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Andy Brickley, NESN, on the Bruins comeback

May 14, 2013|

Brick joins TC and Mut to discuss the Bruins amazing comeback and what was going through his mind when the team was down 4-1.

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Joining us on the eight TD -- -- I want to I I wasn't a game last night I was looking -- -- jacket brick on the call a brick it's -- TC -- of Robert. 41 last night -- you and Jack started to. Started to trend in Q what's gonna happen after this year in the -- Norton -- scored and then. An amazing ten plus minutes their regardless. Well speaking believe myself. You know -- believability were challenged that they could come back -- we get closer that ten minute mark. But I will go back -- -- getting all of the third period you know we were trying to set the stage we talked about. Jackie is afraid -- final twenty minutes -- look of someone -- then I wouldn't convinced of that. I thought that game would go to overtime -- -- get -- -- Yeah I certainly had quite so it was creeping in there and it's no surprise though really when he looked back at that third period. Eric -- like Milan Lucic who wore it. The spear hit that charge since it didn't get a you can make up the when he. Where is that turbine that committed it if it refuses to lose that kind of activities are being who can handle. Wreck once thought once Orton got the goal -- you know yeah ads are bleeding at that point and I thought the reason they could the reason they did win that game. Was the reason I thought they would win this series before it began is that I think the -- inexperience became a big factor -- part of that though look to you up there. Absolutely unchartered waters for these guys in and that certainly working approach favored the mini stat for the little pressure on eighteen to try to protect the three goal lead is really because they haven't been that closeout situation. In the NHL playoffs that you could be -- those positions. During the regular season with a regal theater to believe the third period is that a lot easier than that the policies and especially when you're predicting that. Reportedly end in all probability is superior to view -- a -- -- score of that great Russia the expert look at the palpable barometer access -- -- you yet now that style seems to creep in that sneak -- at the the clock stuck to watch the clock a little bit. You have the believability technical and -- typically played really well at five. In 86. Didn't handle the onslaught that you know it's coming here in the final surge by bought it. That because they've -- out. You know they go to out of that experience -- read today you knew that there was a lot of doubt or at least some level -- -- From -- -- -- stamp whip Eric Bates a packet and there was that. Get as many guys to spot a driver as we can and in doing so now we leave the points open -- play in to the bruins' attack on the Goldman. Yeah no doubt they they were -- factors that that played into the troubles that approach -- with the colts in the hole. No blood that you work especially at playoff time and order a lot of practiced -- early morning -- -- that you work on six and bars because the margin of victory the -- are generally are over one goal and a lot of or return experience. Would get at the NHL play out so. You deal work on certain things work on those situations when he is ready to go to waste your other coaching staff -- -- try to get up early though. Game play its strategy. -- -- -- Personnel combinations. In those six or by situation that they thought would benefit then this are not concerned so that was -- war. You know have been expected to Toronto what a week -- -- -- and in that pack it in mentality. Getting in the shooting lanes try to help our goaltenders that we care. OPEC can work throughout the course of hockey game but I would went when the pressure gets turned up to almost. You know each week in those situations. -- get a little. Richard it's still a little bit more than you normally do that now all you have to -- -- it's just move a little bit slightly late Bergeron the outlet of triangle just move a little bit. And we just don't have illusionist in the coverage in the coconut one on one coverage stay in the shooting -- said now you get the looks good now. A break defensively obviously they go to the game without Ference Redmond you lose Seidenberg right away bark -- ski scandal nearly 25 minutes you got that goal what do they get him last night. What this game last century big mistakes and mix of young players mistakes but. In a situation like that where you needed him or anyone have a couple young guys that you concluded that. Chris -- are. And it will really expect big plays in his greatest strengths is skating game. You'll see that thought that a little totally it's -- -- that what he looks good make perhaps draw people to -- his -- but the -- -- their strength as a defenseman. -- culprits obviously it's booed by the first goal they overshot. -- -- standing at the Blue Line and take the terrible vice president he patiently wait a loud screeching at the front of the net those -- is in the offensive heroin. But -- skating ability to be able to handle the critics note here how evil with good speed when you're right. Said it understated job at first perhaps. It play with some level of confidence. You're going to be good players certain what your culture for next year. The brought certainly has been on their radar delete -- the -- Calgary but -- would try to get regular. Eric you're suddenly get something but you know -- played in America are in the playoffs he was active. They don't play -- watching that out there in the ready to go by to be put that situation in -- in -- did. I look at it. We're talking to any Berkeley part of the -- and broadcast he was it was a fun interview between the third period and overtime were shot towards Stockton and Nalco. And then after the game -- sort of admitted that power Sagan admitted that channel talk with -- I thought -- came out that overtime. And had an extra leg an extra gear that I did not see really all this series I'm curious for giving back can. Can that carry over you can -- BA a a switch turns on what a player singular player to play. At a different speed different level this next series coming up. Oh absolutely absolutely it in the hole it is you know -- it's certainly. But the Bruins from themselves. That -- is that. Because Marshall and NCAA in the war instrumental in the overtime winner by -- -- ownership was great -- compete level -- -- -- -- good leg. You would use that play games that go into overtime but I mean you know the boot it up on the bank -- -- -- -- -- a -- like what you think and get it. -- there was the theory that normally will prevail here in the post. In the old that. Also the two guys you looked at Russia and shaken and what are the opportunity to really. Try to forget about a lack of production and some of the or play the first six plus games that they were experiencing it. If they could have some -- intact and leave their fingerprints on the -- little return of winning goal that's the way it worked out and Kerry oh absolutely it -- or set. A different matchups. When you play the New York Rangers in need you more of the -- -- it and maybe they -- for Hillary just focus more on the creature like. But now these guys -- a little bit more current spacing combined a little bit more up for the now you're the fact that they were instrumental in the game winning -- also. Yeah absolutely could have an impact in the and I think that's the whole all the teams in the organization and certainly in the. I'll last night obviously Tuukka Rask once again I know you love the way he's about it I've been playing into this and probably -- -- -- they're one of the newspapers today hardly a mention of him because it all happens. You know with a goalie pulled and it's all about the offense yet there's a couple of key moments as always. Where those timely saves he doesn't come up with a and they never get there and again at the beginning of overtime to run a kind of came out of that first shifted to could do pretty good how good was Google last night. Outstanding. Into what word outstanding and and I do you know what actually predictable part. I come to expect that from duke especially at the biggest moments that make the rights say that. I don't care -- Gordon went five or 76 -- would make you say that that allow you an opportunity in the with a hockey game and that's what you want political certainly you know would you like in the situation out there and you're sure but. That's not the way it is. And the city Utah apologies if even before all you know that the breakaway by -- -- would have moved to the jacket. -- fret that he doesn't get shot but too late with a rifle or -- I didn't get it all the time -- of a particular high slot that one title label Los -- Import at the wraparound a lot of people talk too much about that but I don't even -- more difficult shape -- like wraparound backhand. You have all your fault and a way to act act in -- political. There are shocked to read it it's what's quote reined back in or are we stopped short such as those which. States that allow the growth and opportunity to live and they took in. It a break you mentioned little ball and I just a few minutes ago on Twitter I just saw that says Jeffrey -- tweeting that hockey game -- haunt me until the day I die. Where does Toronto go from here as as we go on to this next round will start talking about the Rangers here. As good a young team as that is does this loss this collapse do anything to derail their future. I think if they were more experienced anywhere higher expectations here some years. I don't know what you that work hard but you definitely have a negative effect on them but. Given where they are in their development as an organization and I trust your leadership. Deliberately would really Carlyle and you know dot. -- -- close is his coaching career you know in the country in the action and and the message that he delivers to the organization to. I think. Certain individual maybe bartered in the big regret will pick -- year. But I think as an organization as a whole. You -- tremendous media coverage and scrutiny that they are under. I think that general sentiment in Toronto what's being scrubbed. You know time heals most wounds. I think they'll survive lists that I think that this is an organization that is on an upward trend in this will it be slow them down but I think there is director. -- brick group put you guys spent some time last night talking about the inconsistencies. Officiating. Back and forth so the calls that were made. It wasn't called on the ice but you know Chris Kelly got van riemsdyk pretty good with a noble is that something. The league will look at it is their chance any chance in your mind the Kelly a -- game one or suspended for game as part of that album. No suspension. Certainly guard very here in my opinion -- I was watching. It go back to that there are fair battle between aren't their dreams that take away from the puck behind the way you know what it all just struggle salt each other -- stood there watching it. And the feeling you get what you see that is -- they get what these correctly this is -- -- said that this is at the end game look at what the players decide what happens you get her degree in should be ice on the right now that's what directories opinion. The -- here. With the responsibility immediately call it not -- -- -- the prod me get into it the other three. When it is thought you know his responsibility or his reputation of the war and whatever it may be. You know he's that's your little bit more law so I don't think he'll -- -- suspension artillery I double legal review it I hope -- on -- ticket. That hard the most physical. They had against it and you know what I. What -- -- the playoffs that you should just let go and a lot of that stuff happens only from the play in front of the -- to battle -- -- since. And I'm hopeful that that certain bond issue. It bothers me that the lack consistency illegal externally -- -- locked up with. Don't like that call especially when there's you know and even up call to guys go. Was Kimball and -- you know short time later so just be consistent and let the players understand where the line. I think I speak for a lot of Bruins fans requires states it's it's bittersweet that the Bruins move on for broadcasting standpoint I know that. The networks take over I believe -- that might be it in terms of the game covered the we gonna see you on nests in -- he breaking out he's gains of four and after. Yeah I think I'm pretty sure little free -- -- -- well I just listen daily coverage so you know will still be there -- have a presence -- civil do their job and give great coverage you know people fox dropped it immediately. What were allowed back on the air you're right that's the perfect word is they're actually. I can't it be important and ABC and it in the -- the national contract and -- all the money -- -- which -- what you're in the business part. You know I'd like she abroad students have the option. It's an and that's it broadcast -- that it be people. Gas subtly yet definitely -- before and after and by the way wanna point out -- Nelson's gonna show the game again this afternoon at 3 o'clock I didn't have the diva are going it was a terrific stuff -- great job -- a lot of fun to watch. Well basically based guys -- Aren't around -- and they are talking greater but let's talk about -- -- All there right next that we talked to your brick for the series starts we'll talk raiders -- preview appreciate the time. -- directly from NASA joining us on the eighteenth the -- AT&T forgy LTE speeds. Up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible you guys and patient full fault lines we get your calls back.

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