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NESN's Barry Pederson on a unprecedented game 7 win for the Bruins

May 14, 2013|

Barry Pederson joined the program to discuss a historic night at the garden. Barry told the guys that in all his years as a player and an analyst he has never seen a comeback like the Bruins had last night.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT ER hockey friend Barry Petersen from -- and -- good morning Dario. Good morning got a little tired there was. -- -- -- -- Yeah hey -- in all your years -- in and around the game. Have you seen anything quite remarkable what to witness last night. Now we did -- and I bill we're talking about after the game when what could remember that would do it looked like. You know. Kind of halfway through that third period you know you're doing the TV you're trying to prepare your your post these things ready to talk about book game five and all of a sudden three or four minutes later the script gets ripped up what we're trying to. Get ready for over time. This look like that have a long term psychological damaging effect to an organization you think especially young team like them. I don't know I don't think it's actually from work Ronald came from and expect Carlyle has tremendous job. Turning around the good organization Brian -- recourse that a good job building that team and got buckled at the beginning of this year but. No I don't think so I think it's been obvious to be popular but at a couple of weeks over the summer but the the young team to be heading in the right direction. When did you no matter when did you know I say. Minute 22 left. Or rich scores and makes it 43 I said. I don't know who's gonna -- the fourth goal but someone is in the in the gonna go to overtime and there was no doubt in my mind they would win in overtime. Yeah I thought you know the horrible kind of felt good like okay they're not equipment for two. You know social pride got that they're playing hard and all the sudden -- huge goal goes -- you're going -- well this could get -- track and that. We've Bergeron tied up the place goes crazy up Iraq was pulled for both goals but the 43 before war. -- you have that sense what you just described here that was just it was just meant to be it felt like at that time than we were discussing last night after the game. Art show would have changed we don't know -- would have went -- all of a sudden throttle -- -- one -- -- -- would have been so deflating right. A -- you to head to head you'd have to give dialogue in -- is no doubt you'd have to give my shoulder to cry on -- -- All there was a lot of -- fighting going on throughout the big it was just just witnessing the event I mean when it was 41. Your mind that was one way to start to look around the building it with people were kind of filing out and all the -- when it was worth three a look at -- -- everybody almost came back. And you know what. We got an idea for him there we could pass this longer -- They look really good on the six on five adults and it's gonna be tough to score on the Rangers when he said the start the game with six skaters. Well very popular the produces -- -- debate about that that you think about you know five unforced situation -- -- -- with a -- struggle for it seems like years. Now all of a sudden at the top five it should be more crowded up there the Bruins were remarkable with but. You look at a couple other -- away from the goal scoring a come back and you know we talk about the goal scored Dellucci took that team on his back. Going down the stretch with his physical presence intimidation and -- the part of that I thought he really turn things around. But it got scary there leopard shipped to the hockey game Seidenberg go down with thirty seconds. 37 seconds into the game and all the sudden -- -- -- both parents and no red right. And boy sport coat he's stepped it -- than the other young -- -- the right side boy chuck -- Hamilton brought their gave up it is not easy withdrawals be put. But he got talk about the captain with 35 minutes of flight time that he got to -- you'll be one tired guy that you gotta get. Wrapped a lot of credit who here's a kid that was for -- he didn't quit he made some big saves down the stretch separate -- -- rat and then all of a little over time so. It was a total team effort. How realistic is it Barry lets just say these defense and Seidenberg. Are out here for the next series how realistic is it to expect the other guys a step up like it did last night in that series against the Rangers. Well it's hard to do what you're going to do a patchwork. In on a short period of time the human spirit could do a lot of good things -- gut pick it up they're gonna need. You know already the characters -- -- come back sometime in the series and of course we don't know the severity of the injuries you have to wait and see. The raiders leave that will be backed up a little bit as well but so right now the Bruins need to -- as we know coming down the stretch with a compilation of those and replay will regain that were canceled. The game and nine night from the start the playoffs right way to -- -- the -- this week. Number you could see at the end of that game as they were just attacking and and it was almost as if their mindset change where they say you know what down for a while we're down 42 we got nothing to lose here. And and and they began to attack the sort of your reckless abandon our camp played the entire hockey game that way. But can somehow go toward that line a little bit more play with that sort of attacking says because there and need some offense against one ought. Absolutely I get the whole key is well what this team is playing your game it's playing with that desperation and urgency. I thought for the most part the entire series to create your line played that way obviously the -- draw like article late last night that was you're hoping that was the case but. The other part of the story of course is as they're coming on a young Toronto rookie who has never been through this war before it never experienced that. Totally collapse but after -- -- making plays. They're back under -- the getting in the pocket instead of going to take the paper trying to create to authenticate -- and off the boards. -- driver who played so well for them in game five -- -- America he did have a chance to somebody bodies around him he was controlling his rebounds and have the Bruins -- -- Do you think we're going to see any glimpses of vintage jogger in the next series because like I said an offer of the series a alone. At some point I think -- -- younger closure where the next morning we're going to be talking about he single -- did -- -- did last night you think that's possible barbaric. Yeah I think it is I think it's salt off legacy Marchand Sega and X series you know -- the playoff loaded with. At each round depending on matchups. Kind of retribution -- opportunity to kind of make up for a man in the previous series as we remember the Bruins had that cop rock. If it wasn't for that third line with writer Kelly in -- Beverly. The first and second -- would never got a chance to even get things going later on the playoffs we've it would have been talking about that that of the Stanley Cup sultan each line you know have the responsibility was always create your line. -- raft Moochie they've debated the job to get them through this series but now we know it each series you go along the competition get -- much better. And we thought them good goaltending at times from our primary stroke and other times bureaucracy that the next series -- -- you're gonna see one of the best goalie -- called pocket. I've Barry I'm gonna explain sometime im looking at 825 game stretch it's February 26 to April 11. Where. Milan Lucic had one goal and one goal. How is it possible that -- we saw last night just take over that game that guy we saw in the series with nine points. Could have one goal in 25. Games. Well I I think what ends up happening is you remember what became one of the walked Ortiz. Wolf forty had not skated. What kind of we all kind of expected him to get off to a slow start but they actually got off to a great start the adrenaline was going. I kind of use that kind of a -- you like you know the marathon running for all the sudden. You get the heart rate quote -- heartbreak hill and you probably don't pick it up a little bit too fast but because you've done your mileage you're able would gold. To the well get -- watering trying to finish but all the but if you haven't done your conditioning work. You go to the well is dry but like all I'm crap put up like that get things done I think with -- what happened. He hit the ball I just think he wasn't able to physically get to the next level because you're playing every second night. He wasn't able to get any rest and recover and -- the guys we know it's although his legs when he is eating. He is an intimidating physical force presence felt there I think that rhetoric like gave them to sit down. That week where he was able to recover during media marathon tragedy -- that really help them. And you can see right from the opening face off of this series he was a different player you could feel emotionally. Because he would physically intensity that he brought it kind of see it developing in the latter part of the -- it into the playoffs. The point he took it to a new level. Giving a reason -- think this Jekyll and Hyde team that Julian talked about is gonna go away here it's going to be more good than bad this next series is anymore -- we've seen for the last three months. All right you know what you you have to kind of go -- -- trend right now the that -- can sit in the Jekyll -- Hyde Park it's been disturbing but again but disturbing. You know around the league I think just because of the packed schedule on the players that was just too tough playing every night. Without much content and -- -- got the New York Rangers technically he'll look that way but they're they're keeping the way they're -- one but. What are the hallmark of -- -- team and one of the things I've enjoyed watching it was the concept of responsibility. And the way to protect the pocket the way they don't beat themselves with turnovers but boy down the stretch of the regular season at various times throughout. These playoff that was not what we often does in the from the -- that was kind of self destructed by turnovers and not getting the puck -- not protecting the puck. So the brought to get that next level and get away from that Jacqueline -- is that Claude ultimately gonna have to protect the puck better. And be mentally copper and the you have accomplished to get done what. More difficult to get the New York bring. If there would -- bought fewer maple leaf and you saw Phil Kessel gave wanted to put the Bruins in the chase and check line. And this particular dog who is the assistant coach with a ball that you and all learned is it. I think the game was over you know I think one of the great things -- you've been around hockey prologue time -- its way back when watching how it. At that point of the game I think one of the great things is that you have two guys are two teams -- in the go out and have a war they've battled each other they're white they're scrap -- And -- over. The view what you're going to get a lot of -- each -- and you -- take. I mean out what should put open booty shake hands they're the guys who were on how to every single ship they were punching each other -- each other -- -- good job but. Good luck the next series and I don't have a. I thought -- van riemsdyk shake hands with Kelly who threw an old bones place you know. -- little -- that he got away with but that whole wide open with Ronald site -- boat that went down. They had an injury problems to the Padres who have been very quiet that tire series he all the sudden jump off with a couple of van riemsdyk and outline played great down the stretch. But a question for me -- how does that work for Claude Julian as he contemplates whether league -- -- maligned but burger at a -- is that he decision yesterday makes sooner rather than later to get them some practice time together before game one. No I don't think so I think the way. But lately we saw that overtime goal by Bergeron would you watch the replay you look at Marchand had shaken the way they were battling without -- -- We they were going to let that that looked like outline of wolf I think he starts off without -- thank you wanna trying to reward them for what just happened you go to create your line is that. They -- -- just kind of happened was shot with injuries that would match up to see what's going on but. They -- -- -- there with the New York Rangers they obviously had a difficult he's as well but they're riding high right now. There's also. Well good stuff very appreciate the conversation I guess what the a lesson we learn from last night is just because it's never happened doesn't mean it can't happen and that's what's last night. I'm sure I woke up thinking I I just had a dream is probably wake topic and had a night. I don't know what -- great here good to talk to Barry talked down the road. Roy got Mary -- but that was Kelly on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE.

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