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Are the Bruins in trouble heading in to Game 7?

May 13, 2013|

The Bruins had a 3-1 series lead over the Maple Leafs. That lead is now completely gone. D&C discuss just what happened to bring us to this point and how the Bruins can get ready for a hungry Leafs team in Game 7.

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All what a -- third. All the mothers' day yesterday it was and I -- -- be frank with you on this Monday morning to broadcasting live from the international -- sixth annual in the tiger's event. Mark Preston decide who had a more precipitous fall from the penthouse to the -- Was that Sergio all the whining gag artist who has recreating tin cup on the seventy feet. The reeling Red Sox who I believe -- two and eight in their last ten. Or your schizophrenic. Boston Bruins are supposed to get to the question will be found out tonight. If the Bruins managed to lose game seven -- that will be your answer it would be the second. Most horrific lapse in organizational history dating back to 2010 when they gagged away three nothing lead against Philadelphia. I would have to say you'll -- of that night yeah that'll be the -- 930 quarter tan. That it will have the answers if they do bounce -- witnessed and humble well ranges. Camps to this thing goes seven games beat up on each other and they can regroup. But they do. If they do collapse -- -- -- -- in three years and years. That will be the made that will be the end of the year -- -- taken by the coaching -- -- over. From and every time we've discussed this we've got it right when. Little the way yes the game. We knew what had to have said he's gone and people arguing with me writing columns -- You can fire that there's some things from which you do not -- Believe Robert Redford in the natural assumptions that. Are not for -- will never stop paying bright and Claude Julian. It's especially innings he's taken a beating today. Because he is so stubborn its stock in his ways and he is not mixing things up but he's not changing the lines he's sticking with -- guys. And he's the only eagle went with them tonight and he'll lose his job with them and united have with a point. Yeah we're not doing so they don't show off the night before he loses I think so I think so that that is so hard to believe that the team that if you just get out the Bruins -- it back into their own beds. There in Toronto this there is not a that team who's gonna feel rested and ready to go to and I was gonna say the top tip to really go on a percent. If they -- on the phone law right now I'm with a good question they might have to make it. -- -- can make I don't think that we're -- goodness sleepy all about it now auctioned in in the bathroom smell but think about it they're gonna. We're gonna get to the logistics here in the details but they're still in Toronto that plane. Would stop the jump to everything you know Woodstock the battery yeah -- -- Sox batters just to I mean imagine under the best. Of circumstances. They play that game last night in getting on the plane and it takes off finally get home whatever reasonable hour exhausted will they be anyway. Based on having played game six last night game seven tonight since and now they were on the plane it's -- they actually it's. Stupid and NATO goes back to back a note to shortened season notes comprised of these guys are going to most important game to be here right now these teams are going back to back to back. And their most physical games of the year. Back to back up three games in four nights. With this kind of pace ridiculous this physical. What you're seeing is not the best the sport has to offer it's it's entertaining to get me wrong it's awesome. Game was incredibly it to him and and so was the Rangers caps but. And I think they take the place tonight if they make it back and they are all one. -- and Neiman and did -- sleep. It is really a test of recently. Welcomed them to mean you know -- imports -- the net. And managing. Yes maybe mic maybe mix up the lines we talk about all those things isn't this the greatest example of resilience and sports who can come back play three games four minutes. At this pace with this kind of intensity and come out on top. I'm not sure what carries the -- mental toughness or physical toughness I guess the answer the question is a combination of ball the doesn't that tell you wouldn't that tell you if you knew which is the more mentally tough. Which is physically tough. Team the winner tonight and and and here's the thing that I implode. I am most worried about think about where you thought the Bruins had the decided advantage. In -- in this series was not the goaltender was everywhere was I -- not the -- -- did not say Rask was better than -- and now can you say that. I'd say they're both up to the task -- -- threw 100. -- -- -- the last two games they're both. Good enough to win it's not like one of them is gone all Marc-Andre -- on them but you're right primer. I believe one puck came out of this club yes -- yeah it was one. He's supposed to longer rebound right exposed to be planned net like grocery Michael placed Florida and it hasn't that would be gloved right and that was the fear in the theory is you run into the uncle. And for the first however many games to report he was not that guy. He was not. Winning games when his team but only that -- and there were supposed to be better up front. And those the second line which is really the first to second line has not been better. This -- much better on on the Blue Line is posting much better. From one to six on defense right -- -- I mean that's that's been the case. Will we find out at some point when the series ends when the season ends what tomorrow with -- on. Yet is there are some injury we are on whether it means to an undisclosed upper body injury doesn't. Fly in hockey because they'll all we have some injury when it's over the right that it -- everybody who was who was as effective who was is involved was at engaged as marsh and was over the course of this compressed season. Absolutely positively disappear like he has. Will say -- requirement alignment or it's amazing. The top two scorers have. Goose eggs across the boy in six games he picked one off there off martians nose and the Internet at at this point after six games. And by the way that we can resume that debate about who's better -- sitting in today. We should do that when you think you're that same phone calls. The same you know fan boy bloggers write about -- sake it's better he -- a better tennis which I guess that means sake it's better than that. And -- stamped -- and John Tavares and watch you six games you can communion inclusion on our castles and significantly better he's been as good young players. Whether or what other games is the one to watch lows in Toronto Edmonton games in the season what to Columbus. What are your favorite hockey honestly it's night and day head and shoulders that Phil Kessel has the superior player. It was if if they lose this -- -- an -- let's say tomorrow that this -- a bad trade. Cancels the kind of -- they could use right now -- -- finds the net. He makes his teammates better you can take customized stick he's not on a good team mediocre team this year he's not been on good. But you're assuming if -- were on the Bruins the cloned when actually use him close election take advantage of his skill set -- but have him on the ice and critical situations that put him with a. Some line mate who could who could enhance what it is built up about what it would Bergeron about that be good that would work questions delegate. You know without him and going to be right to a BC. But he's a great start about what 67 years David -- -- -- six governors today to me it's you know it's all well if you get a chance to win a cup right 67 years from now which will be gone -- on the mean that it's a whole different team. He might be good defenseman and a mediocre or sub par team. We've seen a lot of those over the years Kirk this is not. I mean I think veteran Bruins fans in the stands is it rare opportunities. Happen every year we you have Google you know here's you know you good -- good team good coaching and a chance to go to the Stanley Cup -- -- available mystery you know two weeks ago week those recruitment out. That's that I was gonna say they'll -- guys right two guys so would be Mikhail in Paris Joseph Barry Carroll -- or it would be Varitek and and that slow low for Heath Slocum missed 241 right and the idea of proposing mystery maybe even horse like that torture on it was preposterous -- a week and it right now -- we had a conversation we. -- -- this all castle and you know what I. -- looked this up. Next years gonna make like a million bucks less than Lucic and no -- she is having a good series. Opens a better player. It's not. Close and he's got this like five or six Bruins are gonna make as much or more than Kessel. -- -- he wanted too much money right yes well right now on this. I've Bruins who remained more or as much then castle. Next to what it was more than just money it was it was it was the system is what -- wondered -- what is what the Bruins expect that out of -- guys who was not a system kind of guy he's not a guy who made any kind of commitment. On the defensive ends so the combination of money and the way the guy played and as votes it's on the tarmac with his finger in his notes. Waiting waiting for gill flaps down and did take off and get to Boston doesn't have to wonder doesn't have to worry which. One of his schizophrenic Bruin teams shows up tonight. Well I mean -- -- -- like to have any other way but trustees of the here. Frustration in my -- and help my hockey club turnover. Hopefully the Bruins it was good -- and I -- I think it's -- gonna go low you know speaking his mind that -- from a subject -- -- -- -- -- -- this. But. -- doesn't make adjustments tonight and they lose. He is gonna go down in flames if he does make adjustments. And -- oh he panicked. He listened to the critics. He listened to the fans who demanded that he shake things up. So he used to win tonight to discuss say that quote is my advice tonight you better win or -- out of because they circle and with pitchforks and torches. Their circle in the TD garden tonight if he loses again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right these -- good young placed in your future right. Someone will have to pay with -- two an inning and beat Sega or Tuukka Rask. Doug Hamilton enemy it's going to be close to -- -- -- Sharaud integrity quote yes totally -- that he's the only one the only logical. Scapegoat if they go down -- -- tonight I wonder will these changes will lead to mean. If they win it will change like that -- think what they would take to win third game -- -- back to back the plane breaks down. Guys hurt and dragon you know that old pros against the -- -- if they win tonight. It to hold -- means it. It's like Sergio start the magnolia that -- seventeenth within with what we burst into the third the first one yet he acted entitled where -- are really nice way to an eighteen. -- a picture you got there yet to go in the water -- now now but you know what. Sergio. In his defense he could say went for enemy could have some little green he went four to. He went for the stick -- stupid do Richard because it on the middle of the green probably if he stood there right now and -- hundred balls he could probably put maybe five of them on the green. Sergio speaks for the rest of the tour when he Paul -- at a B and not the nicest guys on tour that yeah probably. Just as you say that right but yeah and I almost responded to a guy Keegan Bradley -- Tiger -- Casey with Hamburg putt -- putt on the eighteenth mark his ball. It's the kind gentleman he is like against upped its and his aspect crying out loud -- major champion you're exactly right. Sergio does not bow before the king. He wouldn't be thinking. But doesn't bow with a great Tiger Woods he'd he doesn't mildly certainly bend and broke bends and breaks no question. Which is why I didn't share in the jewel on the you know on the Twitter verse. Or on the ready share in the joy I mean that you want. Pushed tiger -- are absolutely one. We'll take tiger rather take a search -- -- this week and -- Tiger Woods against him instead -- and Jeff Maggert. We admirable Jeff Maggert calmly got -- -- think that's maggots last. For law. You must just like that course -- something you know he -- them seventeen to put water is the be right there at the end but it is amazing as what two and -- -- -- the we have in the tournament's eighty. Tiger tiger presented -- Houston for -- company. Four days 270 for Russia -- like to better than the next closest guy and -- He's dominant justice strange dynamic to meet that. To -- a difference on from when we were in the north and -- is and you say he's dominant. It is really a lack of the rival's lack of somebody else. To complete the job to what he did -- team two perfect shots ought to get on. At fifteen and water fourteen or Indian water. And and a second company had to get with the ball in his in his -- he cheated according job you know if history. And -- what was the phone -- off the -- At the NBC oh what if it had like operators standing in the World League dime for -- It is too bad. Why -- people happy. I don't love Sergio dislikes are judges would love to see somebody. Breathe down tiger's neck EE in. More column -- -- them. And we can -- we will -- -- -- it was Casey -- were about eight months removed from will be a Mac or one that's second guess which OK it's time everywhere one harper broke from Adam Scott right and it's now we're back to tiger expect what's what are you guys I mean it's not that spectacular. What he's doing he's just grinding you down and and and make and you make you cry on -- in the case upsurge. So we have dealt with the a precipitous fall from grace of your Boston Bruins and -- just. Circle back to them for just a second I'm not sure this is applicable I'm not sure what sort of -- mental state will play a role in what happens in game sevens might but if it does. If there's a mental advantage to be had is that not squarely in the port. The Toronto Maple Leafs president all the talking and just sitting there glazed eyes and their stomach churning and -- -- might. Yes we are on the brink of of of humiliation and embarrassment. When we had this year -- sure there -- three games to one that this is my cervical. So it's not reported to one -- -- don't know which -- so they got that -- yet it's not. Slept a little less territorial gains sent. Sosa doubled that's that's a good. Point yet can't be worse -- -- -- know it in -- 1011 -- -- tackle for -- you're right they have every advantage in terms of mental -- is yeah which means the Bruins in the -- five and one. The events of this because it's we spend days weeks hours talking about this means nothing. It meant nothing when -- Bowman that the crowd on the Bruins lost that game and they bring a Collison run in -- met in a -- on the night that they sang the National Anthem right or -- rank court and they lost to buffalo the Broncos go up to Toronto first time. Of games since the eighteen hundreds in Toronto is nine million people outside meant nothing -- when that game. Every edge goes to trumpet and which means the Bruins win -- That Texas to the other third team this fall from grace -- -- and eight since may second Boston Red Sox. Are in a freefall like you read about. And of course we notes down -- suitable now we -- weren't saw somebody. We probably all name and the Euro tumbled with that you know one -- -- but. -- was there with that order column vomit it's on them all pretty they're closer though they're closer to fourth place than they have a first yeah now three. Games out of first in the -- And had -- on the road -- of the road and and was did they protected yesterday because of her feeling yes you know yesterday they -- -- played nineteen in a row. Did not play hurt feelings. Thought it was supposed to play every day he's the eight and we need don't pass it up speak is my -- -- -- -- Monday yeah often our area. Two -- general -- -- 6177799937. Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from the international. In Bolton is our sixth annual heart -- sixty annual. The tiger's golf tournament to benefit the Jimmy Fund in the pediatric fund at the Jimmy Fund clinic fault lines or we'll talk -- Damien Cox from not throttle will join us. We have Bruins game seven giveaway tonight he could be either a person this guy. That gaming Cox's more upbeat than that read in the opposite yeah which is glad glad the team in the playoffs and you know we will give you updates if -- -- -- -- a in the plane when we. Mutilating on the plane and its. If you captain news. Is your captain. It is yet. Issue with the higher in the ending the mechanics away should be more than. -- You know. Please and it's the races and it's like a chance to just take -- set off its axis did they get them off the plane. If I would -- their hotel hotel yeah -- signal. I think they're back at their hotel probably costs an intern and Killen a mini bar and on the many. And and you know that little aches and pains -- some. Them. Do morning with a loan outside -- -- and gateway. -- talked -- you next live from the international -- --

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