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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Dave O'Brien

May 12, 2013|

The Red Sox manager talked with Dave before the last game of the Blue Jays series. He said that the key hit has been elusive for the team.

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John thank you very much rainy day here in Boston Sox hopeful playing at finishing up the series and the home stand. John yesterday tremendous comeback by the ball club especially given the way that mark Burley had pitched early. And boy when you get middle Brooks on late in the game like that you kind of figure there's some magic and here today. Well we had a number of opportunities yesterday and that little bit of a trend that we've been going through here is it we create those opportunities -- that. Key base hit or two out base -- -- -- on has been a little bit elusive. I thought -- from the second inning on really settled in and became a very good -- stolen and Clayton and once again eight innings two runs allowed. But we come back to Kobe with a big trouble RB I triple we tied up in that eighth inning -- and then as you mentioned after the solo home run by -- is. On their side of the ninth inning. We get the leadoff double and I felt with three left handers -- against cancer and we have a chance right there to not only advance the runner but -- across the tying run and unfortunately as we talked about with minutes -- position we've -- -- a little late. Yet today it was a particularly dark days as far as that was concerned. Back to Clay Buchholz to mean yesterday goes eight innings you look up it's only two runs and -- you don't do this but sometimes the rest of us maybe a little spoiled and say. -- nice effort but that's two runs against a really dangerous lineup. Well it is and they can they can strike quick you make some mistakes in the blue plate they can drop the ball ball park well -- 456 different guys in the lineup so. Once again I think clay it's set such a standard or an expectation himself this year that when he goes six innings and gives up four runs against Minnesota. People start to wanted to what's wrong. And I think that's justice. That speaks volumes to the way -- pitched. I think yesterday you know he got a couple pitches up in the zone one Cabrera fisted a ball in those shallow left center field -- -- one base hit and then. I say it you know -- with the other base it off the in the back to right field for the two runs and and many think that they they basically scratched out two runs against them. You know another outstanding performance on his party goes deep in the game once again which has been a model consistency for his flowers and experts goes. There's always been good for you have obviously he wouldn't be the closure if they lead Hanrahan were both healthy but what are your thoughts about his performance. So far in that role very limited time but he gives up the home run yesterday. Yeah I think that's the biggest thing is limited one than one appearance and so we've. Had two guys -- down injury and and we named -- -- the spot but today you know he throws a breaking ball the doesn't get to the intended area turning down -- in on leans back foot he leaves that little plate yeah it's -- ballpark but. Still it's not a matter stuff it's more location with that one particular -- so. I think you know David until we get some. Further opportunities we see him in that situation -- will get a better read on but given the guys we have honorable and which we would we still have depth we still have experienced -- he's a got a combines that location typical location and overall power stuff to fit the role. Ellsbury had been scuffling quite a bit but he comes up with a big hit triple late -- -- -- -- you kicking around the idea may be resting him at some point if that -- continued John. Yeah and I and I think still continuing to to think about it we get down in Tampa we're gonna have Matt Morin and David Price the first two days and probably pretty good opportunity to give more of those days off. We've got tomorrow Monday the off day in and I think you know you take advantage of that if you can give -- second -- really kind of regroup a little bit gives legs back underneath him what would be. Probably the wise thing so. -- knowing that we've got those left hitters Campbell probably see some rotation a little bit that outfield victory might find himself and sent a field one of those days arms from Jonny Gomes and -- in -- -- vehemently doctors while also. We've got to stretch coming up after Monday I think of about 121 straight games so we're gonna have to balance and get that. Our bench involved dispels some guys on their feet. Finally a Mercedes-Benz question of the day for John trounced by David Ross the catcher is today. Who just got drilled a couple of times -- and in quick succession yesterday are you concerned about a at this point. Yeah we are in nor concern from the standpoint that as you mentioned you know he takes to felt tips right square and forehead and he wears a hockey style catcher's mask which. Doesn't have the -- -- -- around the forehead area. As a regular mask so that they they can deal with good reflections. Because -- there the way they're designed but when you take one flush. Straight on. It can bring your -- little bit and -- he's doing that right now we've got to go through some further violation of this morning so. Oh you know. Whether or not there's some concussion symptoms here that were trying to get the bottom of it and if there are. We can't take any chances with -- with this type of injury or these types of symptoms -- much like -- -- in the Stephen Drew a spring training so. I think by the into the morning here will have a better read. On -- status John things would like to dig a strong appreciate it sort of series went. Our question with the manager was brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz. Dealers and the new 2014. Visit MB USA dot com today. John.

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