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Toronto Star columnist Damien Cox on the Maple Leafs epic choke

May 14, 2013|

Damien Cox joined the program to discuss the epic choke of the Maple Leafs in the final minute of the third period in game 7. Damien told the guys that the Leafs had ample opportunities to win the game even after the Bruins tied it.

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We enjoyed our conversation. Yesterday with throttle star columnist Damien Cox we thought based on the -- epic events of last night would invite him back on the air he joins us on the AT&T hotline at AT&T four GL TTE good morning David how are you. Oregon went well I just because it's never happened before doesn't mean it won't happen so my question new gaming is. Will blowing a three goal lead in the third period of game seven the -- psychological scar on this organization and its fan base. Well I mean I think -- -- Red Sox probably before they won their first championship right along time you'll recognize a lot of what the fans are going through. And you know I think there is. Scarring particularly of young team that experience and that it won't it won't heal over it won't disappear instantly. Get to another situation like this well and win I mean that's just the way sports work. I don't know painted. -- what do we all whether it's -- -- and -- were always guilty of looking pictures of lands and our particular cities and you know you can look at that at least it's something. That no team had ever done before or that the broad. -- coming that no team ever done right or so. It depends on how you look at. As the series unfolded it seems to me there was this narrative that you know. -- leaf fans that didn't think that this is a year that they are going to win the cup. But it's an upcoming team -- young team has a bright future all that does the matter which they lost sort of take that good feeling away. Yeah for today yeah I mean. Look nobody over Iraq over reacts to things that happened hockey like people -- trauma overreact and that's part of being fans in on. And I get a lot of emails a lot of tweets this morning good -- that -- -- and people were upset you know I have four kids. Our poll I didn't ultimately be -- fan but they are so they don't suffer when things like this happen. We don't put our I hate my expectation. Is is that more. That there will be a lot more sober second thought that with the organization itself. They understand that the regardless what happened last made this -- with a bright future regardless you don't make any decisions based on lest they -- he would have made otherwise and you know. In terms of catastrophic losses in the garage on they'll develop the market and develop additional provision go to all kinds of losses. And really in the grand Specter things this -- -- disrupt. Oh it's in the conversation -- realty is a mean we mention about about lock it up while yet for a while it's it's unprecedented three goal lead in the third period. The -- Like all time losses in the history of sport is what I'm talking about I mean. I don't think this one. But well I. Yeah I don't know I don't know we liked the game in the column that a better than this one we use we you know we you you came down pretty hard on them and you should. Because you're in Toronto in a -- that Toronto this is bigger than John and about -- ought to mean this is the sits home and I'm sure your people there. Are just devastated can you tell us. What they did wrong you mentioned the rope a dope and you tweet -- went into the rope a -- did they just get too defensive is it that simple -- Well there would do it in game five maybe that's up to do it again. I think that's part of it. And again I I mean I thought I thought that that game changed when when Milan Lucic decided it was convention right. And in Lucic in Zdeno Chara you have two unique players in the league simply nothing they can do to counteract those guys decided that this is -- that that this season was not over for the Boston Bruins. Think it is you can just see it. In -- kind of game it was it was a game for Lucic in particular who might be way he's playing his game. I don't know there's going to be like him in the NHL also. I think the -- -- I think that they have a lot of young guys who all of a sudden looked around it's somebody's got to get it out of -- I think James driver. Didn't make the basic needs to he needed to make. -- -- -- And do you look at Randy Kyle is there a specific second guess of Randy -- from you and from in the leaf nation up there. In -- vote and -- -- strategy. Well an amateur Randy Carlyle told his guys let's go back up and let's put them take a hundred shots and a lot of minutes. I would imagine he was telling them. You have -- talked to many coaches over the years in various sports and sometimes he just didn't control your team you know when they've got a guy like. Joseph -- weren't out there and overtime playing second NHL playoff game and they -- Jake heard that there was a revelation a lot of ways but he's in his first game. The old guys throw in Ireland and and some of the better guys I mean I don't think anyone's. Speaking to highly of their captain beyond enough this morning and think Dion could that are felt -- quieted a lot of critics but. He still out there when the winning goal scored in three leaks could have this stick on it. Before Patrice Bergeron put them. I did Phil Kessel laughing and smiling with the Bruins in the handshake line let's sit well with the fan base in Toronto. I don't think so I mean I think people who watch the NHL. For a long long time I think they see that handshake always. -- -- are really something where guys after a long accessories and man this itself here where they just sort of say okay let's go for beer that that was a great team that's part of the hockey culture. You know I think people and to be honest I think people and -- feeling a lot better -- -- council that they were when the playoffs started. You know -- one of the parts that might be the most difficult to take whether it's by the team or the the fan base. It's as -- the leafs did the hard part of this of this challenge this quest. They came back after that heartbreaking game four overtime loss -- -- probably should've won. Showed some resiliency one game 51 game 612. And a half periods of game number seven. And then all fell apart it's like you did the hard part of messed up on the easy part -- in and out. Yeah I mean that's probably true in the -- I mean that's for -- I mean look took a -- makes a great save on joppy pupil in the second overtime. Or you and I in the three of us are having an entirely different conversation this morning -- But. That's what good teams do that's what champions do their seventeen members of the Boston Bruins who were there and they won the cup and 2011. There's a player on the leafs. We have the Stanley Cup ring -- one. Back you know kind of -- -- good team just like LA beating king Louis south west sectors Saint Louis is up two games and then. Or you know working with the Rangers not allow a goal in the last two games against. Washington after being behind in this series. That's where the cream rises to the cut to the you know cup I mean Jeter I think this thing was going seven games where it started I think we'll know -- thought it was four maybe five. All we said six or seven bomb bomb. Did you think there was a point or Carla should use this timeout. Yeah probably. You know I think that's that's probably true but you know I think when your back coaching situation -- it's a 5050 you'd think and I gotta get my guys and get them together. For you that you think -- the other team there are aghast why would I give them that extra rest his soul. But yeah I mean I think you can look at that think that might have might have helped. But I mean it's hard working that was of for a one in on cruise control. And all of a sudden you know the roof caved in you know -- -- You can you can you can call interpreter but it isn't gonna help you fix the problem. Idea -- a lot of grief of the -- because you're not a homer I mean where we've been read your stuff throughout the series it's excellent. -- you taken a beating epic -- you're not rooting for the for your leafs. What was his and I assure. But you know that's that's what you do I mean that I've been doing this for a long long time and in if I get this morning and I get -- things -- are you a fan do you live control all night and I say you'll cancel my job you fan. And in any hope that there's enough people out there who. -- you know. Don't have -- weight classes it's sort of you know see I mean look. I present my kids at least and I understand that people hurting but it doesn't change I've got to do -- doesn't change. The way you look at the Boston Bruins doesn't change the way can I cover the NHL I don't I don't just currently. They did is there any way to predict any way to quantify out what the energy level would have been had they won that game last night gonna play the Rangers in terms of -- fan interest in terms of the number of fans showing up in the square the energy the whole vibe around the city and to what would have gone to is -- another level. I mean you're really talking with a team that's. As well supported as any team in pro sports I think what you saw was a bit more grassroots this time around it was just people in the arena there -- people outside. But I mean that's always there and in. -- I don't know if you guys have been to a leafs game outside and other cities in Canada or something like that I mean they are like -- -- you know what the Red Sox are good comparison anywhere you go you. Finally hands and that. That's been there all along the amazing part to mean disaster. For the pictures of the Stanley Cup in nine years playoffs before this year and they still have so many fans felt. Is there another level you know what. -- -- currently in 1988. And there's way more support for them now that there was them and they have -- damn thing. Eight I'll tell you how what do worked in Boston. We would watch that last goal that game winning goal that season -- goal thousand times and we still wouldn't have seen Cody France and do anything I mean he would be taken a beating here that she was on the other -- will Willie be like that Toronto. Yeah I mean they'll be looked as -- critics and reading and all this morning in -- you know people are entitled to their opinion you know. I can say this coded threat in the -- but about it Jake -- all standing there on the all of the chance to clear the way and instead digger who puts on the stick of Patrice Bergeron and everybody explain Alan Cody Ransom or tools early in the game so I think individual players always. Take. Beating in these situations people have high expectations and hopes that. You know I look at -- as a teen collapsed in again and -- we are talking about this long into the night last night. You know what the Bruins -- shouldn't be lost in all of this from a -- perspective. You know that I mean how many teams come back how many teams would have just packed it is. 41. Up a goal work Phil -- -- mile and each itself apocryphal people. -- it looked over all over Dennis Seidenberg wasn't playing they looked like Iran fumes. And Lucic and couple other guys says no that's not the way it's going to be in you have to respect that. Well the good news is the blue jays have won two in a row and only nine and a half. Back now and they don't. They go to get a few pitches the DL though via though -- on their way. An extra long summer for you now that this is shortened the hockey season. Am up to us -- this weekend for memorial cup I don't know if there's any Bruins prospects -- of the fourteenth and that sooners have your listeners don't know what that is that's the major junior championship. While -- of course this team in the US to support Clinton in fact is favorites on the top draft picks from the from this is summer's -- they're in the near term and you know what. -- -- -- I hear Saskatoon has. This time a year I would have been happier to go to New York I get that. Did -- we appreciate your input and and a conversation during the course of the series thanks for much for your time we appreciate it already I'm Damien Cox with the at Toronto start joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE. 12777979378. TT -- like 37937. I think the pain will subside in the -- deep in his column these kill him yet -- -- talking about the apocalypse and doomsday announce the camp. Life goes on that's they're different they're different and expert is right the X I disagree though we all three of us said. That question was will go four or five or six or seven. Would it -- one -- after the first game I voted on seven yet is the Bruins always cosa after yet mature they do but after after I saw them totally dominate -- game -- wanna think it through five games. You know right maybe open on one member of that but it did see I mean the Bruins rarely. Make it easy right I mean don't feel like this ranger series is gonna -- grander goal while down and it's going to be long painful arduous violent you know physical. And and for the record the Bruins are three and four in game sevens since 2008. Under close. And we should also point out to the Bruins seven series win since 2009. Tied for the lead in the national hockey. Arts at -- argument with the DNC. Morning guys hi -- After watching seven -- in the playoffs I think that your big yarder experiment should should look pretty much be you know what -- that -- -- Power like as. -- -- Is absolutely no wheels. I might have happened -- no OT. Political escaped problem but he was off he was not big that was great that. I think that you are -- and younger are there and they cap that -- on the badge. You know operate so be it I don't I think that that that they thought they'd make that change I don't think they're well I don't think god they have they. BP they are you -- -- -- date that they should go to. But they -- -- -- your phone calls for Dennis and Callahan Barry Peterson will join us in the 9 o'clock hour will be right back.

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