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John Ryder is joined by Paul Flannery from SB Nation

May 12, 2013|

John Ryder and Paul Flannery from SB Nation discuss the Celtics and their potentional offseason moves including possible moves of Pierce, Garnett and/or Doc Rivers.

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-- get blasted by the blue jays twelve to -- we're switching it up after. So many Paul Flannery who joins us on ESP the in the AT&T hotline check up on SB nation dot -- and of course on Twitter at. To the airwaves and of had a barrage of messages here on the -- board phone calls into the station and messages through Twitter wonder when you're going to be back on -- you -- Well that's fantastic here -- by -- it is at this sort out to reflect. Oh well no no I would I I know you know your baseball but we we heavy odds for the NBA and it's whatever I was anticipating. And have the that you could join -- to -- tonight of course. The Celtics will get into the NBA playoffs -- of the current NBA playoff situation but first with the Celtics. Where they go from here I mean ever was asking this question Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett extender tough question I guess. It is a tough question and you know I thought they just Smart thing gates is Smart thing by basically told her bicycle out for a week. Yet noted that the process John is the multilayered process that you know. The first process the first step of the process is Doc Rivers you decide if he's gonna coach next year. And for everyone out there -- does this every single year he goes home. Spent some time this family talk to them. They come to a decision almost. All week his -- -- coach go -- they've never once said no though we aegis sale completes. He would always come back and coached now if he decides he wants to come back and coach that start. Is it -- I I assume ideal I think he will I have I haven't talked to inconsistencies and but I have a feeling well. The second step of the process is what do you do with Paul Pierce and they have until June 30 and July 1 to make a decision on whether to buy up the final year contract. -- -- -- between all of that Kevin Garnett will decide if he wants to come back and play again next year might -- John. A week ago what that either all three of them are a comeback or none of them come back and that's changed a little bit in the last. Three or four days or so I think it's probably not as drastic as that I think there's a chance. That Doc Rivers can be back coaching and Kevin Garnett could be back playing it Paul Pierce is not here which is. -- way beyond all of that and I'm sure once Danny Ainge goes down to Orlando to play golf with the Doc Rivers -- both. Hash this out but oddly the that I -- the exact same thing. Especially here in some recent comments now what. What do you think they should. Well how well I think they should do is I think in the -- but I don't wanna say this because I've been a huge Paul Pierce -- As a player ever since that especially since it started covering the team I thought. The last fewer people really taken this -- for -- I think he is an all timer I think he's still a good player. But he is he here the chance to get them talent and possibly some draft picks. I would look for them to try to get draft -- in 24 yeah -- as opposed to 2013. The 2014 draft projected. Should be buried in the 2013 draft but the -- trade -- for some talent. Possibly open up that the gravity here I think that would be the way to go frankly John and it's really paid me because there's no bigger fan Garnett in the but I would think that if you could trade both those guys in a huge kind of blockbuster deal to really. Rejuvenate the franchise and its new life and there I think he should seriously consider I'm not sure they can do both I think that -- It left the 5050 chance to be backed up. Yeah -- would take so many teams are going to be going after draft picks for that 2014. Draft or try to price of draft picks away. No what I'm wonder and I haven't heard any it has -- just wanted to wondering to myself. Now how much of a role does ownership play in all of this because you gotta think all right. Would we move -- we moved Garnett we still have Raj on Rondo but do we wanna see an empty building again. Right now I think that's spent at that had the absolute. Obvious considerations. In the flip side of that is do we -- pay 75 at least six million dollars for a team that might win 45 games and lose in the first round. -- you know so it. It's a tough call here and it's not just the money would dispute BBA the money's always a good part of it but. You know realistically at some point in the next year or two. They're gonna have to drop under that luxury tax because otherwise -- -- -- they're just leave themselves open to get hit with massive penalties. If they do that so at some point they're gonna have to take -- step back whether it's gonna be this year or the year after that means to be seen but. I mean they can't keep going like this with this team. They could go for one more year and a. No they -- it well. That even if you can explain this better than I can't but. -- they've got some some cap problems anyhow right now what is supposed to be about 59 million with the cap that they're way over that right. Way over that so they have right now as we speak they have eleven players signed between thirteen points for for next season. And those eleven players you know forgive me I'm paraphrasing here a little bit. Those eleven players it's about 73 million dollars committed those eleven guys that's slowly over the cap that over the luxury tax and that's popping up against the threshold. The so called apron and then when you -- -- first round draft pick and then three more guys you know they've got not guaranteed options on Terrence Williams Shavlik Randolph. And D. J. White. Then you're gonna be over that paper and that which will limit your ability to sign free agents. So realistically if they did absolutely nothing -- they brought back the same team they had. You know added a number one pick they're going to be way over the tax way over the apron and their ability to make moves will be severely limit. -- and I'm sure this is going to be tough as well. Because you've got this couple a salary cap bloggers in the urine and Courtney Lee Jason Terry -- of that down seasons. Or right -- so -- that that that's the other that's the other side that they -- day okay we're gonna bring back Garnett we're gonna bring back your you know realistically huge say well we can't get the the trade value for Paul Pierce. That you bring these kind of bring those guys back if they are still valuable player facilitate their -- You know that you look at guys like Jason Terry -- the even braided bat to run these sort of like 56 million dollar mid level deal. And you see with the interest level without their because subway it -- layered that make these change. Because even before -- there was soldier got hurt that he would not played and it was not playing up to its capabilities now. Give it another year could they be better may be. But to me that team is not a contender and if not close to a contender so you know if you keep short of making the big move. You're gonna have to make some sort of smaller sort of you know. Did change change the complexion of the team just a little bit. Using one of those mid level -- and I'm not sure how much value they have. Yet as John Ryder tackle without Paul -- does tremendous job cover the NBA for SB nation -- come check them out on Twitter as well. Add to. Well I think there is blood because again he can play and now you're talking about a guy who has one year left of contract. It has been very its stuff that got another report of the net offered their their standard package and any -- wanted more than that. I think -- reported that there were some sort of three way deal that would have somehow violated Josh Smith possibly have opted. And pierce going to dal if you know. There's all kind of different different scenarios here that that they could be in play I think that tall Paul Pierce still has value. Especially for a team that says we are one player away we're gonna have to make a big push here I -- the clippers come together. The pacers potentially. Come -- mind but they're -- out there. You you know -- I've found wildly entertaining I'm sure you did as well -- try to meditating but this is preposterous but it got a lot of buzz. The he Garnett Doc Rivers appears for DI entry Jordan Bledsoe Excedrin deal that that would. That would that would respect. I I like -- you leave it at that. Other pointed out probably shred yes why were well -- out why wouldn't Wear the clippers do that you know the couple Leon I don't Chris Paul would who would like Kevin Garnett and Paul peers on that team. I think you know I think it's turned itself off the -- sort of -- -- -- -- theory itself often been. In you know whatever it but not -- -- that happen. All right let's say all right these two wild hypotheticals I guess on my part but they do -- somehow free up some money here. It. Lot of Max contract guys out there because the freeagent -- classes in that grade think about judgment some others here or news or any potential there. Well what really have to do what you have to do you have to be some sort of sign and trade and that's that's that's her -- -- and -- Because you're not there is no way there -- I OK there's away but it would be the most convoluted thing in order to get into it. On the air that they could possibly clear enough states to go after Mac guy and even if they did that there's no guarantee they can go get them by. And are excited trade scenario like -- he would situation. Where -- shop where Josh Smith could be played that a lot of other things have to happen in -- mean there's no guarantee Atlanta will bring him back depending no one what they dale. You don't know where the Celtics are the pecking order of the creative packing orders weighed down electrical utility. Do you think -- -- have Gloria Allred domino effect. You know it was funny -- with a major for Dwight Howard or change his mind every day. Who's out there is is the major guy but do you think he'll be one of those. Where. One of the key guys in it and do you expect Chris Paul to be back with the clippers I guess a better way to ask it is does Howard sounded and the rest follow. Yeah I think I think there's something to that yeah I think you know but you know we thought that last summer -- and our power still out there until like whatever it was the dog yeah. You know -- a free agent but terms of the trade. So yeah I think you know if you look at Dwight Howard and Chris are the two guys that rule that would get back offers on the kind of stopped and that. You know Josh -- that they get cold too and hope to keep them Max player you know but I think he's gonna get close to it and you know Andrew Bynum is getting its -- For all of his for all of those issues because seven footers you can do what he can do don't -- walker all right. So yeah that's going to be a couple of dominos but I don't think there's going to be as many teams in play in creative he's there have been in years past. Yeah that's probably because the CBA right and then also Dwight Howard -- -- Goes back to the lakers crisp all the clippers. I think it would better hypocritical. Excuse me Chris all the -- -- -- -- -- Aaron goes back the lakers. But I think that's probably the way you go. But I think I think to -- we'll have an interest -- I think what has some interest looking around I think people in this scenario is very intriguing. I think ballots to be very intriguing. And you know he's he has made -- long clear that the L a lot -- -- not his first choice needed not have a particularly fun years there. So like -- the -- looking around Chris Paul. I think is going to stay with clippers because that that situation just makes too much that I think they needed -- coach but I think that situation to make way too much that's true belief. And makes way too much sense to -- Dwight Howard not to be winded kind of jury and enjoys that experience now moving onto the current playoffs. He's a huge I'm guessing like most used to have Miami winning it all and you enjoy the NBA playoffs. I enjoyed them but yet you in the back in my mind indicated that maybe get a gonna roll here but not in the Western Conference playoffs having great. They've ever really that's Santonio gold -- it it was fantastic. And you know even the -- Oklahoma City that the -- through is really tough to watch is still you know riveting basketball just in terms of how hard both teams were playing and I'm I'm you know its its deck but I'm getting a kick out of watching Kevin Durant have to sort yeah on his -- Then I think that should much like Toronto people this this should you don't shut up beat their better without Russell Westbrook people's well. We have -- get a -- I thought there they are wildly entertained. Yet they haven't have been enjoy your one I've had the opportunity to watches as well. Do you think that this could be the -- sir I mean it's amazing the balls and that you could -- hatred is there and it's going to be a physical series. And Miami expect is you to move on but they're gonna be banged up after this series of physical series do you think. I'm including the NBA finals do you think this could be the toughest series they play the rest of the way. Now -- don't tell you lie -- what you get them but I think the pacers if they play there and we'll make their life miserable much like the bulls have. And together you know I I think it's gonna be a bit over the top tough -- physical series at the end of the day the bull just don't have enough talent -- to win the fear. And how -- -- the pacers do for the pacers have more talent they have more playmakers in the bull have right now. Who are really you know their right to -- few in credit -- competitive he's a wonderful coach and credit Noah especially east player of the monitor right now. But I just don't think that -- that Chicago has the has the horses are really you know make dispute go beyond five games. Though Indiana I think. -- I think they could they could extend them a little bit. And after they get done get knocked around by the by the -- I think I think that's that you know that that would play to the patron benefit if they get by New York. I'm surprised dimension Dave Robinson during all of -- and in the rebirth -- led to that that pacers heat. Matchup position because who matches up with Hibbert what would they put LeBron on Paul George. Yeah sure they're talking that they can you know I mean. It's it's one of those it was weird things you know people don't think of the pacers that he. Particularly big rivalry. Both teams really don't like each other you know our level of where the bulls are dependent on the level where at Celtic -- than those teams do not like each other at all. And David West of the up and everybody's basically it Stevenson does not care. And you know Paul George the Caroline Hibbert the problem the other -- you're really actually here. And out what about it do you think you have that Memphis San Antonio in the western. Some of the different. Yeah that's what I had -- I just I have a hard time in Oklahoma City being able to swing this series back in there they are. Golden State is fascinating they are the ultimate wildcard but they robbed Big Apple team and he asked. And you better players to have a lot in a lot of respect. You know I was I think Antonio had decade than they had it well and hated people who it and I got a series -- -- I think it's -- -- -- -- I -- to -- five at the beginning in and that's that's a that's a problem because if gold -- it it doesn't matter where they play. They can be anybody. So I think you're gonna get that colonial that that -- still you know beginning of the year I liked my maybe Antonio in the final look stick I'll I'll ride with that. But it meant that is that good for the problem. Yeah they are right now the -- Gasol is he an underrated passer what direct. But. I've tennis which -- tall and I have. I've changed it up I had a Miami San Antonio have to via Westbrook. Well. The other Westbrook injured memory thinking -- a little bit it would maybe Memphis or Miami I keep going back and forth on that myself but I just briefly back on Golden State. Korean Thompson's shooters they are. Did you ever think you know I thought courageous because of his his size I didn't know if he'd be able get a shot off that he could you know kind of a combo guard. Boy he's been amazing here the MBA and Marchex is is that the best. Backcourt shooting team he's ever seen her or dual back. Yeah I he -- stuff -- a lot better thought it was going to be I think he has a legitimate top tennis superstar the way he's played this year. Busy shooting numbers are the -- the passing numbers are very very good. -- -- It's not like you're a lock down defender but he does try he doesn't he's -- willing defender but the fact that he can get a shot off against anybody that's remarkable superstar -- And he can do it you know we can't but. You get you know this father Dell curry with a with a really good NBA player for a decade. And people will get the right situation he can be a guy maybe with a six man of the year support outlined. Sort of and a general type but yeah you like Dell curry type. And he would become something far far greater than that I think he is actually said that. It is amazing I thought the -- -- his Dell -- just three point specialist together would does that there in the corner knocked down down threes but he really. Has been something it has been -- Davies NBA playoffs -- We know the Celtics aren't around so you don't give the next much -- it think it's Indiana Miami and then as San Antonio Memphis in the finals. I did the -- of -- -- the -- departures here chair but you know I want to thank him -- -- and ID. Screaming at Mike Woodson to make some adjustments here goes smaller that the spot isn't. Stop doing what he's doing and he. Forever and you won't do it and until he doesn't think the knicks are gonna have a serious problem because I don't think Carmelo competed in about itself and that's pretty much what their bank and. Our Paul always great hope to tie commitment around the NBA finals are certainly around the draft check in with the all right Paul -- -- tremendous on SB nation. Dot com check him out there we're up against break -- the other phone lines with the up in 0:8 o'clock 6177797937. AT&T text line at 37. 937. Bronze about it. Play in Toronto game six if you wanna get your phone kill. Phone calls on that and I'll be update here up until 8 o'clock and sure Butch Stearns will be as well when he. Takes over at eight. I'll also. We can get it to the NBA if you wish the Red Sox to bako against Toronto just this home stated general where they go to win five. Against the likes of that Minnesota and Toronto not exactly the beasts of baseball. So far this season so a lot of these phone calls on his Mother's Day happy mothers day 617779. 7937. AT&T tax -- 37937. Back after this break in a flash Christian market.

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