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Damien Cox, Toronto Star, says B's and Leafs are equal going into Game 7

May 13, 2013|

Who has the edge going into Game 7? No one, according to the Toronto Star's Damien Cox. He has it at a 50/50 split going into the final game of the series. Cox also says the opinion of Phil Kessel in the Leafs' dressing room is much higher than it has been in the media in recent years.

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Now they're quite cheap but the point that. 0598. Span of 59 -- they art Jack and pumped in optical. And guesses them -- -- -- from India rubble writes this is no longer about being just happy to be here. Think you know about this. Point the fact that the Bruins have let this slip away I'm pretty sure they were leading the series three games to one. I'm pretty sure game seven is the night and there are still stuck in Rochester while the use the leaves are here in town join us on the AT&T hotline. About. The columnist for the Toronto starting at Cox and good morning John Jerry Parker in Boston later taken a couple of minutes. Gentlemen good morning Gloria. That has the has the mindset of the fans and the team changed now -- the series is even three games -- because as you wrote earlier -- heard from a number of other people it's like the fans and the team. We're just happen to be involved in the playoffs that probably is no longer satisfactory to the fan base and the team correct. Well as you guys know once you get to the playoffs and you start to dream and possibilities start to arrive you start thinking differently. It's you know it's funny I was in Toronto are. My early years of covering at least back in 93 in the same kind of scenario and all the when they played Detroit in the in the first round of the playoffs Detroit was I mean so talented than three years they would win the cup but the spank the least in the first two games and looked like always lost -- and they're coming back to win -- -- -- -- -- -- them -- -- but I always think that. The playoffs when there are surprised looking when there's there's no expectation of a victory and all of a sudden it turns into one of these great series. Those are always the most fun I think effort fans in the I think fans in Toronto. I have a lot of fun right now. -- is -- an oversimplification. To say one of the reasons one of the big reasons the series is even at three is that primer narrowed the gap between his play and the play of to harass. -- I think we went into the series with two goalies young goalies still looking to him to prove themselves. In the playoffs and I think they both have I think they both have played very well. Primary you'll remember was really -- game to win the leafs won in Boston and kind of surprised everybody. And then it got kind of crazy appear in Toronto and I mean those are wildly entertaining games in the Bruins won them both him. You know that at least at 95 shots and to -- raskin and driver was playing all right but not as well as last well now he's kind of reversed that in the last two games in the telegraph has been bad he's only about four goals and two games the drivers and superb so. I I think it's it's a battle between two young goalies that still pretty even. The funny thing is of course the used to both the league draft picks and ala. Just one of them is in this -- and over I'm sure Rask would would love to beat the team that. Trapped in the first round and -- would love to be the guy to get the least the second round for the first time along those. -- Damien the -- are younger and bigger and stronger and and and do you think. They have an advantage tonight and they're sleeping in their hotel in Boston while the Bruins are still working their way back here do you feel like. The momentum has turned the -- mines that shifted in the era. The favorites tonight. Now and I don't mean -- -- -- game sevens from covering this plea from a point five years -- doesn't matter where they're played and it doesn't matter who won game six. That's just the nature of the beast. And -- you know I mean who we saw last -- Detroit winning in Anaheim. That that all the things do you think you're going to be in place the home team having worked better advantage. And things happen this series just seemed all go out the window and it's a 5050 shot that's the way I look at tonight for both teams 5050 shot. -- think in Toronto of the Kessel trade now. Down here that is the perception you probably know that it was like the ultimate price to bruise is policed. The Maple Leafs and it was like you know Joseph Barry Carroll for Kevin McHale and Robert. But right now I'm guessing and Romo wouldn't they when they don't want to there is to return their goods in and get a full refund. -- that Joseph Barry Carroll reference -- -- -- You know I I think this is this is a trade. You know I think at first people thought it was like Phillips the military and the Bruins got him from Chicago and and you know they got all the stars in the in the hawks didn't in the the Bruins went on to all their glory in the early seventies. To me the Bruins made this trade get too young players and on the top pretty hard to beat that. -- they get that you know will then they're gonna are going to be on the -- roster for years to come. Like I say they've got those rings. They say all that it wasn't like Phillies got what. The hawks cut back where they may have to deal deal they got a guy in the last years that -- and score. And this series has kind of emerged in the way that that a surprise people and that he immediate no success against the Bruins. And about twenty some games that coming into the series. But all of a sudden scenes -- -- And become the kind of player they were dreaming he could be you know he's never going to be a great defensive players ever going to be a physical player. I think you guys would agree. Well I think Phil Kessel is this something that not a lot of guys in the league are that this. Spectacular speed and their ability to score so I think we're gonna have to judge this deal at the end and when when they're all finished plan. And wallet back and think about how it worked out right now because of the -- because of the future you'd have to say it's the bruins'. Police are still open that Phil Kessel can rewrite the story this trade as the years go by. We're talking -- Damien -- from the troubled star we know what kind of player. -- is a teammate UC. Well you know it's funny here in Toronto of course there's a lot of beginning of the year to see there at the beginning of the series -- He didn't talking never talks much in when he does -- -- doesn't say anything insult kind of weird they've never had a front line player like that and trial. You know with -- settlers in the Wendell -- in the Doug Gilmour -- always guys were able to relate to public councils not academic guy. When I hear from his teammates is that they love. You know that that's what I hear that they think he's a bit different they make fun of -- for his complaint in waves. Filled the collective the wave of the flight is still looking like the time of the practice but they kind of the you know they really enjoy him in in in in that -- so. I don't like at the wrapped in Boston that it was a bad teammate and I look I think that often happens when a guy gets treated as. The team that traded in the city that trades and says I as the bad guy so I sort of get that mice than in talking elite players. I've never heard anybody describe them as selfish or bad guy I think he's just. You know different than in the you know -- debut little withdrawn from the public guy. You know he -- -- -- actor rumors are roommates and Tyler blows that will tell you all day long about what a great castle castle is so. Until you in the room I guess guys you really don't know. You mentioned earlier about game sevens -- it's -- tough to predict even around this team all year what's your sense about. You know they can be loosening can be tense how -- gonna play here tonight forget winning or losing how do you expect the kind of effort you expect. From the -- Well you know I I think I think that as the series has gone on. As we all remember game one we thought this was going to be over for. They've become looser and they've become a better team -- we've seen this -- in the playoffs. At the beginning of the play out when the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011 they lost the first two games on home ice to Montreal Canadians. And everybody what was lost and then they got better as the play elsewhere along by the end looked like nobody would be an ever. When they won game seven in Vancouver and I'm not comparing this trauma teams that Boston team by any stretch of the imagination but what I would say is. This leaking the young team and they've got better as the series has gone on they've raised their level of their competing with. The team that just kicked their -- for about three years. And that was changed so I think -- -- -- play I think a lot of them are too young to know any better to have to be nervous too. To know that you know they're not really supposed to be in this position I think it'll be fun. -- now what does that say about the character of this team to lose game four in overtime the way you did in in in. Fact how how well they carried the play -- down three games to one did you see this coming did you see this kind of resilience on the soccer team or is a surprise to their response to that loss. Nadal I mean I I didn't Connecticut think you know that the -- -- -- forward -- over time with the with the captain beyond sort of make it a big mistake him. And David -- she looked like he might score of five the next time they played. I didn't think they were coming back -- -- -- the series was going to be over on Friday with one -- proviso that what I really thought. It's -- least got game five that there would be a game seven -- -- But sort of smooth the way it turned out. But I mean that's the way these these upsets series tend to go. You don't think the team that's gonna pull up the upside is going to be able to do it until they get to a position where they might be able to insult. I think everybody's surprised I don't know. You know there's there's one or two people out there in the media who picked Ronald to win and they were in the vast minority so. For anybody to say they saw that common I think we're only a couple of people could make that play. Well -- should be fun it should be interesting Damien thanks very much for take some time and talking to us from Toronto we appreciate your time this morning. Damien Cox from the Toronto star with -- Santelli. On AT&T outline AT&T four GLT -- like him. Don't know what the -- tuchman no one knows what's gonna have no no correct home -- means nothing game six means nothing. Airplane issues mean nothing. He's probably write a bottle that goaltender -- means ever -- And able good that ball really good and the updates on the plane anybody and via their their pages of the cannibalizing. To start his attention to all of a commercial scale on the next commercial flight to Boston in two and -- time with the Amazing Race naturally as first some players right parent marsh on NC -- they don't pay tax code that is called the Providence Bruins while the plan. It would do. Tough because of them it doesn't help syndicates they want -- factor but it doesn't help -- -- -- -- if you get -- into Iran and you fly the day you play. How hard has never do how hard is it to get another plane and make up the luxury you know whether reclining chairs or did he -- you do when in the third at last night. Because of Georgia's oldest did throw -- into the third area plane was unavailable -- street doesn't he -- plane Jeremy Jim gamble ST take all the Gatorade. Best players now -- right to flights like on the practically is ample ample. Now we can do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't mention his new guy. Yeah yeah called atom bomb or some crazy things they've played pattern. -- Well -- work that work. When they walk -- Arkansas. Those on those various months and wasn't comedy goal. -- moderate -- that pretend that. Port. Remain hard headed. Tonight. Hard headed and know now and he's coaching for his job and he's got to make -- so we can say martian that is the -- and he goes full great. What did he blink is great -- -- I mean literally an admirable that's the move. Does he breathed -- -- could bring them things like help help you know they lose his serve better. What if they lose it's going to be about these two young. Spoiled. -- -- loosen those two scoreless it's going to be like you energy and it be nice -- -- Work on him like the veterans and Seidenberg and if -- the guys to cover the team -- -- are not -- And is up in the case is that true yes meaning that they have two younger on the bad guys they got it contracts. Big money -- is more -- -- with the viewers to -- Pull himself and he's going house and handled as if they lose tonight. Coat the years old enough to step and those that do. The movie it's will be strongly suggest it could blow it off. And Enron's and that tomorrow the next column by -- Newport News. These young kids get it they got too much. Success too much glory two weeks I mean success. Sex access and it is too early and -- in to. Derek Anderson. On to Italy. It is a problem baseball. Issues. But it's it's a baseball players make like a bird was -- right now and right now that you've earned it basically advocates for six years in. And then obviously -- and fortune but. These guys and sickens when he won the Jamaican authorities he says at no point discovered he said this game is about. Whom do you are you he's a guy -- -- to -- -- -- you agree that this is not from lack of effort on stake in part he's. Not let all I did -- and then in them. On the broadcast and so when -- When -- -- -- of the middle and Sagan I mean mushrooms over change. And just kind of gloating over the bench and home goes -- right -- him. And it doesn't criticized again as too often he said he can't be making the change and if you do make a change got to make quick change do you not. You're skating over and right behind you -- is steaming up the middle. That I I agree -- you don't see any lack of right. Was there any urgency on that change I think. -- -- Reconsidering my idea that you won't be stubborn tonight. You that dale -- only have three minutes and 49 seconds of ice time in the first first period -- period yeah yeah so he's not happy with -- yet clearly -- -- the fewest of any thing in Iraq the first period right and say it was time was not -- no I'm so I think looking at Sega says we are getting an effort to stop the results. And he's getting the effort -- market right at this point resuming east -- you are martians injured or the wrong with the that we don't know not to -- -- -- via all right 6777. Point 7937. Santelli in broadcasting live from the national and Massachusetts I'd be tiger's golf tournament. Where your phone calls we can.

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