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A very rough night in Boston sports

Apr 24, 2013|

D&C start the show discussing the three ugly losses across the Boston sports scene. The worst performance was at Fenway but the most significant was at Madison Square Garden.

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You know generally speaking great chefs will tell you the presentation of their food is important but it's not the only thing. Let me make some presentations for you here tell me if you agree Alfredo a safest in the Boston Red Sox played a memorable. Remarkable. Game at Fenway Park last night number two Zdeno Chara scored a goal from -- Unbelievable. Angle last night in the bruins' game. And the Celtics set an all time franchise. Playoff shooting records. In -- and blowout. Quarter vs the next last night. And the fourth thing -- Aren't you encouraged by the fact. Our law enforcement friends in Russia or even more helpful to us that we thought they were -- gap order for things that seem like good present. Actually the bright side food doesn't taste very good I'd never knew there was such corrupt cooperation between the Russians and the FBI. That's encouraging to help -- for next time we're next time did help much this -- that's a good point. There were memorable performances from my boss and he will say that man I think the baseball that was. That was karma on display it never should play that -- -- -- as to them. Unfortunately for the fans to sit through. Including -- stick sector also evident the whole game. Drunk and that's fine I don't see what they -- and -- you that you -- April 7 -- closure. -- the -- that date. Do you -- accident -- an opportunity like that bread bread right now if -- wanted to stick out for a British sailors don't five dollar Beers that's for April they still have fire at a DOS and have a but -- -- so small ones and I mean I'm a big the united I can. I don't know how much you spend a beer. 35 dollars. That's only like three Beers is -- of the big ones. Is more like four or four. Years but -- a good time great time -- my first game at Fenway. What -- remember I got right -- -- -- -- right and you know I've never seen anything like that liked to -- in this in the just. And he -- -- Davis I think -- -- -- one battery public 73 it to. He went on and on and -- us davis' third inning he walked three. He balked twice he failed to cover first base he drove all way for an air. The up -- -- scored six runs in the inning. And he left against the blues eight nothing. Just say Steven Wright the comedian came with -- to Schiff Stephen Wright at the -- game as silk execs came up front row seat. Hey dude -- like -- right in the great. Honestly he's got seats with about Steinfeld and isn't he rich -- touch of humor or sneaky or years to stand up plus that New York Los Angeles mentality anybody who appears to be famous. It's democracy really famous. -- yeah. It's just usual -- that I I know I. Like come on usually show that the lineup on the front row right it's paid eighty its side Feldman of likely mask. Orange whenever that is. Huge. He dressed the part and then you say Steven Wright I mean the winds whistling in the non-GAAP net and -- and in the east east. He what's he done lately. I think he's one of those guys we looked him up on Google -- corporate -- a costly tours and does these -- not parties I bet you he's worth. Five million -- the Palmer. Enough. But millions not enough to be in the front -- definitely like Johnson when -- recognizable. -- -- things and he's not recognizable new York and Boston on -- -- -- -- maybe Boston Garden vacant in the month TV -- -- in front -- not there no surprise I think he's there is not a more pieces of news we will give you got a lot of good points to make you go back to them is there -- more obnoxious crowd in sports in the mixed crowd. And that worst -- and worried yeah people's. I don't know -- big -- and -- still there right I'll copy. In new York and they are obnoxious. In the gallon and it is and their famous in the rich in there they are to be seen in the guys with sunglasses inside the Miami sports hunch and it must be so frustrating I give guys that democratic you know. Yeah maniac. He gets a quality goes the pitino all these noxious punks. You're actually get out of him. Not flip them off oh I don't know I don't think basketball is there's you that's next right takes great self control give Garnett and all the -- Points for disputes like. The maniac last night something go wrong with him there's yeah I I think I think we're watching an entire team get old exhausted mentally and physically exhausted at this point is still no cagey fighter he was quiet and the three files early on had a lot to do with that. He's -- his right side of his abdomen. The Washington beginning of the end for you guys still think -- better team -- -- Rondo right you can stand -- don't -- -- -- it would help yes it matters oh it would help yes we're there but the date -- -- but there's clearly a better team with Rondo last night but this is kind of matters in the game tonight could use the right except. But scalp talked about the -- little after the -- -- the post you know don't you saw scales dissertation on Rondo on what what happens with -- on up there in the playoffs. And say I know and and. Short list and for years -- play to play more half court and you didn't have a slight and the guys in on guys like Courtney Lee. Played four minutes and -- shot buried right now. That doesn't this doesn't play and his game in -- place you you could use Rondo and you don't need Lee when it. Turns into this kind of game -- -- half court game which teams play their -- -- on defense you just never see. Mean that they play hard all year round they really do in the NBA but they play harder now. You know they run every issue they doubled they just don't give me any easy best KG. And Paul have an excuse they are old. They're tired they're dependent upon what workers out of sales analyst Geoff -- in a minute and a half and Kendrick -- greens excuse. We agree and so you're. Not. Byron Perkins and good is it going to -- -- about it or are you stop because -- the start the show. He was and you're. -- -- I was gonna give him credit here this is an important trade and I'm with 200% epic with a 100%. And that it's maddening each scored three baskets what is the player that day everywhere you -- outlook. -- quietly -- Duncan to me that makes it more frustrating. I mean when the guy. Three baskets -- good you know how many rebounds -- -- -- -- auto out of the I was gonna say to know. That give room to wait too my wisdom that it happened to 13 abound one says minus 22. Point 35 minutes. Just unacceptable and we talked and analysts say that we have come what is. To get. Him to get more -- we see the line yet done yet. And every game observers but this was even more precipice this you. And you say I physically he's is exactly but he optics maybe Carmelo he's. Physically. Why can't you just turn up on two teams in trouble mentally weak emotionally fragile. Part. Or moon yes but I'll. -- -- exactly right it is two things to the physical mental. We we see he has the physical tools they're asked to be some shortcomings here where he does apple will he does the buyer he'd have. That the desire. To do this on a regular basis -- -- certainly can do when he puts his mind to. To any different defensively at 35 point he's not spending the whole game money Anthony if you were you'd say he's beaten -- at the east. And then I heard at least all of the best job and Anthony in Houston. He's tried to. He's not think -- he's a big mean company's strong and when he gets us gets bass he stepped back. I mean I dug in Iran at the Sox I would never wanna play with them that -- one moment team sucks yes and the Sox as a basketball yes yes committee could be good. I mean you look at the last two it was worse in game one in game two but is he the reason the Celtics had a vote to. Obviously definitely had moments that you'll get around their stupid moments that you should not -- Total in the first two games he's he's thrown and passes and that first one assist us and assist assist -- -- I'm not give them credit just because he's so physically gifted but you're right -- makes it tougher for Anthony Peters the answer is no doubt about it but that they -- green is -- that's the problem so did the first half of game one you think is he's the one -- missile that's capable of doing its -- can do that more expensive and not -- The last 33 and not say why is it difficult time outs that talked -- chip and you play GF. We need to take it to the hole here and you know you're the only guy we have who can create his launch. Adidas wanders back on -- has not what he'd just. Doesn't have the capability. And willed himself to play hard play effectively just can't do. Let me explain my presentation on the Celtics I said the Celtics. At a set an all time franchise playoff shooting records in a blow -- quarter vs the next exactly right seven of 36 in the second half. 19%. 23 points all time low in the playoffs but the Boston Celtics that's a lot of playoff games that was their all time low quarter in the playoffs. -- 48 points in 482. Half minutes of the series. Four and forty and turn much of this to get killed. If it's not like the knicks are clamping down in the final few minutes as garbage time. It is embarrassed when they -- no -- -- no one would go to they got nowhere to go you see them. Rotated. -- you returned it to me. That's what's crazy about -- when he gets the ball -- -- quickly -- it saying -- trying to get -- -- you do you -- -- the best I want -- want you to make animal than what you'd expect someone down and want you to try to get to the room. Could it be any more plane based on the affected both of these games they. Not only played well but lead at halftime. In the second half aptly fell apart that we are looking at -- old and tired of basketball they the hole on that lead they got two quarters in -- and that's about it maybe two and a half quarters in the and that is about it yeah it's gonna be fresher Friday night. Now and you know like Garnett and rivers and everybody kind of alluded to the emotion it'll be emotional -- But emotion doesn't carries for 48. Half pipe yes you know what -- double predict that the league that have yet again will lose again America's. It's too bad -- and it is the most important and the -- and NBA I swear to god he's the most important guy you've seen. The heat when LeBron doesn't play -- you've seen. Whenever teams the knicks when Carmelo doesn't play -- -- sit down would have gotten echoes of the Guinea -- field. And he's not that good offensively but he so vital defense with. Because out of the game doesn't feel like that. Just to -- -- -- -- -- Market cap hanging onto a screen door just trying to hang on. Right now is trying to get thrown that was an identity it's just lost whatever it is just it's they become something else yeah you know when they're playing defense you know and it's gonna help -- you know when the plan -- you know Garnett will do whatever it takes. For the for the team we hasn't ever immediate comment you know and for good -- that he can't he -- on the ball he's not look -- launch he's just trying to. Trying to do what -- still there on the last -- completely wrong with the more than in the files for nineteen and just sort of -- agreement. There was you see him sitting at the time off by himself this on a lake that's what I was thinking about the kind of kiss fan yeah yeah -- gas pumps and month. That would prepare public. A whoever you -- that only whatever the worst in the famous people the ones who know you'd think in that they think their famous. Don't go to line and -- -- more furniture salesman from the Bronx tale you should know me personality that those kind of people ages. The guy with a nine under -- all -- and those sort of just my last piece of presentation was was that not a remarkable angle from which is in a Charles scored a goal last night. Softest goal ever received in my life worst play by defenseman who received in my life sixteen turnovers sixteen turnovers by the Boston Bruins I guess the question remains. What was the most dreadful performance of our three teams last night Celtics hardly tell rests on -- Individually at team not a team. It's hard to top. The Red Sox but it's the least significant troop it's so reliant on one guy to -- some guy goes and pitches well last night like Russell -- dads and their win. Pistol went on right up your written ranking perform just like justice to make the front line action fans -- it's a free ticket yes that's an excellent. That was pretty cool game you can do that now and in have a sell out -- poor girl with the game a -- Big date in this it was that you -- that you had a great if she she -- How many in my face he was being honest -- its money just been a -- car. In about a single fifteen bucks is this a new love. It was a completely first time doing anything together that set up origin really kind of setup yeah I would like soaked to the bone but now we were in the grandstand so we recoverable time it was pushing the -- next to his work to his body -- like I I I do I'm pretty -- did you guys go back on the gathered to say good -- tour you had no games it's none -- so well because you have to understand -- other producers here now and there's been in the past. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sneak -- status -- the one thing you can you know get out yesterday. Free foods as opposed free beer warm seats a bathroom. Stick someone once not meet somebody we'd know that busy in the WTI bathroom. And -- -- knew was going on -- Judy and a that was also at -- I don't maybe I'm looking at. Is -- TV in the bathroom. And that's true yeah yeah yeah so stitched ball I should've had his information yesterday yeah I really limit measure goal to walk -- 92 time we will open Poland to talk would you at 6177797937. And we give you our last piece of false presentation. That are Russian law enforcement friends are much more helpful. Then when we first thought asthmatics SI -- in the 7 o'clock hour Jerry -- in 8 o'clock hour. Your phone calls a minute after. Cha I don't know but go into the upper level there seem to be here. A lack of focus. Given the way operator was pitched this year force and take his last start counting in in Cleveland so. If it wasn't a good night. The fact of the matter is they didn't give Savvis and Iran's support here was not a problem must I I before I conclude that wasn't a good night ahead of I have to hear what happened after the game did you who. Just kiss ignited or or things shake hands and say good -- and. The it was a high five actually. And chest -- -- 30 I you know I -- -- bad. In Idaho was I I still got -- -- cryptic here's what happened that there is another state I want it oh definitely in the in the in the future her. She no not at present yeah. She listing now got to hope not. I'm talented -- you take home these producers yeah to her house or your house to her place -- -- back to replace. Adding go in now cheat you get invited him. I made it pretty clear that I was going home and going it's good to go to -- a remote that can work that you don't don't get to -- -- want you war. Dobbs show public -- -- whole idea of us in the call 40 degrees raining I am watching this disaster ball game. That became charming ethic and North Africa FitzGerald novel like. Relief for sharing some FitzGerald. Strong talent you know to think that he. It's if you bring to collection box office he she stuck in the peck on the -- -- -- that now now you have. -- on chicken chicken fingers. Pizza hot chicks love just offensives Wetzel has remained hot dogs of course Asian salad and free beer young girls they like chicken fingers. They do they do yeah my daughter's sex addicts which I imagine going a little bit older -- a -- and no that's for putt. You know it's okay it's the least alarming disturbing loss would you agree yes of the three got to get to do it again this afternoon they do it again -- -- -- -- not even really stars not even want today. And I got -- than the Astros for right so that's exactly. As the top secret there right right and and tennis and -- -- back or whoever Webster. Which you have your rotation say this goes back to being in the designated lunatic yet and don't swing and whenever values. And would this answer the questions I was upset when he wasn't -- star right -- and training right. We had a chance whose -- I don't know. Pitch from the stretch with a counselor at the same thing last night as he did in spring training in the batting practice kind of lost them elect -- forty miles an hour into this guy Jerry he's not going to be. -- gathered patients say you know what boy I realized that I was wrong right I was he's gonna continue to -- in jail and that's why. Weis here what it brought back after I yeah. Avery the guy meant to say who's going to be the guy asks who's going to be the pain in the -- you know it's not going to be one of these new guys whose subtitle good -- person is not going to be somebody who's worried about playing time. We're trying to determine who's going to be the guy too -- too -- in the room and make it smell bad it's a sickness and yes that's who it. And I would -- Buckley was on the kind of crusade neo Nazis to get him out of here he's right you know gone. He's not that good you know the reason they suspended him and didn't -- last year didn't release of the desperate radar compared. Versatile enough starkly clothes whatever but. There are a lot of good personal guys that they said not for us this year would do when this character we're trying to. Build the team when they went out when 23 guys went out to -- that to we will find out who to who didn't go out -- he's one you think he's one. To put when he guys on the -- undermine our animals on a picture dot commerce you know it's like giving -- like -- out of six that travels with -- team -- probably -- Davis is that his attitude and some vegetarian -- wanna -- statements he has a little period of the agreements somebody's butt -- but have a baby or maybe he's got a bad you know -- hamstring -- -- But he's down some old one of the real religious guys in London -- -- -- cause that would be doing -- -- maybe drank and technological question when I think it was Beryl and some of the players at 23 guys -- -- via. Didn't go would that be me I'm guess I'm cynical it's a -- that exists at the picnic here. But they be better off without him he talked last -- about them not. -- yes after this pitching line after this pitching line from -- Davis. Three and a third seven hits eight runs seven earned four. Bases on balls -- strikeouts give up a home run. An error and two blocks that's -- this -- have the balls to say after the game -- on him earlier yesterday. Also they've got good to have you know more the -- it only hit. -- tournament is just about Damon. They're being worked I just say in the matter were aware of what's Courtis. You know -- they're gonna -- bear him in this. Then to where there and give whatever we have you know. Translated why don't we hit we have to work harder in give whatever we have. Tough foreclosed or are so I support it would have been like thirteen the full right yes they scored fifteen and -- -- -- they scored no runs. -- we don't hit. It was so that it became so bad became you know riveting as. With enemies and do electoral all I thought in my individually to ask is the last inning was a ground -- him -- -- just use the run overtake the -- roll -- throw -- the -- -- on edge he's a man on on this data Farrell I think strident defense year in spring training and I think I have to wonder privately now -- -- begin again. -- doctor and what a night these guys that they're grooming alum went to ruby. They have guys that arms that on affluent processor does that he's committed. For the last year and in the start of the -- Jerry's eight and a half now last year he was bad this is not a guy who's been -- And and on the teammates can't like that they can't like him I mean the whole thing the whole thing is in the stability. Of camaraderie and all this he doesn't fit him. I would meet its -- -- -- quickly. They can't allow something like that to happen in the club with the first test for yes exactly most highly responsive to respond well after the game -- -- why don't we hit. -- -- Farrell -- -- reality why yes why don't we not say whether we only hit. Why don't we hit what how would hitting effect at forty pitch inning was a 41 when he pitches and and and we want them to it is more philosophical statement while we hit. Back as Americans after what's happened here. That could be it yeah it could be that -- that we don't all agree that what what they have going over there is based largely. The foundation. Is on a bunch of good guys everybody taken a -- doing something well and everybody kind of getting a lot to be good clubhouse guys -- is back this was the day I just a lot of -- that fits into that Waltz was the day they all found -- -- Jonny Gomes was on the cover Sports Illustrated -- and on the I'm sure -- right people around him after Johnny Gomes had a baby and showed up at the park and all that. There's a lot of good vibes you can't let you know you lose a game obviously and lose some games -- a good team can't -- like -- so let's put it this way. It was the least important global losses but I think it probably was the ugly double -- right. The -- that's okay the Bruins game I think is an indication when he won in five of the last six it and bad one and five the goalie controversy either. What do five of their last six they've got three games left this is not eighteen. Gearing up and looking good for the playoffs but I think the most. Finality driven thing is what we watched the Celtics getting tired and in both second halves of games 12 you know York they were up. At halftime -- again. And 4042 and didn't have any faith that was colonel -- you look at that and anything can happen in the room when the game which have been -- 39 enough from the turnover. -- and the Taylor Smith I was like this putter and I know. Basketball's different than baseball book. You start of the second quarter of this were baseball say at start of the second inning. Does JR Smith -- -- drilled in the in the hands into different dancing for this thing he hits a three and he's unbelievable remains of scoring machines. He's been -- Joan Johnson with with -- with much more affluent as Susan Cummings gets a much higher faster. I mean he is and and the reason that I felt bad about last night -- contain one. Carmelo sucked and JR Smith was worse the -- you know guys that can just kill you by themselves. Were were awful and the Celtics lost. They blew it and soaps and that he's gonna happen again it did happen again with Anthony on the ball we took stupid hero shots it didn't happen -- assessment. I laughed at the people who says well they almost won game one. That gives them a good feeling about winning game number does Leo just the opposite. That was there -- to steal the exam that was one could have had represented themselves -- -- that are not lottery internally. We let that get away now you know and you know in their hearts. You know we know KG and pierce. Have a big big ones man they have big ones they have got their -- they have all that. Detectives think and and now it is -- -- home. August 30 home yeah. You know will put their head on the pillow whatever showing up -- practice this and this -- not think pride that try to give it a shot and Friday night I don't know I think the winning game you know I mean it shouldn't be below our strategy be here don't let us win. Game three of the team's dangerous. -- four teams closed his career could be Cedras the KG certain. What I've never doubled at Raymond and ready AG's hurt it just to -- -- confidence you know the other guys know KG. His limited there's an O and a are only all of them were relying on -- bleak now. Shavlik comes as as he wrote this morning in neighboring. Kenyon Martin off the bench so expert and shipment Randolph off the best option one Kenyon Martin Celtics bring. Courtney Lee off the bench knicks bring JR Smith off the bench -- -- little different all say this. They won't give up Friday night if they do it'll be in the second half. That's the but you stuck to general violence or take a break -- undermined this morning. Hey good morning guys I jumped. On the call talk about the Bruins a little bit I mean this has just looked so. Brutally mediocre now sure. I don't know the past month month and actually meeting -- longer. A cutter might you would have been a black humor that stretch they want -- -- -- like. According to two and one then. They kind of lived in the playoffs and boast about Washington yes. Things happen and here they come out all the key fourteen to start an outrageous looks so old. So average I don't know what that -- -- -- they can put the switch but. Eight bit better because they'll be one down in the play. The switch when you've lost five of the six clone called them embarrassing last night he said what we witnessed tonight was embarrassing. Or puck management just like bad breaks one against them. -- mean it is just bad fundamental hockey. Yeah I never thought this team is gonna get your start of the year we were talking about you know -- Bruins Blackhawks is -- that yes we -- to beat -- right conference finals to get their what was happening JH a team is gone. Changing the I don't know what's good question can you flip the switch I'm gonna look back -- two years ago today flip the switch I know that reliant on the hot goalies -- Eric Wright was unbelievable or three -- -- -- that ones. Many years ago. 22 or three years ago middle of around 2011. Mean can you do that and you do that mean. Do they have that in their mind because really. Positioning for the playoffs isn't that important. It really isn't about hockey right now and we know make a bigger deal out of the -- that they do know it's served up three games from now they wanna get hot they wanna play well within its their own you know we got home -- were screwed no no and we have to go to Pittsburgh game seven. Mean that's a distant spot. Beat you do have to get your house in order to get it will play out the three games. Home against Tampa at Washington. Home against Ottawa and then one. Will -- be right now -- always will be. Well hey you know we talked about confidence so much they're playing a large role in how well people plate they can't be confident after losing five to six. And certainly not the way they lost last night.

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