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Jen Royle is joined by DJ Bean of WEEI.com

May 11, 2013|

Jen Royle and DJ Bean discuss the Bruins loss to the Mapleleafs last night and what it is going to take for the team to turn it around. With game 6 in Toronto tomorrow night the Bruins have the change to advance to the next round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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Switching gears now we are going to talk Bruins. Went WEEI dot com Bruins writer DJ beam. On the air howry and nice to hear from you again. Last night TJ. Honestly. What did you see in terms of temple from the Bruins especially in that first year. I'd died in the count oh yeah I mean to draft had great temple -- Bet -- -- -- the first forty minutes of the game but aside from that that that the tempo was. Well what once seemed at the other end of the -- mother and the right to the other one instead of the hole for a period not but it was it was. All Maple -- all the time and you know. The Bruins can fail they want that they were expecting them police the commode apart all. But I guess the next -- the next step in the process would be -- kind of counteract that paper the Bruins become a hard as well they absolutely didn't in. It's funny that. The game was won for the Maple Leafs in the final two periods given the -- but all sort happened but. -- -- the Bruins were absolutely lucky to come out of that first period scoreless and city take advantage of the break that the other goaltender gave them. It TJ -- on eighteenth -- hotline to -- yeah I dot com Bruins right there -- it was into it last night it's they seem like they where. We're at a crowded and it did help the Bruins at all on on home ice. I hate I don't think the Bruins need that the crowd help but my thought that in this series Betty -- Betty -- needed crowd to kind of willed them to victory it would be that -- police because. Don't forget the Bruins on paper at least start by far the better team I mean I think. I think that that the crowd was buzzing given that they came out of that first period tied in that it looked like it was going to be another. If the Brooke good to get into principally another -- in -- Like -- -- but like I said it. But factor in the crowd and for the Bruins nation needed they should've known that the Maple -- they're fighting off elimination in that thirteen that. Always talks about. How how challenging the schedule has been in out of and to get wrapped. The Bruins could have got Europe than it -- not to do it. 53 seconds into the game. The Bruins had the puck in their offensive zone. Play in what is her on the right is it appeared to me that their game plan going into the game was did you shoot every chance they got. I'm sorry I'm I'm not here you -- think he's again -- 53 seconds the first 53 seconds of the game the Bruins had the -- In there it in their zone. Why it disappeared that it it was deflated after that and what did Toronto -- right because it appeared their game plan coming into the game was did you shoot every chance they got grass. Oh yeah and I mean that that's that's the good point -- -- the team usually deputy CU's. View when they're behind in games which is. Pretty much let's not go for the best scoring opportunities. Let. Throw everything we can met this guy in. I mean yeah the games start soft side but when the police note they need. A wind -- bet I mean what they're after the Bruins they have a little bit more I guess they have ports our our. Offensively. Than the broad view it was just. But for everything we can't this guy and he would happen then that you -- credit. Hewitt started adding that both of those goals the first on cable -- shorthanded breakaway also at the and the other one partial breakaway off the turnovers so. Police do everything they could it wrapped in it he did everything he could within reason but you'd kind of looked up to drive by the bees. Exactly talked about that first goal after the first period Seidenberg. Talked about sloppy passing. And how the team has to get good looks down the ice that led to the MacArthur goal in the second -- -- in mishandled the boy chuck passed what did you see there. I mean. That. That that was the case support in the navy. Maybe take that as all right this is in direct -- it. Not not right on my stick and I'll be able to get to it and -- -- that by the time but that MacArthur had been picked it off. Their property to duplicate even if you turn on the carpet which he did this morning that it gave up ought not play. Then and MacArthur -- go the other way with speed so there was a dispute their -- I think important it is -- I'm actually in in the midst of -- try to get the thing that both the Bruin losses. In this series have in common besides the fact that they've coming home. Is that they've had poor defensive effort to that they haven't moved the puck well and at least on the carpet -- Talking with DJ being WEEI dot com Bruins right here in the AT&T hotline. DJ Tyler steak and a lack of our offensive production from him is this an issue at this point. Yeah I mean it's good. It's the Gaza -- more than I was -- it is sad part because all they at least getting a lot shot on net which. Canada and overrated stat because he thought onto the quality or opportunity. Marcia. Absolutely nothing yet -- are shot on goal last night and again. He said. Two points this whole series. The -- -- -- the only law goal that's been scored listed on the ice with -- -- goal in game two that's what they get going offensively I know that. Blend that line scoring you'd say yeah but they're even better that you give him credit or because they please against other teams top line that. They're they're such good defensive line between. 63 and 37 out there but. It is series like this when you have the -- you like going that you don't have much else going. You've had the third lunch open bits and pieces here and that that jambalaya and always on but. It's not the sort of offensive satellite or your lying on profit need that first -- like they're going to wingers definitely -- He -- step up more than they have they get the guys dominated the Maple Leafs. In his career and during this series and no points so far. Yeah may -- her last night we knew at some point we'd start seeing him pick up his game offensively. He must have that goal to tie it up it's. Police say he's coming into his own obviously because he's a veteran by a little bit different -- from him over the past couple games finally. I think with with him it's just a matter of faith in getting comfortable indeed the guy that he's playing with getting comfortable playing with them because. When you put your arm your younger on to a team with guys who likes the park. -- light like coming apart as much as he does I think guys who didn't. He makes up for what he's lackeys right now with. With smarts. That's not something that you just plugin and it works I know that his first game of the -- he got that goal. What is it. We're both -- -- abortion but. That was the goal that came off up -- -- it that way ahead of the guy I think too because. You just wasn't just of those guys that it seemed like he did it seemed like. He didn't know how fast they -- he did know what they brought the able though is that the learning process every line big Dodgers played on. -- continued right now with Chris Elliott urged her release so with it's a matter of him getting comfortable the other guys getting comfortable playing with -- and they have a one of their better games is trio left it sure. -- is a collective mood. -- was game last night. Disappointment frustration. Definitely. Mean. I mean the third period that you kind of -- of the earth with the Bruins. Yeah -- it's not believe the second period but in the third period. That's really what you saw that desperation like it it seemed probably they were trying to bundle elimination themselves so -- game they definitely. It was definitely. And overall like the united -- of the one that got away and that they've put themselves in the situation right now that they were really trying here really hoping to avoid but. If you don't particularly accurate such a cliche it operates sixty minute effort especially in the playoffs that you can't really count on winning. And what you did last night I was police. DJ being -- -- dot com Bruins right here on the AT&T hotline. DJ game six they have a chance to close it out in Tehran LB don't wanna game seven here and Boston anything can happen everybody knows that what they need to do in Toronto outsmart. I mean that they need to match their desperation if both teams are playing at their bath and you have to assume that the Maple Leafs play at their best because they're fighting -- organization. That the Bruins will win because it is the better keep on paper they're deeper. Toronto only has really 1% to carry. But if they come out thinking yeah. There's only -- seven. Are back in the but the ball just yet then they'll lose and it's as simple as that they've been able. With band -- crowd they've been able to overcome all these days. It can't push that the last minute like we've done with everything you'd -- I wrote after being or I think would -- yeah during game five that the Bruins and a lot of cases this year. Point to the it to division Lleyton he's advocating stretch give it to them. You can collect all the blown third period lead they had they haven't made it deeper than that people when they're at the chip. Now the rest they won't have gotten have been one last -- though the window. But they can still avoid a game seven where I mean this thing goes to game seven that absolutely dead and we think it happened. Yeah the brewer the the better team but eighteen to dwell on any given night so they need to get that it that there has. And prevent that happening tomorrow night. -- are up 31 hour hearing words and phrases that they have to match their desperation Bruins are desperate for a win. DJ being covers the Bruins you can hear his -- read his work on WB -- dot com DJ thanks for your time. Back with your phone calls after this short breaks excellent sevens and 7979837. General Sports Radio Debbie.

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