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Butch Stearns Sports Sunday Round Up

May 12, 2013|

Butch Stearns opens this Sunday nights show discussing the Red Sox tough home stand, the Bruins big game 6 tonight, potential Celtics offsesason moves, and the state of the Patriots. Listen here as Butch breaks down all New England sports.

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How are now works as he is good standards. Well watchdog board this guy bullish stairs. Itself. -- experienced in the year I think. You'll I did well a sports insider. They come there and now here for. -- Stearns on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Happy Sunday night do you all unhappy. Mother's Day to everybody here on Sunday. May twelfth. Hi everybody I'm what Stearns back for another sports Sunday night on WB EI. And we've got an action packed show lined up for you John -- set the tone for us today the Red Sox not helping out the Bruins playing as we speak. We got it all going on so let's stir the pot let's see which you. Would like to talk about first the ball. You know the number if you don't 6177797937. One more time at 6177797937. Not that you care if you're out there and calling in. We're having a little visual trouble with -- -- call screener all that means view is that the patient. If you call up but you talk to army -- -- now. He will screen number one say this every week but you need to understand this this is a disclaimer. To be screened as a painful process the DN will try to make it as painless as possible. Once we get screamed into the Q. Ready to go win kind of think of get greater ride the bull. Once you're there OK usually I can see you in the pen getting -- into the sweat that beads comic I can't see that anymore. So be patient I call you Jim in your fill. Fight call you cam in your John that's a problem but will figure out. Have a little problem with our call screener would not have a problem with a text line the AT&T -- -- is -- 37. 937. Net 37937. To ten you're taxed him. On the AT&T text. Shall we talk about well talk about at all and we've got a bunch of guests lined up talk about it whipped us. -- would like talk about it with you. Red Sox and Bruins -- first and foremost on our minds because those of the two seasons that are going gone. Celtics might be next because that season is still going on the Celtics are done. And end the patriots and talks and patriots tonight and I'll tell you why just so so start your Red Sox. What's up. 6177797937. That's the simple question what's up how did the Red Sox. Flip this witching day and make it a bad church. How big go from ten games over 518. And eight. In the month of April. Now all of a sudden their former date and the month of may in part of the way. Am more road games coming up in May and they do home games they just went -- -- -- -- -- seven game stay. Really pitching and starting pitching. What's up. With -- Red Sox are you worried is it too early -- playing with house money when they went eight candidates so -- -- goal. Eight in eighteen in this month maybe 500 and then you know you'll see where their outcome GO. I'm not sure actually Iran will talk about a but the Red Sox as of tonight. After their latest loss to the Toronto blue edges. -- -- you trying to channel the silver -- that's my style -- said you that one of the Toronto -- was going to win. We take the blue jays wouldn't. It's it's it's Boston Toronto bruins' blue jays brought. Red Sox blue jays. Should be brought closures and ruins. May suffice you bombing in my crystal ball told you wanna -- -- a team that went. We take the blue jays a five home runs and Ryan Dempster would his first bad start. Again good look at his starts look at his game for that. First -- on buying him. By the way compared to a lot of other teams in baseball Red Sox are cranking through this five man rotation. Without a lot of bad starts. Back to back without two or three bad start within five and you get those during the season. So while it's frustrating to be in my opinion about the to a five -- while I'm as frustrated as you. While they're four and eight in the month of may. To go from eighteen and eight. To 22 and sixty now. Not in first place anymore I'm frustrated. I'm not scared. I don't like that -- and and is out for the season with a torn flexor tendon. By the way. We hardly knew he may never Wear red sexual -- of free agent next. Who knows he's got to go to see doctor James Andrews next week I don't like. Andrew Bailey may be back this week but probably not going to be healthy I don't like to Junichi -- -- Who is good he's dead end is the latest example of all by the way closing AA baseball game is different. I'm sorry. The people it's able to the seventh inning is just important bridge in the ninth inning for the Bill James freaks and wanna throw all the stats say I'm sorry standing on the mound with -- game on the line in the ninth inning is different. And -- I was the latest example to do it -- in the latest example before that. Toilet is out he's a phenomenal season. Last year what is it -- material into the Red Sox stem the tide with him at what do you do. If you're the Red Sox in their closing. Situation six on 77797937. What's facing the Red Sox right now is a day off tomorrow thank goodness. And then a three city nine game road trip. In Tampa by the day Minnesota by the lakes and Chicago by butch Maguire is in Russian division street that's what's facing. The Red Sox right now -- nine game three city road trip and by the way after tomorrow's off day. -- games in twenty days fourteen on the road six at home. Not to the Red Sox -- patients on the market today they got some work to do to be a 500 team a better because they're four games under 512 games at right. Source part of the Red Sox let's talk about what's going on if you wanna talk about specific guys. How about three guys offensively Ortiz Ellsbury in now. What do I mentioned. Because -- three top four guys in the order. OK number 151. Girl in three -- top offensive guys in order. And their numbers exponentially. A completely different in the month of may 179 for Ortiz to a four for Ellsbury to twenty for Napoli. After really good. Months of April for all three outs the inning for Ortiz not -- starting pitching -- Dempster threw up -- a horse point game today but so that they're starting pitching -- he's good in the start -- -- -- -- -- stand to. The bullpen has got some problems. Their defense has flipped the switch in a bad way. So let's talk about the Red Sox and we'll see what's going ruins. A -- what's going on -- -- -- 742 to go in the first period in Toronto in game six. After the New York Rangers forced a game seven. Against the Washington apples and a home in New York Toronto Maple Leafs are trying to do the same thing against the Bruins I'll keep you updated on that. So we'll talk about that coming. 10 o'clock hour speaking of baseball on the Red Sox Pedro Gomez good friend ESPN reporting you've seen them. You know he might not know something's about Pedro he's covered baseball for a long long time to talk tea leaves at Fenway this week about his impressions of the Red Sox. When -- talked to him also. About what's going on a Major League Baseball -- -- stories about MLB. And we think might -- teams to be you have thoughts -- questions for Pedro Pedro gonna join us at 10 o'clock. -- once we will talk the Bruins and again it's nothing nothing in the first period still Bruins of that one power play. I did not amount to much on the power play it back and forth action so far. And if you don't have a chance to watch the Bruins game for driving around stay on any 93 point seven. I'll keep you updated on the Bruins will not let you go for gold scored dual mode if there's a -- hopefully you'll not get to play by play. But I will give you updates offside six point eight to go on the first nothing nothing jogger just brought an -- get called for an offside little miscommunication. Football. That's right we're gonna talk some patriots 9 o'clock Christopher price WEEI. Dot com is going to join us -- -- would be talking football. In May in early may 02 point. Point being that this is the least busiest month of the NFL season I think. April was the draft. June they start having no TH July is training camp may all months in football is probably the least busy month. A good time to talk about -- remind you. About a lot it's gone on -- they've added to this team. The draft this far enough away my game forgot offensively. -- dole Donald Jones Mike Jenkins but to sign another receiver Lavelle Hawkins did you did you miss -- Julian battle re signs of fashionable -- -- when -- block acquired in the trade Leon Washington signed as a free agent drafted. Aaron Dobson Josh -- those two rookie receivers Jake Ballard tight end -- Wes Welker Brandon Lloyd did he would it. Defensively. Armon Armstead the guy from the CFL along with Tommy Kelly talk about those two interior defensive lineman. But we well Aqib Talib brought back Adrian Wilson brought in Patrick Chung is gone. Ras I Dowling and -- on Wilson guys like that they need to take the next step early to talk about this but let's refresh our memory and talks and football. Draft picks on the defensive side Jamie Collins Logan Ryan Iran Harmon. Michael Buchanan a linebacker in the seven other guys from Rutgers we got -- surgery. We got Julian Edelman and walking boot reported by the globe this week we got TERRELL OWENS on a football field with Tom Brady this -- did you miss that. And I look at some other questions Christopher price gonna join us at 9 o'clock the talks of football in May. So we will do that -- 61777979837. Celtics. Both Celtics are out. Lot of interesting articles W he died dot com the globe Harold Lotta people give him Boston's image articles about the future of the Celtics. Most revolving around Raj on Rondo. Actual -- Celtics also talks and NBA playoffs it's -- Stanley Cup Playoffs beyond the Bruins and the Celtics. Hoping to hear from Ryan McDonough tonight. -- McDonough is bombed one of will McDonough sons and if you missed it this week Ryan McDonald. Has been one of those people you don't hear a lot about who -- helped Danny Ainge build the Celtics into what they are today. Ryan McDonough. Who is bomb from the famous McDonald family one of the sons -- -- tarnish on Madonna's brother. Was a -- within the Celtics organization has not got a promotion. He is now the -- general manager of the Phoenix Suns and nabbed an effort into trying to hold Ryan this weekend. He's moving all this stuff to Phoenix I'm sure he's on the phone -- moves right now wanna congratulate him on the gig. When -- get a chance for you to hear from him. Arm about Celtics about the -- about the NBA playoffs and more open it will talk to -- on tonight's sometime between 81130. As the show rules so that's the tables set. Get the Red Sox off tomorrow. Hopefully we do not every game seven in Boston tomorrow if the Maple Leafs win tonight. By the way 336 to go on the first period now still scoreless. On there will be a game seven in Boston tomorrow night and we just had a cross check penalty on looks like Adam Quaid with 336 to go. And the Bruins are gonna be shorthanded. Keep you up to date on that nothing nothing. 332 there now showing all those people outside they don't they say they don't have the scarfs anymore -- they get the towels. So the Pittsburgh Steelers must commanding given them some shots at those -- -- the week looks like this possible game seven tomorrow night at the garden. Red -- off then Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. Red Sox in Tampa Lackey Lester and do bronco on the mound to release scheduled to be. More David Price and Cobb so Wednesday night is the marquee game Jon Lester against David Price. In Tampa Red Sox again have lost eight of their last nine. And are looking to stem the tide they go on the road may start in Tampa. Aren't so let's go to the phones again the number is 617779. 7937. The AT&T text -- 37937. Let's start with. Bill Newton and bill the only reason I know was bill Newton is because they enjoy alcohol because I'm -- I'm driving blind here you can appreciate that. I don't want it need to be used second see your name usually the -- like bill in Newton. And he wants to talk about Tom Brady's future would have -- -- no idea that you talk about I don't know any about -- -- -- talk about pitching and they got some real serious problems I mean they've got. Great starting pitcher and at the top of the rotation. 34 and five is that coming into play as being questionable bail last couple rotations. But more importantly their bullpen is in some serious. Disarray. And that bank that the dollar is going to be that close is rarely a real real issue going forward we'll. Can match a little bit so much talk about this I'll. I think I agree with what you're saying generally but I think you've been a little -- when you say their bullpen is in disarray. I'll take it down a notch. I would say it's in disarray if there isn't a plan. And there isn't some arms on the horizon I I don't think it's. To be in disarray means that you know there's no hole to me. They'll you know -- -- it you know -- you're right ticket not okay so is also down at a point there is consult -- down it's down what it. You know they're they're big money yeah close to that they've prodding gone for the seat and Bailey is another -- history what what what arm problems. A dollar two years -- it is surgery. It sure still feeling and if the the starting pitcher -- Does not -- strong deep into the game what Foley Arctic figure perhaps some issues. -- agree with you because it's really a mentality I mean if you got first of all let's agree that Lester and Buchholz at the top. As a 12 combination I'm not seeing either one he's Justin Verlander I'm not seen either one is demonstrated on a consistent basis Stephen BCC sabathia. Or even some of the top pitchers and some of the other contenders but when you add up. Buchholz and Lester on the way they started in their history in their age and everything else. I'll take that as a 12 would anyone to in the American League is that fair. OK so so it especially and especially when you add in by the -- the Bruins are stemming the tide on the power play so far in Toronto was. Feverishly putting shots on net when you when you added all up and you look at. The to a damn that's their strength and that's a pretty good strength again compared to the other contenders they go toe to toe -- Buchholz and last. Now let's look at the other three starters when you look at Lackey and I don't care what do. Do you wanna put them in because Dempster is number three right now -- brought his number of foreign -- number five by definition and by numbers in the rotation I would put lacking in Dempster. As three and four no matter what and do brought and whoever Alan Webster or whoever else comes up. Arm as number five I'm worried about them because John Farrell has got -- it feels like. Farrell has imposed his will once again on this staff and him in one he -- have got the starters heading in the right direction even during this 215 homestand doesn't it. OK so let's go to your point about the bullpen. The problem is okay there is a domino effect Hanrahan. -- And by the way I'm not sure how many articles you read today but Ron Borges had an interesting article about the money they spent. Losing Papelbon bunch of people that it rob Bradford had its image stuff when he -- dot com as well as Alex beer. Com. -- wrote about Pete Abraham wrote about closes situation and made a point that the Sox paid 23 million dollars so far. And it's less than two years. To replace toppled one now as a matter perspective Papelbon is making twelve point five million a year. For the Philadelphia Phillies so they've already spent as much. To try and replaced topple -- on and you don't they couldn't assuming Hanrahan was gonna get hurt but just as a matter of fact as a matter of a you know. This discussion. They've already spent as much money trying to replace Papelbon as he's making in two years. So there's going to be a problem with him -- hand out the problem is. -- now you're asking Bailey to close it's not a problem because Bailey can close it's not a problem because Bailey's demonstrating close in the American League and when healthy. This year has been really good clothes for the Red Sox to your point Nobel. It is a big problem because you're relying on him to be your closer. And the one thing that's been consistent about him is his inconsistency because of injuries right. And I had to step that again that steps up big problem you know that -- it is just has to brought in more hours to watch some speed on their pitchers. Again I don't know what the true I'll put them are. You're gonna have to lean on them now a little bit in the I don't know what they did erupted at task. And you know it all. Brought to Croatia in the -- quacking -- right now and if you put your your victory start there the second marker the year prior gun I call them that's a marathon but. In oh April seems like a lifetime ago in in -- that this is such huge nine game. And you're right fourteen other. That the next. What you on the road that doesn't get any easier right now in the the other teams in the east there are. A quietly get their act I -- I still think Baltimore oppressed even a division -- -- opinion are. You know Jerry that the Yankees Tampa -- are great pitch in Toronto that we gonna hit the ball -- here. They're pitching. Suspect. A Baltimore right now to me looks like the most complete team in the stake out strong close they -- young starting pitcher they got some good -- They play -- Defense -- like real. Tight one running changed. You all flee the Sox can turn around and do that but I. You know my my barometer but there was you know the middle of June to see where we're patent. I'm going to be optimistic about it but it just seems to be a little bit tough right now. Yes so and so approached a bill let me ask you about the I am. Did the bullpen situation to me you have two choices one is in May. You go out -- because progressive and find another arm too is. You going to your system and you try to find another run out the obvious answer is Daniel Bard but. Hard if you look at what he's done recently has been absolutely horrible. Diplomatic amazing it's amazing that it's making them move last year our starter from reliever. Be in the morning about a set up men and baseball too. Just basically not on how to throw baseball again eighteen months later is just mind boggling it really is the question becomes a guy like I don't know what you got I don't know. You'll have to look within the system there -- teams out there right now ready to turn around is Wheeling and dealing MA. That's not gonna happen to late July. You have to look within the system and you know Webster. You know there was -- pitched a great game the first time coming up great speed on Obama that -- lit up like a pinball machine last time. And our young -- -- learn all I mean maybe that's an option but. -- ticket that'll within the system and again I'm on -- show down there right now. Well I'll leave you with fists when you say. Webster I think that may be an answer it's not ideal. But here's what I say if you make a decision that you think Webster has the stuff to come up and learn here. In other words could be a 500 pitcher this year. You want to learn up and a Major League instead of the minor league if you think he's developed -- -- point. That starts to -- -- questions so to me what it says is you could think about trading Felix to brought. So if you made the decision was to follow my logic and many you'd never trade pitching but you're getting pitching your return you could get something Purdue brought. A lefty with the demonstrated ability he has. May be a National League team takes a flyer you get a power arm. A guy like mark and Lance and not -- not gonna get him back but you trading young pitcher like -- brawn whose team got under their control. You're gonna get some value maybe get a prospect of another round to going to the bullpen if you think Webster. Can step in could you do have other arms down on the miners also Matt Barnes is -- a little ways away you do leave yourself a little thin though would you would you make got kind of move it's basically. Somewhat established starter for rising. Starter and relief farm would you make that type of move. Not right at the moment aren't weight I would wait there's I think it it if it all again that is where -- always -- -- -- -- be. Become out of bed at some point I think he's got to stop -- and at some of their big ticket items and start making a package together the mobile. -- -- -- -- -- Arena debt debt debt. That that's a sore subject with me a couple of years ago you know they had a chance that we'll make sure animal dumb I I don't know what it is with this man. Eight hits a power it now you know it's the heat he's not at the -- are -- great he can steal a base by. He's you know for a lead off me and he's not -- not he's not getting on base in in we need to lead off guy yeah this this offense movement. You know not let get away from the pitching part of -- in Auckland submit the score runs located awoke that will cover up some of their headaches what there that the lack of pitching that they haven't. Right now because and I didn't it's exposing that you need them more. Bill good call happy Mother's Day. -- -- that -- from Newton speaking of Jacoby Ellsbury have some thoughts about him. Coming up -- get into that in just a little bit and the first period now Bruins staved off that flurry by the Maple -- on the power play Noble's. Bruins have taken eight shots to the Maple Leafs seven. Toronto and the Bruins are banging each other around is nothing nothing at the end of the one game six in Toronto -- -- a close. This series out and we'll keep you updated I will tell you. I was at -- im gonna break right now we'll tell you -- that a family function today and wisdom comes from the strangest places eight year old. Anthony Ross. And seven year old Tyler -- huge Bruins came up to. I Shinawatra -- game -- -- Surrogacy beginning so why Lisa whoever wins the first faceoff wins again. I should happen to begin in a series -- and trust and an eight and seven -- -- I have to go back and look. But I was driving uniting get to see it and I heard the puck was in the Toronto -- some assumed Ronald won the opening face so we'll see -- opening Anthony. Entity. Irrational. And Tyler Michelle -- wrong. I'm open the wrong but they're eight and seven years old so -- wise beyond their years. So we'll see if you'll write in if Toronto won the first faceoff if they win the game just follow that time. I'm what Stearns this is sports Sunday night we -- a lot lineup for you stick around me at 1130. Enjoy out taking your calls this is WE.

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