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Toronto Maple Leafs fans react...Plus, Voice Activated Text Messages

May 14, 2013|

We listen to sports talk radio in Toronto to hear how angry and disgusted the Maple Leafs fans are. Also, we have a "Mut is a bad father" edition of voice activated texts.

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-- -- -- to -- here he had a joyous sounds like you do how it sounds in Toronto today because I know. Around here after a big loss get rough on sports talk radio yet is the collection of callers and -- Hockey central noon Tuesday may fourteenth where I believe the official motto of -- nation is. We never should settle -- -- They lost the whole season. Yesterday when you blow a three goal lead at the coaching that's absolutely coaching in the third period to -- a three goal lead. They keep playing the same tired legs that was your -- the other team defense was banged up. You basically -- your own guys out well I want to reel -- -- well Joseph I mean these guys are getting -- start. But trying to hurt. Basically it has to wait three years. Trying to be the Pope hockey it's better run in the maple -- -- I want my general manager to try to screw over other general managers. I want my general managers try to put the other team -- a business. Not insurers didn't combed by -- and all had good stuff. Positives here that we demand for the -- -- -- -- hockey. (%expletive) in the world I'll restrict. Genzyme you like -- good ending with. Seven. The continent. -- Afford to -- before three goal for formal and the winning goal. We're all decent goals there wasn't one flu -- bad goal -- in the mix right they were all good goals. I liked the host of my favorites there. What was that -- we know it's. That are -- I don't I don't think that there are close I don't think I ever thought it would is asking you. Of me that that's -- I don't know host art it is names from Toronto sports that -- I hated that idea that Dave and I like music today Ayatollah I love it. Sure there ended the lockout. That's the de -- Ronald motto right now to analyze the whole season I'd say we sure what's on tap here don't unnecessary anyway Unser as -- -- things. On sheer weight which had gone before the Rangers series was good to. Hyper text messages. I think grudgingly that I'm doing. It's not working today -- Just wondering how that -- with the Toronto stronger assigned feels today apparently they weren't strong enough. Guys and a -- by the way I didn't get enough crap for what he did that guys that don't. I hope we find out what his name is some if -- was listening to the montage he might have -- pulling something besides a muscle. What's it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor -- now. Over. To say all right. Nothing is over until -- did I did what and when that time is not gonna. Found out. I woke up with a new direction for the first time in thirty years. Thank you Bruins today. Four -- how -- Melanie. I drank six Beers and cigar and a fifth of vodka and I made it to work this morning. Plus I had a real job. To be fair this is planned time off but it Louis -- in the crowd last century was but this is a plan generally try to make amends at home. Now I don't have kids. What doesn't have a kid but his wife does. Not to need to get laid to have kids. I thought we did that is. -- across -- Michael. I know we haven't talked in a while but I just wanted to -- and so are you found me making love with anti Kim. We are in love and I hope one day you can learn to accept this and love me again miss your son and Kim as your sister. I love you dad Michael. Yet that I sent that in for literally months ago. What's -- -- text that it it is the previous pact that we -- we've gotten from months and it's about. Some servants actual setup. I act I needs help -- said that an incentive for every year -- -- back -- -- at that one number. And weird. That's explains why -- still does not get play he's not finished here her dad's. Then on Twitter about a finisher -- maybe don't be -- but at least he remembers he has kicking. She -- Shame on you that. I take my Sunday games. Lou looks like the world's greatest dad compared to -- sodas Antonio Cromartie. A that's not. Listen I love so I can't say and an -- If big radio show and huge station in Boston FM 937 WEEI economic -- the -- that. Well I'm saying is stuff -- On the road be a great dad -- is to recognize your job. Everything else falls into place after that you're right in the stuff. What's on tap today -- about that -- a baseball game on. A couple of things but there's a baseball game tonight. Which I have clearly not spent enough time focusing on that got the next few hours security let me study that is actually with me -- -- yeah. -- as the Red Sox over the three games at a job get a field against the Tampa Bay Rays -- -- subtly rolling now five straight wins for -- -- And you know other Red Sox they have lost eight of their last then there hitting like. One something with runners scored position -- for 916. In his last start a bad throw he made was when he tried to throw to second base. Through the double play an entire inning now unraveled. After that -- against Matt Moore who's six and now and is rightly claim buckles right now you can also as best -- baseball and -- in addition to the mention of our -- George begins at 6 o'clock -- We should also mention 3 o'clock this afternoon. Re airing in game seven last night so. In Newton said the DVR. If you shot off and went to bed. If you were driving a white model would have been from the arena and weren't at a TV. Then here's your chance to watch -- 6:3 o'clock. I think. He locked in that it's obvious that -- want an early heritage champ this blog. Before it was almost like -- now officially stand by stretching. Are great Bruins producer -- jello. Texted -- yes 3 o'clock today -- ago 3 o'clock and NASA and re watch you had to kind of ashore Denver I get two for ones baseball on tap the return of manager Bailey John Ferrell telling a buddy Jim Duquette. On the a baseball program today satellite radio the hoping ability to return next five to seven days but not sure yet. If he's getting a lot of rehab assignment so maybe some more updates on the -- for the game and I got it Stanley Cup bonds. -- -- our friends at the bottom put up the odds after this first round cold favorites in Chicago and Pittsburgh both 52 Q. Basic two and a half to one of the favorites. How about the kings is the third choice at seven to one. Sharks at seven and a half to one and then in fifth of these eight teams left. The Bruins and eight to want. They've moved up a little bit but I don't I don't the night but the sharks and the group and they they are consider -- in a flat foot high with the Rangers Rangers also with Saturday to one. Detroit fifteen to one and the auto want senators. And many of the best goaltender left in the tournament they're fifteen to. I could see them get hot they knock off the penguins were -- and Ottawa. Now they've got healthy I don't see your best goaltender left and and I don't see him as a set I didn't see the other story golf itself. And it. Today it was about with TC breaking down last night. Tomorrow we'll start to look ahead to what is next they have still in the elaborately. We got two days to do another show about yesterday and today it's god help us out tomorrow we'll have our buddy Pierre McGuire nice or join us NBC sports forget his take on the series and they'll do some baseballs well. -- -- -- of ESPN salt and holly are next good stuff today folks. Back at it tomorrow at ten Sports Radio of the -- yeah.

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