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Pedro Gomez, ESPN, joins Butch Stearns to talk about the Red Sox recent struggles

May 12, 2013|

Pedro and Butch discuss the injury issues at the back end of the Red Sox bullpen and if they will make a move to strengthen the staff. Pedro also takes us around the league and forecasts the AL East.

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I let's see if we get over this Canadian melt down the city of Toronto -- spanked us all around a map tonight. Blue jays came in here and had five home runs to him by Jose Batista. Finished the Red Sox homestand at two to five in the and to make matters worse the Maple Leafs. Beat the Bruins tonight -- want to force a game seven about the them all right. Stocks in baseball right now I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of great people. Covering Boston sport teams in covering national sports and this guy his name is Pedro Gomez works for ESPN he's just one of the good guys I. Joseph poetry our America's copy -- you -- my friend I am 10 I was in your air video last wait for hours. The went indicating the Brady. That the touchdown in the two point conversion that was only hit. Yeah by the way speaking for Red Sox fans you come to town for one day. Henry -- gone for the year stay away okay Pedro. Equipment before and all of them about how can the -- helped -- that you have that you -- -- commit ice -- on Twitter. So all your tweets that you treated out and along that vein I do wanna start up with a question about coming to Boston after all you saw from afar and he tweeted -- a great story. About Trevor -- bringing four. Watertown policeman to the game. The other at what was it liking you travel all over the place to come to Boston. Could you still feel the emotion from what happened with the marathon even though it's couple weeks later now. Gilbert G I mean alternate route out the league's. Top three -- scrutiny tonight. Get you know fortunate enough to go travel to correct you and I hung out in the -- -- You know it is absolutely. One of the all time great city -- and so much so that it allowed pure. My wife are great here absolutely legitimate Procter and and from there we went to -- -- and and gave Darren and took an old boss of the Freedom Trail the whole thing absolutely adore Austin. And I stayed at the Marriott Copley and you know I. I felt like we need to have to walk down you know the that the block out whatever it is and I just out there by myself. Staring across the street. And just thinking how old medical help. Somebody has that in them to do something bad and and you know the perseverance I think it's what always struck me about Boston. People are so so strong -- know that the Boston. Strong. You know that that that's out there and managed I don't think there's a city in the country that it is more shooting. And Austin and yeah I can't help but kind of feel. Some of -- I mean it's still the wounded so rational right. Where when you have a -- where were you that week Pedro and did you experience and of the you know Boston strong around baseball from other cities this -- Carolina any of that stuff. -- did actually I did I I had my regular. Workweek that week you know it was it happened on Monday as well and that Wednesday I -- We were in. Here and they all run together I remember back bleak. -- We were at Oakland. -- and I know we're always on the East Coast the trying to slot. Stadium where you. Are not all that would have pretty incredible like I would've gotten -- at all. I wanna -- Detroit but it didn't sound right either had to do all run incredibly cheap but Tom I would got a big league stadium on that Wednesday and I am. In the EU you felt. The strength I mean. You know what say what you want about each city kind of you know the the rivalry and everything. The -- -- in New York you know they were which use the same way that when the towers came down. Welcome everybody in the country or outright. New York what part of them that we. And it's just you know coached coached. Look at which you know that a Cuban but you know I was born in the country right. Beyond. And and you know it doesn't matter what you -- your current American. And it doesn't matter where your background is that our marriage. You you can't help but she'll. A lot of people when something like that happen whether what the powers whether it was you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know after natural disaster in Tokyo for the people -- meter yard Long Island City and it doesn't matter earthquake whatever it all -- You know retirement tragedy of water that strong and -- -- I think the beauty of this country what many. So you spent some time and our city a brief time this week and I saw this Red Sox team. And eighteen and -- April is now foreign -- may not coming back down to earth where would you see this week it's stuck how would you Pedro. Well I think what I saw its you know -- achieved so very very good start there's no doubt about that. There aren't you know there is some talent there but it out of the pixel. It's what it's starting shortstop for the lack garage attic when you talk to scouts were on the game you talk about people. But that's one area of concern. That that they always bring up. Talking about the -- entire staff or just the starters. Pretty much Carter that well a couple and I mean there's there's just you know there -- a lot of -- It's it's it's great on the circuit but below the surface. That's we're that's Redick and enjoy looking at it now below the circus is where you are starting to see some. Some holt in the arbor -- you know losing hand to hand. Bailey and believe not long term but he's not for probably another week or so. You know you've seen you've seen them all. In that armor and let's not forget that the Red -- -- to act which you have probably what 9090 pre game last year. Would want 69 so do the mass and I was in -- -- are. Yeah -- we all know. If -- about one number 162 will not looking. Number social Scopes were telling you despite -- candidates start it did the depth of the pitching overall. Was a concern would -- out and would Bailey being looked really been an effective closer in the American League he's been an all star but he's not been able to stay healthy and consistent. I mean if that and then you -- bar to get all is names and all these guys but none of them are Major League ready and ready to come up and contribute right now. Yeah and stepped the issue but I do think that the -- trucks. Have deep enough pockets that -- -- June or July and are still trying to hang around maybe nobody's running away with the division. I wouldn't be surprised -- in the dealerships that -- have got about -- are. But got me maybe get a starter we eat one at. -- -- you know AD they had shot an opt. During their twelve years or so ownership. That there they're not afraid to go to something. And there is some talent at the minor league level which would attract. That might keep selling at that point so. It is bad but it would not surprise me. Now the wheels really come option. Then then all bets are off I don't know that ownership earned her pony up and Churchill -- -- all right but it looks like you're on. The tiger can be soul I the next six weeks or so are. Somewhat important for the Red Sox right. I think I think that they have to either show that they are capable of being a club that can contend. Or. Or reached at the preceding. In opera prosecutions are correct that maybe we can too little too soon for them to make that jump right now they need to direct -- just hold. You know they'd they'd -- The speaker to -- Parker a poker parlance. You know maybe -- -- but they keep their they're whatever -- out and wait until the -- I think you bring it up a good point Pedro they don't know when we don't know what they are yet pre season predictions for the first time in a long time was foreign as a Red Sox fans nobody. Predict them to make the playoffs or win the division noble and that -- ought to. Don't want nobody. And in so and -- and rightfully so so when they started off and an eighteen inning eight run. Mean especially the guys that have played Major League Baseball going on for several years they all know that it's a marathon not a sprint deal of that that's great start. So so I guess I guess they still left to identify who they are to meet if they finish 500 this month now. After this -- start because they've got a nine game road trip to start now and economically Cleveland -- -- they start some interleague play with the Phillies. I mean if they can finish 500 this month and they end up ten games over 500 Lincoln did at the end of April -- okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- their -- -- -- You in the mail on June 1 I would agree that you. And that's why can't the next 68 weeks are really really -- Weeks between east and for the future of the franchise which -- this season to -- to show ownership. They took last year what are the big it can look at that club last year didn't we can I sixteen the first place. And playing good baseball. She wouldn't see that matchup trade happened I really don't police that they would have set you know what. Let's go let's let's see what we can do to make this thing happened so they -- they realized that maybe. An overhaul -- -- -- and it's a peek -- it -- an -- all an overhaul. Normally takes a little bit long yesterday that he just a couple of -- and looking good to see which optical. Yeah you're even seeing it with the Dodgers. The Dodgers. Over David -- -- consultant look at them are still bothering her in last place in the National League west. So it it takes some are anger for these things can take it. Errant you know it was shocking to a lot of baseball insiders -- were able to -- -- April. I'm in Maine it shocked people inside that about but it it's shock a lot of people watching from the outside and yeah again like -- that a little while ago who think they're -- -- and and I think that's why. Time -- -- -- -- -- -- talk about it opportunity and I thought about. Is -- -- 162. You wind exactly we used postal. It's not like football league have a hot streak and you're -- game he's gonna say they reward and you and other not a friendly type he's seen so in baseball you pretty much and outlook what you're spoke out. And there are a lot of people did not expect -- -- -- to compete this year so April may very well -- just been an operation may not peak but it. Yeah we don't know yet let's go around a baseball Pedro we're talking Pedro Gomez of ESPN. Are you live in Arizona EU region family there. You born in Miami but you've covered baseball from -- and and -- me let me throw a couple of stories you tell me if on this in the best story in baseball so far and look up here. On Mother's Day weekend. Terry Francona and Cleveland are twenty and fifteen after winning nine of their last eleven Atlanta and Justin Upton. Just be the next generation of the Braves again the Red Sox of course need to be in there even though there. You know love lost eight of their last 922 and sixteen Pittsburgh Arizona good -- -- With out Teixeira without -- without granderson led by. Vernon Wells Ichiro your pillow genius G. Games over 500 -- I'm I'm missing the best story in baseball and in the somewhere. All total all great story -- -- Eagles and doctors are also a story not a great over in the -- the current story. In the -- you know that the Dodgers -- the largest cable. In the history of the National League and look what they arc you know the angels doubled up by getting charts terrible that this year and look what they are. In terms of the the more popular stories. So late Francona will be doing in Cleveland no doubt again -- it's a marathon. And when you look at Cleveland. Starting pitching in particular. You don't feel a lot after. You know not just an absolutely executed popped and I starter McAllister has probably. Three. I'm Ubaldo one time in his career what the ones that you have a short one seasons from one half the season you know opera like for like three months from. He but it. So can -- unions have done yet that -- -- bank interest and so far the -- with -- question. You know. There's just something about putting that uniform on now. -- that. Bring out the very best in a lot of players and you're seeing. A guy like Lyle Overbay right now who once released. It's. Yet exactly and picked up by the equipment was three days before the season opener. And and that's exactly that you know Brian Cashman you hate it but can a guy like chat available let go let's get -- -- -- going to be out 82 months. And look what you got them I'm Christian and I wish. That that there -- eight. Plausible reasons why the Yankees are playing so well. But I think a lot of it have to do with the old you know I mean people -- -- or. Decades ago -- -- old mystic and aura. Not so -- but -- -- the realistic yeah. Are we seeing that it especially the American League east. You know was Red Sox yankees restrictions for so long and then arrays. Stepped up over the last five or six years they're pitching their prospects started playing well. And they jumped into the -- want a couple of titles went from World Series the Orioles did what they did last year and then -- Ronald. Was picked to win the whole division when they haven't done anything for the -- -- camp up right right and so. So this division is is clearly not the Red Sox and yankees' division anymore. You could argue I argued the beginning of the year in that it was not far fetched to say that every single team. Would win 82 games typically -- -- at which it's somehow that would go but when you look at it now do you expect this thing to be a dog fight all the way down to the end will Toronto. Find a way when Reyes gets healthy and well RA Dickey start pitching well again or or is this you know they're gonna be the haves and have nots just different names. Architect in real can -- probably a dog fight I don't know the front may have dug itself. A little bit too big a hole right now -- to try to get back to you know -- saying you can't win. Apparently in April that you could certainly lose in April and it'll be extreme to see it. Toronto and to consult this whole army but I do think that they get a Baltimore has made tremendous strides. In the last years. Particularly the player development see a lot of younger players that. Little -- out through their system. And even though Adam Jones with the. Eight from Seattle you try -- don't come out of -- very early age young age that Erik Bedard deal a few years ago. He has absolutely -- went into a stalker. I'm you see car. But a club like -- here you're mentioning that they've got their pitching has come around but again. Player development a lot of those guys came right through that Tampa Bay pipeline tropics. And they're showing that that they're doing something right in that system. So I don't think that the Yankees red -- world. Anymore the way it worked throughout the 99. And any entity you know the first part of this century. The first thing you're really I think it you know Baltimore. Toronto. You know you talk to people -- like it you can buy it. You cannot buy it has to come from within you have to help the trap that you type of player development and I don't look up the reason that frontal or not. Up thereby -- when you look at our club that will be. Out of using their own tropic to to try to get themselves that are. To a page where else have you bid this year and what sticks out to you. About a really good story that maybe people. Aren't talking about I mean you -- you cover baseball from. American League nationally he would like you said most on the East Coast but is there one thing that you saw. In a park -- any gamer and something this year that maybe people aren't talking about enough. Well problem now. I mean I you know we were in Cleveland early on -- and talking to. People like Jason Giambi and Nick Swisher and you know big big big shift are being mean. Over the changing culture that a guy like Terry Francona has brought that club out of court got near you mentioned that it's not like that's. Completely out of the mix that nobody knows what's going on their but that it is a great story. And it'll all the trick pony up a lot of stand up in the league border directly shuttle rightly so great manager. Who's you know. Does wonders in the dugout in the end it's got to integrate X nobody can really DX is -- -- I don't know that -- There's there's that many that make a difference I think what makes the difference is there a manager of people. And right -- always great at bat all week so yeah you've seen the story like that the Texas Rangers. Who have lost so many pieces -- their -- and yet look what they are and it's funny how when you look at clubs like saint Lewis like taxes. But the common denominator. -- player development. And teacher and it is it is it your development you can you drought that guy. You good outlook and you've developed him into Major League players. And it just seems like the club that really. You got past are always in the content always. -- and I'll leave you would disarm I wanna comment re on Texas and Saint Louis when I look at Texas especially it's hard not to look at Texas. Signing Yu Darvish and living through the Daisuke experiment here. And say to me two things number one Darvish and I was in Japan in 07 and they were talking about him then. Is what people thought Pedro was going to be at least so far still got a lot to prove. But also -- from afar when I look at Darvish or look at Texas pitching and give all the credit to Mike Maddux in the world but. I've got to believe that Nolan Ryan is at an influence on that some. Well he literally could especially in terms of changing -- a lot for. Because I mean yeah you know we will put it on the last couple of decades we're starting pitcher to go on from. They can get the ball on the dole 89 innings to pay cycle five maybe I didn't convert I've done my job. And -- that would the one thing that Nolan brought the Rangers had that mentality is gone. You guys are all going out there and you're all gonna go at least eight innings and changed the culture. Among the starting pitchers of. That the mentality. Of how they launched a game. And you see the results that because. Haven't lost C. J. Wilson and Colby -- work Matt Harris and it's -- and -- believes it's hurt it doesn't matter who comes there. They're going deeper into games and a lot of other clubs. And then Nolan Ryan is actually the biggest reason you shouldn't watch this I don't care where our. We're not get a baby you would hold your hand anymore you ought not -- to -- let go at which can pay for regal -- journal you know. Actually I'm I'm going to do you -- not -- yankees and Mets. Do you Kyoto Japan in Manhattan that. Believe it but -- they're -- -- must be scraped the bottom of the barrel and they want it to be. They're real. Yeah battery needs some on the Spanish speaking right I thought that you are the ones I personally. Yeah they're desperate I. I'm -- people and what you. Hey listen you were one of the hardest working guys around in -- one of the best guys around page and I know. He had a Mother's Day celebration tonight with the wife and kids in shorts on wanna thank you for a for taking the time honest and I. But you do it again real all right did you banks. Like okay take care Pedro Gomez of ESPN. We got to take a break we get another half an hour to go. This is sports Sunday night WEEI. We're back with more.

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