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John Ryder with Red Sox Review

May 12, 2013|

John Ryder discuss the Red Sox 12-4 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays on this edition of Red Sox Review. The Red Sox took a pounding today as Toronto hit 5 homeruns and had trouble scoring enough runs to even catch up. John discuss the state of Red Sox nation with several callers.

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These guys -- Red Sox revealed on the WTI. Sports Radio network. He's going to drive to want to go out that this -- is long gone. If that -- fans behind appliances is to. Didn't feel great about me Toronto. Was still rising. The yards. It's a recap of the Red Sox and blue jays. There's the -- drive like they -- they've backed by the book fan victory in our jobs. And the ball is gone. And Victor -- is now. It did two run homer for -- of Bosnia with a before venturing hit it very priority of the -- -- by -- -- been very hurt -- big board. Red Sox review -- shot right here were. That swing a high fly ball driven deep to left field I was gonna go away laid back and gone but the monster seats in the second row. Syria goes strikes and it is ten to three to run. Now John Ryder had Red Sox review on the WBI's. Sports Radio network. I try to equity here. Happy Mother's Day that was nice -- -- here on the sport. And I say the -- I you see that. To all the moms you're happy mothers day hope your -- and day out there everybody and I'll be with the up until 8 o'clock it's excellent sevens have. 7979. -- 37. They can text -- AT&T Tex lines up -- running at 37937. A third way to reach me is on Twitter. You'd find me there as John. Not a good day for the blue jays is they clobber the -- a -- for the good day for blue jays now for the Red Sox Toronto twelve to four while paying. Of this socks and some more bad news. Chain victory you know. If you're a check out the game out of Bonifacio former Ron. -- -- the offense out there in right field. I -- according to rob Bradford WEEI dot com Victorino taken a Mass. General to get his ribs and back exam remember. Pays to deal with a little bit of a back problem and he's actually been hitting a bid for the Red Sox he did stay in the game there after that home run in the fourth that he was replaced. By -- in the seventh. I'm ending with a history hackable -- first and Gomes out to left field in the seventh so they after the collision with the with the wall. Goes to Mass. General. And I guess after -- hit that wall as the game went on John Ferrell said big to Reno's. A back start this stiffen up so that's good news and he's been -- back issues since late April memory was. He -- go on the DL be missed some time and he and he got back earlier this month so. Not good news there. Is the injuries piling up right now for the red sexes too early to indicate whether albeit DL stint and I let's give -- who is this. That normally do and ignore. And other nervous about deceived and it's going downhill fast you know he -- -- the -- And you know having trouble -- You don't expect to drop. Three out of -- of Minnesota that's a series to expect if not take three out of four. The at least split the series and then dropped two out of three to Toronto team had you know has some some issues -- they're starting staff. And Burley is compounded and he kept the Red Sox off balance yesterday and any get a guy Chad Jenkins. Had just called up from double lay -- get them. That's somewhat -- kid in my belly donated another hour. And not promoting that good seeing you know Kitna gets so they don't tax dispute that left. Yeah well Texas had some good pitchers out here they're pretty good team but with this. Trial ball club and end in burly who's been -- -- has been not as much a hard throwers these soft top answers that have been given the Red Sox for its member in Minnesota series Scott diamond. The lefty and lefties -- the it. We get out my Red Sox notes again -- -- find these copious -- read such notes against lefties. This season receivers is left handed starters are actually seven and six game above 500. At that could be will be under 500 there right now they are overall 22. In 68. Another call who's this. Or name daytime I was gone. I'm OK he's doing on the outside things. I'm legally or any -- is not it is you -- mama and -- -- All right a lot happier now among the Mother's Day your mother in there and out. Well thank you I don't. Secure it went well you know I look forward. You have to Larry's terrific I'm looking forward talk and some some NBA -- at 7 o'clock. Few weeks ago -- like this past June and I think we got diverted to something else because how we do that's like. It's whom may. Is about to come forward if it. This great sport about -- baseball. Local law -- injuries that we got -- the panel up please welcome the C. Any other studio conclude that. They like -- all of the Ian but -- -- off. -- -- Yeah -- when it comes to the pacers he had it. It's easier because with the patriots in -- -- all these teams that some of the younger players aren't. You know gronkowski. And and -- is dealt with injuries namely -- -- one that stands -- when you think about the patriots. The the Celtics. It was one though. Sellinger with a back problem. You've got some nagging injuries nagging injuries would pierce and Garnett but he would expect that it -- ages. -- and there were the red sexual Bailey's been seemingly on the men forever -- instances days in Oakland has been the problem there. You well Achilles. Ladies. He's bounced back fine and up until lately. Yeah and their little books until a new network is playing really her. Okay. Yeah well he said I mean it's it's a concern of days that call Thomas always. -- Mel Brooks. Sometimes say hurts when even breed says that a good side but he's been he's been gutting it out it's a separated rib they're calling it that sounds nasty but. It's it's a cartilage issue. Red Sox off day tomorrow finally that they start a three game series at Tampa Bay Joseph Maddon on Twitter tweets out. The hitting continues the defense has been there and pitching is starting to come around when it does heads up. Warning from Joseph -- -- state take out -- it's -- you're mad Missouri it would get rejected recently back to back games. Fort Tampa Bay I think he's been rejected out thirty times has been a manager since since joining an -- would be with a raised. Let's get it back to. Fenway Park from after the game a Steward John -- I disable this 124 loss. Well it was tough day out soon is that put twelve runs on the -- has been removed from around. I thought Ryan had similar stuff but so what she's pissed with them late and yet there was some pitches -- left up it was -- side. First home run but he's a fastball ran back in over. Earlier part of plate. Breaking ball stayed up think and assume. They're obviously very capable dropped the ball ballpark as to whether team is built. Interest a tough day for us. Not only. Control game from the mound but then when we had veterans or position we continue to create many opportunities. And that two out or base Hoover's or position as the most. I kind of building on that with runners in scoring position what are you -- me are not seeing from hitters in their approach in this situation. I don't think guys are coming out of their approach. Despite the stretch that we're in. -- some balls right at people particularly you know we in this situation where. We put minutes or position the first three innings and can't get that two out hit. Ground out -- line now first and second with Pedroia at the plate grumbled double play. As much as we cashed in in the month April you know maybe cliche but things there are evening -- On 22 questions one and it chain victory now what is that there is damaged and also catching before the game situation. Always -- at the wall you start to stiffen up as the game went on and given what he's dealing with low back wise so we were gonna take any chances for -- today. And David Ross's. Concussion symptoms so it's categorized as just that it's a concussion. So he felt those symptoms come on after the game last night and given his position. And we can't take can put him at risk with any additional fumbles -- felt that some amassed so. It's a seven to radio the zone. -- Everything policy being ready for Tuesday yes. John -- you mentioned how things went so well in April and now I'm not going that way. Oh what is the key to getting through this and the key to turning things running game going the other way. All I think we've got a number guys still wasn't frustration right now there's there's no question about it. The key for us is to maintain our preparation or -- that's the walk out of those of the two things that we can control. We can't direct the ball efforts that and and I know what's the attitude of this group. It's a resilient woman and we're getting tested right now no doubt about. I know this would have been unorthodox but was David available and -- so did you consider hitting him for salty against the left. No no no. No I know it now much good news from the Red Sox today. -- Victorino. Had a demands journal his ribs his neck checked out rather in those ribs and the government is back at his his neck. Now we'll see how that goes with the off day blue jays did the reds -- get torched by Toronto today twelve to four. The final track writer with you read sector view we were allowed up until 8 o'clock coming up at seven I'll be talking NBA -- Paul Flannery speaking of that. Three minutes ago and overtime in Oakland. Golden State in 8884 lead on the spurs they looked even up that series at two huge game for the warriors here. Don't wanna go down 31. You know through these spurs. -- feel like. All of a sudden at Memphis Miami act -- that most of web San Antonio Corso promise that he's not out of it but without Russell Westbrook the year. Remainder of the post season. Miami Indiana probably in the Eastern Conference finals that's what I predicted before the playoffs started and I'm on the gas and will happen will find out here if new York and clawed their way back is there an activity -- and student anyway the other day add to Indiana. So I get that spurs Golden State game on TV up here. Look at forty -- phone calls or text messages well let me get to a few of these texted 37. 937. This Texas as we agree Ryan Dempster has been below average this year I think he's been above average this year today it was a bad start but he's been pretty good. I'll out of the strikeouts racking up two strikeouts -- heading into this game. Dempster. Added ERA. Of two point 93 -- that you'll sign off on bad. I had a ended did jump today this is -- start of this season. But in his previous two starts yeah I used to their terrible but gets the win there two runs over six innings. In his most recent star which when it was at Toronto. Completely opposite of today one run over six innings. Yes and that was brought to give up the gore for ball. Heading into this one but one in just about each of his starts with the exception of Houston but he he's he's pitched. Well I don't know today he had a compile Rodham. A couple of other text messages. Here. It -- Texas can't win at home can't clutch did the pen is awful equals bridge here but a nice clubhouse. The another texture I don't know what I mentioned this. Earth does direct -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maple Leafs Toronto is now one of the weakest teams in the playoffs what an idiot and always talking about what do you get into the policies in the NH -- have a shot. We've seen eight seeds before and lower seeded teams go deep. In the Stanley Cup Playoffs that is not a surprise if that happens so. The figure there's definitely some surprises. But a lot of times you go into it -- teams -- think well they have no shot and then all of a sudden there make an area deep playoff run. And for the -- sake of their fans the world and it's not the maple leaves even up this series we know the -- collectively have been saying. Nothing's ever easy for a while better make it easier on selves nine James primer will see if he's got his confidence going now after really -- a terrific game the other night in game five as the Bruins -- close that out -- tonight. A room beyond the fault line 617779790. Three's seventh in always text -- it's always happening at 379370. AT&T text line. We'll take you break we'll Gator sports questions. John right back Grady red sex -- view as we take you up until 8 o'clock and it's Butch Stearns taking out into the night. Up until 1130 coming up at 7 o'clock on the docket. NBA NBA playoffs Celtics situation and there are trying offseason what they have do which is. Really a big question mark when it comes to the Celtics have a -- Paul flattery of SB nation about that at 7 o'clock in the meantime tiger about it it talking. We deal whether it's the Red Sox today in the blue ridge is the blue jays game and the Bruins tonight in game six against the Toronto Maple Leafs as they try to close that series out. Phone number 6177797937. AT&T text line at 37937. Quiet on the fault lines right now I'm guessing so many visit -- mom right now for dinner. On the guessing that's that's the situation right now plus pretty nice out there right now after some bad weather this week turned out to be a nice day. Here in in the Boston area Massachusetts. After what was not a nice day for the Red Sox at Fenway did have the pitching. Didn't have the clutch hitting as well. Ryan Dempster blasted for six earned runs over five innings his worst start of the season. And has been pretty good so far better than good better than average. -- -- and Lester the combination Lester. Near perfect game on Friday night about two what's happened in Saint Louis over the weekend speaking of pitching. -- Shelby Miller who gives up a leadoff hit to Eric Young junior -- On and he's really good young pitcher for the cardinals they've got a great rotation this season have been wanted to surprise teams in baseball in their pitching to begin the job done but the Shelby Miller the rookie gives up the leadoff hit and sits down 27 straight after that. And then the following today. I'm Adam Wainwright yesterday. As a no hitter broken up to what the seventh was the seventh -- -- later innings. The Rockies turn the favored today. As Jorge De La Rosa. As a no hitter for Colorado pitcher for Colorado. Until. The seventh inning. So he -- have. Getting into the seventh. Two down in the seventh before David freeze with a single and in the Rockies -- -- that you need to -- but. Flirtations with no hitters and perfect games in Saint Louis now over the weekend. Tough news across the board for the Red Sox because the Yankees ended -- the royals for detail. And there will be a point this season even though the Yankees plan I had five straight there's going to be a point where they drop eight out of ten like the Red Sox have this same situation -- Baltimore. I still wonder about the Orioles starting pitching. As they want and the starting pitcher was -- would weigh in -- today as they downed Minnesota six to not think an 83 home runs of the game included Chris Davis -- -- eleventh. There's now a three way -- For the American League lead in homers would Edwin Encarnacion went deep today at Fenway Mark Reynolds and Chris Davis. Someone text in a year. There then you guys have not mentioned the -- the union's Detroit game once. The -- Detroit -- Cleveland. Where is -- anyway I can tell you that the the Indians rally for the victory over the tigers intent it was Reynolds -- mention game winning RBIs singled doubled Cleveland. The Indians all of a sudden I'm Terry Francona to when he and fifteen tied with Detroit for first in the central. Once the next time the -- -- is gonna see the Indians or the first time. That would be coming up this month when the Red Sox return home after this nine game homestand they have a four game series against Tito Terry Francona up. And I Cleveland bunch which has been playing well they've won eight of their last ten. Including today coming back to take it 43. Let's get back to the calls. I don't know what is will find out who's this. -- -- -- -- -- Hey it's in the air base and help them out and ordered a machine that it again today. I flooded out there there's issues we -- deficient. But one thing everybody's got to understand. It's only make. It is clearly. For everybody to -- -- -- for everybody get their game plan together. -- these games -- the same. -- It. Well resonate and yet Aaron there as a major problems with the injuries with the starting pitching like he missed some time but -- that there has been many problems. The bullpen is what what I'm worried about log term I'm not. I'm not -- concerned I think the offense will get it on the -- -- game. You know watch Terry we worry about Ortiz and a but I think the offense will be there I think. Many of these teams the American League east can head my my longer concern which was a that the biggest strength that is Steve is the bullpen. You know Bailey you always worry about him even if he's pitching well because of injuries he's not Hanrahan would be -- he's been a disaster he's done for the season. Tonight depending on Bailey. Or two is now at a closed it's it's always been reliable. Out of the bullpen and it you know 67 -- -- -- spot now and I -- to slide to the back of the bullpen. That's my big concern. They have enough forms the problem is to they have really those key guys meeting the late inning guys yet they have all our. But you can't pitch him every day at 38 years old so the problem to me is you know -- -- they've got a five be great if Daniel Bard he would go and have got to find. Some related to peace and got to come through there in the later innings. Russia yet that you know display and you know from from my standpoint I'm a great science and you know apps we've gone over. You know and -- Just play. There's injuries -- in the early this season it's only by -- that is they're contenders. Braves circuit federal court are yeah Graham earlier your braves have been playing well have lost a few but to that's going to be an interest in race between Atlanta and Washington since. I think this can be really fun baseball season was last year not here in Boston but there -- some great races. Right well I I hope most people who got this year Obama also Venezuela. All right Erica appreciate chick. She thanks for checking in from down there in Georgia. Six on 777979837. Rubio on the phone lines to get in the bronze match up understands pretty big game close out game. Pretty Maple Leafs and number it's what will these are you worried about the defense tonight. With the -- About that that second line of the -- as well. Bruins now if you go back to 2010 their foreign aid. And games to potential. To eliminate the opponent but you go back to even a cop. A lot of people forget remember all those gay -- could you but all the game sevens. And some potential clincher is there that they let slip away. But they ended up getting ultimately getting the job done what's your feel on the other brides to either going to be the capitals of the Rangers if they advance. That's still to be facing in the second round. Now let me check the latest on that they -- third period Rangers. -- out one nothing lead on the capitals. Is they try to force a game seven. I think pick your poison Weathers the Rangers of the capital's appear Bruins fan Agassi is series like -- on any which way. Meaning the Bruins vs the Rangers or the capitals are they can't worry about two. If he would I was look at the goalies and I take long quest even though he didn't have he's a final fruit finalists for the best they probably shouldn't be but. I would pick. I would take my chances against Braden -- used to -- in the postseason gets the ball woods recently but. I take my chance against hope be rather than Lundqvist. -- some star power there on the Rangers. Porter elegance that group going to I'd rather the Bruins face the capitals. ID. Like its top I could see the bronze with a second round exit could clearly see that. See that happening in a series against the Rangers where the capitals I think that's definitely a coin flip if the Bruins to advance past -- -- me please which I think they will. To the Bruins will get advanced to the second round even if they after it has played game seven but still I think they get the job done. Are they ever gonna see some punch here from that second line what's up -- more Shandon -- -- on the second line. And there's been more conversation about -- who's been good the past. Was basically spam has it begun in the past the regular season against Toronto but more -- gonna pick up as well in his court. And as second line. And well the the defense with the injuries. You know Chara Seidenberg how much has dominated -- So we get into that as well -- the Boras -- -- of game six tonight in Toronto let's get you back yet now voted as we switch things have. While this makes sense Dempster and guess -- a hockey guy. He's from Kennedy's from British Columbia what are piece of big -- -- connects fans being from British Columbia. But Dempster -- it is career. Up until that is pitched very well. Against Canadian team used six in -- -- against his native candidate including a win against a Toronto is racist are those other ways. Tell year old younger or older and humid stories which Dempster is because racked up some wins against the expose the now defunct. Exposed but. Dempster struggled today worst start of the season it's a real dissent. We've been through the ups and downs before. -- that he -- get back on the trip to. Yeah. Until we didn't. Even. -- -- -- -- -- You get more. It. Right to the producer couple's home into -- standards you -- it. -- such great people don't like it was a -- The -- and notre. Or we'll. And drive away before here. So it doesn't work. -- -- Ryan Dempster veteran pitcher I think you will bounce back I'm more concerned -- read a now how he does the second half of the season. But I I don't I don't understand this a lot of people of the export. Yet terrible start today but I think he's been good is it just me I I think he's pretty good hears it from the Red Sox and so forth. A judge about to order don't have an up here in the studio but the TBC's Sergio Garcia double bogey. There at the players championship is tied with his best friend Sergio without Tiger Woods Sergio Garcia threw fifteen both of -- minus twelve. The final round of the TPC. 6177797937. You can text has set 379378. Reach me on Twitter at John. It'd have been in overtime today at Golden State the warriors 9787. Victory over the spurs huge win. For. -- Golden State today. As. Game five now they they switch back to San Antonio game five on Tuesday night has been extremely entertaining series feared award gold states upon team to watch. -- -- -- -- -- -- And Klay Thompson and -- how they could shoot lights out Thompson played 51 minutes today. -- step -- 22 points he had five of his ten threes Harrison Barnes. What a -- that was by Golden State. Would 26 points and ten rebounds in the victory for the warriors Jarrett Jack come out the bench she's bonafide. After bounce around so much -- would New Orleans Portland and other stops. 44 points and seven rebounds. But some atrocious defense at different points but. He's been solid score form Golden State shoots just 38% but San Antonio at 36%. In this Golden State victory. That was the loan NBA game today. -- gave cut off on everything you're coming up I'll get to your phone call 617779793. Said the review there. And you can always text has said 37937. And will be back to your calls right after this break. But I don't really get here. Even today poster. -- -- as you get older -- -- continue to feel. Good that's important thing but it's -- -- there. Feel good you want that if you want to execute pitches and. Ryan Dempster struggled today didn't have it and the red sex today -- on this homestand either as they go 215 against the twins in Toronto -- now lost eight of ten. That -- third place in the dailies yet not a large gap. There in the dailies but still. Right now in third place. Two went back in the first place yankees won in back of Baltimore. One today Tampa Bay won as well that 15 in a row there are now above 519. And eighteen of the red sex. Open up a three game series in Tampa. On Tuesday John Ryder -- at red sex review we take you up until 8 o'clock at 61777979. -- 37. He would text assays AT&T text -- 37937. This texture here says as what's the -- sacks record in games Dempster pitched well now I've today. Overall three and four. Murray says some. Some starts were not tolerance of poured some errors is well mixed in there nobody's given yet. And the early goings you have five innings in his first couple of student starts than the next two went. Seven innings. Now the UN says six in the previous two and and five today is worst start of the season. There to address that this text or below this point. As you mentioned Dempster before British Columbia Columbia 240 techsters says. Also John Memphis -- Vancouver origins the glory days of Lee mayberry in big country. In a big country Brian -- remember him I wonder if those charming being -- were fans still carry the torch. Well done there. -- at a Memphis Grizzlies now defunct the most horrible uniforms. It don't be upset if I ask you who you are when you call in because the call screeners not working. We had to shut down the computer this thing was humming like it was a 83 Toyota Corolla try to get started herself that here it no offense to anyone out there that owns. But Toyota curled -- sponsor. But yet so I Escude who you are when he colleagues I have no idea it just a blank screen appear. Who is this on full line number one. -- As soon as I go to on the drop off on believable. Again the phone number 6177797937. You could text this at 37937. Sergio Garcia nothing's changed there is typical -- job. As at the at TPC which Tiger Woods now has the lead. Through sixteen holes. Sergio Garcia would it two balls into the water at the seventeenth hole. Double bogey in the drink for Sergio is going to be -- a couple of drinks after this one after Regis. Fell apart yet again and Andy had. Garcia big -- that tiger rivalry there surges had tiger not my favorite. He's probably not many golfers favorite but I doubt he's got his game going on a little bit. And will continue to update you what happens here the in the players championship will also continue to get into we will get into evidently calls mr. Bruins tonight. The borrowings in maple leaves without big matchup in game six tonight in Toronto. I'm a law also be talking coming up at 7 o'clock always look forward this have a I haven't talked to awhile because Butch Stearns did terrific job -- -- some of the Celtics post games while I was cover in the Red Sox. So haven't got to -- Paul Flannery lately. This -- an MBA dot he knows the game Cole he knows the league called. I'll be targeting him and you -- read his stuff on SB nation -- account for all month quarter OP plans of attack -- him. Coming up that. At 7 o'clock about. Other current playoff situation also what the Celtics do premiere of the posts India and biopsies. After they bowed out the next. Some big decisions to be made namely Paul peers which they don't have to do up until late Jude Danny Ainge -- recently on. The salt can only show we are WEEI. It's sort of and a round -- way but I still think it's up in the year in terms of the future. I think Doc Rivers will be back. -- Kevin Garnett probably will be back but who knows. And I Garnett -- all these guys will meet up go over things we'll see if a player he thinks the same there and do what they end up doing. Here around. It member of the Celtics can't go to renegotiate Pierce's fifteen million dollar salary. But they do have. A buyout but taking -- get through that if they wanted to because appears executes is is option is his termination option. He he becomes a free agent. And they have his bird rights and others can delegate confusing. If you're not an MBA cap dog it's very confusing -- the NBA. But basically peers. Won't be playing here no matter what happens whether he's back or not for fifteen million dollar -- What that does do though is it is. They still have cap issues that -- cap will be about 59 million but what that will do is. Is. Take a burden a little bit off the luxury tax for the Celtics as the situation there. NBA playoff seeding up Golden State knocking -- San Antonio today. In terms of the about that bulls heat series the bulls heat series so far now that's got pretty physical. I'm Miami m.s have taken a series that might be able to bruised and battered afterwards. You know even the deepest rivalries you typically see the guys at least a few of the players shaken hands before game and see that at all -- -- first it was a not one player. Mr. cancel one another on opposing teams that bulls heat game the united physical game. And and that series will continue. Tomorrow night in Chicago would eat up two games to one and Aussie good game four between the grizzlies and the thunder back at Memphis. With the Memphis lead that series two games to one. -- more people up in arms about the Red Sox yeah any time there's been some text messages here but any time. Red Sox now hitless -- eight out of ten and may is not been kind. The Red Sox. About this since the beginning of their series against the Rangers which was -- may third the Red Sox have been outscored 62. To 33. And one other part of this as well as. Ever since. Earlier this on some of the guys the bullpen Judy she does -- we know we gave up again eventual game winning home run to Adam bland. The CRA's over -- I believe in his. The last handful of appearances. So somebody issues launcher an -- short term not his concern but long term I think. Short term not as worried overall the Red Sox long term or more at about one aspect big time is that OpenId usually -- -- add another. Bullpen piece here. When you get -- July usually have to overpay for. And out comes the a question. What -- was that. Looking back on and it got Papelbon was on -- but now hindsight being what it is. They deal for a banged up closer in -- Lowry he's been good here and always fumbled a couple of times to Houston for bullets which was gonna work out and then he gets from Houston over Oakland. But is part of that deal that sent Redick who's fallen back down to earth now over to Oakland had that unbelievable season with the a's winning a gold glove and showed some power last year. So the particulars that get dealt such as -- As part of a deal formal -- and wonder about all these moves they made maybe the best that was just resigning Jonathan Papelbon but he wanted to get that payday remember it is. Was upset. Red Sox what he -- Chad Lester Pedroia all these different players signing long term deals where's my money where when in my getting cash and well you know what screw you amid free agency. -- -- -- -- get my big money out the year and he ended up -- and I would have Phillies and he's been good this season still is not so much good he's been good. Yes they had a a four out save the other day. Series C wonder if you go back guy may -- tougher question now especially they ever it has been relatively healthy over his career. To Pittsburg -- this was a walk year. What they ended up giving up -- -- -- gamble lancet part of this and and how much in return. For -- -- like that move data can throw -- out of the bullpen. Again and up in the high nineties with a filthy slider. I like that move. By the Red Sox acquiring and -- and it clearly is does not work out as he's done for the season and needed he doesn't have a long. Injury history struggled a bit in September last year with the pirates. The other part why they moved him was not just because. He's a free agent after this season also. It's because. It is game seven million dollars or arbitration after the received previous seasons he's. Well take a break -- -- cut up on all the sports news -- Christian art can on the sports flash coming up after the -- double talk and NBA look at fort of that. Celtics' offseason policies MBA playoffs of Paul flattery of SB nation dot com. And will do that after this break.

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