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Bruins v. Maple Leafs, GM 7 Pump Up Montage

May 13, 2013|

A compilation of sound bites and music to get Bruins fans pumped up for Game 7. Produced by Joe Zarbano.

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Now -- why she backed the appointment. We can say -- -- kick out of -- We can fight our way back. Into the like to thank. -- client Otterhound. One inch at a time. One day. We statement. And we shot down and now. Because we can't. You want to be. You meant to be here. Tonight. The margin for error is so small I mean. One half a step too late -- tour when you don't quite make it one half second too slow to fast you don't quite catch. Hey this is we need high everywhere. Around us. There and every bring your game. Every minute every -- there. It's over. This is your mind. Go out there -- -- -- -- -- -- On this team we tell ourselves. And everyone else around us that he. But that is here. Okay. -- nails and. We now what are we cannot unload. It's gonna make enough. Playing. -- -- Joey Joey Joey. -- -- -- -- Outstanding work. On call -- -- an hour ago some would call Ford can I get a minor critique in there wow. I would've enjoyed Lou. I know we have Lou -- -- somewhere I don't need me I want the rich and I know we have Lou want the original from Mick and we end with that. Just let it. I -- not over yet let it -- And your -- typical job. Yeah yeah. -- get us out of updates. Yeah. Well. That you cannot sell have a bit optional well. Can this team get up and edit. Boring game all. -- the quick follow up got I don't give adversary and in the got as much negative reaction from Bruins fans of well Bledsoe twenty minutes ago -- -- -- here and right now and I don't know Forester and correspond a couple that couple dozens if not hundred techsters Google for runner who got I've. -- -- -- upset about the whole. Making a big deal out of five players showing up after the game it's they who cares what the players -- for the media -- Tom you're wrong about this. It's not about entering questions from the media it's not about block it is Walton Jayme Murphy get misquote and Vijay being -- nice cut. It's about a guy like Patrice Bergeron. Being forced to answer questions. About why I was -- is struggling or. Why Marchand struggling -- Zdeno Chara have it answer questions about -- each or Horton. It's about being accountable to your teammates that's quite drives me crazy that five guys are available I don't care what the media gets that not to do with it. Has to do with your teammates. Like bleep you go back to the hotel. A couple of Beers and go to bed and and and trees you stick around and he talked Hagerty. You explainable latter and I'm not one upon that that white soul. Unbelievable it's not a vote kitten media sounds about standing up -- accountable for your actions and your teammates that's. That's well that points. Of the last 45 seconds you were Charlie Brown teacher there that in -- glad -- -- -- in here because a -- it's a human bugs. I'm excited and extremely pumped. -- is our bottle put together a great piece and through little rocky peaks at the end and I'm fired up right now -- -- care what you're talking about. Because we -- gain seven we do. Thank you with Jack Edwards and -- thank you with Jack. Got any better in game seven. Really -- this that it went five and six but the game you know seven. Nothing like game seven -- of the seats Ayers thing in the world at the bottle out whatever it takes at the cooler right next -- Several Lynn -- school hours ago senator Olympia. -- fired up a little bit here right. Now joy people want and all that's going to be up on FaceBook it's got to. You know put that on the on the lips at the only audio on demand pitch when you tweeted out a Jozy WEE I will re tweet for Lou's got like 50000 dollars I want it already helped us get tears in his eyes on something I'm gonna listen to -- all right home. That's my pregame -- our doubt when that is now that's my pregame announcer NASA puts them together. That's my pregame. I black wrist bands. Let's go. -- pinpoint foil it up voiced our -- that's not even a question is gonna before you'll get a -- toys out yes all of bit. They don't get excited on that so 7 o'clock. Last night with 745 just to confirm its NASA and at 7 o'clock tonight Anderson and it just after seven last night they told us. It's at 730 was fifteen minutes later tonight 7 o'clock it's on us. What's on -- It's time for my mental means woods. Okay. That's what happened and my boy 05 black wrist bands and that's what's on tap. That's what's on tap. And don't get in and don't be afraid he'll decide order -- story coming out -- more the first -- and happy either start the fourth line. Doubles that start the fourth line. Energy right out of the -- that's what I wanna see -- -- my quest that's what I want -- salt. Tony do what's on tap question go and now here right now for blind face off thank you here's the question of what's on tap. They lose tonight but -- negatives you already know the buzzer Gillick yeah at Christ. Is Julian just ruins question are growing -- and there right now game seven. -- guards in indoors I won't go that negative who's got the most we ever did receive -- -- more to golf game tonight hours pilots say you don't accuse him going negative he's absolutely right the Ronald can a mayor Giuliani the first 510 minutes of your show I agree with it the same thing but we got. -- we're done who's got the most admired by right now. My deposit I don't really care I'm watching the game let's -- and we'll talk about it later and after -- talked about three hours the connect closed job security trouble. Big -- but with a -- all night foil off. Thank you. Good resources hockey today just I think we might talk some hockey. Okay it's -- look at what with the Bruins doing the fourth highest rating in history of their -- about it is that it top one or we don't -- or 814 point three share last night for the peace we all got to watch the disaster together. This -- not bad yesterday the blue. Finishing yeah I mean that was the big thing finished -- opportunities but they're fired pucks at primary vote to slow -- -- in the they needed one -- songs great. They -- one -- -- the goodies that they could you buy it. Riggio who did your best defenders not collapsing on battery when did you lose live act around you like half -- solid -- and -- -- lazy snaps on this is the theory though there. Just slowly Riddell all right now when you McCain in the buildup here comes just. Did you did you every time we played away -- and the iPod was calling in all Fortuna parents. It's outstanding. It's just fired up to a I'm asking this is gonna come back home but probably what's the group that like is it is an orchestra and the stillness and wanted to go there trying to enjoy just let it settle. When Jessica did and send Nathan Horton next. We need to bring their Hornbeck and asked who sings this dummy I don't understand you'll -- -- the name of the song just wait until 330 seconds left. Michelle yelling help me out here come I know -- -- that's all want to know what was so I want to download I could do cheese. Beaten and devising guys really get that here -- is that I'm very. Out here for a while assault and -- and all -- -- his -- of the game tonight a little nervous energy no no no no new going to gain media driving home salt. Selling in your house means selling -- hours. I don't say in settling in your house say you're good you're not that it. Well and I'll be into it we don't seem then and -- be in the I don't see banging around I don't see banging on the tables here I don't really care. To calm before the storm we got to go. -- -- -- -- So it's up. Sports Radio 93 point seven.

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