam most years ago at that time as a Democrat -- -- about a -- what -- They're going crazy deceit people pushing it when when everything starts to vibrate like that is everybody's moving around so fast. It's bedlam Michael yeah it was bedlam and and that's the it -- what happens when I got -- today is not just a great moment but it comes from the hole. The whole everybody don't get the experience of being down an -- counted out to come all the way back to tying him and eventually winning it it's the exhaled the -- That's what we're talking we talk about down and out. That's why this was unlike. Anything I've seen a lot of people are brought up the Flutie passed. It was a great game. I remember watching that game it was the day after Thanksgiving -- but the Saturday after Thanksgiving -- I remember watching it vividly remember. Doug Flutie saying after the game wears burning wood in for -- because our strategic if it back and forth incredible game. Entertaining and select the very end in this competitive game. There was a pass. And so Boston College went. This was not a competitive game -- was competitive for awhile but for what it's all -- So if you compare it to something it's you'll think your team has lost that game. Not just the game this season that this is that -- politics -- those attacks and has over. And is Milan Lucic then after the game very poignantly and poignantly. It's the end of an -- Maybe I have to move on. Maybe guys are going to be -- going to be traded. Perhaps our coach is going to be fighting today that put on and where you go along with that we are for me to compare to anything this is what. The Celtics game would have been against the knicks if they pull that off and that was over -- over. A 49 point almost about what importing our points but eight minutes ago when again. -- game six though so even if you do is yeah apparently got actress America I I can see -- comparison get a text here AT&T tax line 379837. Itself thanks Matt Sloan knows what I mean that's another one but again you don't win the series because that in fact you end up going on to lose that CIA plus it was game three and it was they started their comeback in the third quarter. And it it eventually you know they capped it off from the somebody -- eleven was being there when pundits miss the field goal that would have put the ravens -- of the soup bones that know what -- Oh no no no -- score. She's our would tell so that that'll get you wouldn't tell us your team was not end and then kind of makes a field goal and and you gotta tie game and you can really do anything. I mean that the difference with that was kind of dismiss the -- did nothing -- your claim you did -- not -- in Milwaukee yet make it hard -- -- chip shot field -- did nothing. In order to make it happen and once again that was a competitive game -- that's right. The that it is not like the patriots were down and out and looking dead and buried and all of a sudden became rising back from the from the ashes that's what happened last night and the Bruins did themselves are primer help because he stinks. Primer or wringing over and over again I helped but the Bruins did it. 88 figured out how to beat him for the five goals last liking either directly or indirectly on shots from the point -- we just missed and two rebounds right in front so good. You finally figured out how to beat James -- arm of the guy gives rebound after rebound after rebound and you took advantage in order to win the game all the credit in the world. Goes to the Bruins and and and primer in the rest of the lease again I have to where about one. For the rest of their lives more than ever gonna forget one of the leafs had a great moment who was it was that who said this hot me. Offered little idea that we did this morning that hockey game will haunt me until the day I die Eddie -- even if you think that's dramatic. They haven't been paying attention you think that's dramatic. Sports. Apps I believe. I believe. We have not come close. Silk we have not come close to playing. Professional sports. Collins. Barely high school's sports. We're talking earlier -- losses that you remember and they in front of many people probably like friends and family barely. Well people understand right people. United have cheerleaders there and hope but you remember games. They still is actor remember losses on thirteen or fourteen years old and I'm still quite halfway upset about today. Many years later so you imagine. Just increased the stakes. Brighten the lights. And out of the money involved for him this is his livelihood absolutely there's no doubt people never ever ever forget this -- never get over. Nor should it I mean that is that is one of the epic call time collapses right there with the Red Sox in 2003. In terms of a single game collapse -- as I'm concerned it. That's the only game I can think of that it really. It really compares because they were both game seven because it was one team that did they really should of won -- game minute and there was no doubt they were in control. And not only did they blow it but the other team took advantage that you want we -- at Grady Little he can -- what page are lost or whatever but. But the Yankees still took advantage right it's a quick look at the press not a double and I mean all those things they'll have to occur mats that we had to get his head. As as much that we had in our goal and we also have to remember that had fueled home runs by -- Yasser Oklahoma around there -- we're gonna talk about had fueled home runs well things OK well maybe just don't worry about Edgar. Something to do with -- -- wasn't just that Grady made a mistake. Give the Yankees. Credit these aren't your forwards in this case the Bruins got a lot to do with the meltdown absolutely now that -- -- -- some time to think about it is there anything that could have stopped. Or the other separate Toronto's anything. Carlyle could have done. To slow this applicant has -- -- won more than seventeen face offs in the entire game. Mean that might of how our leaders anything he putts I did they won 1843. Yeah. In terms of faceoff and and I'm surprised and yet. I'm surprised again 189 now it was -- expressing -- why each time the Bruins needed it they got big guy next at those sitting at a Toronto guy. -- looked at him instead. What is with the rebounds seriously is this in this kids from the entire season I'll watch every game it is I don't know they prefer the rebound the whole. I -- what are you talking about he's able look at. What he has a rebound at least they got a shot to clear it out from in front of the net. When he catches it then automatically lose the face off in front of them and so the Bruins have the puck automatically -- actually prefer the rebounds. To the face off losses or at least that's that they are trying to tell themselves an unbelievable night. At the garden last night if you were there and you didn't leave and I thought on whether to go -- do you 2009 at the great went absolutely against Miami guys Ian was oh great call at -- -- and the -- -- the -- -- come -- but they have got sent out a game was over -- It was for the national championship yes but didn't -- that the that the thing that adds that is. Is what we've been watching -- -- conversation about the last two months the web this Jekyll and Hyde thing was that BUT I don't remember I didn't watch enough with the Jekyll and Hyde team that didn't play up to their potential most of the time. -- -- the other thing that this is the storyline going on beyond it not just inside the game but you're losing to an inferior team. Your coach is potentially gonna get run if you lose. Meanwhile Lucic is talking about how players are gonna get fired at old group -- going to be to -- a lot of that day -- -- down without -- 41. You know you start to hear yourself. This is the end of of this group here and there is this the end all of these things are running through your head Michael were writing there. Were writing the obituary. And maybe not just for this gamer this season but may be for this version of the Boston Bruins. Maybe this version of the Boston Bruins are writing their obituary and instead we are all celebrating today phone line 61777979837. -- ask a question. This change your expectations. If you have if you were writing the obituary last night. This is now changed drastically your expectations of what you believe this team needs to do and is capable of doing. For the rest of these playoffs on your calls coming up salt and -- WE. Never gonna get tired of that. Never gonna get tired of -- what time is Jack coming in today for thirty. On the phone or -- on the phone right on the phone while Jack on the phone for forty -- -- by the -- -- surely with us tomorrow with. 3 o'clock -- -- today for thirty surely tomorrow at three. It was over a wonderful. If Peter surely. Had a decision he had made this decision that point. And you're here you're here on Larry Lucchino and Tom Warner talk about. 2004. Out they thought they were they thought they're gonna lose to the yankees' 2004. So -- down threes that. Game four. Think about what they're gonna say. To the media. And they they start to come back. And they had they'd actually. Sketched out some things in a legal -- them some thoughts and wondered if the general Peter surely was it was writing anything down. But I wonder they knew at that appointment when you love to be a fly on the wall conversation between your -- -- now. -- -- -- -- brain -- the be afraid to be in that room at any point asked why that bleep. -- -- auto -- -- that bullet in my wanted anymore he's out. Then there was turner I'm telling you pastors. Don't you don't fifth figures -- friends. If you don't you with juniors Dartmouth I had I don't know what to tell you don't that. It's an amazing grace how sweet that. Home. To stop. One story line that I think is blown in this site a lot of glossy. -- -- -- -- You don't -- about scripture -- close enough to give rules -- Just enough to go get a -- as an -- and a few highlights. You wouldn't want to listen to a -- for me now now what's the focus on what is your support genre I don't think about it I would start with this one. -- is in my debut. My preaching debuted all right and what would what would the what would what with the lesson well happily the parable but -- was any good sermon outages. Off the -- your head. Say this is what this is what the lesson is going to be I would have to sit down. I'm -- think about it coming give give them. Some scriptures. Don't go to to -- description I want to be. Wanted to just be what's the message I don't know what the message is it about never giving up about about even something it really just gotta you gotta be more -- though it has never give up. Available on Amazon.com and Bruschi and -- that's been done before. Gotta gotta take an old theme and put a new twist. So maybe that's what it is well one of old thing with the new to. Let me change one of the themes that continues to come out of this and this is this idea the Bruins fans were streaming out of the garden last night when it was down 41 it's not true they weren't -- artist to stream -- who are two reasons one it. The Darden was not -- last -- -- police say it again the garden was not all last night. Game seven but it was only around one. I believe may be I don't know that either they win and OK fine you shall we should be in Toronto on saving my money to go to a game later on in the season or willing to spend all the money to watch them lose game seven around one note thank you so for whatever the reason. Not full last night. -- wasn't full. So when you -- the empty seats that you see after the game was 41 -- I don't there were some people let them left but my guess is that numbers in the hundreds not in the house. We're not like 3000 people that exited the garden and tried to come back and maybe if you. Under pictures are from the ninth -- I was -- I would just watching him on TV. When it was three don't line I was looking for the exodus exodus -- didn't happen now. Aft port one I was looking behind the glass and see a lot of people leaving so. Some people left airport clearly some people up here's why don't think a lot of people laughed it you're excited to watch that handshake line. It's your chance to take a bite of the team the handshake line is one of the great things in sports and even when your team loses they still go out there and managed to shake hands with the other side who's just beaten them in a series. It's one of the great moments in sports that happens and arsenic salute and I would have people stick around to just see that. At least many of them doing you know I like that those that did it got pretty excited about what is and had a question for you guys another question for you guys are forward and -- that -- cup thing. You know go. -- just drop a suggestion with degrees 11 game comeback you've seen another question -- -- play like this all the time. Hear from hear from you guys to -- -- and they just can't say and they they have to mind don't keep up the subtle little to forget about him I know they can. Do you expect them to does this raise the bar of what you're expecting from the Boston -- 6177797937. -- in New Hampshire. OK reverend Mike hey did he -- really slow it down -- -- The leaf blower did you have that -- dog had it -- at 9 o'clock last night 930 I thought it would no object at 1010. -- -- -- -- But it look thirty but I thought it looked at it for what an order neighbors that it does it make no. -- They have to this day and Freddie that's practiced now. It is far too many is -- it that too many many -- game that they had up marching -- always. Been stuck in my crop it it has always bothered me but after last night it will never ever bought by -- me again that -- -- -- -- memory away. -- in this -- loss for Toronto -- worse than what the Bruins experienced 78. Yet at this loss last night from a Toronto perspective was worse than what the Bruins experienced in 78. That's 78. That you knew whoever won that series. They were gonna win the Stanley Cup brought and won the only cup question the plan Montreal. But again stepped up -- and I don't get getting into and I don't think about it and want the game my mind -- clear at all like. But I last night. Would sit down and make my daughter was home college he had three friends over to little more make police and may first. Just get -- does case. They have fourteen or do you want to know they're out for a 41 actor Adam has got just what we want -- that 383 goals to get. Can you do that is that is forming -- how many minutes but he didn't -- And cut 42 with a school that's what -- and I certainly haven't yet become a bit. On our you do it one. Way or believe. What. I'd that it did man how -- house not shake certainly the garden was shaking for its house in New Hampshire shaky at the leaf blowers gallon. It's one of those nights that I did not say here's you don't think so. -- do you know you know different credit fell for the believer dog friends a believer undoubtedly result they're not the Bruins fans the ratings are off the charts people are excited about the Bruins but. I would think at fort won most of the season was not John and you can afford to John -- like Intel is a believer John what's up. About local favorite what you're talking about people who did or did not leave the building machine any -- Left that facility -- and what it don't. Anybody. Appropriate for anyways and job for any reason. For any reason. Yeah John Palmer John -- I'm asking you use that shame on anybody who left what do they had a a good reason that we would have had to catch the train would have had to go and relieve us that are and you shouldn't have been that not enough. I almost I don't know leaves you're gonna ask that question already your answer 1970 -- that you want your all -- is that it's iMac but it took me till. And it is an art World Series that section twelve wrote as he wanted to -- -- my dad what is particularly tight. We want to or a certain amount I -- set to meet its seventh inning maybe it's time to go yeah the training get out a year ago. That I was -- we don't ever give up. So then how much -- trouble all the -- swank in Mets next pitch and putt the senate terribly Turkey -- let me -- I got my pilots you recited -- I never stops that's baked apple -- -- -- -- -- watching a ball at the file all -- never quit on your team expects secret ticket prices that they eight. Well you know that's an interesting point that John makes as it goes great moments you don't always seemed common. That is what makes last night standout is at least you could say with a Red Sox yankees in 03 you know four. You could see great moments coming only because of the two teams involved in the history in the build up and the legacy in the hatred and rivalry and all those things and base yes. You could kind of fuel something crazy could always happen and that's I got a problem with Justin I didn't see anything crazy happened while I got a problem which is what. Did you just say. That if somebody has to catch a train yeah. They shouldn't have been there in the first -- if you know -- of a hockey game is going to a baseball game the hockey game goes a little longer if you get to the point where you have to you have to go and you have to do something it has not -- and that's fine if it goes into five overtimes that's not gonna work in the article in the early parts of the third period. Listen I'm on this and I haven't philosophical conversation with you because I wasn't there I was watching the game at home and -- but what -- have to leave that I'd have to go anywhere right it was great. You'd never know I understand I have respect John's position. You know his memories of this dad that's at another powerful thing about sports and experiencing those things people your friends and for him great. Have no idea why some people actually believe just because they're frustrated and they have given up on the team -- Don't know why people have to leave little chocolate corset look it did get plenty of reasons to leave the game that's fine I'm just saying. If your plan was always that you have to catch a train that in that. The giving of the third period it was an odd choice -- That's an odd choice to. Know you're going to have to leave early at the street -- while if you don't get this game you don't get a chance to games very often. Somebody gave -- a ticket the -- choice had an opportunity to get it to us straight percentage of the surgery ester C if you paid for the ticket that's strange choice and know that you're going to -- in the third period. It's the arms the useful scandals and elements that -- it's a -- 1130 to -- the. I would argue I give him you gotta be that hit neighborhoods about the -- -- give people arrived home my better tennis I'm -- -- I don't want you to leave and you got ago and capturing. I have a car on my dad's car I have my dad can -- I personally delivered to your front door to hold on -- this historic comeback. I'd be happy to do that if that's that somebody needs in order to get back tackle papers that are got to stay for that. I understand if you left because you understand more fuel left as you were frustrated you -- would babysitters make these fifteen bucks an hour man too expensive. Ramos made if you are paying more than Seattle was fifteen bucks an hour that everybody here that would just standing you know. Let me just explain to the people who are who are listening that closely okay. I I have always wanted to be in sports want to read about swears we'll talk about sports since I was eight or nine years until since. The time. 618. It's only -- I've been covering sports weather for an internship at a newspaper or whatever. So I I have never been in a position to leave the game because most of the time from most of my adult life force -- working there now. So I'm not speaking from my own experience but people got texting and saying. Last train leaves at 10 o'clock this has happened this has happened to be a judgment to pass. And look at people leaving and think -- better than they are because they're leaving and you're not and somehow you're phantom. It's higher than they errors you have no -- what people -- and I did. Promised somebody who makes a decision reliever has a family emergency somebody said yeah of course those are good reasons believe I just think it's surprising if you. Your ticket to the game knowing that you're going to leave two thirds of the way through. That seems that in like a surprise to whatever -- game is surprised the Bruins a surprise and now everything they do from now on. Is a surprise good luck trying to figure them out jackal hide it up down you -- idea what comes next that this team but after watching them do what they did last night. Does it raise your expectations will address that question axle -- WE.

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