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We shouldn't even be here! Bruins fall twice over weekend to set up Game 7 tonight

May 13, 2013|

We talk about the topic du jour... can the Bruins bounceback and win the all important game 7 after dropping the last two to Toronto?

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We're not supposed to be here Michael we're not supposed to be at this point this like -- -- of -- conversation. We're just not supposed to be a feel like Don. From clerks. Whining I'm not supposed to be here today. We're not supposed to be you're supposed to be talking about a game seven now are supposed to be having this conversation. Right -- -- that the book to be don't regard edit. -- That's not edit. Go ahead -- gonna wait so now. It over with right off the bat you wanna call me out I'm accountable on here. I said it. I'm gonna live with those words. In this I don't say this without. A lot of thought going -- The series is over -- Bruins will not lose another game as well. I say like that that's written in nineteen 1938. He -- on record at exactly just wrapped around. Yeah about the series though we're not supposed to be mark -- -- because you screwed up and said that it was over they would lose another game. Not because I like -- that the whole thing was over they -- gonna win over the weekend sports are supposed to be here at the -- the better team. We're not supposed to be you're not supposed to be at this point. So while I completely understand and listening to it to lose he went off the air there wanted to play you know the debris and operas and -- Fortuna and it's just psyched up with -- every bit of psych up speech that's ever been made in a movie while I get at. I don't really feel that way to god not you can't hurt us because like -- that I feel like I feel like Dante in clerks. That's supposed to be easier today I think alerts are whiny guy. Now that's fine that's a good way of looking at it. At 2 o'clock and maybe maybe it will change we get closer to 536615630. Game time I'm I'm I'm sure here we go I'm not overlap -- -- but I think the fact we shouldn't -- not over last night or are over Friday night. But you bring up a good point. ID field before game seven obviously lose pumped up about it he's reading again I black -- let's go take on the Maple Leafs. But are you as the Bruins fan. Are you like -- thinking that. You're not supposed to be here are you like me think a bit shocked I'm shocked that there's a game seven. Are you angry are upset and nervous and scared in Toronto has the advantage -- got the momentum. Another disappointing season you -- -- point fingers where where are. Confident and I'm -- -- and that's really the question fired up what what are your emotional state today. After games five and six but leading up to a game seven tonight what is your emotional state. As the Bruins and you guys can jump start taking calls pretty early today 617779. 7937677797937. For me it's frustration. And that that leads to a certain why you need is that I will admit to -- feel little -- about the Bruins. Because I don't feel like we should have to be in the spot at which -- to have this conversation. I feel like we should be getting ready tonight to watch and see what happens between Washington in New York to see who they're going to be playing next. We shouldn't have to deal with. What we deserve what we deserve better. Well witchcraft. Which argued that could have to deal with a team to think answers yes a team that its own coach said. All year long and it pretty much last night when he was cutting off questions and he is leaving the podium a little earlier than he normally does. Quote -- that last night we're not a consistent in so many words establish that the deal that out of your deal with an -- I feel like I deserve better for what. Feel like I deserve what you tell it like we all deserve more than that molecular relationship. Aren't quite. Are we not in a relationship with the Bruins and categories argued about a different relations. Did we not commit to them last night away just gave the -- the -- Lou fourth highest ratings that the Bruins have ever had on -- and last night they did a fourteen point three household. Fourteen point 32 -- committed to them faster -- we've given our all we don't deserve to have to deal. With then giving a sub par effort two nights and a bomber we shouldn't have to disown my my thing is is frustration and yes -- border unwinding this tackle probably even go there. Our panel that we should have to. Well I'm I don't I don't feel whiny about a there's no frustration and I am. I'm really surprised not not surprised that it wasn't over and five expected to be over in five. Clearly after Taylor said after game three. But I thought for sure to wasn't over after game five was going to be over after game six didn't think. With the Bruins up three games to one that they will be playing game seven on a Monday night so for me more than anything else and I think as we get closer to the game. I have some different emotions I I just can't believe we're in the situation talking about a game seven. When the Bruins so clearly controlled the series and it was just a few days ago where they were in full control. Coming home to wrap this thing up and get ready for the second round rest up and and find out who the opponent was going to be on and on and on not. That's where I am just shocked. I'm mad -- anybody yet yes yet I feel -- they lose -- gain from a social metadata are they losing game. Now maybe. May Mostar points fingers may be -- be mad -- -- Tyler -- in medical mad at Peter surely economic right. Moves mad mad Brad -- on whoever. Right now I'm not. Thirty nick is there is there any confidence and that's the next 'cause 'cause not everybody is going to be right something will be mad some will be frustrated some will be shocked. There will be those that are still confident to say look the Bruins -- the better team. It is the better team the Monday than Toronto's they've got more talent they've got the better goaltender aren't they've lost two games in a row in the momentum appears to be on to run outside. But they're coming back home up. They may be tired and we can start the excuse making once again for them because they have -- problem last night the cause them to stay in Toronto law while all the Maple Leafs actually got to -- here. And be here all morning so. There's -- there's already built in excuse shocker. From this team that seems to be very adept at making excuses for everything that happens don't edit and create a higher data we create the plane it just works out so perfectly for them doesn't it we're tired and well we've got the flu and this guy only our schedules so hard it's three games -- four and I'm just. Look at just so sad to be the Bruins everything's gone against them. We set a bitch and about calls and referees thank god because they aren't yet and I yet exactly that'll be tonight that'll be tonight. Question as one thing we haven't talked about and -- we talked about this before for the show. That the officiating. Hasn't been an issue there usually isn't an NHL playoffs NBA completely different story -- He can't say well the Bruins having gotten the breaks from the officials are they should've called that they got robbed here as an an account like -- fact that they are you know yesterday. Our call and anything. Are a couple of plays. Where in a regular season maybe at one point David creaky body got tripped. He fell down a game maybe maybe there's a penalty there tripping or something now. Keep going -- the only call that was kind of week was the column Quaid for interference and they made back up for a let me about a minute and a half later. With a column in riemsdyk which could've gone either way he's got great. Really the most part because it is that's -- they had almost nothing to do with the series it's -- on the early I don't wanna hear from the official Olympic about the officials in these situations just go ahead let go forward grabbed. Is and I don't wanna see what your emotional state is Michael and I talked about for awhile wanna know how you're feeling what your emotional state is today is the Bruins fan. I found myself thinking -- this this morning Michael and that is hockey may be more than any other sport. It is about narratives. Right now there's a big debate in baseball do you believe the narrative. Or do you believe the statistics. Right this is like the big baseball debate. You heard people talk about that the narrative of who supposed to be good -- who's supposed to be this commercial speaker who's actually good driver got what you actually see -- -- and that's a huge debate about statistics vs narratives. And I think it's a fair debate bask in in in in baseball maybe even -- fair debate in football where the narrative. Doesn't always fit with what our eyes were really telling us out on the field but it hockey. The narrative is enormous. Because -- take funny bounces because hard work doesn't always lead to goals because that the -- can take a weird hop over -- even earlier perfect position it doesn't going because the goalie can steal a period or goal series or get whatever. The narrative matters. If the Bruins lose this game tonight. The narrative is gonna be really ugly. Whether the truth is is as ugly as the narrative will remain to be seen but the narrative will be really ugly you're gonna -- these big moments -- Will endure these enduring images. I know what -- what I'm jumpstart you -- artists earlier yeah and one on the jumps out is the guy who has gone from. Being the worst he was -- was putting up Boston. That's what may be said about the council. House Obama on my favorite Bruins never even think about that so. You guys are it was a words most of you thought it was a what's when he was here admit some when he was gone hey he scored goals with intimate in the playoffs. Pace scoring goals but let the brewers got Tyler -- in the second got a cup what's Phil -- have. April counselor like Lancaster Bruins. Even at the beginning of the series down 31 that not worried about Phil Kessel. Empty goals or whatever and suddenly. Now that we're at 33. Phil -- You say east crisis like -- councilman. We're just come from what happened so everything everything becomes exaggerated. When the moment becomes bigger bill Cassell is having a good series -- Tyler -- hasn't done. Anything while -- that anything not only is he done nothing but in one moment you get to see very clearly the difference between the two. -- Tonight will never talk about that goal again. Seriously Bruins went tonight in all likelihood we will never talk about that goal it will be gone from our memory that's the game winner last night due to one I made it -- nothing Bruins finally partly. What is the matter with these guys -- cut cut -- Lose tonight and that's the image that'll always stay with me. A rebound in front. With James van Riemsdyk tying up to Bruins in front paying the price in front of the net and Phil Kessel beat his man to the -- who was -- man. I would think RC. That'll be my enduring image Kessel skating passing again getting to the pocket and putting it into an open net nothing nothing -- could do no blame for -- Nothing he could possibly do about that but van riemsdyk. Highs -- -- guys in front pays the price of the Bruins have been fairly unwilling to do over the six games. And castles the sniper just uses well -- which is not much better than say against beats -- into the pocket puts it. I wouldn't say the Bruins have been unable unwilling to do it over six games because they're tied at three posted -- last night. That that that sequence aside. If you were just dropped in just dropped -- to Toronto last night and you and you find yourself but the arena you're looking at the at these two teams you don't really know. What the stakes are you see one team playing harder than the other team but it's clear. They were facing elimination. Play with urgency even play with desperation. It was a fervor. To the Toronto Maple Leafs the entire night and the -- didn't play it brought with it. Show up at the data showed up they played decent indicated but Toronto played -- got to match them. For the entire game 616 or 777979837. -- do you guys early today. Lot of lot lot of room for conversation for game seven tonight coming off of the game six. And really the game five is the one that's got to drive you crazy. Game five was off -- -- energy but no energy and Toronto topical in the price game 527. -- blocks. 27 chop blocks for the Maple Leafs in game five compared to thirteen for the Bruins now now now hockey experts can tell the Bruins don't try to block shots whenever. Police got away and every shot you were trying to take you've got a goalie that is not all that interest in stopping shots and the point is gives up a rebound and every one of them the shot from the point actually have to get the rule to the goalie in order to be effective. And they weren't because they're being blocked by the -- I'll ArQule and from cradle to give the public went to get to the calls here in an after the after a couple of calls. I wanna see which are to accuse your current -- is at the moment we're gonna do it like like updates Biden have a minute. You're here to sixteen to seventeen to wait -- take. On -- primary because I know what it was last week hasn't changed even a little all man. It's not. Holes now -- -- -- he is at best I thought I saw Mac -- as the Bruins blog at best the tenth best to reason why the -- Not very good he is not there are added back to back to one victim there. He's had very -- -- -- and a lot of primary no love for primary. I don't wanna hear anybody into the series of the Bruins lose bitching about oh another goal we stood in his head he hasn't no war he has been. At best okay. -- he has been at best -- he's made a couple of good things. A couple gets -- any credit away from him a couple of good taste to them on version -- -- -- from a guy who -- wrong line. It's -- to see Iraq I'm not I'm happy to say when I'm wrong they -- Michael I believe the Bruins were going to win this series in Italy I believe they continue to show a lot I've been wrong about a ton of things. I thought Phil Kessel -- nothing to worry about and he's been fast and and and even the best player on the ice. I was dead wrong I'm happy to admit to be wrong but I don't think I was wrong about primer I stand by I think he's -- -- 61777979%. Or best okay. -- and struck I had your first. Aired what's up man. So -- to touch I'm not -- just stock on call but why originally called to say that eaten up. And -- went -- -- -- came back and -- in the app app at bat against the shot it got a couple and you're not much on. You know Oracle's court -- not shall not question -- -- eating it on the right you wonder he's. He's definitely our parents would you not aren't up with bit. -- about -- would be sent out and that we can expect -- in the pop out its say in who continue to eat. He's gonna be big out at night game but other than that -- talked about capped well last night that was not taken responsibility got. Yeah contact a lot of it -- how does a lot of Texans are backing off when there's lot of Texas and that's Bergeron guys. That was not. I did on that I get -- job the other. It but yeah I'm quite. Can opt out. -- Batman picture on at -- back on opt out and he got a little guy Anderson is more than just not arguing that is the bank are not stop it is. I -- I watch -- skate -- they can beat into the pocket put it in the net. I want to happen very simple. And it -- -- -- an upbeat that the battle. It it would be adding that each brought back if he would take anybody it. I could see him go right by Sagan -- Sagan is right behind him in the shot he beat six into the pocket. I understand that there's more to -- that is never that simple I get that I really do. But he beat them to the pocket he puts it in the net. Yeah you're right and I give ram van riemsdyk credit as well because CEO he he took over a couple of guys in front of the net. Both Bergeron arrogant to defense -- they're all there together and they all deserve credit. But the image that I will see forever is -- putting the puck in the net while Sega is trying to get to. That's that that's a that's a powerful image even if it doesn't entirely reflect everything. Happened one thing's gonna happen tonight or -- you are you don't wanna you know wanna I don't have a what's gonna happen tonight do you you don't have to say yeah I. You are dying -- yours -- I'd go to separate myself from probation sort of Q are lying through your -- -- might be approved the eleven had displayed after you with an after after this series is over and here we are for game seven maybe I shouldn't say anything right now but I think I will be able to help myself. Autism and eventually on what's gonna happen tonight friends are guys in New Hampshire Fredricka and on. Jacqueline that the club called mark. What Padilla. Told they didn't let them off the mat after the Pitt game that I am confident confident tonight. This team as well as played Toronto and it hasn't. Put out the best that it. And Toronto beat England one eagle each time tonight just like Vancouver they went in the Vancouver they want or what not and number two could shut them out and I. The perjury lying comes throw. And this thinking and much on -- school. The utility that you. Tell me the -- that Freddie Freddie and I. And I about 920. And -- -- might lead blow up. Batter up and I have a let -- for about twenty minutes after the game built up neighbors look -- candidate heavily what what do the same. At 9 o'clock tonight yeah. Cops would come up to Cabrera is up and answers Friday a lot of space he's he's -- neighbors are too far away. -- I understand you're telling me about the future. But what we're trying to figure out today is how do you feel right now. Do you feel right now -- and I everything's fine and I know how how pretty it gets very annoyed by these games. And he sees his team. Play like that especially in game five I think I'm -- guessing -- you are are upset about game five games. Game five bothers you more than help to those kind of him. It was a much more lame after I didn't think the Bruins were that -- -- and they weren't great but they weren't bad they didn't. Again we talk about the narrative the narrative of hockey game takes on its own life based on which -- the bounces sometimes -- if a pop doesn't hit a posting goes in instead it you've got an entirely different version of everything that happened in the game they still hot in the same way. But because of a piece of -- missing by an inch -- going in by an inch your whole your whole opinion of that game changes game five though the bridges weren't that good. -- said that they weren't that regardless of bounce usage are frustrated I looked on surprised. More people on your side I think people are angry. -- just angry and grade. I wanna Texas may eighteenth you text sizes. Bergeron broke his UA holes. -- -- -- Data nobody started bodies tried to. Patrice Bergeron. Or Tyler state in the in jail -- -- what students don't. No one wants them behind the million dollars commentary on the game at all. So Bergeron broke his stick and that was -- guys can get to get to the broke mystic OK there. That's what I think I think people are angry. About everything okay we have -- talking about her attack angry talking about the result angry talking about the future. -- load the lines. Carter should be here signature beat when it's march on doing that wears on and on and on and I'm guessing. That's going to be the predominant -- Some of the well we're gonna continue to find only a -- guys on hold grab all your call 61777979237. How you feel that. What's what's your emotional state after game six and heading into game seven sultan -- on W media. He's been okay Mike I don't -- I don't think so I really. Don't I'm not any -- you know we've seen this happen before. It in the NHL playoffs longer than we battle line. This this has happened. Your your parent grandparent great grandparents can tell you about this and a National Hockey League post season. A goaltender with just OK as you say James primary and he might just be that he's OK maybe OK okay that guy. Gets into the post season gets them some confidence. In the end takes the team a little part of the -- ago. Clearly he has looked better in the last couple games than he did in the first few games in the first few games he was an embarrassment he was terrible. Every pop McCain Adam was juggled in his glove was kicked directly back to the middle of the IC doesn't steer anything to the corners in the first few games of the series. He was an atrocity. He had no business being out on the ice for Tehran. In the last few games it's okay. I I see the lack of scoring to be much more on the Bruins then I see it as a a result of James -- -- great -- 7779. 7937. -- New Hampshire hi John. I -- thank. You guys that didn't you know there were lined the politicians that are right into his chest let -- make him a hero. -- -- -- -- -- And that's itself roster and that's why you feel like -- united was supposed to be -- me having this conversation. We shouldn't even have to debate whether or not James a primer is being good we shouldn't have to debate whether whether it was -- about why are Bergeron -- -- because -- stock evidence you know game seven and against an inferior -- I got that but okay well who wouldn't who has it if you thought we shouldn't be here. Who has let you down the most and as it is it's easy everybody's picking on Tyler Sagan. Or are Nash and they're picking on that makes himself like you know little kid and he can't even defend himself has grown 21 years old and the county. But everyone is poised to Tyler -- because he hasn't produced any point. And on this team you -- Tyler -- the score you may Brad Marchand score you need these guys to step up and they haven't done it. Is that why we're playing and game seven is it just isn't is is it as simple as. Not being focused enough. Is. Is it gold and Olympic gold in the what is it I think -- coaching I will totally -- about an ally right now saying you know what cart when a caller says quote can't coat. Coaching is the big picture in coaching is the big picture that it's all those things as much as you were going to that list I found myself thinking back to be at. Yeah now that want to be detailed. Yeah that was true that we can be yet and so what is the big picture showed that I think comes down a coaching. It's coaching that would allow for some of the excuses some of the exhaustion some of the problems that the bees have had coaching that is allowed for the lying -- or the lack of of changing up little lines which by the way that you don't have that big a problem with that's not in my big. My big. If you if you how the wrong lines they should have been fixed during the regular season not now. I don't want them shifting up lines or why apple should it is you're the ages ago. Okay that's what we're looking at another Republican at this. When you talk about the lines and switching in the post season. Don't give credit to coaches who make adjustments and all about making adjustments in an -- reacting to the current situation. To me that sounds good when you're the inferior team. When you have less talent and you've got to match up against the other team and you try and many combinations is have you ever thought at any point in this series. Other than Chara on castle which is a defensive pairing which clearly you always want thought the Bruins need to get a specific line out against the against a. Against the -- Ronald line I haven't but you know what that because they have more to count no you know what could be. It could be because. We watch the Bruins all the time not Canada actually well we want to -- once we know the Bruins more than any other team the National Hockey League. And we have ignored the fact. This is a four vs five matchup. As is even as you can get. More -- all of the -- are two years ago Michael when they were dealt when they were playing Vancouver. Any time Vancouver's top line came out there with the twins -- saying OK you gotta make you give Bergeron out there against that line is so dangerous and I need Bergeron and his line. Out there against them because I don't want something bad to happen with this -- on the ice. Back on what they're not -- -- -- don't -- too much like every other kind of team where you worry that you're not in -- match up against them they match up against you. Another -- you hate her but see -- you that you're saying. Vancouver is better than Toronto Vancouver from a couple of years ago was better than to around superior to try to right now are the Bruins have right now. On the level but the brought the two years. I'm not saying the Vancouver probably barrier to Toronto on saying that the Vancouver team that the Bruins faced had more talent than the Bruins did. Bruins had more heart more guts they played better that's why they won the series but to -- but but Vancouver in a vacuum. Was more talented front to US to -- coach every throw you could to try to match up again -- and and take away their talent edge. That's not true with Toronto. Does not that good they're IC Eric hey Dorsey and your better than men and and and according to everybody Michael -- the narrative the Bruins were only a four seed because in play their hardest down. -- there's quite a lot of people an artist out of -- they really going to apparently what you start you don't know what this thing -- you don't really come up with any good answers any answers that you can latch on Tuesday that makes me to about it. What you have is a team where the head coach last night. I don't blame him when he was annoyed yet talking and wanna talk. The head coach last night is talking about how inconsistent they've been all year. So you can say they're superior and I don't think there's apparently the better the better team. They've played their they play their best game they should beat Toronto problem -- you don't know when they're gonna play their best you don't know when it show. Mark in the car I'm mark. You know -- -- was a mark. Well art you know all. Want to last minute game I mean and I was talking to those I was aware of accord Julian has got to be one of the worst coaches. In the NHL man who is such a defensive. The team needs to score goals. But yet you consistently exceed our guys back in their own don't. I play in the band playing a part for actor for Paul -- team retreats more than -- attacks. That's the problem you need to -- the school goals you don't need because he -- and I'm thinking hat backwards more than sixteen dollars. Unbelievable. And I -- You wanna stick that mark let's go bag you said he could be one of the worst coaches and and it's a mistake -- that. You -- that only what he's a bad -- I do know question and inaudible -- I mean that's why you know what people portable so Kirkland like you that you do legally do -- went -- -- -- he left -- he didn't wanna -- accord -- market. But what you left. It's funny Domi scored more goals with -- than he did elsewhere mean he he as as defensive minded as the system was under -- Terrible Cassel actually did pretty well under my luck. He did a good good poker with a guy at all don't need any help because he's got such you know he moved to look lacked an ancient writing any -- -- and how would that snatch -- the other and so flat that harper eagle and that over the. Absolutely true in your CNN I'm in every time he skates on the weighing you get -- nervous factor of -- man. I really hope it's not Kessel who -- apartment like it's bad enough that they lose half. I sure hope without it has on the last couple games -- -- -- he has absolutely been doing is things what are your emotions today heading into game seven reacting to game six. Talking -- WE yeah. I think we missed on efforts and I think we we can improve and definitely certain parts -- gaming via. A bit smarter until there is intelligence -- -- let guys get behind us. The Toronto crowd saluting Tyler sing again. Thank you stake in next. City now he's a clever Bordal. Agriculture I would say in the -- board. If you should you know practice a beautiful moves in opposing pitcher -- Offer how are we can -- on Tyler state and all day long. He's having a bad series. What he's got his name somewhere. -- got his name on this cup. As little cup and hockey. Called Stanley Cup Stanley's. Staley got a don't cup you've got a name one so. You think they would have a championship winning the Stanley Cup with Coca. Would it won a cup would focus. I don't fix our victory. A -- to be here like Dante hit wanna be -- -- forget about just today you don't wanna be here all he wanted to out of here it's tough to win when one -- on a completely different page. From the rest -- team and and and if they lose tonight we talk about the story lines the B a ton of -- a it'll be one of them and why -- show up for the series. Brad Marchand to me is is an even bigger and he's been he's done nothing. And and the agitation all the things that you expect him to bring to the table if if if if castle's been a problem but you think he's mentally soft. Some marsh Donna -- -- opt out. Let them go do this thing. -- -- go get into his head and bother him and checked gunman and hit he's not when Andrea I think he's soft. You Sega soft I think there's a belief that he soft and I think that you could rattle him yeah. I think that they clearly there's something about him that's different from a lot of other guys would you agree that -- be a little different. While not at this is what the beauty of the biggest difference is he's 21. And that and that not that he didn't moment mr. being formed a desultory -- I'll let you come out not to take it get after get out much hassle it was a -- as not a regular soft I don't know I don't think I'll -- -- young I was right on Marshall and get after castle and all other room. Get under his skin. If -- -- he's mentally so our thanks and -- -- after but it did have to put him in his place let's let's say. Do you think the problem with -- is that he has using soft player wore at the moment is too big for over that's it for the season slump at the worst. It's as simple as that and and we can read more into it if we want to put it to me at it it's. That's the problem I agree I a 100% on 61777979837. -- in -- hiker. Hey guys Gloria Selkirk. And this thing that this thing you know damning having lived in the nomenclature believes Michelle. You know it's -- -- -- reunited I'd love to see my team. Beat the Bruins tonight but at the same time it's kind of bittersweet that you lose. That'll Pope at Boston takes it goes all the way you played for the league's. I did it click for the leaps and breaking 75 to 78 and illustrated who have really came souvenir. -- -- this Kurt walker. You know I know my hockey. I I I know -- hockey I know bunker walker do from here differ Weymouth right. I got Google just like anybody else understands but no congratulated because -- hallways -- -- I've got Google. Is there an element that in the Hamlet like the winds are what are the results -- who wins. I gotta tell you that you know. As a former player I -- 178 we beat the islanders seven games in overtime -- scored the winning goal and I gotta tell yet. There's more pressure on Ronald. You know you're away from your own -- In earlier in the garden it's going to be loud it's gonna be crazy but there's no pressure it's just quote have a good record for sixty minutes and everybody does their job. That we were state. Often beautifully and insults and -- it just doesn't spark missing. The Bruins -- missing something like in publishing world. He's not hot primer you just did you shoot into his chest. They haven't really -- it hasn't been very good. You -- one -- I mean he was what you wouldn't have went. When he made that -- on yarder that he is since it's the top of the strict but. You know what he is playing well and at the same -- sold -- I can't take that away from either team. But the Bruins just. It's almost like just something missing and I don't know you know I don't coordinate. I think a lot of people would agree -- Becker appreciate the phone call that there is there is something missing. There's no doubt about Michael that's where the frustration or the surprise of whatever emotion you wanna attached to it comes from. This isn't the team we wanna see we we expected and and demand to see something that looks better than this and their husbands are years. As you write -- you've got to -- a question a couple of weeks ago when you brought it up people thought you were crazy when you said -- if they don't get out around one. You know close -- job. -- might might be the sacrifice here he might be the reason or he might be blamed for. The team breaking down in round one for the second consecutive year third set at the time and people -- -- you're crazy. I'd hear more of that today another one caller we had market cities the worst coach -- That's going too far but you do have to wonder. How was this viewed here houses viewed now you're looking that it may be others a look at and saying they losing round one. Code is the one who's gonna have to ago. But internally do they know something else they have other. The series. On why the team has not been consistent team has been inconsistent all year and when the team is great. It didn't says that it take rate team. We've seen a moment we we really have seen -- just flashes of brilliance switching on stretches. Brewing once that it was only two answers to that question and that's what I keep coming back to. Either the coach isn't properly motivating them to keep them keep them playing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it's either that either the coach isn't properly motivating him to keep them consistent. Or you have the wrong players are you treated those players the wrong way. It because it does not out not only missed one in the number one. I have a right players of a science at the there's something inherently wrong with the players that you have. That they are not guys who can be counted on to play good hockey every single night night in night out those two options and that's -- come back to it's either the coach of the GM's top player. Either shortest player is running properly motivate -- to you hired the wrong player. If you believe you've hired the right player -- in it properly motivated they should win right. If the right players properly motivation play hard every night. Except. Talk about twenty guys. So maybe you have. Maybe you have the wrong mix. You've got good players. Good players. Aren't talking about four on guys I think all -- lines -- the National Hockey League are are pretty much created equal. In each team. Has it if your good teams got three of four players do you feel like like you can't let this -- -- Now to Pittsburgh F five or six it was -- But I think most good teams are three or four guys they are this is going to be our core. And then we can work around these guys can -- that we can we do have a third and have a fourth lines are top two lines these guys -- special for the most part apple. Capitals six guys are pretty dynamic. Well maybe they have their core guys. Maybe the surrounding guys are good enough or just the opposite they've got their own -- And that's the responsibility of the general manager to find the right core guys or the right guys around on either way it's gonna come back either the GM the coach it's either about finding the right players or motivating them properly -- coaching them in the right manner. And when I watch and I was up there on Friday night for game five. When you watched him the least warmed the room the press box between -- and the welcome his base is of such anger and determination in frustration when you see him. Look like that is hard to imagine he's -- taking another first round playoff exit lying down. Yeah but it's totally inferior team here -- that you know you're thinking of cam. Between periods. That -- cam the emotional. Hockey player. That's it while he's got a little more complexity I know as there is an executive. And he can't afford to just make rational and Alex rash could it also debated this for years and rolled around after the first round against the team -- you should've beaten against the goalie that was not spectacular 617779. 7937. Rick employment pirate. And they'll let. What nobody told parliament but -- hit by. That might shock and are back on what Julian. This team not only election -- is they embrace excuses but it looked forward -- it will find a way to lose this game. I have might play out rate of the achievement -- already had to go -- might play out here to go when it came -- an isolated. Outlook web report choked. Everything that's wrong with the team is the direct responsibility of quote Juliet they're uninspired. There -- motivated. If he'd be happy with the fact that they wanna cup two years ago and that's probably Apatow. That's not -- -- -- coaches are at it he would not -- they don't want -- went. Are so you're okay there are hungry and if they move up from -- on a different because you've already put out here you need to gonna lose you think -- ago Rick. That's what -- good this quickly before -- before ago if you don't have -- were once a year and what what kind of what style. I don't want right now aren't available to them guys that would pick right up atop my head appeal Laviolette went on -- And there will be accepting the bulk of both what it. What embraced the concept of popular hockey I wanna see a proper. -- -- -- Look I'm a little Olympic -- vehicle. Armor for the glory days of volume on the big bad Bruins and yet I -- the -- would change. That refereed the thirty years. But the wait fifteen plate is not how they won in 2011. They won. By eight by ten thomas'. -- are -- though to different guys. Wondering -- -- -- you bring up a question I wonder what the answer to it -- the -- your -- that nobody -- I don't think anybody would disagree with you that they have not played. The way you would like to see them play -- up to their ability I think we all agree with that the question is why. Is it that they are uninspired or uninterested to. Or is very five or is there any fear factor what's the other possibility -- I don't know the answer to the question. But the other possibility. Is that it's more of a morbid fear factor that they're nervous that date that the pressure is on them that they feel. Pressure Michael to to live up to the image that they created two years ago and that the idea failing that is too great and I don't know what it is and I'm not saying it's one I. I think what he says is more likely. That that they're just uninspired on interest did they don't have and not motivated properly they're complacent. That's the word that's been thrown around before -- -- seems to be a more. I'm more likely scenario but I at least am willing to allow for the possibility of the other. He just -- lost over one thing at a two guys I want are unavailable as part of the story. Yeah you can always you can always want somebody else orders another coach out here wish the Bruins play like that he plays. But the guys aren't available. -- tell me that you and I are gonna pretend to know the available coaches around the NHL as well as some others are more popular in this Obama -- and we know if you with a big -- -- to pretend to know the thirty upping the I don't coming. You know 37 year old assistant not to get it done I don't know who that is -- and pretend like I do we -- out of moats -- -- -- -- -- job this year with Washington -- even -- he wanted to be -- coach and now -- sudden he's got his team in game seven tonight and -- and has done a great job after a -- start so. Who that coaches to me is almost immaterial the first and the first question you got answers whose -- is he the guy you want to lead your team going forward or not. I give you few reasons on both sides -- -- look anywhere and there was not a fluke championship I think it's one of the questions you gotta -- or art this is the question the championship coach was not a fluke championship.

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