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John Farrell postgame press conference

May 12, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference

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Well it was tough day out soon is that put twelve runs on the board it hasn't been removed from around. I thought Ryan had similar stuff but so what she's pissed with them late and yet there was some pitches it left up it was on side. First home run but he's a fastball ran back in over. Earlier part of plate. Breaking ball stayed up think and assume. They're obviously very capable dropped the ball ball -- that's weather team is built. In just a tough thing for us -- Not only. Control game from the mound but then when we had veterans or position we continue to create many opportunities. And that two out or or base Hoover's or position as the most. I kind of building on that with runners in scoring position what are you already are not seeing from hitters in their approach in this situation. I don't think guys are coming out of their approach. Despite the stretch that we're in. -- some balls right at people particularly you know we in this situation where. We put minutes or position the first three innings and can't get that two out hit. Ground out -- line now first and second with Pedroia at the plate grumbled double play. As much as we cashed in in the month April you know maybe cliche but things are are evening -- On 22 questions one and it chain victory know what is that there is damage and also catching before the game situation. -- -- -- at the wall you start to stiffen up as the game went on and given what he's dealing with low back wise so we were gonna take any chances -- there today. And David Ross's. Concussion symptoms so it's categorized as just that it's a concussion. So he felt those symptoms come on after the game last night and given his position. And we can't take can put him at risk with any additional fumbles -- -- some amassed so. It's a seventy DOE zone. -- Everything points -- being ready for Tuesday yes. John now you mentioned how things went so well in April and now I'm not going that way. Oh what is the key to getting through this in the key to turning things running game going the other way. All I think we've got a number guys deal wasn't frustration right now there's there's no question about it. The key for us is to maintain our preparation our work -- that's the way out of those -- the two things that we can control. We can't direct the ball efforts that and and I know with the attitude of this group. It's a resilient woman and we're getting tested right now about about. I know this would have been unorthodox but was David available and -- so did you consider hitting him for -- against the left. No no no.

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