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CSNNE's Mike Giardi has all the details on the B's plane troubles

May 13, 2013|

The Bruins had to stay over in Toronto an extra night, but CSNNE's Mike Giardi doesn't think it will make too much of a difference for Game 7. Things that will matter? The goalies as usual, and the Bergeron line getting going.

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Activists and Kelly and broadcasting live from the international golf club in -- massachusetts' lead the sixth annual team in the tiger's golf tournament day a great day to play golf and raise money -- the Jimmy -- 617. 77979. B 37 in case you hadn't argued to wake him up. Via -- remain in Toronto. Airplane problems while beliefs body and -- what time ago and that certainly a good night's rest of their hotel while the Bruins remain in Toronto and nut case you hadn't heard. Game seven is tonight. Here in Boston joining us on the AT&T hotline from Comcast -- Mike purity marks up in Toronto Mike good morning how -- -- don't very very well first of all any any updates on on the Bruins when they're getting out will they be here -- -- they forfeit -- get how bad is this thing getting up there. You know I have output and my dad that might be diligent and not -- name and exact yet. I would worry about definitely could not be -- or speak and write a -- get a good the good night's rest and you know they get back -- ticket afternoon nap on top of that it'll be eleven and deal regard but what thirty. What was the up mood in the L locker room after the game I saw some footage of -- Chara looked like death warmed over it looked like the the dirt dirt dogs all died. Yeah -- incredibly quiet. A great amount of disappointment. And to a certain degree. And got to like the thought that might look to you about a vote in the and so. In but -- get a little bit of a lack of accountability ability from. Few players stage embarks on a particular. Move. Do you come under the microscope here and not produce. And then decide not to talk about it afterwards so I think use you know -- Bergeron. Well biggest -- percent drag himself out front of the cameras to do that they are out there wrapped up he'd been out there in the period he hit output. Couple got to like to see you. It's about about wanton. Get to battle earlier I guess. Explode called it Jacqueline and Steve Buckley. Changed it to Jacqueline hiding in set only five guys who were. Faced the media and integrate -- like that Sagan and -- and they're not kids that around and they know it doesn't look good when you are. Put them goose eggs and you're struggling in this series and you don't promote and use notes of -- few cliches in the camera. A do you think the pressure is getting to them. I'm not the record yet don't because that the guy actually ripped open guys and I -- that ordinary. That suited you -- mention. Have for the better part who want. Children not you -- beat. I'm B a couple out there are back games. And -- regularity so you know whether that. The culprit in new contract forgot what mark's gotten that in. You're maturity you. Well the young guys in the league. Or court case you know -- -- going to be created at the end of the year but they're not happy that -- have been -- got about not that expensive for him. It happened it happened quite a bit so. You know actual that you want a little bit about the personality. -- -- the people -- if you're a little bit up and of course you know. I had a little bit at an epic comeback win game seven that I will all be forgotten but. It had been but Eli didn't group all yearlong. As a struggle started about two months ago and it didn't read on through -- and well. Is he doing scorcher for his job tonight Mike. I don't think you should be. What. Straighten things that happened I mean you are -- Bill we all -- I'll look like business and it's about it's about making money. And close to -- contract that it is this year -- it at the end of this year. So there's so -- that they would have a that he didn't make it go way I'll bet that barely hear it. Where -- business. I get so don't want an argument to have it grow. I get out the you know would be Internet but it got to stop responding to a minute edit the the younger guys we mentioned -- -- -- -- that that's what. -- -- -- Obviously there's the bear money that they don't player as well what it got your -- you're not gonna buy it when guys built. -- you the ball on the floor but I personally think it. Look at these guys. Did that Iraq isn't there you know right rear admiral around the far too long. Well actually acted on here and -- a personality. Not that the personalities who to vote. No for the greater good here you have an outbound that it -- up. If you can't put that the IQ and and play hard then. Who aren't here wonder what would happen part of that then maybe you don't want that -- more it up there at the problem and an eight indigo is. We're -- -- Mike -- from Comcast who was up in Toronto do you think -- is compelled to shake up the line tonight does what what he's -- hasn't worked and the last two or three -- Yet you don't really -- but equitably in the post game last night and it up. You know the one thing about floated though it's been very steady. No other people are after you press the panic button eat -- but it won't Wear. Yet -- -- it but I maybe it does look collect a little bit like but. That lack of production from the deck of back darker -- and the one man cycle -- -- -- not you walk out that earlier Kelly. I think those those big -- war. What soccer and that your at least the the dark that you people but some sort of the sort of sparked those lines because. Blog but my job here collapse began on the great you are you were not that -- over. And that Matt the couple guys that much is off bullet that line and you know that line after going off and are supported that there. Awfully quiet your -- here so -- out what it's got battle that I think it's it. I quote Larry believe you could try and the jogger in bark. Bergeron and -- and that but the line so that they can have to line. More offensive -- -- people are you afraid I'll vote for the what they've got now which Max got people up to -- about -- -- -- -- and while we all like that or fly to deploy a lot about why you're probably not the order. Here right. -- is any indication Michael a physical problem of marsh and you have any theory -- to to what is ailing this guy. Yeah you know you watch it clearly not the bad guys you know it a lot about it he Denny got it a little bit albeit on what. What popular biggest guy he's always been a little bit like -- -- had not afraid to mix it up physically. -- audio notes about Stewart. Generally stick to it in you people slide. Would -- through the fenders then and got a call out there that the -- the ball well -- and make plays like that dangle clock a little bit there -- -- any of it. And I like you wonder if there's there's a physical issue there are the -- the -- late in the year. You know you guys if they're being innovative. You come back in. Maybe the tournament does that either makes up a little bit because the -- I don't know what. Clearly not the guy and it better not it's better not to be -- collect about them the physical therapist is the way he's gonna go out because. Incredibly disappointed it didn't score. It one shot the first a flat spot period that that's not gonna do that why at all. Mike as far as you know did they go to the airport last night or did they know that was a private plane a problem with the play not. You that you're Jerry. Future Hollywood made aware of it up to -- the third period that there was an exit there so. They. That it did happen make -- that script that bumper. The upper drew a lie and then draw that they are playing back by about what it's not working there wanted to do so believe it went right but not. But you're right back before you eat there. Could -- shut out. And you know when they're going to be back -- -- you know. That was -- The upper middle Michael all the though it was still sleeping -- -- -- in Iraq we get out there automatic in the column get it will be the lead and then. But they -- up front side. Good morning and late morning you know -- social. The short flight at about two hours. Those -- put it -- that -- there. Dignity dip back after -- on the -- that you want that bugle -- collect the ice. You're gonna make a move Mike isn't swapping saving for yarder the woman makes the most sense. I think so and I think that the you know darker last year and well we're on a line that was through it and are now that was one of the the better lines and all of the -- secret last year and I acquiring hotel in Beverly and Bob you know disrespect -- the one of those guys. -- not there is considered addicted -- offensive player of all those struggle quite a bit not just in this series. Throughout the course of the secret. I think you know the darker visitors strength. It's about not put up with some guy that the Max you like our ports that you buy a couple got the -- do. And regret the capability of producing -- want to get it marks our plate like he does the recorder wherever that. I don't know what it benefited from from -- out about it it was typical contact but I think it. I think the -- that -- like that at -- start. I'm like -- a question for me as far as you can tell Centre in Toronto. Have the expectations in Toronto changed. By both the team and the fan base are they -- -- are just happy to be there. Yeah I can't -- -- and I think they got my -- thought competent not just up and not that the collapse began I think -- -- waited late. -- game war. In overtime. It it'll -- -- -- that game but not political but it killed Saddam may support -- They have they have a history of not like each other. No -- -- man because clearly believes -- Baltimore the scoring opportunities without overtime -- and I think you know theoretically could play through. The girl want to let off the hook because it wants the war but all the rebounds but he left. They sit there yet they want brutal sport but they should bury him not to lead a mission there and that ruined the opposite in debt. The hang out and now the last few days. -- typical banner topic is -- the big guys -- skilled guy at a pretty good year now we're on your game. Not in people up front and let you make any. You'll be I'd like that gap that epic create traffic in front of the net and that -- -- like people are allergic. The report are allergic to go up front that except. That what slot and those guys gobble up some but they don't have an. -- want -- properly taught him that the basis so yeah I think there are the victim as a team at JW that they -- and I think their. That the team and a more competent to pick up here in -- -- advantages that the real. But I don't think that they were gonna back that impact our response to the unbelievable could be. The original I was -- loud and and competent and we. Looked at record to be right now because they've got the that they adapt better seeing right now the way to plant the note but some evidence it. He's our friend from Comcast sports Mike G RD up and -- might yet take appreciate you take a couple minutes this morning in a given us a label and from north of the border -- popular and get back to Boston. -- -- -- to Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TV broadcasting live. From the international and Massachusetts beside the sixty annual in the tiger's golf tournament to benefit the Jimmy Fund. We will talk with -- -- -- the -- star later in the broadcast and give away a pair of tickets to tonight's game seven. In Boston.

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