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Bruins win game 7, Maple Leafs with an epic choke

May 14, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk opened the show reacting to a historic game 7 victory for the Bruins. Gerry said that while the win was impressive for the B's the Leafs choke will be the most remembered aspect of game 7.

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I don't like I've heard the word epic more than I've heard since last night's overtime win. Or read the word epic more than last night's overtime win it was epic it was historical it was hysterical. It was unbelievable. Now trying to figure out who is Saturn today. Leaf fans who who thought -- forget plot -- second round against -- New York Rangers. Or Bruin fans who left the building and in spite of begging and pleading with security could get back into the building whose -- I don't think it -- fans are -- -- you know what those -- physical -- today all -- stand up to the and they want to highlight of course I -- -- I didn't give up on my team. There are no -- sports anywhere in the world. At least over the game itself yes. Sergio was laughed and at the maple a Sergio Garcia who was I didn't -- that Matt. He said it was one shot one shot these Afghanistan. And twelve minutes to put this game LA yeah. And am and I think it's funny and we talked about it being like -- franchise defining team defining game. All day yesterday journal -- right now legacies -- would. Maybe loses job yeah you know what would we say -- analysts say game same boat. Marcia and Lucic. -- I mean it was gonna define careers it it it ended -- it did and and I'd be shocked if Randy Carlyle does get -- If there is such a thing as long term psychological. Damage to a organization. This from Korea this would ever had initially saying no way over achieved that radio guy on its today. A -- gave it our best and you wouldn't go. -- a grand eco that a great job -- here -- sort of grim little if these things leave a mark they just two and you hope and get back in the game seven next spring. When you do people gonna look and say. I can't handle it handle the last time he blow last time he choked. There you know he may survive many days rocket -- You -- that is given a couple days as these things these these these lingered the best there. There's the page -- with greater than what is the Carlyle moment. I don't know and it's a good question the -- moment is they came back not three what it is. It's not a moment but it's his strategy it's not playing offense right when the Bruins have two rookie defenseman when the Bruins have. -- not have to rookie defenseman the best defenseman played about you know 3036. And 36 hours yesterday and was in front of the net. By the way playing like a power play so was on the Blue Line for the Bruins like nobody I think Gary deal was in their rookies go by a couple of ships. And they just stopped playing offense said. They went into the prevent defense and we know that prevented -- -- and all they did was backed up and it backed up and they said please just let us hang on by their fingernails when they should've. That their strength was packing a mean they should've packed. At some point. Said this this is the only way to do we have to take it to them. They are vulnerable they don't have any of -- -- -- two goals -- -- minutes ago muted that I'm not happen not talk and talk and you know I don't -- let's hope that -- other baseball their two goals -- -- -- -- -- then asked -- it was playoff that make it to the major -- but I don't think -- should be. City will be in knock this thing about Tony they hurt the the post game analysis on that final play that ended up with the Bergeron. Put back nine Bruins. Touched the puck before you leave ever even got near the puck they drag on the -- Back in -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- different roads at night Bruins nine who has touched the puck on net rush and let that play in that particular end. Any maple -- didn't come near the pipe they -- backing up the talk about historic and epic. Here's the bottom line though if the Bruins don't. Make quick work of the Rangers and go on and beat the penguins. It's not historic for the Bruins now it's just the first round right a series there are yet to top this historic Mark Kirk is the choke the historic yes -- is. The collapse. A very proud of beleaguered franchise but it proud franchise the thought. It was gonna advance to round two and have a parade advanced front two in the old city was gonna sell us operated an -- for one bacteria and and I don't blame them and all you I don't think there any sense or sportsmen anywhere in the world in the Maple Leafs fans right now and for awhile. And and you probably -- them probably exaggerating. A -- parallels say about the whole franchise but. Not a simple matter as as we gave it our best we lost we do it again next year. This lingers this leaves a mark may be Randy Carlyle doesn't know what happened but I think he does he's just afraid to say what happened last night. While losing is tough and losing the way we did that after a 41 lead -- It's that there's there's nothing you can experts say to explain how and why it happened it happened. And for us as a coaching staff will take some time. The next couple days and will evaluate and and let the emotions subside here a little bit before. You know -- -- and we'll be and in doing a lot of assessing -- between now and the the draft I'm sure. Most accurately enough to get the most accurate thing we said as yesterday. We have no idea based on recent history -- that would be history with in the context of this particular series. To be able to predict what's going to happen next think about the series going back. Game for the Bruins go up there and they steal a win it's still I mean like that just. Pocket a win in overtime where the leafs totally outplayed the Boston Bruins and they come back here and we -- That was going to be a dagger in the heart of Toronto right yeah they end up winning two games just out suggest well Ronald on on a roll the Bruins are back on their heels. Does this not take the momentum into game seven last night didn't nothing has anything to do. The next thing. Yes I don't nothing set -- for -- and that's not true owners it's totally not true because think of what game six it could have an effect. Hi guys got hurt guys get tired I'm not say in this magical thing that lingers and suddenly. In -- you have momentum Butler Obama met and talked about the whole. Thing. Things we thought had this sort of bearing on this that the plane didn't get him they slept overnight they want I don't know that -- have a bearing on you know that they weren't drag and pass so they were up one nothing. So them all so how does that work Jerry in the second period they realize that they Sosa the hotel last night. Second period they realize there really tie up -- They really tired legs so you know are are are heavy and so when did that fatigue believe that somehow last minute in the third period that they got a base or screw the plane and -- -- start apply not just duct duct. Is accurate that is where you. Dig deep that is where you find your reserve. And you and you find something in yourself that's world was cliches apply. And -- don't you may be right but do you know that there was a stretch that they were cards or dragon. I bolted to Korea and in Toronto's -- they were playing that well it's been a tough series and it's amazing the Rangers just went seven. Get a preview from ESPN here and economy and it talks about how the Maple Leafs took a lot the Bruins here is. -- -- -- During the latest stages of this series against Toronto when the Bruins dropped two games after taking 31 lead they looked beaten down. Yes they did rise up with the emotional comeback game seven we have to wonder about the emotional poll taken on the Bruins. Especially given the relative ease with which the Rangers won their -- myself out -- -- we're gonna and analyze everything going into this and it's worth. Analyzing but really. The ball went seven the Rangers went on the road and won the Rangers still on the road and we think the Bruins are at a disadvantage. I mean it was a tough series no question but they all while I'm physically you're aware of the Rangers didn't score is depleted so there's a disadvantage I mean I don't think that's an issue going forward I do think that's an issue that -- -- the Rangers to a relatives there -- in your video room use and which was -- -- And and this is Hamilton kids even change yet and and an ads eventually. Our fastest -- get tired yeah right I mean eventually it takes -- and even today you know. China but my point about what we've just seen having no effect giving us an ability to predict what is about to happen is is is really solid in in in its basis. Did did anybody not things. The Bruins have won the series when they stole that overtime game in game number four in Toronto and came back here sure -- over at this point Ronald cannot rally from right to arrest me psychologically damaged from giving away game. In -- old building that they should have won it we think that win. The Bruins played their first game after the bombings in the Merrill -- And and -- -- court began singing the National Anthem stopped and the whole place went crazy and saying it with them. Dave we think they're gonna -- blow the sabres out of the building yes we get -- but they didn't. It we think we just -- wouldn't show up with his Boston strong and waving the flags. But that would be some sort of inspirational moment for the Boston Bruins yes we did but it wasn't. It's it's. Nothing seemed to have -- talking. Intangibles and that that handles guys getting hurt guys getting tired guys. Don't plan on playing well playing in. It's -- feel -- Confidence playing his game -- can just the opposite karma intangibles vs intangibles. I mean does this matter who waves the flag game one probably not probably not. Does it matter if Seidenberg spurt in apps it sure does I think it does. You know they can overcome they overcame game one but it's tough it will be tough if there. Counting on you know that he had heart tells you don't want -- seven minutes against Britain's out -- is outside -- for that matter to us today that matters yet and -- and I love this idea of and says at this morning we had the TV on -- They'll they'll heal up from their injuries. Really how we we know that took place how do you know that amid a given credit. -- hockey players the most honest athletes are but they are very -- Cherokee and when it comes to their injuries we don't know we won't know how hurt Seidenberg is will we. Know if -- -- ferret owners don't really know even the best -- the best hockey beat writer whoever that may be Barbie. What are your pals Joseph Hagerty -- for yet. Yeah I mean they know how hard -- will look moral -- there are less revealing that bill Belichick's guys -- Richard do we know what's the matter withdrawal we -- there's a role as a -- as a rule the end of public yes -- tell. In the in the NHL it -- upload audio to go you have two days off between game one which feels Akamai and I mean it's seen the -- -- -- every person I checked his Winslet says -- -- Wednesday said that's just just. So why they play six or seven back to back senate on Monday and wait till Thursday why would you play and haven't tonight ya in dude in normal I don't get that. I don't don't for the Bruins but I don't really understand I don't either but you watch last night it's just not. Normal for human being to do that three times four nights. And by the way the Rangers they might not have had a heart is hard to game seven but guess and they still have lots of bruises from yes shots committing. The way they play isn't exactly -- pain free well what they have is the hot goaltender to shut up and rose at right game six in game seven. Yet what has won an easy one problem absolutely if you want to preview of the Rangers. Bruins series here it is Bruins are favored Bruins are better -- a deeper. The Rangers have to promise and he could steal a game or two or three or four. He could win them Ceres the rangers' offense is in I mean you know -- you knocked that -- -- -- right -- that haven't gotten. -- just you know -- Breakaway you know a possession away from Boston out and and and and pick in the momentum they grind it out even -- they want five nothing and had to see the video evidence that they actually scored -- right. I don't think my man Ryan Callahan scored until like the third period of the seventh game in the series Nash. No goals. Brad Richards won gold in the seventy's at the -- those guys national richest combined for one goal in seven games. Your goals and goals late in the game. I guess my first read this let's say there should surprise me but if you think about it doesn't last night was the first time. In the history of the Stanley Cup Playoffs all the years have been doing weary team was down three goals in the third period and won the game. And when you first hear you say it can't be true but about three golds out in the third period it's never happened before. Never happened before right it is a colossal historic epic choke. What is -- mean we know. With the Bruins did against Philadelphia. Three years ago. What. Tests this feels workers because the Maple Leafs. Maple yeah I can imagine they run -- that we checked. Seem pretty quiet -- largest -- But once that passed that they were drank in its secret is don't be so beat up I think -- just -- -- expected curly brown walk and you go to me it would be like when Scott Brown lost the -- I give up all right you beat me he defeated in the machine -- political machine right -- it's. Wins I'd lose I'm done I'm I think his name's Ryan backers say is just leave me alone that that there like I'm done just you know use me abuse -- spindle to mutilated me. Now let me go to bed and don't bother me again I think -- drivers still faced only -- how he -- Dallas faces planted on the but I'd like him and I respect him because that's how I'd react and how. I would be sick for our Maple Leafs fan and how you -- -- When I saw Phil Kessel giggle and giggling with Holbrooke the assistant assistant coach at the end. He's at the end I was assistant coach it was like he just pulled from the parents joke a golf course. It was like it was -- play and Mikey out of there was just cracking up lap and -- Phil. You know this was a career defining series and act like it hurts nine and will react in different ways nobody did organizational damage how you guys react if you -- first why wouldn't shake hands screw that I don't given -- -- -- out of Egypt. But I do addition I would not shaking hands I couldn't what do you have against the other team they would try to -- my eyeballs and minutes ago -- It's not if you're written van riemsdyk equal shake Chris Kelly's hand crafted through an elbow and apparently so a couple of guys got it locked up the department said nobody. It was fun I think I think I don't know how it works but -- and the Mitchell looks at that does he not confined. Mean that was a vicious elbow at drew blood. I guess you get over these things you know Rick Middleton eventually short Christmas analyst Andrea -- to get over the just keep up it would take a little while I'd say. Scored the tradition -- -- ago cries in the locker will be opera and a funny to say that the opposite of Phil Kessel laughing was James rhyme or crying after we -- beat me -- primer. The criticism in the eyes weren't too high and then come. It's just because in the initial going on I mean we don't you know we're up four goals all I -- -- -- -- increase your points. It's you know it's 41 -- do you stay focused on my problem solved. You know below the -- -- feeling right now -- -- Found some variant on stuff in the -- five -- have info you -- realized. Definitely in the top five most of your life professionally from hockey Arianna doesn't have to be number one. Absolutely yeah politics only does he was something he wants now -- close to be in -- hero and Paronto. And I don't blame him entirely him and we go from each of the goals -- much -- a chance he had on on each of them but he was close to -- -- The man in Toronto I would be that's however would be I can imagine. In castle and Jacqueline and shaken hands and laugh and I was I mean I guess there's different breed I couldn't do I couldn't injured coach used to yell at you when you go on a basketball road trip on the way home from loss in the bus on the bus and it was noise in the background here and up Wednesday. Think about we just do it. High school. In retrospect you think of it seems kind of silly you know fifteen year old boys being yelled -- by a grown man you think about the basket the appropriate -- -- have a good time I -- I have a problem that you didn't you know why here's why in I know I agree -- that struck me is struck me -- funny but that's I mean. The -- did everything he had on the ice -- that game so I can tell you -- got my last ten minutes unfortunately for him that he planned to Brandon Rush -- -- one I think he needed to be out there more there at that point even castles commendable ends of the guys right. And he -- that threat. And we just kept -- on the place. Would make you think twice about would churn from Google may be important or even Murkowski in that. It and -- out there I don't know it just seems like it would plants and thoughts into into a close. And that they gonna get one more break away right. But they went -- that the pool you know defensive turtle mode and it cost them with a bad. With the back -- people weren't going on the whole time but to make someone a reference from Toronto Baltimore -- that would be Steve Simmons from the troubled son. And Damien Cox from the yeah from the star. Damien Cox will get to him first it'll take a long long time for a leaf fans to forget this when. Hockey world will referenced this complete and utter collapse for years to come. This will live on as one of the more infamous playoff defeats in team history. Now all seems accurate to me -- get to this -- we take the break Steve Simmons says Maple Leafs deserved. Better than this yeah I'm disappointed in my immense Steve I don't think they -- and let alone don't know they don't and I liked the back page. Of the star. It's that's the chokes on arts and that's what else. There's no two ways around it you can't say nice gains came nice effort great job in game five and six great job. 22 thirds or that would be like 56. Of games have -- it is a historic epic choke and when you think about chokes. You can think about Sergio right yep you think remote whenever John band of all other golf crashing and 86. You think about and the Yankees with the Red Sox but you know Georgetown. North Carolina we're Bruins against the flyers job but. This is on the list for over and they have to know that they have to know that they just made history -- the great. On most unforgettable collapses. In sports history. 61777979237. AT&T text like 37937. -- your arsenal break this down all of us later in the broadcast. Fault lines are open we'll talk with you get your reaction next.

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