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Minor Details Ep. 48: Mother's Day show with Garin and Raissa Cecchini

May 12, 2013|

Red Sox third base prospect Garin Cecchini's mother, Raissa Cecchini, had an unusual degree of involvement in her son's baseball upbringing. She was the primary hitting coach for him (and the Barbe High School baseball team), and did as much to help mold the offensive approach of one of the top hitting prospects in the Sox system as anyone. Both Garin and Raissa Cecchini discuss their baseball relationship.

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Welcome back to a special Mother's -- edition of down on the farm. This week seems like the perfect time to check in with -- -- in not just because he's off to an incredible start this year in high Salem. Sure the 22 year old third baseman was hitting 380 with a four Eckstein on base percentage in 667 slugging percentage to 29 games. Stupid numbers really that made him an easy choice. As the Red Sox hitter of the month and April. But that's not why he's on this week to -- comes from -- baseball family like few others you'll ever hear. He was a fourth round pick from by the Red Sox in 2010. But he would have been a first rounder in all likelihood if not for an injury during his senior year so he's incredibly talent as his brother Gavin. Was a -- first round selection just last year. Impressive enough. The two of them were also coached in high school. By their dad that also impressive but not not an extraordinary story however work that's really interesting is the fact that. -- -- involved in the two -- baseball upbringing was in was guaranteeing Gavin mamma re such Keeney. Her role in the baseball upbringing of her two young sons is nothing short of amazing and certainly bears retelling here so. Here's how guarantee Kenya described his mom's involvement in his playing career. Yeah means she's been involved and you know unlike other moms you know she was. You know -- around baseball you know why he might for years twenty plus years and she was literally not -- you know -- might -- she taught me it's a baseball. It's so weird because they. You know -- people acting like -- -- well reviewed it was in the -- It was rather. And you know. I think it is hilarious and it's awesome. I think -- -- huge part of what I am today in indicator and I am page there you know she's taught me every. Explain to me her baseball background how is it that that a mom becomes you know becomes. Hitting coach basically. You know she played for all of her life she is cute girl namely. But the into the radio business and retained in the sports world she played bass also so he's been around it her whole life and this is one of those things where you know she not became -- -- policy steady became a baseball that you are advocating. And you know we have over honored. No major league baseball players on our computer -- China -- swings are weighing in China. Pinpoint you know this was in high school and in the middle school you know trying to make our swing or replicate -- went to their -- and you know and she was a big part of that she was the main part of her father. -- is the main the main thing of what we didn't growing -- was just China. Factor swing in. Hitters like here Jeter. You know until hours stuff like that you know. And that's you know without the big reason why you know. You know I know so much about -- you know. So she says so your mom and dad basically created you know video like it was kind of likes green. Here's what man hours doing here's what you're doing -- Yeah yeah. There's an -- you know. Forgot what it's called. You'd be split screen you had -- I -- You know the top view of what you know and you'd use you can do this painting -- thought he needed a video camera and and video yourself and purchase up on the right side screen in its screen. You can be -- swings in you can pick them you know and we could see what he's doing what you're going. Just to their swing in and really try to inspectors going into what their -- it. Your dad is was the official coach at your high school it was your mom also an official was she officially on the coaching staff were has she'd just been. Essentially part of the program but without title. -- she was officially an assistant coach for twenty years -- bat. And they won national -- the year to get actually so I forgot -- -- but they've won national coach of the year -- the first and why ever. And my mom she's not on the Morse is it's kind of behind the scenes helps out you know it's so I don't know achieve what. How to be a part that when when we were there. She -- and essentially there and it's with the official. Assistant coach but she's there you know like every single day in this ground ball on the EP. -- is critical than ever seen Monty you know. What's her pitch mix like. What what's her pitch mix like in BP is CL fastballs there was a look how good -- a look at him. All manner location and -- right down the middle you know that's -- you want to be because it's the confidence builder or any topic Amman ET. Pretty much and I have a big -- -- hit it. That's -- -- the well and I don't want this to come off the wrong way but because it's so rare. You know it would it would stand out I'm sure anytime your team was playing against other teams. For for you to have a mom who was on the coaching staff. Was when was this -- topic of conversation with other teams. Did it yeah I mean was. And at at the risk of sounding somewhat fresh. Were there ever ever play jokes are you know was -- anyone on the other team ever say anything that offended you about your miles per station. Or was her involvement so impressive that there was never anything you know -- that it was always respectful. Yeah I mean. For the most part respectful. I mean because they respected her way. Wage are adding that she's helped bottle on so many haters you know comparable are high school in -- from opposing team. You know. The professional -- still actor a -- so that's certainly a great -- you see you know what I'm talking. Actually there. Well what you saw. It was him making out she knows -- couple quick let them -- what's. Because for the most part people respected there you know by. That it would be from another change you know make auto Rome. Whether they or make ornaments that came in you know. Everyone harking back to it and you know they got one you know. I mean it is they respected and now you know you know. Who is who's the more vocal coach your mom or dad. -- -- No doubt you know I think you have to be because he's you know in -- -- he's got to be the leader you know. In so your mom what was her coaching -- what what what is her approach to coaching. -- you know just -- you know. It. Are so long you. Live and let them and -- You -- -- there are gonna come you'd say they. Are hate. Year. You know that you too much you try to figure out and potentially. Roll over and you know. Where there ever times like where can you give an example of a time where perhaps you've got a little bit mechanically out of -- didn't you know she just. You know that that type of advice or the manner that she gave the advice how she -- to get out of that slump. -- -- -- comic elective you know I mean -- economies. In order for all the like -- report. Goal in the second baseman and that might have been the most frustrated been in she came in at eight. There are. Outside -- while. You know in connection that part that the that the bad. A charity it China it's packed inside part all right -- equipment it's kind of calm and collective. You know late at cheaper it. You know -- -- And it is really helps you know. Is she stay so calm under pressure like -- -- -- all -- for all. In my case in the debate. Ought not going on the outside part of well you know sounds so simple. Concentrate in the inside part of our. I'm driver the medal you know and it. It's sort itself unique. This sounds so simple like pension so all. -- That's -- respect so much talent as she's loving. You know she she helped me so much in baseball. You were a first round talent coming out of high school who went in the fourth round because of injury but still you know you the industry view view as being -- first round talent. Your brother Gavin was a first rounder what it was a first round selection in last year's draft. You're -- the head coach your mom is there is essentially the hitting coach. How much was your life your upbringing about baseball and how much was it you know how much. Did your parents kind of permit you based also just be like a kid growing up. I mean our -- work. Question right -- I'm not like what. Against all companies all I mean we not cancel and other activities. Based on the -- because. You know they -- an inland you know what you gonna do after based on you know narcotic preached patience so much in and you know get a degree. In X that are you know so. You know it's. 88 done wonders for me in my life you know. Vote markets markets aren't in the spotlight because she's a month -- backpack on the field which is there a need for it. Like that offered its credit her and there are mentally you know went up at that date in. They aired there are struck -- four times you know they -- there -- -- it. One of the things that struck me about both of your parents is that it seemed like they really placed a lot of a lot of faith in and trust in in you and your brother. If memory serves they they kind of gave you. And they they kind of wanted you to be in charge of the process when you're draft eligible. Back in 2010. Didn't didn't they kind of you know leave the final decision. About things like what kind of signing bonus Hewitt except. You know whether or not you're going to go to school or turn professional did today mean that more or less in your hands. Yes they do. Great question I mean they they did you know they say that your life here you know I missed -- -- you're out you know you know mom had. Vote at our lives very -- or nineteen years -- we made our own decision you know we need you to make -- as you start the -- we trashed. You know that's that's not so much out there but let me make my own decision. Sign in or not sign for it wanna go to college -- it -- it was opposite after baseball. He's -- college degree you know. Pop artists and that have to -- off. Based on the ground at my college degree in and move on and army in baseball you know rationalize it. That's -- and so much to say they trust me enough to make my own decision hasn't been in nineteen Euro. I'm not. High school you know now -- -- and -- -- during the professional -- also. You know they're working they can -- and then let me make my own decision. What is the nature of both of their involvement at this point in your in your baseball -- you are now in a professional organization you have. You know a structure that that built around you already. -- is to what degree do they remained. Do they remain involved to the icu for instance playing baseball. To what degree do they remain sounding -- both of them remain sounding boards for you as a as a hitter and as a player. -- -- Every night in the into the game on the radio. Every night actually watch on my LP GC every night that are actually coming. And art for -- We're six days. It's gonna be argued that they popped. Up in -- either seeing and it's not only about -- you know it's. And last I asked about baseball you know and I'll talk operational by. You know it I don't -- about baseball. -- -- -- -- Call on. Also. Talk about why now. You know. My girlfriend -- answer anything like that. It's. That's kind of a normal life with what's cool about it about. What about my second battered and two nights ago. Bill didn't really -- About the art of war -- That's a lot about it much Natalie can talk about. You know baseball. Our you know my -- you know not to talk about -- you know. I would be remiss if I didn't ask you a little bit about your about how you're actually doing this year we talked in spring training and -- You know you said that you felt like some things were starting to come together in terms of your often approached just your overall feel tempo for the game that sort of thing. You have been off to a spectacular start this year in Salem. What have you been feeling on the field in the batter's box especially that allowed you to have this tremendous start. Our -- -- in Europe and got it in -- that he went. You know distressing scene -- and art -- it's Ike Ike was packed and it's not just yet. You know. It myself and -- hitters counts just really trusting what I like it. It is the hitting ability but that's the biggest thing this year it's not -- had a. I don't think I've changed. My stance you know not and from last year just -- in myself. It's position that I can drive of the law. So -- there right there I think that's the big thing this year. It is interesting just because -- far you've now matched your home run total. You know you in in about a months of a month's worth of games you've matched your home run total of the year ago. When you talk about finding that pitched that you can back -- Has the consistency with which have been able to do that in different this year than it wasn't Greeneville to man you're now in a tough parked at the so it had hit them out and tough week to have them out in. And you do it. Has has just been a simple as like now your recognition of those pitches. That you can back in -- mechanical execution of the ability to backs and is different. Not pick up Richard it it. That the courts without pitchers that -- like. More mechanically down there more sound more mentally sound. And that's that's the biggest -- no means is the biggest development. I'm on the. On outside a lot less. -- Morse a alert and get better. If you agree here -- the great thing about minor. Last question I'll ask Mother's Day. What do you get a different what are you have -- in store for Mother's Day. I guess maybe have a good -- honor of my mother. You know great problem mothers out there you know like stay in and and to enjoy their day in in. I'm just thankful for Obama I think all -- there -- loving -- other kids in and being great mother's. You've now heard from Red Sox prospect guarantee Keeney. But this is Mother's Day let's talk to mom about how she became a central on field influence in their careers of both of her sons. How exactly did racist -- become a highly regarded high school baseball coach. Outlet in Asia Europe played eight and punch out and play. And then. I began. I went on the -- cut out. And I can't -- basketball. After. And McCain up to -- Monday. You know okay. It's in your -- okay. Eight spot in the OK but I think that our -- to -- that we actually. And that that could be unbelievable. And that's actually start. One. Coach and it is seventeen years. And we just -- that died in green and exactly how are actually got involved in coaching. Was there any hesitancy on your part because I mean for with apologies if if this is merely my own ignorance. I don't believe that I ever encountered any -- -- were coaching the teams have you know and doesn't mean Little League -- in replaying in -- probable I didn't advance beyond that by. -- for me it would have been a completely novel very cool experience to be short. Had I seen a woman coaching another to another team or my own team but. I didn't encounter when I was growing up. Where it had you ever seen that -- your pristine other. Other women coaching in the coaching boys baseball teams. I know I. I had a but I did hear -- that wanna cut that I'd like New York Nevada. And ask that. Now I have never met any women coaches around here for sure sure there are somewhere. But you know I also has the boys that they were up and it will. Five years old I'm too when they got -- I. Have been pretty much Bob Bennett and and you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it. They didn't and Bob and sometimes it made and the people -- comparable. The people that don't mean they respect me and they don't -- part time so it is not school. I agree entirely. When you were playing baseball what position did you play. Our act. Short. So what -- how would you describe bureau with what we're your primary traits your your best attributes -- a player. -- -- I think that well that you have -- you have one son who is drafted in the first round another one. Who probably would have been but we're spending injuries go I think that's -- kind of high bar to clear. Yeah I guess maybe not -- them as the best. I had really good hands and accurate accurate and so I think that was the best and -- it. It was when things that Guerin said was that doubt was that you. You served as the primary hitting coach had died bar high schools that correct. That is correct it's a lot of that action line. And that would start Cogent. -- product news. And that much but I you know the talk and the coaches might -- Arkansas and its top -- actually front. Our area so he didn't hit very open to sharing things with me so I really connected with you know really well. You know they're out like Chet Edwards are Iraqis. He's big he is making good route to and he loved video you. That's something bad that I let the the watch great shooters try to figure out exactly what they're doing. And then try to teach our own personal children and our -- What they're doing. You know I get kind of laughed a lot. Of people passionate -- and from that I enjoyed it a bit. Now you said that -- -- and her husband coached together for seventeen years so starting I imagine when when Darren would have been just you know just a couple years older though. And it did your did your involvement in coaching with your husband predate them the opportunity to coach your kids. Yet it did I was -- coaching with him before we act. And so. It you know they were. Actually net gear and you're in April when are we playoff baseball. And so I actually missed a playoff game because I haven't. But. I've made the next playoff game I actually sat in the dog. And my mother kept on Pakistan's. And she got out of the gap between every inning they should let you know he's okay. ED but whatever. He they've been based at her considerable both the -- got pictures of them about coaching Indians sleeping on the bench. The. -- when it went -- and people raised the notion of eating breathing sleeping baseball day they take it to a literal dimension. You're absolutely correct and that they'd they'd been a manner otherwise and now -- I -- wanna say that all the bad now because but by the sport it's like football basketball. And so -- Bennett -- -- but you know they've been around baseball -- August and that that's what we coach and that's what they know. And they were bad boys make it pick it up and get back so they've been around for a while. Hopefully no Darren baker incidents or anything where you had to pull them out of the way of of of someone rounding -- and heading across the plate. Now and then -- that but you know we can't the players pals make out like they basically took care is. You know so when out Cogent -- sergeant Derek. They were in the -- so an unbearable. Believe anything and -- -- -- -- into the bill. -- They seem to have but by all accounts they've overcome bad that laziness. And in terms of you talked about your kind of -- you're kind of the growth of your technical knowledge of of coaching. Can you describe you know what you did nor do -- in yourself as a coach. In to become -- because the idea that you were. That you were for -- in taking taking video entering split screen video of of -- with Joe Mauer is wild to -- I wouldn't have those resources available to me when I was coming up as a player. You know I was never good players that partly -- exit but. And how did you kind of describe your evolution as a coach and who and how you immerse yourself you know more deeply into. The -- on the technical aspects of inning. What right do you approach. I'm and that's where. Which all of the software and step that we can take the -- -- compared to yourself. And that and -- parents swing at a lot like you -- eat eat -- kind of opposite angle of the after. That angered Beijing it was an -- -- chatting simulate you know. That -- and a when you compared to choose. Swing through quite a bit of life now Mac and -- guarantee to chill out about it being spent and you can bet it's awful. What that program to be able to take. What your players can't okay Aaron I'm a silent. And think that that person or matte -- that your video up there -- go step -- that that step and see what they are at this point app where -- -- -- you know. So that that that was pretty. In terms of interns actually coaching them how difficult was it strikes a balance between being a parent and being a coach ordered to those who kind of mesh seamlessly. At didn't currently. -- the actions you know are boarded up our -- -- -- thing they get around. You know we're very driven people. And we wanna do things right. And how we do things notable. And both the boys are a lot like that they're learning to balance that out now. But. You know it's it's -- any anybody that ever has their own children understand it sometimes. It at home which is not good. And it where he appeared on. Both -- -- -- and then we didn't let that they're they're good. And that we didn't have very many -- a topic Iranian -- -- ever want to -- you know they go to the age groups where they want it and everything at them I think they know everything it and they live again then so. You know that's just part of life that kid growing up how they are in a teacher and coach actually that was a lot actual. But our boys it's that it was -- up from the coast. They're great he would they're great people and they always -- we've always wanted to do the best that pop so that's critical -- Talking to raise it to Kenya the mother of five Red Sox prospect guarantee Kenya and longtime coach at our high school. -- How difficult was it to strike a balance between their interest in baseball ends making sure that they kind of had. Rounded child and you know round -- upbringing. Acquired I'll be. I would have any other top. They -- -- lie and I feel that feel we brought out tactic to. Too -- -- power. To collect our boys Bob all the ways in which attracted. -- -- They'd get -- you know it's technically what they're they're built to be honest which is they're drink as they're really. But -- every year it will only be at Christmas time. We always as you know snowboarding -- California is a family we always get the time at certain -- the year ago I'd say well. You know and most of time I think most the time in the -- laughed about it is that we wouldn't do the work. Are we wouldn't bring our ball act well. And taxes because -- like. Let -- Christmas to California we had a partner that ball because our baseball season started and they had to leave it go. You know but at the end of the summer. While we get a break until enjoyed the beach enjoyed by right. Out and all of that now. You know we all right time to do. And that was the. Was it when did it become clear to you they're both of your son had professional baseball futures in front of them. On the other route and arrogant and the honor. To be honest. It's it's something that you had that yet and that. That's our professional baseball players when -- they're going to be that. Oh goodness. Probably. Probably got it high school and try to compare them to -- -- that you party at the coach that our professional already. You'd try to based on how they were at the same age unit at a cheap. And so once they had that chance ballclub our -- came -- and adaptable. The focus on one thing you know baseball. -- it like their freshman year era actually played freshman football but he gave it up next here just so focused on the base. You're you had an interesting kind of medical history with with Gary and if memory serves. Can you describe some of some of that medical history that you had with him. In some of the interesting and somewhat well known people that brought you into contact with. Cut. I think that it and Jane -- note by first name basis I -- that and as well but we Garin was in the school. He was quarterback on the football team and from the kid's backpack I'm very well so that the such as that checking to get over here. -- -- -- Eat -- that guy -- -- -- sure act like like in the form or injured toward the back and -- went to get a -- five alarm call me. Her old good net app and -- that it it. First that -- that we think he has the stinger. And that's what our trainer. And then we've got to wait like a week and we trapped roll out in the driveway. Or. And the tickets are out there. So we decided. That we -- Polycom. -- MRI done. And that doctor you're watching these two on. And so we called doctor injures and weird we're fortunate to build it again and that day that we all in Black Friday and Monday. Did mr. And what eight tablets that he got injured back and it tore -- get it in the and so. -- -- -- -- Actor and actors you really need is equal -- You pick the match packaging these. Talking -- try to take here away the -- we really can't even while we're at thirteen years old. Haven't -- surgery on a rotator. But now. So he didn't start drinking now cannot find and then his senior year. Catcher back in the game catcher backed debt. And try to get back in -- But again as we -- double eagle and a guy. But he. Was caught and that's for the guy acting on any track it back at odds and -- And again what we do we -- back Rangers. On the air. You know moment. Of course he told. Yeah it does make you know. We're fortunate they appearing at the and it was pretty darn cool because. I got to go and support the middle of the surgery and watch. Not your card operator of the kind of last. -- act like. Alert. It was -- to be watching. Think that was as pretty neat -- and then outlook and -- when he hit it. The break is it. And hospital within an hour now out. And. Or what you remotely like here you go again I'm sure. We don't distraught. And so. I need mob. A -- and coaching we're fortunate team in the -- at the and that. And I told the owner of the team that was not that Matt. -- -- what's -- did he get any object. Tripped up there and -- went on -- great innings streak in that in Maine New York in music player of the week and it takes a pitch like that Apple's. App that it can do it. And break it. Even -- directly here. He entered the bank which you know maybe. Mentally. The injury PE yet high -- Well it's interesting because you know it unclear which way you which way his superstition surrounding your visit would go and he you know -- as you point out he he went on a crazy out treat them all but -- the same time you know injuries so are you allowed to go watch him play. Absolutely I'm glad to see him on Tuesday. Cannot wait aren't seeing -- Tuesday and -- -- back Sunday ticket is not a debate. Arc and a grassy -- seeing an alliance. Can't -- At this point in his professional career and has the dynamic changed between. The degree to which you you kind of make yourself available as a coach vs the degree to which are simply. The mom and and perhaps more than you've. More than you had an opportunity to be when he was when he was playing junior high school program. A fan. Yes you know -- really probably a whole lot. Especially that their profession because they have there own people that critique him and tell them what they should be do. It is gay and amp -- -- what -- think they'll. You know I'm not gonna go up and it -- that I think he should do it. And they're professional now that's their job and the other -- that the coaches that are there and many years at their job. You know I like the mom -- now that's still make up for the off season. And they say OK that they come and need to work on work on -- October BP to you know have to -- ground ball well and you know I don't watch but -- You know it's just hard being the teacher and a coach right now the partners at all. But Summers went on in the Antarctic economic I'll try to do that not in my job anymore. Well the job and -- -- -- love and support. It they asked me will volunteer. If it -- think it was well. -- I'm going to give you a an exercise that may or may not be possible from the from the vantage point of a mother but you're also someone who's seen a lot of professional talent. Going through bar high school you guys have had something like nineteen draftees I wanna say a large number. From your program. -- Garret and Gavin for me tell me what they're what what you describe their tool that for me. And and how you've seen their their player development and growth over the last few years -- players. Opt out here compared. What he's around he's got -- demand that may use such a great Christian son. That moment he just can't imagine changing better look at those two boys are great. Aaron has it wrong he's a big -- he was then again -- well. And I'll get a -- last year but you've -- is pretty kinda pretty strong. -- he has tremendous base. Treatment -- got baseball instinct that come up a lot. And his fielding. But because I mean it's navigate -- in the practice before. Now and then you're playing your game -- trying to do it again -- 07 days that we you know you're gonna get back at just the fact. He'd always been -- It always. At that we can't let let it -- and he will barrel while -- powers getting better. And we always knew that app where it did not develop. Late this -- maturity and cynical why. And his powers and a common. That we always on here and don't worry about power and you know what they were -- About -- -- They had to remember it this year now. You gonna get more. In the I. Mean -- what else. It hit by the walk you know what -- not -- walks around. Acting right now. And now that final -- up team. Now and he's really really really. GAAP and not that the -- -- -- -- Yet you're still thinking that last year he got -- if I would. And the gap and haven't gotten better and is everything about gap is that. A pretty good yes we've. -- -- get mean and he meant to -- organizations. Kevin Morgan I'll -- actually is here's really yeah a lot is still. Really really. Cabinet is. Is that Aaron but. You don't need bases. Because Garrett Garrett picking it. -- apparently you can it would -- Haven't seen. -- more support him out on the best word acting UT not willing to take extra. But now you know he is getting getting -- yesterday. -- their -- again and it and makes and it sprang. But -- and yet people I beg your apartment. While growing gap has had more power -- Growing. At all like you know. Really opposition third shortstop a huge huge position. So as far as -- -- -- I'm. And it is huge leader. In the reader -- talk a lot ever if you ever meg -- -- -- -- of the talk. And since our people I think that is. After -- very awkward and wait thirty years. Your great. -- -- -- Gap in the morning apple C he he he worked all. That he's not real well trying to bring out. About it. You know it. Chris it's -- this has been there's been great import and I'd like to finish up without a final question what are your plans from -- that. -- Mother's Day. Hopefully will be within the state championship in the -- Louisiana. For the at a time. And the and the coaching career so. Actually wanna help Mother's Day with our non-GAAP and it was pretty cool. And hopefully this year between well we'll bring it back again that Rachel well. Will say you know but Eric Bateman and others there in the Olympics. It's -- at school. Are you are you still are you contributing at all as a coach on this team our -- stepped back now the -- graduated. I have. Actually get some believe an odd that can take after the two boys what I want to. I'd still involved quite quite you know behind the -- then. And working with their hitters on the side in after practice. The work that there infielders that. I do that that guy that did a lot of tutor so. You know it's it's hard to move on -- -- -- at that place now. It is okay I'm that -- Sounds like it's going to be difficult shoes to fill nonetheless race -- this has been great thank you so much and -- good luck going after championship number seven and then. Enjoy your trip to get a chance to see. To see Guerin played later in the week I'm sure that's going to be a great pleasure. How it how it applies in. -- Happy about the day I think some -- -- thank you appreciate. My thanks to Gary and Andreas which Kenya for joining down on the farm sponsored by being one advantage tire and service Steelers. Find a dealer near you could be one advantaged dot com. Thanks so much for listening and a huge happy Mother's Day to everyone out there.

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