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Salk and Holley's Miked Up and Answer the Question - 05/13/13

May 13, 2013|

Must win? Must rally!

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Did you want to say god I don't. Analysts negativity that's in this town sucks it's my job yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Dial 6177793535. And they sitting room and now my job away from the government being allowed to rephrase that maybe don't really know us we solve -- holly yeah. Spiked up front you buy AT&T W yeah I live is available on your iPhone or android device -- -- my eighteenth -- the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins you know they play game seven tonight almost four G coverage. In New England we get into the question your right after this so major questions any question texted 37. 937. We will answer and we have more open Mike apps and couple -- about that together. Michael holy U the Bruins pull some miracle win tonight. Please -- -- occasional for the next round if all nice prediction next time keep itself. And -- -- -- jokes that yes I think that's. -- don't blame you for waking up they'll cast it's my fault you're the first called back. Mark Foley was fast action -- -- best -- -- actually welcome you know they were -- -- on hockey night Candida. And it made fun of us there are a lot of us well. Boston is just bad speed swirls as a represents -- molesting that's like the guy in the -- not as bad but it's like you know with the same ideas the guy with the Toronto's though submitted on Friday we thought it was Larry's announcements -- -- -- myself -- it's funny but I don't think spats represents people oxygen. -- Obviously. And then it's. The sauce of some of your thoughts impersonation but what that tomorrow. Your press offs. Quality. I think. Western or an act that you have been so Saturday night what -- that it rivaled it at the California just a critical feel what we etc. -- note read these tickets and sailing together. I get up at 6 AM to the 118 east of the four or five ignored the kid on the five entity that that you -- All the way out to -- here Q leaky ammonia and. Like you broke if you want to sketch the Californians are pretty is so -- on Israel on this week personally. -- actually -- it that's an average shares that's what guys like the people born on this excellent New York it's that her ex. Police. Do you talk about so now. All of them use you don't count goes OK -- no county. California. And you know it to ten years removed it more and skiers in LA. As post East Coast. -- Runners yes you know probably really the -- it's just. Don't let her boyfriend and father husband what about -- to -- it. And this -- yeah that's wrong I think it's very that's definitely -- again. -- a 100%. But this guy Americans don't want to take his direct dial this phone bill. You know people wouldn't result in his office on the very first drive what goes on and I don't. And that that you've just. Got to tested out some how -- it. Can't believe at some point world gonna get one analyze what -- a drought response are now because no extends doesn't work by the way. -- users -- in thirty years old here who started checking it out. I haven't finished throwing in the footsteps of those victims say. Good lord man stepped into the -- right fielder might get somewhere. And message. Of pretty good we can't get doubles at like four doubles two games. Finally we -- these are not at all today -- -- what the team has lost eight of its last now we ignored them and it is irritating is losing eight of ten is. Saturday night. Double to lead off the ninth down one Stephen Drew up and you don't bunt. Huge to me got a bunt in that situation if you're not then -- once it gets too low even in the count. Gotta hit the ball and he writes I've got to -- on bottom of the you've got to hope the guy over you cannot fail to move the guy out bunting practice. That would be interesting to see them bunt down 32. Get the tying run on your third base and one out with Stephen Drew it to play -- get the tying run on third base of one he could tie the game without needing it that to me is -- Ma yeah -- Greinke. -- yankees. Don't help hopefully. You haven't. -- -- -- not that's not stop there okay but after a powerful pitch. It gives us. It depends like that I have all of Iraq Hamas didn't get great when you people about it haven't -- yet we -- it can bank. And has not gotten -- yet okay did talk about that play out I have and then I had a lot of our. There's this thing so she's the queen of astronomy -- ever compare right tipster. She's you'd think Joba would disrespect Ryan Dempster the way -- to repair them. You actually called the queen of something. So respectfully the -- in in. Princess bride without sound of the queen of -- use that the queen of garbage at the queen of not playing very. Yes view of Bryant is that it doesn't flop he doesn't know how to flop and not a part of his game. This -- for real seriously. If he would have I would put him down the other night. And that has perfect flop but. -- that's an NBA coaches. The all of defense team came out Avery Bradley second team on the first team we have LeBron James. And the only guy who got more votes votes than LeBron. With Tony Allen -- 52 point Tony Allen 53. So the -- Think LeBron is a great defender although he's never ever ever ever call for files to -- is not why such -- good -- -- weird. -- -- -- That comment -- this. -- if you wait long enough of that which is its own standards. Is not shown up man. It would really help the team he did tonight. -- Morgan Freeman are the -- probably got that way it ought to do it just a matter got -- -- -- ways that weren't brought a power play. I'll all of -- pretty bill -- -- He played jokes were fast and furious on Twitter last night Everest -- -- complete joke. Those of us when you're pretty much something along the lines of ordinance now. Oh yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- We need. That was great that your game seven special. Version of zombie nation. By accordion man and -- was my job power by AT&T official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins who those four G coverage. In a new England's but this is the question there. It's. Time for answers the question jerk -- answer the question which -- -- Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question yeah. Thank you for the Texas reminds meets the queen of -- the queen of slime and the queen of pew trusts. -- -- Afterward and -- since there. And the things that small donors I -- -- her answer the question brought to -- -- restoration specialists if your property your facilities manager. Or an insurance broke all heiress to a jury having disaster restoration game plan in place call 8774611111. Or a that's a different dimension different -- you're a Mikey John good not a writer I'm not -- -- -- you -- you're -- made for this segment Maria paid for right Gupta my daughter will find out. We'll see you guys understand how this works and British people are questions all you have to do was answer the -- Yeah -- answer like Mikey do you think you can put in the work that fortunately for example I've -- -- Yeah I mean depends who it is. The motorbike and other related to do it as that's pretty please answer it anyway. All right jerks. Well as the first car you have world. Although -- 1979. Honda -- water for 200 dollars race. Great little basic eggshell white yes stick. I did in 86 Buick regal. That's it you. Really regret that it's not a great car I have what goes through there had to -- smash them in in one year it got totaled. From my apartment in Pittsburgh. And deficit Pittsburgh Cleveland four cylinder eagle talon. -- -- And eagle talon -- Remember mostly what you Mitsubishi Eclipse about a quarter of the price and not Islam and -- it was a stick. Arts 1983 Buick are all Britney yeah so. Gas. How much how much a pillow ripping them. Oz like a forty dollars Filipinos before gas went through as a Catholic -- did exactly and it Dotson but it's going to be too. You still drive and the -- in the got to companies Sony. Next question about that's the cars. -- yet to choose would you watch it in the Asian or music. -- don't count on that there's. Nothing worse than being -- -- music out there are awful Hartnell and -- broke over the girl laughed when she was being rule is probably worse than knowing your that was cheesy thing I've ever seen. The movie you're the actual play the play book of two days. I'm impressed you went to the plate immediately that is what about -- year old cartoons or what is it bigger and fall apart why do you think why do you think Andy went to -- With a girl what do you think and -- a good idea what was the clearly backfired got a note to work you get to know myself. It was sort of -- that. She cried we've been doing musicals and it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With it and make music loving group now -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- School was asked -- that much else that gets worse. And I've never been to a musical never ever. And I don't think Alberto never forget that was fine now you're probably and probably. I would definitely proper. I prefer the opera symphony is well. -- -- -- Jerks. What can you express assuming you've never been to him. At the big assumption. The bar. Just the bar for opera that's that's that's a lot. -- -- -- kidnapped -- writing names come up but it's the people had been years ago here's isn't this is where this is why are you find out. If somebody has gotten beyond high schooler and a in high school in maybe. Maybe through college you think about how much -- you bench or when your real grown up. It really matter go to the gym Ali you know -- -- -- but bitching -- -- he still but only tell you really care about that are you have grown. What you still wouldn't it would at a what you need to know your thing you know you know you're grown up when you don't think about how much you've been I was like 24 right or I decided I was going to try to benched 300 pounds -- Michael three and I was gonna put up 300 pounds one time. So I worked at a -- and it trader. Who lost some way I just kept him like everything was geared towards 300 pounds. And I got like 285 to loud as per unit I have found and this I told her my next to -- to do it and never broached I have found that most guys who talk about their bench press. Numbers are in care and is considered Garrett as it is it -- is -- -- don't read your for all of that to ratify it. Great resident -- I was twenty and -- question. It was it -- that don't care I don't even think about the person. Again. A little bit little little ill -- it got a daughter -- 300. So close. It's skipped out on a deal we have in the conversation last week about with the tip. Housekeeper -- are these are the person and -- -- Or at the force after the game on Friday night somebody somebody who actually -- them all off winners was so old -- She was curious how do you do that. And we're out of the business come -- moves -- that's that is where there. I think the biggest scumbag move his property partner and handicaps -- -- Dwight Howard do that. Not doing our Bynum. And I could see Bynum and and they got really upset like that guided today yet if you like in your twenty's and you -- your coming off from our national -- I -- you had two surgeries that stopped. It was before the circular -- are perfectly healthy is marina Delray parked in handicap spot men's and I don't care. That's a loan that is next question. But skipping out on the field -- ought to pay for Catholics. -- Real -- power house. -- -- labor of love -- flavor and a degree was in here we'll Jacoby Ellsbury still be a Red Sox on August 1. On August 1 yes absolutely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This could discussion -- John writers -- says he worked to me you know but it was sworn to shift of awards were to date -- narrative that. You -- eighteen hours on air you're you're on the air for eight. Not an entire eighteen hours but here Fareed you know what you said on the radio -- right -- well. There was a team. It's not after the game until 6 in the morning well that's happened a few times -- championships. Eighteen hours company on the -- one time. We'll see you like. Take the longest was. After the Bruins won a cup from 10 PM until 6 AM. -- -- -- -- He do that tonight now. Not after game seven for Israel when I love what you do you don't even count enough anti. Point 824 hours thirty hours tell about or an hour away from poppy -- all yet for the Bruins. Come on -- Still a -- silk. It's prediction I'm not given any more predictions come out right of the pretty tough to predict this -- -- prediction I've no idea what's gonna happen it's going to be intense atmosphere about there's a prediction. This area -- the series is gonna -- gotten over tonight that's a good prediction I think you'll get that right that prediction all right. We will be back tomorrow win or lose. Breaking all the council policy to.

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