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Tony Amonte, Former NHLer: Claude should mix up lines

May 13, 2013|

Tony Amonte joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Game 6 loss, preview Game 7 and talk about why Claude should change up the lines.

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We get back to your phone calls -- second joining us on the eighteenth the hotline he's -- great break in on these playoff games on Comcast. On a post gave live program he is -- or NHL or Tony -- -- was good friend of the show last couple years during the post season Tony -- little Oreo. We're doing all right Tony now won a lump. What -- ask -- in in in general OK because we see these two teams play their best the Bruins are better but when you can't bring it consistently every single night our -- He's he's just he can't survive that way you killer is still the cup and that's the way it's spent the last couple months and Christina just totally get -- gotta get our nightly basis. Now we got to play LA and especially in the player -- -- gonna go very far in our vehicle. Could it be that they're going to be out yeah -- you know it could be club shows up in the minor league team shelled out -- troubles are gonna lose this game tonight. I thought there's no way to be sitting here Tony talking about a game seven base in the way they play game three the best game of the series -- in overtime win. A game for that thought what do ripped the hearts out of my draw but that's -- -- thing is over you. She beat Toronto are you surprised. It even got to this point knowing they were up three games to one what that Friday home game they had. I was surprised coming up again for that was probably one of the best into the does the playoffs so far this year are -- -- the blog. It'll short high powered offense and -- pretty strong defensively. To Google has -- so it seemed like yeah they put a dagger in the heart who traveled lately. But then to come home game five in the first period in tribal dominated. You don't need date for the switch off certain. And they didn't play the way they need to that name by the time they got into the game it was too late to get just what you want but until. It's it's almost get girls barely establishing the so called searching for these guys. Now they had technical score goals I had to run right. I gotta get the cold here because Saddam and and and in your Friday after the game but. We're just breaking down last 539 there -- when -- came off the ice the power play unit he's not there you call a timeout you would think that. You put him back out there at least backed up Bergeron has only once said on that while the minute eleven goal. Were you shaking your head at that whole thing with -- decision -- at the end that would. Yeah because if you got a guy out there basically quarterback in the public I was -- -- Who has no Portugal at any of the guys that content point to that point in time. Have Portugal play out league playoffs the court. Sitting on the -- -- you lose. You know policies -- -- to me it's crazy you have to play the odds in the odds say that. Great you don't score point wait before taking whatever -- report. So is that a case where. You look at the coaching staff and sort of wonder what they're seeing they try to force speed something out just the coaching mistake there in your opinion Tony. Now I mean I see you're we have all seen how close coaches sitting -- like to make a lot of changes. In his first popularly unit that night was. Eight yarder where is Dellucci has -- I'd say it was kind of played a a point we're all in an editor and an offensive role meg unit. In appreciation is not all the units so it has a lot of changes that go under in the game we talked about it last night Michael Goldberg I had. The pollution fatal. This -- -- made quote -- is successful in the past and is currently without it stick with the guys. Speculated July's comic a lot of changes. Get a work in order 2001 dealership a -- yes absolutely worked for. It go to work a lot of -- you know I just don't see it and I talked about a lot I didn't -- -- -- Crosby. Do police head -- to get broken up these particular come up with Crosby. They changeup for game six because your element that would be gave it short or spark off so I think that's the probe could go through -- couple can't restore that that's part of perfectly. Garcia poll -- narrow last -- -- about ten minutes to go in the game maybe in begin at third period brick least. On NASA and sit -- saying now might be a good time maybe changed the sum things up. Every scene up for. No not really I mean -- if you watch it on a playoff games and -- series. You -- all the time you know you -- Johnson -- gets thrown out with another -- the -- does -- see Crosby and Malkin they're out there with different guys those are. If I think it's a veto it's it's humanistic as. -- say it's it's our -- all right now we're not generating any offense rugged vehicles we've got to change something up you know old do I think it brought. Could change a lot like Zoloft they can't share but -- -- you go back to their utilizes an angled goal from there on -- -- I'd say you know what this hopeless situation true that just makes today a lot more difficult for the Boston world. Now you you you see it I think guys fans we see at the last to some decisions the last couple games and and I would think that cam and Peter surely -- as well now. This in Julian is a stubborn guy if this if it doesn't work is in trouble they lose tonight. I don't know I don't I don't think so I mean it still -- coach he's got a lot of these guys in years past. But I bet a lot -- -- -- that is you know it sharpens. And how to -- -- forward in trying to motivate the players. You see that could level -- peace or. It was reported publisher of the coaches -- -- in motivated senate side for a change. Tony a -- to age audience we'd get an exercise last week just perform we said look widget hypothetically. Would you trade would you re trades -- and Hamilton for -- just after the playoffs just don't we said just. Just for the playoffs he said based on Mike -- played. You know what you get out offensive fire proper -- and Hamilton you get back at the end of the -- we thought it was a slam -- 75%. Of our responses said no we would not make that deal again we don't want -- this playoff run. A lot of say in response can you from your standpoint. Tell us what you see with Tyler -- why he's not performing at the level we expect him to during this post season run. I think it has a lot to do it just doesn't to coaching in the way the Boston Bruins play. Look at look at the green light or try to make believe he played how we lost the play he cheats when he needs to -- You know he plays with a pretty considerable -- we didn't play -- -- right so you can get away with cheating be on the offensive side not battle earned in the quarter. If -- a -- second except that. You know the -- that this guy is that kind of player in Karachi did not go to battle -- -- it -- to get articulate put him in the back of the that is gonna create offense -- You're okay. In -- system. Just don't -- it I like that you know you play the right way at possibly played the virtual a year after it. Future topics are so clear out the play -- the quarter and it you don't Phyllis. He gets shipped out to actual careful that. -- terms a Sega in this series having that lack of musicality is hurting his ability to say anything he said that these opportunities Tony at the net and he just can't seem to put pocket. Forget on primer on -- altogether. Yeah yeah is that the query or those that tree onto a flight to each other over the grand Marshal public high Altria are too wide open. You know for -- for bigger problem goals for scores prospectus. What you rural conference is start pressing need don't think you don't normally do and I think that's the point that -- that now. But I watch and a warm -- -- games I've been boxer. He's -- and parks around in the -- look at all of right. -- -- There's no pressure on the bureau mean and I find it strange for player that has no -- -- should not single out on the playoffs could be sold relax -- -- -- You that you know you can feel it when the pressures aren't sure it's the same -- -- or EEE you have to know that the pressure on you and you gotta put forward different level. This yet know you tugboats system and he's put fortieth victory time's up there in Chicago probably different system with. When I see -- for example use speed on the outside if it's not there. I see him stop control the pocket maybe get a trailer local whatever has come across Sega it is I am going the entire way. It's not there I don't care and we'll lose possession after awhile it's a show that's not part of the system as well. Not no not party's that the player preferential trying to trying to get in there. Trying to make too much happens in your right yep -- still kept our focus more experience. A little bit more savvy on the offense it is not that they're not they're there you can't make chicken salad -- -- -- -- watch. He got a lot of play of the game let. Let's begin to feel pretty offensively EU has -- off this series seems off the end of the year as far as well. And -- is gonna get emergency came in all it comes out of creativity as well you know he. It forty don't work in your good offensive player you'd make those changes both. Not as bad is as bad as he's -- Marcia might be worse right now -- you know disease is invisible -- even notice him out there and intimate things were Cust and seeing him doing what do you see with him. Yeah yeah it -- guy -- -- worried about communicable work ethic even know. How to be successful in games. Who really. But thinking that probably -- Injury wise I -- really hasn't been himself. He hasn't in the past you were able to get in guys' faces. Are you -- she could make a big hit. They usually do on the fortunate. Truck or are really concerned that something might be wrong with him physically he's not playing at a 100% and that -- in the fall off a little bit. Old jogger what are you doing here. Every everybody keeps call for the switch him up do you do you do it first off indeed -- to start the game would you wait six. I would I would agree -- they've given nothing you know he had no points usually you have to put a guy that you'd you'd think it produced. Has it produced -- scoreboard the last couple end all but he has produced a lot of offensive chances he's getting scoring chances. Inaudible score get chances like that the gold recovered eventually I can -- get mobility Vatican feed him the puck in the right position. I create a little space trigger that would have been content to get the -- and of course the ball. Tony what's the way you wanna see them attack primer tonight in this game seven at home. I think -- I think figured. Didn't get many second shots about right yeah immediately gets a shot from the outside you got to find those reviled. He got to get in their get the second -- really get a second shot writers that I heard these you have to go up and over we talked about it coming into the series. -- -- -- -- -- drummer right by his ears on either side he can't get the most part -- blocked the vote count. Over the -- of the bat well look at that stock up. Are so close splits up Sandburg and -- on the road that way at least one of them on the ice with castle. Would you visit be surprised he deleted in game two at home if you split those two up tonight. I think he's got -- I I just don't think he's gonna have options as if if parents love again and they haven't sort of everything he has. They'll have to go defend they'll play their defense the same way they did not like Chara Seidenberg who Gupta once -- awhile a different matchups against capital. But mostly it'll stay the way it was so butcher a couple charged in the Quaid what Dennis Seidenberg. Tony gets out on this slot built almost as a county in -- -- physical Watson not winning this thing I think it's more about McCants scored they can't finish and there is not enough. If they lose tonight is going to be about the lack of musicality or is going to be oil the scoring chances and just could not finish against -- But -- you've nailed it needs to be opportunities they get in the if they finish. -- gonna be fine if they don't. It's gonna come down the goal scorer in this series -- think if physical play. They never get pushed around by any teams -- I don't see the possible that would be infrastructure. And I think it'll come down a goal scorers finishing your opportunities in the an you know put put on the board. Tony great stuff post game live game seven doesn't get much better in sports look forward to -- apple -- him. -- Tony -- and -- a take a few minutes of the Comcast brick in his game down tonight. Eyes soon is that game is over and I think that's a great job -- -- games as. Give you good take on what to expect here and he said it I agree with them as wedding is good to make. It's more about scoring that physical play with this team -- physical physical. Rule and the Bruins hockey Bruins hockey how about don't fire up locked in a driver's chest. How about don't miss the next completely. When he's on his belly the chances to bid that the rebounded there. That's why they lose this game than not gonna get -- physical because somebody's gonna miss and that the enemy is scoring opportunity is there a breakaway. Opportunity appoint -- is gonna pass up shop in the game. Like he did last night at this much one reason they lose about his account -- DeVon David all your phone calls game seven Bruins and leafs.

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