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Christopher Price, WEEI.com, brings Butch up to date on all the Patriots offseason moves

May 12, 2013|

The NFL has become a year round sport so Price breaks down all the recent moves out of Foxboro including what he thinks of the new receivers being brought into the Patriot offense.

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Are now works as he is good stickers so well -- -- this guy butch stairs. Itself. -- experienced in the year I think. You'll I did well a sports insider. Make me there and now here for. Stearns on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Welcome back to sports Sunday night on WB yeah I -- which -- in Julio taking your calls. We want to talk about the Red Sox are reeling after 25 won't stand for Nate made nine game road trip off tomorrow night. It's going to be tough stretch for them. Bruins nothing nothing still -- six minutes to go in the second -- very physical hockey game in Toronto both teams are banging each other around a lot of scoring chances. Both goalies are playing really well. That's the summation so far nothing nothing. Six minutes to go in the second period game six in Toronto if Toronto wins the B game seven in Boston. Tomorrow night. NBA NHL we did talk about. But here we are in May and it's time to talk some -- ball some interesting stories out -- grow market is possible fourth surgery. -- men reportedly wearing a walking boot. Borrowings on a football field with Tom Brady. Receivers well -- Christopher price WEEI dot com. His work and wrote an interesting article this week -- win to start with talking about Aaron option. They're Dix six foot 3200 and whatever pound wide receiver that they drafted out of Marshall. And talking to his offensive coordinator about the -- the player that he was in college player he might be in the NFL it was -- adoptions comments -- some of them. After being drafted. By the patriots. You know that I think I'm ready to get me some and get a fair -- -- -- you know to do that so muted by the president but ultimately -- -- under article is that we're -- in August focused you know this is -- Saddam on the right with the stated. Let me go to the NFL. So Aaron Dobson talked last in the media Chris price of WPI dot com -- -- chorus. Of happy -- been my friend. So are nice job. Especially in May. Look at the stories to write -- find out what some of the guys around these players. Might be what did you learn about Aaron Dobson and what what did you learn that it might make of -- trial. Why I think you. He's the guy that they've been looking forward to feel that extra receiver position in this is the guy who is that all at receiver the patriots there were drafted what its work experiment not a preacher girder to the Belichick that -- -- six street -- the big guy who -- well. Pebble Beach beat drop weight before rug really that we higher -- that streak and beat. Arm but he's got to not -- talking to guys rattle you all of that college coach ethical code that are. He's got to -- to get separation from front to back also big enough and physical enough. Where they'll be able to be -- covered a wide L one scout told me that there's some consistency. Is the everywhere some consistency -- should attempt. Epic Hollywood love all in May be that would probably you will bury it in that second Arabic he compares favorably -- -- -- wide receivers crooked there's no elite group mission are coming out of pitcher grab. That much is clear that -- been -- Noted that -- meaty part occur where -- look at a -- like you know the Robert Wood hunter you know those bigger guys again. Now we believe how you beat but -- X receiver tight and hatred really needed how do you for an awful long time -- I think you can get an awful lot of reps -- right again. So Chris let's refresh people's memories and talk about. The wide receiver position or the skills positions around Tom Brady because they might have forgot all this it seems like just yesterday that Wes Welker was leaving. And seemingly you know not that happy at a press conference in Denver that he would sign an out there but that Brandon Lloyd was gone Danny wood -- gone. Danny Amendola been signed they went and signed it to. Veterans who -- all due respect most people -- jags just two ordinary guy Michael Jenkins and Donald Jones. Julian ailment was re signed. They went and signed Leon Washington he drafted the two wide receiver Aaron Dobson and Josh Boyce in fairness that we have to add Jake Ballard. Into this discussion because he's the -- and with the former giant who's gonna be healthy and they re signed Sebastien Borman on the offensive line they traded for a would -- want and not just signed. Lavelle Hawkins two questions did I miss anybody which we know about Lavelle Hawkins. Being used -- -- anyone on the offensive side of the ball. It's really going to be intricate because he irrefutable -- what -- gonna do would be all -- people that they get twenty people in here. It would -- at the last report card your district through complained -- -- and hope all of the guys secure win over -- you know we thought last year there was some external Joseph Addai is in anything -- -- -- we've -- -- -- -- a couple of years ago -- -- Jabar -- got it -- -- -- -- welcoming here in the you know if they work out great that they don't you know will stipulate that. That the group that they're gonna have a report you know this is this is cool this is who didn't cast a lot we'll see -- that I heard people compare the group to keep out. Six organ. And you'll know when it was a bunch of relatively known it would government guys I don't think that that. That's BK because 2006 -- I think are running even the real consistent -- Libya now. Our home built it didn't help the -- that you know they didn't agree Hernandez and normally get in there at the popular cult in where they are physically -- belt but. I think it's thought that the inspector -- Google wasn't you don't fix our topic that you -- extra person per. -- six year -- Reche Caldwell right group I think that these new guys are going to get every opportunity. See if they can play out throughout the spring -- -- normal wanting it you gotta like that -- patriots -- With the threat of being Amendola altered what you -- reps for Tom Brady aren't gonna be just about a possible so. It's going to be interesting to see how he's incorporated in the system but yet there's an awful lot of basis that this. On the offensive side of the blog writer brought -- ballot because about two of those guys. I really wanna get a sense of where you should quit because I think if you can play it if -- healthy. I think he gives them some -- quote. -- insurance at least for the short term. Let's talk about indication as to fans this week Tom Brady was out at USC and Danny Amendola was out to -- case you missed the sidebar story if you will. And it's always a sidebar story -- this guy Chris -- has an up on WEEI dot com and according to a tweet. From the USC athletic department TERRELL OWENS. Was out on that field also owns treated out that he was at UCLA. Knowing his past them -- Fuhrman knew where he was but the U is out there. What do you make of this Chris by the way a texture says I sign up for a year of TO. Red zone option will block we'll get some entertainment he's all about his quarterbacks it could be a good time will build do. -- -- -- -- Our throat now. Noted that that sucker up America with a cute to -- -- -- applicable we go to go to -- a guy in TERRELL OWENS who is really looking at least in my opinion just try to be as relevant as possible into our ports are -- working out. I think. They out in the network say they are ingredient britney's camp I think there's there's a small level affection there you know they orbital bowed to be critical look at bug around. I don't think that's going to be -- -- -- wanna talk about a red zone option. I'll go back to the two rookie Robert. Specifically talks should erratic and the tall guy the guy who had a knack for. Being able to get at the end zone -- looking for a truck rental option at a future guy but I don't think you're hoping it could open. Us talk about a couple of the other stories that have been out this week -- you have a mob money EI dot com -- possibly needing a fourth surgery. And if they do find an infection in there that has -- find the infection hasn't healed. May need further surgery what are what your thoughts about discretion what do you nobody tells. Right now -- -- right now it's not obviously the best situation they'll eat you know entered you're talking about a guy who. Already had a history and often not talk about the wouldn't you know relatively new to this system will say that in we go back to the fact that. Look you last spring and summer we saw Logan Mankins about all they could barely walk during a workout in that it put out at all -- you. You know late July early August in people turned portal idol performances or talk about a got -- Who -- definitely familiar with what goes on here Foxboro it you know you know the system Belichick -- you get to speak. At the I look at that it's a great deal I mean yeah you want every god help these possible you'll -- clock but it. This is gonna properly and Apatow and go into all -- -- count -- a guy who -- -- regards to the fact that anger hatred and -- aren't -- elk that. This is what you going to be -- -- physical player returned to the street if you were physical players critique of war. In that doesn't lend itself to -- -- ability after we athlete in an I think. You know going forward are gonna look -- -- which we are quirky commit to a foreign -- sixteen earned just by the way he played well. -- career don't expect the weight -- that neglect and little to. A long career all sixteen to see so with him in great doubt because I have to think which you certainly think that the situation that being that I think critical. Let's talk about the story came on the globe discreet about Julian Edelman and walking -- Let's remember that he had. You put it was put on injured reserve because of the right foot injuries mostly as a walking brood on it now many camp starts in the little under a month rate like June 11. Something like that. When I look at all these additions that we mention I'm excited about -- Amendola. You know I'm concerned about the Los welcome like everybody I think as you said they'll throw a bunch of guys into the mix. And when I look at -- you know Jones Jenkins Hawkins. All these guys look at settlement and the one thing that gentleman is. Is a familiar face how important is he -- take this news that he's in Walken voted this. I think he doesn't do me favor but I think -- look at the depth chart of wide receiver I think. You're looking over the back corporate -- Amendola -- -- -- for or who could provide you some -- Un special. I know that you probably at its best special last year. He saw an awful lot -- -- -- -- September he -- an awful lot of that thread navigate. On because people you could play and you know you'd be getting there and I think you would have had. -- -- -- is best yours statistically you can go down and you know upper body injury of the real question -- a minute whether or not he can steal for all sixteen games the only time I think. It's a creek with a long but I think you've got -- of -- control sixteen with the rookie. I'm right elegant projects with the pack up they Amendola. -- slot guy. Own but again you -- -- guy you know we're on the system or talk about the record out you didn't want that to get a dispute the system. -- -- government incarnate he would element that they are expecting. You wanna look at it that the -- -- -- question with him over the course for four years in England. You wanna see him on the field at all possible but you know she's -- have Milwaukee and now you're gonna putrid you prefer -- Milwaukee and now proposed that you know. Last couple questions Chris we look on the other side of the ball. I think it's gotten less coverage but of course we always end up talking about the defense every week one way or another. I'm with the patriots there's been a lot of -- you've got. Two defense -- linemen two big guys in the middle acute from the Canadian Football League. Armond Armstead and then Tommy Kelly -- from the bears. What what about the which we know about these two guys they don't play the going to be influential guys on the steepest next year. I think we think that situation you know we talk about offense discernible they're gonna be -- -- they've gotten. You know. Some really entry into pieces and I really wanted to talk about wanting to see dollar illegal -- simply because it sits silently to frequently from the immediately you. European allies in the putrid or something because -- about a guy who is considered. Of very good pro prospect a -- at the heart problem. If it USC even remotely senior trip to Canada. -- -- -- -- With a whip it up and if you felt talker mark Preston with the culture there. And if you know go to payers in east signaled some guys can make the transition some -- you believes. If you like where it brought also mentioned 90 bigger bigger or Eastern Europe we are blocked and what please note last couple years also. I both got really -- Particularly -- certificate and he came out -- not an elite prospect but better -- effort prospects and then to talk about Kelly who. I think it's important -- talk about telling you authority that they're hoping that this -- production and you know. If you're with regard to lower court. You know -- that -- -- -- into outlook right situation -- go to nada you know. 85% of the thinking god -- you know a guy who can. Working inherit part of the rotation next to Wilfork along regulatory excellence that we Carlo. Dedrick. More and bigger possibly as well. Our home but is the situation is this the guy who I think it's not going to be monitored -- recognize -- Libyan -- Get a 100%. Britain yeah equality now you can make a park or future if you could be valuable contributor result. Yeah I misspoke he's a tenured veterans please soaker with the raiders not the bears but when I look at cal and a look at numbers and it's always deceiving. For defense of -- column on that. Patriots. Paul fame committee and Houston Antoine comes up every year or talk to the -- kappa ladies and you're their Christian talk to the the people of the world that mean that -- the numbers don't justify how great a player. He was and that's the case with a lot of interior defensive linemen so. Delicate Kelly numbers wise and -- 34 sacks as an empty primarily as an interior linemen and we probably played in the edge. A little bit but seven and a half and 72 in three years ago with -- Oakland music is commands double teams at 66325. Well I think you have to keep -- intimate documents -- China where collector brought up the fact you can't really be deceived by the members and first of all after liberty play short that urgency -- Richard Seymour is one of the most community and we -- him back from England. You know you -- committed to and I think children. I think -- property as a result. I also think truth frankly that you have to seek. It's really hard with that the guy. Coming up at -- Because there is that distinct lack of accountability. And it is it's it's it's it's it's partly -- reader got you know comedy coming out of that system because. You know guys that doctor -- -- would you give up because nobody nobody really cheered you're there to interest -- -- in -- I think as a result I think it's really hard to get a read on. How good -- prospect you or might be universe system coming article on CNET here in the last couple years ago and good. The Brady Law because that would cut that into Walter union are all open Gerard Warren and it will get a guy who I think -- pretty well common over secrets from Oakland. But he hit it hard it hurt -- mean I think the danger like they're trying to reach too much into the numbers. Arm but I think what you're looking and this is something -- found that after Parker and got early again talk about a guy who can. If you qualities -- You're not going to be a guy who's going to be impaired accidents Wilfork should be an argument I think you -- now properly I think he could be an important contributor on the defense it's been a pap probably. All the power structure at an orderly bit. Including you you're different than it was a court -- other -- -- certainly in -- Chileans are some debate what they're really looking to do is replace what. Like right here a couple of years ago they wanted sugar how -- for a lot of guys who can play under percent -- -- all the time we just want a guy who would go to ball triggered. You turn the -- in order to get. Not a -- -- you're going to be up there next to default for governor there are but a guy in third down situations and passing situations to. Well Tommy -- played nine years. In the NFL -- -- guy complain this week Armstead as you said was a first round prospect he got Kyle Lebanon branding deedrick who have been good soldiers. Next to Vince Wilfork forget the edge guys for a second if Armstead in or Kelly can command steps command snaps or or wraps. Then you -- Ford guys into that mix that's a good roster decision a good problem president. Yeah it is it really has been in you know I I don't -- more permanent situation a couple of years ago when we talk with them bringing in -- particular that you get the same -- with a different -- our -- Charlotte came here Robert and worked in your -- and chipped it to this group that there are about the guys who play in the guys you couldn't play and went for Quebec group that -- -- -- under Carter to marketers. All of those veterans the troop deployment -- diamond in the rough and it but and I think that. You might be able to find water jamarcus say that the ultimate workout you know you're gonna -- Jonathan communities. -- -- in their it well but I think that it's a pro probably works best for them. Because they get a chance to see who could play who can't or they're not a whole lot of money so -- there's not a real obligation to. In so you know you scroll ball out there in July and August -- you can play in you know in order to circulate. Not to ask questions about the defense. When I look at the linebackers you're very touching article I thought on Jamie Collins and how he might commands and snapped the chairman obviously again he's a rookie. He's in the Parcells quote that don't even know what they don't know yet so he's got to earn his place on the team but. The interest you -- your article I thought was about what the patriots need and what he might to be able to offer a Nazi. -- covering. Type of linebacker Chris high towers that's not a strengthen his spikes it certainly isn't mail at times but run in the defense you know he's got a tight end here and there. So Collins has the ability. To be a linebacker that can cover guys right. Yeah yeah I -- that that's when we talked about they're due for next receiver opposite I think that's really order and there were lacking. I am -- adding defense at least being needed. How covered like putting your guy who can run with running backs and run with tiger and there are covered garden -- in -- what what what wider deeper a sister from the car. Think Colin skill -- suggest it could be that guy get and trying to come to that. Electric blue or you're talking college coaches talk to them don't currently the only thing he could be your guy. And yet to control that -- -- bill -- -- set -- Belichick it's earned a couple but it looked. We're gonna go on to all four liquid without electors of art art -- or milk. You could look budget you know deeply into the dirt please stick out -- record and that linebacker coverage. You know he could duplicate and I think that's what they're gonna end -- during our corporate culture that built that. Suggest that he can beat that are here to play on third down passing situation. I felt that the tour to talk about that. I think you have to figure literal that figured what kind of oversight safety yeah definitely more like a linebacker physical compared to a linebacker. So I can see a scenario where you say let's say spikes. In league height so off the field on third down in your replaced it with it would be cruel and injury college and I think I just workers are sub package put them here. You'll booted -- guard who -- you if you. Some. Value in the sub package defense. Again will term you'll be -- you know a linebacker or linebacker if you put extra effort to act. So the outlook in order he's a guy who really kilometers over the last couple years the power structure. Our home but he came up with the CP -- wait and see your rookie year we exported from positions -- started to order composition courses culture. Eller college team what -- great. But it you can started four different position for the university southern Mississippi to offer for for about school. That says something about who wore what you can do what you can take it. I'm very entry -- you -- you again one of the guys that really wanna get a good look at one start. And we are talking about Jamie Collins of patriots top draft pick him when you mentioned two guys like that. Who played vs top positions at bigger sizes it. Two of the guys that come to mind to me. I'm Brian Urlacher rate to throw his name out there but also. Sort of in a bad way with the patriots because remember when they got them when they target him and signed him we heard all my goodness what's Bill Belichick had to do with a guy complete safety and nose tackle. And that of course was a dale is Thomas and it just didn't work out. Yeah yeah yeah I mean it -- part of it is you know I think maybe you can treat some of that back two that the public. Part of the double play. A simple class say exactly utopia this too shall from coach ability and I'm wondering in Collin C. If you're getting into our little bit more culpable because these rhetoric as opposed to a guy who's been in the league in might not eat. As accepting. Of that dogmatic approach you know what and when the coach -- that is that you've got a bit. Well why. It was a rookie -- you to come in the -- with a picture will be ordered me to replace the job in itself. Hum it interest computer people -- the same school so it's. I wonder how much that -- distributor like we're into college so far taught in the air. Talking to people around the league talking again on let's -- coach of the coach coach. He'd go straight record you trick in the carrier to -- He'll follow the rookie approach -- keep your -- open and now closed it. Into or go to work so are you an interest -- guys -- -- -- they're really -- see currently let them back here by yourself what you can do. In what the putrid gonna end -- I. Chris final question from me and I know there's ifs around any easy answers some gonna give it just forget yes OK and the questions going to be this. Who'll give -- two guys in your opinion that this time next year at the end of next season we're gonna say while they made the leap and they became. Critical or important contributors to this team they made the leap in other words looking back at last year. I could argue that it was you know did he would had taken over the third down. Position without faux older step in and from Matt Light Ridley emerging as the number one back. Even Jones and hightower being an impact as high drafted rookies. I mean there's a bunch of guys in this mix Ras I Dowling came on Wilson Adrian Wilson the rookies that they drafted but if you had to pick two. And look into your crystal ball you -- are going to be -- what impact players by the end of the year command snaps or are they and why. Why I'll give you -- a dual connector but -- one of your trip to treat that it really likes. -- hear a lot it is to get a lot to -- because you know. It was a lot in pursuit. I think if you Tivo like you're out of your cursor and adamant -- -- who had a great record girl you know and an enormous. You love him but if he's got a recall really welcome crest. I'd love I love you know thought that he would I mean it's typical. That that the fact if you you're you're undersized. -- I think they're from favorable compared to there'd -- a graphic. Empirical -- they'll look look look you're not important -- sixty -- as. I think they had something in mind for him going forward I think it could you really interesting to try to get him. In Angola. And you don't put in in an element of the roster decisions -- because you're basically looking at three go to Google and I -- -- like I think -- -- look at. One guy that surprised that you're only around Ireland -- treatment I think she'd remote. DJ hall MO we smokes no way you got to wipe your regimen do I do I really liked what you bring but it really liked what you can do some point the other question that well it's got to be Ras I -- the guy that people want stuff because -- yeah exactly I think it I think in a perfect world. I think right now Dowling is. One of those cute car -- those two outside corner on their depth chart -- -- is behind. You know he's fighting for credit reporting that would with Logan. -- -- Logan Ryan it's just like this month after the draft you at Brigham and wearing a local -- Does that that particular record have oversight -- tobacco but all we go to -- department fortunately we don't remember there. -- enough -- in its performance as a rookie started it first in the first year and so. They're gonna give them a lot of chances at being that I like -- gonna come sooner or later trigger that would spring and summer Kuroda. Or a couple of weeks about ten guys. Who are really going into a few stretch. In -- I think that one of them right now because I think you at all this that separate -- which get all the physical. Some crazy everybody knows -- to meet Chris he's got a chance right now to decide most of it's up to him. Heading into pre season heading into the snaps to be Gary's spot where. The next -- -- gonna be cut a second round -- it's -- or chance that again is gonna command some snaps and might. Emerges a -- -- Harvard deep in cover one on. What immunity and being edited this is the other name and I this is the other guy -- thought of that that we talked to such a little -- -- -- -- I think wolf and yet you're gonna have something again with electronic net centric you have to murders that -- partly under their belt all the time but I think. What you bring to the field from a leadership perspective. A lot of young quarterback sort of -- As well it -- physical presence. I think by the end of the year award and how he drew -- that -- people we're going to be right back up that is that finding of this -- -- well. Part of the reason I'll leave you this at some if you agree Chris I think. A big part of what their championship and contending runs have been cited the talent to Brady and Belichick and all that stuff. Has -- strategically bring it in some veterans here. That buy into the system and end up becoming contributors I don't know Adrian Wilson or Tommy Kelly will be come. Corey Dylan a Rodney Harrison -- Mike Vrabel are any of the legendary ones that came and but again when you look back on it. That's been something -- Roman Phifer. In any pleasant I mean we could go on and on and on so both guys of the latest veterans they commit -- here's what here's what I think a big part happens with a defense that guy. If you could mean -- get to practice against Tom Brady's offense. If you're Smart you realize you're going to be pretty good by the time he got to play against some other quarterback. -- really hard. To duplicate it we kind of I kind of happy and to compare them. But the really did something there are and I am not talking about a month feel good we haven't seen it yet in the patriots uniform but -- -- W troopers. The weak economy and -- locker -- the way he command respect from younger defensive back. There are some similarities there between gruel they're -- nice way to approach to game the physical style again the -- day. Work with younger guys but we've become a really -- them a right -- in a long way to play the game. There are a lot of similarities there -- I don't know if it will go to be able to. You know played all out this year but you can already see that present the locker room I think he's going to be big addition. So we wake up tomorrow morning on WEEI dot com we click on the patriots page headline will be. Adrian Wilson the next Rodney Harrison right to get kicked out and made the right way. Richard or me Chris thanks to spend some time -- tonight we're we're all right happy Mother's Day he says he spent spread that around right. -- Chris price of WEEI. Dot com talked a little patriots -- -- on sports Sunday night on WEI we're back with more.

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