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Jack Edwards: There's nothing better than game 7 in the NHL Playoffs

May 13, 2013|

Jack is excited and confident headed into tonight's game 7 against the leafs... we ask him why.

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You don't like to have -- any other way but this -- of the here. Frustration in my personal -- my hockey club turnover. Goal -- go that it from the crowd. All I can think of now after the -- said at the headline on Friday it's all I cannot think of every time. -- -- you guys just aren't there just trying to incite now I'm not -- trying to incite Jack Edwards Jack how aria. -- there's not like the David game seven. While Abbott David game seven we get stuck in Toronto the night before there's a plane issue just. How serious was this this one. Get over it. This you know I mean it's it's difficult but. He got to look past that you got to think about -- got to prepare for the game and I would hope that the Bruins are gonna have lean on that. You know I guess that's for the post mortem. We'll never know that. They're gonna use different excuse until -- game is played but. I would I would think they're gonna put a bottom and move on. Are you try to tell us to try to tell us that the Toronto Maple Leafs were the weren't worthy opponent in this is going to be a close series. But at one point it was 31 Bruins in this series in your opinion. Who's most responsible for turning the series around. Well. -- I give Brady Carlyle the most credit for turning that series around you know. What first round series has gone by for the Bruins with such a small amount of bickering in and swiping in the media and complaining. There was. The matter of the fair it's noble anchor Bob skiing game one but nobody seemed to raise said the committee -- -- that -- And then there was Carlyle talking about Tyler Boldak getting thrown out of face off. But that was you know. I was with a cup is that -- -- cotton and there was a lid on that pretty quickly. It's been all about the hockey and Rick Carlisle schemes gain traction we're talking about this small to go even on WEI and and the police have found their game there are good young team they're factored in the -- once and they have -- confidence. The agonizing thing too -- chances they keep making these goalies who are destined for the hall of -- such as -- -- B last year for Washington and James driver. What is if they are hall of famers at least for seven games and it's it's pretty agonizing for Bruins fans because. The rebounds on both of these guys all be last year for Washington and driver this year for Toronto are there to be had. But it requires that kind of -- -- he be willing to get your head bashed in just for the chance to create a play mentality. That -- have not chilled since they won the Stanley Cup in 2011 might have to show tonight. Agree that a 100% Jack and and I continue to not give primary any real credit not that he's been terrible since the first few games. But the idea that he stood on their head and that's the difference in the series I don't think that's been the case at all. Close so close as after last night's game he refers to the team is being Jacqueline hide. All year long so I I decided this I think it has to be up your house and waited for you to read mr. I looked up doctor Jacqueline mr. high right robber will focus I found it. I look for the quote from from Jacqueline hide it most fit the Bruins and this is what I came up with erratic yeah. I sat in the sun on a bench. The animal within me leaking the shops of memory. The spiritual side a little aroused promising subsequent -- but not yet moved to begin. And I feel like that's -- the Bruins are that there's something inside of them that we know was a good team. But has not yet been moved to -- how do you motivate this team to really lent itself. You can't you can't motivate from the outside motivation must come from within and and it's a legitimate question has that motivation died it'd die with the incredible parade. On. That beautiful June day in 2011. Or is it still there is out hunger still there in these Boston Bruins. Because these Boston brought are not old Boston Bruins visit different team. Players get older players change. Internally external -- the interactions between the players change. The relationships between the players change you cannot. Xerox the seat and you cannot say well they did in 2011 so black. And remember we had a discussion with a caller a few weeks ago was talking about how great Brad Marchand was and you could just unemployment for great playoff -- no you can't. You can't plan on that because. Are there injuries I don't know we won't find out until liberals are all done playing there are sold -- -- very able to go into this but the thing that the Bruins can control. Is how much of a price they're willing to pay to win this one game Toronto has been more willing to pay the price the last few games. -- -- what your breakdown three guys who were who were connected. Innocents. In a -- on in Tokyo Seoul where in the same draft class by the Bruins and then Tyler Sagan is here because Phil Kessel there. Well why has -- been good. And why have marched on and Sagan bin pretty much and as of. Kessel has been good. Because he has capitalized. And his teammates have capitalized on the opening that the Bruins. Have either. Given to Toronto or that Toronto has created for itself and you know that's -- that whole discussion of are we looking at once he were -- teams you know Toronto has had something to do with some of the results here and that you do have to give full peace credit. Kessel is an extraordinary score he has brilliant scoring talent he has not been that great -- player in the back after the -- for his entire career. He's trying his hardest weekend. But he still rather ineffective in the defense result that said there are more than willing to -- at freight. Because he'd produces at the attacking yet. I don't know what's going well -- on he seems to have. Lost his touch on the -- which would point to an upper body injury but he if he's if he's well off the skate. He must feel that he swallowed up to help the team as if he's well enough to help the team. Even if it is with his hands it's gotta be with his grit -- speed or something he's got to find a way to make it happen. And as for -- He doesn't have to knock people over to win the puck but he must try harder and be more successful at winning the pocket. A last night he actually had a situation in the third period where he backed into a collision. On the fore check and it's pretty hard to win the clock when your stick it in pointing at it and when your head can't see where it is. Jack if they win the game tonight it will be because what. If they win the game tonight it'll be because they play unified hungry hockey. They will have to match Toronto's pace they'll have to limit. There mistakes they'll have to protect the pocket. And not turning it over their decisions have to be excellent their execution has to be at a high level. And the bottom line is these games usually come down to a -- or a flip. Or something strange like that. You know I don't need to go through the chapter and verse although I'm sure people can remember Scott Walker's. Little -- rebound off with Tim thomas' chest -- game seven against Carolina and in 2009. And I'm certain that they remembered shall war pounding in the rebound after Mike Knuble barreled into Tim Thomas last season in game seven. In overtime ended it off and stuff like that that and series when they go to a seventh game. And especially when they go to overtime in the seventh game. -- the desire to get to the front of the net and the Bruins have got to be better at that. It's -- Julian. Coach with the championship on his resume. Came to you before the game is that -- Jack. Give me an idea. Of how I can switch things up tonight what would you tell them. I would seriously consider. Giving you are very yarder. A highly skilled center. In other words sick consider flipping -- yarder up alongside Bergeron I don't think you wanna bust up crate she Lucic and Horton it's still working. Lucic has been at his very very best in this series. -- she is leading the playoffs in points. The you can't -- with that. You know Horton has been productive Orton has been effective. -- gonna make a change yarder who's a left shot who plays on the right wing that would be the natural -- to give it a try but. You know on and -- that's always gonna go. He said Lucic has been his best he had his first goal of the series last night and always doing other things. But don't you need him to score as well. Tonight all the Bruins needed to come out with one goal more than trop it's about. As Mark Recchi still fatal simply said you know succeeding in the playoffs is about getting out your comfort sold. About continuing to do the things that you do well well but finding other things. At which you're not very comparable and doing them well also and and -- teach has done the things. That he usually does pretty well. And the fact that he was setting up Nathan Horton is golden and not scoring -- himself bothers me not one bit. He's been hammering defenseman they see him coming they hear from coming. That changes their passes it's given Horton the -- their courage to go out and follow that model and that those two things have given -- she has time and space which -- made him the most dangerous player in the playoffs so. You know -- as far as point production from Milan Lucic the assists make me just displeased that the goal. You ready to go and I -- ready for this I think don't manage to be ready yard game time at seven. You know I I was thrilled to see that one out of every seven new englanders drawing -- was watching the game last. I fourteen point three rating a fourteen point three last night for the -- and sister with a bronze. Yeah it's good but you know. -- where the other people don't really. -- Never satisfied Jack Edwards and I hope that you started seventh I hope it's not like Toronto. 73745. Point sounds good are right Jack we appreciate -- soon. Stereo Jack Edwards though always joining us throughout these playoffs and throughout this whole season. Lot of questions. Lot of questions coming -- Marcia and why why he has been unable to get it going Jack suggest may be an upper body injury could be to blame for the style he's played but. That -- doesn't that doesn't excuse why hasn't been able to be an irritant in the series why hasn't been able to get under the skins of any of the any of the -- my players might. If he's -- Yeah maybe even if he's healthy enough to get out there and -- Are fine maybe it's making them less effective goal scorer but he's still got to go out there and do the things that you do the given to the other teams and you got to find a way to contribute to the team. Let you know you you love hockey you know hockey players. Think so hockey players. We'll say. I can deal. I'm not gonna use it as an excuse me and there are some injuries that will. We'll have baseball players on the disabled list for fifteen days or longer and knocking and -- -- front pitches when I got their so. He may not be healthy enough to do is normal thing but. Plays hockey and and from the coaching perspective and from the trainers prospective. There might look at it and say or got Brad Marchand and he's. And 35% or 50%. -- still better than anybody else we would have replacing them so go with Jack Edwards who would like to move your arm -- out Europe to the second line -- with Bergeron another forward would you make a change if you were -- Julianne what would you do heading into tonight's game suggestion earlier from -- -- to start the fourth line right off the -- I like -- Michael likes it last. The suggestion from Jack Edwards to move Lucic who moved by the younger up to the second line. What -- what do you make of that what would you do heading into tonight's game will turn it over to you guys 61777979837. -- and holly get ready for game seven. WE yeah.

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