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Show favorite Lenny Clarke joins D&C at Tame the Tigers

May 13, 2013|

All the big names are showing up at Tame the Tigers to support the Jimmy Fund, including comedian Lenny Clarke. Lenny covers everything under the sun with the boys including the Bruins, Sox and the current comedy landscape.

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-- -- as he got up pulled the trigger on that shot don't pass it up fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live at the international golf club in -- Massachusetts at the annual. Tame the tiger. All -- at least Sergio swung the club. That's sure you aren't enough gas latest limits -- hours ago you try -- I'm not gonna take issue this is our sixth annual payment tiger's event we better idea a new wrinkle or -- last year we had a helicopter drop which we will do again this year which is very very cool. Ross and have a little. -- a helicopter crash and be honest no -- don't mean walking out of Atlanta we'll what is a helicopter drop we drop -- some of -- out of -- yes -- else which thousands of number golf ball drop calls. Speed -- you know well -- -- -- yeah we we get the court before we send -- Virginia this that we can have some fun with it who can drop and I told Clark joins us -- the front. Pilot poised -- the idea that -- you have to be here what a great day I was open a tax cheat them that guy implement in the maritime -- that slot Monday finish up on us on the scum. It's gone typical came Madrid in Latin people -- known hole and I know it's those are people not not my people when I went there it was only America occasion ballot -- -- -- mogul -- about PP GO OIG got. Lenny Clarke Patrick Ewing Matt Damon Ben Affleck. And so bump and -- card and Nazis. And he wrestled and ice. Wrestled him but only like. A couple of animals on. -- -- -- So once that happens you are lost are completely. You rolled you know you did -- -- -- Funny I've been pretty good man a very excited to be using the story in the New York Post. A young teenage girls are in love with -- I'm not only are they tweeting -- -- tattooing his name. And these quotes and his tweets on their bought. You know. This is sick it's a thing I -- you know I mean. I had some groupies benevolent. At -- Jian a sixteen year old with big boobs likens aren't they -- to her heart raw yes I like Justin Bieber like -- That has nothing to do -- why I support him I know he's innocent because these are two beautiful. British Georgia are at best yet the F. It's that it's the rating yet and yet yet a blue. People's legs a company and a boy and they wanted to do him because. He's just too beautiful it's Paris you know these people aren't yet but do you think the parents know that to do in this to just -- on the computer repairs to grow stale stuff. Parents don't know if -- people's. What -- -- I don't know she has big -- regular. Picture it says I'm treating it. It also says anonymous works on on a website called paste -- dot com include fantasy sex and romance scenes with the terrorist. One writer mentions are an idea of having won lost moment of one last moment of intimacy before getting arrested. He just my neck sucking on it to leave a mark biting down on it now and then. Fictional sort of response -- baby give me something to think about in jail. These -- bad romance. There is there at least three to -- we do not -- in the show yet I did but it was in the shell it was guessed it right I was acting you're acting and -- got out of jail and you did one part of her it's right. You know she was huge to be -- mean she is really. For some of the sexy. I you know I always wanted to do but in his eighty people in the room and brought in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- morning -- it's great. -- I don't my best it. Performance anxiety yeah. It's one -- and that was good. I don't have him but you know huge one news conference -- whatever they want them on the give up. It's patently. All over themselves so you form tonight gets into the auction -- -- little comedy and you know my biggest -- in the autumn -- of cement his place is beautiful day and we got all the people at the international super job great place it's fantastic and you never played 8300 yards before. A long golf course. If you count all the times I've gone with the it was a marbles I've -- Which is it too soon to. Include you know. Some humor about not on the Cleveland's I know when momentum in the marathon moment but -- very topical guy I've seen him many times the Cleveland situation -- kidnapping. You know it's. Nobody political correctness is yes it is O five and can't do anything community can't -- of people complain. It's like illegal aliens is Joseph highs -- the other guys I mean it's coming get X college scholarships. And Obama phones you know to detonate them on demand. He can't have illegal aliens that HP general told me that people I -- a technical and it just hypnotized you can't hate people -- -- people it's you know. What did you and five years ago yet it's again. You know was there more or just you ball look at it as Boston's strong we all of yeah I shelter in place. -- and everybody makes like heightened state governor America the pitched well I can see don't go out. And then terrorists don't Columbia how'd -- work offers fun of people out and catch -- and let us. -- shelter replacement stay in place we'll save you knew it would I never heard that term shelter in place -- was a little -- -- and she and I was just happy that that. Can you didn't win the -- Agree that there was any deal but he's not coming back as Boston's yeah all of Hillary's -- -- formed to beat that it. -- No we're gonna propose to Dave -- -- that they don't let any and they take all the money. It income but they -- the money the prize money give it to the fund its victims and that you know. People from around the world would normally come in here and run for payday come out of the goodness of their heart compete -- canned but you know. When the Mercedes this year. I remember the first -- don't miss it looked like it was a spaceship and what does it. We have got what we've run. At a what do you think in hand with that work in the running community. -- get -- got to be okay. If not playing ball again have to be well they won't calm then. That's fine by me a minute to could be different -- throwback kind of manager of the action to pick how many people want to run anyway. -- -- To be so if there's no prize money you lose how many people couple hundred -- you we don't take much space it would I notice. In the and that's not the story and actually the story an excuse going to be all the survivors who Ronald people who -- -- from the finish line -- -- opposed to come back men came at a -- oh -- old enough now it's probably not probably the month Bill Rogers general -- That vote Pippen made in my. Yesterday Donna back or leg as a right. We yell mr. one -- it's going to be a contained start any contained finish line in other words union passed again in the finish line. And the start going to be ridiculous I mean that that stretches all about like Upton forgot that well the world you know I was gonna ask you. Jerry -- Louie CK. I know who have worked with the -- do you generally it's that time in my gigs -- you know but he's blown up these big issues. He's not like -- does not topical outage -- don't specialty -- that's. An iPod I ice I planned my schedule on this big HBO special there was and Rolling -- -- the funniest comedian America's this this'll be good. Hourly and when the funny part. It's as if he opened to Hewitt giggles ago. Bad not good exercise you know the guy typical boring humor about kids and love and all that. Stuff and then on on airline food clothes tactic always close it's close it's typical predictable. You know these Dane cook's. Pure and then when he would come on to blow the roof off the place that's -- -- I you know I'm I keep waiting for my time -- to a is that enough to say I -- I find myself I saw you do without one time you just said screw the script that you went on I find myself editing myself and private conversations. Because if you hits him right like tax. We seek is a good example he'll never get in trouble. Let me get in trouble like -- -- later Clark or or Sam Kennison orca or Lenny Bruce and George colony -- kidney trouble -- it doesn't say anything -- Well you know I I haven't seen in real time and I was like -- and he's funny cat in -- but it -- easily. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can just if you can't go to these places that we are now politically correct but politically correct. Before I mean does does that not diminish your ability to just go crazy and end. You -- it's. I'm still can laugh but it's just I would really love to be able to. No -- -- me to say what I want which can cause them to will fight ago I would is that whenever I want I want it. To us as a joke but. Bills. Yes total to -- the virtual monkeys they don't -- On my part about this no no because she could read through game sevens and I'm. A couple of every game set up of games and I -- us. To have castles and it. Lets him come back and move on who would play an active and rearranged or perhaps late night again. Where that final game was fun game but that. One night right there at Washington. It's the same time right now 838. Related -- used to actually. That's excellent because that game it's just as physical if not more ended with a brawl another -- wish that night with. With a brawl that's almost as a gunbattle -- a single fight in the series. Nothing Toronto Hezbollah flags and getting the NHL. And Bruins are up there they these two teams that have this year flights -- and one play in six games while maybe times -- big fight at gateway and move on beat Lagos. Where it looks. And an athletic. I I you know we at least it's a well you know -- side of the Yankees which knows. But Bolten era ultimate -- You think Louis CK is funny and he's funny in the -- -- public -- your hero with a. Auto would you call it. Has been my favorites for the thirtieth. Get a it's a pub allegedly pop -- pop -- and -- -- have a job that he's blown up. -- yeah but he's never going to be in with the -- Crowley -- in expound -- it and it is at the top of his game zone -- Joseph. You know I'm not saying he's not a not a -- -- -- the -- funniest men in America won't. -- the -- I just wanna be favored me. Like the critics had their guy went from a site built to rock. We -- game winners are still pretty -- dangerous he can be when is when viewed new Lucy Q when execute new -- right up driving you around that. If so. Does he still come home here. I haven't seen them Null but I mean you know he I -- what are we see the -- who remember we've. I'd like that. Forget that. You know what I saw Louis when -- died in his first season of -- on FX has just finished an oppressed you mean he came with him put me. Like -- -- -- -- a great guy and -- agree to the funniest men in America where you grew up. How close were you in Norfolk street Bill -- and I -- right in the mind. Who is in Walpole state prison life former. Who lived to block two houses down -- and its distance in English and out -- was that the murder that the cops came in for you know that was deliberate murder was intent. Yet but -- I -- -- and it's an equal yes yeah. It's crazy. That was the craziest embarrassed about an app via. UN EQ you had an out of all I had but I also suspected you because you and a woman to deceased didn't get a lot a woman really didn't give it right. It's as though it. The president and I liked it. She got -- and yet yet -- of them mutilated that you know I mean let's put shoes on that is that the mom. And that was just blow this on a move in the neighborhood yes yes yes. But they -- you grew up a couple blocks that I grew up not too far from the idea. And that's the problem unbelievable I'm the only. It. Makes music opens. It and grow. And the whole family you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- let you look. At all public. Any good to see I think I mean it don't is -- and I think this is great it's it's a two -- -- -- passion execute yeah. And glad to be well we how much cheating -- -- and -- -- know a year ago level I've already -- him in the content. Of a pro am rule a couple of guys Korea. It doesn't help that seal and support to Wuxi on the golf course and -- -- the comedy display tonight at the cocktail parties seven sevenths hotline 7937. DNC when we come back we will give you a chance to any air Bruins tickets for game seven tonight will --

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