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Jen Royle is joined by Jim Duquette from Sirius XM's MLB Radio Network

May 11, 2013|

Jen Royle and Jim Duquette discuss the state of the AL East including the impressive Baltimore Orioles and the shocking Yankees. He also shares insight on the Redsox closer situation and the overall status of Redsox nation.

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Yes it is good -- and boy who you. I know they want bad blood of one what -- Smart -- -- like that they're used. Sport generally old phones Sports Radio WEP. -- -- Sports Radio taking her. Call 6177797937. Give us -- -- talk about today's. Red Sox lost to the Toronto Blue Jays greeted to. Right now are gonna talk to. MLB network radio baseball national baseball analyst Jim -- Jim thank you for joining us. All right and good Harry. Are right let's get right into it it's -- it's been a tough week here in Boston especially with the Red Sox. I'd talk about David Ortiz your thoughts. On the allegation. Or the speculation -- the idea honesty here in Boston Globe were they fair. Your thoughts in an awesome really what you heard in your baseball circles about the situation. Well I didn't think it was here at all actually. Take an act in by site that lot of questioning by his. It's -- it's of people I've spoken to that there's nothing. There's there's nothing out there and I read the article is not out there about David Ortiz -- You know -- -- come at a it is on their own personal agenda that the way I looked. And so. Now I've -- in my opinion -- in my opinion practical -- I think the right thing to do. I actually thought Courtney did act which -- you're not an article at. It was I'd you do get a rebuttal to do it without saying there are well I mean are there are plenty of players to players on. On -- -- run. Thank David as poor poor eight period I that you -- three week period are for a weaker that it. I knew that but shame the shame that we you know this time. You guys they don't want it a nice little run there are currently or even pitching -- And we are blamed puppets like it blame. -- ports like a pop culture haven't except. You know what you got a -- spot since it's. I think we've reached about pathetic state were out there accusing people saying well -- -- Oprah. Well Jim I you know I -- this earlier when it opened the show. Unfortunately for me my opinion I think that's just really the -- that we're living in right now in baseball's when you see a guy past their prime. You see it guy you know this not out of the ball. 37 years killed coming off an injury is sad in general that that's the first thing that we think of where that people think of is is not hate this -- has been working really hard to get act. But the first thing they do is think about TDs. Yeah yeah and I I agree yeah I think I think. When we're looking at -- talking about -- review we we talk about it worry too much for Whitman -- -- by the way are using it a lot more. I just look at the NFL and in the know the number of players that but but. Nobody ever talks about it in there are very rarely in the -- brushed over it. Is it and you know I get I get the fact that in a baseball -- -- -- understand that but but. You know I've got like eight poppy when we'd all he does it -- I mean these are all eagerly done. Is it the Red Sox acquired so so. You know what I hear I understand each question -- -- but it but rarely. When you're on I think I really think that that says Ortiz is eight. Policy either eat a future hall of Famer and from the perspective I don't think it's unusual for those top players the top 1% of our game. Even when they get to 837. Would be by the united outside court he did a good job of pilot in just a -- got so. And also what it is warmer. I have a lot more seats in the drug testing program in general then Indymedia and -- are other people so. There -- other people that are cheap chair at there are. You know what their kids -- on -- -- apart from that and then back when it allows in the front office with that. Tuchman didn't do cat MLB network radio former GM. Of the Mets and Orioles closer situation here and Boston has. Has really been a mess over the past couple of weeks as you know until Hanrahan opting today for Tommy John surgery. Camera Red Sox rely on Andrew Bailey healthy Andrew Bailey. No I went on how I mean I love indirect that you -- there it closer. Yeah I mean he. When he's healthy yeah you -- our problem here. At certain times. Out this year way to -- and -- -- and now. You're acting LP. I think you're gonna be concerned about again. I don't think. You've got to keep in alliance for the rest -- and so it does. Update the question whether they do. Lost today. I think he's capable. Of a part time older but I it it's. Right now if you start to look at that need that the Red Sox I think it's one area where I never really thought it would be -- and I think it is. Is now you know we looked at it in the bulk of strength. Now all of a sudden it looks like. You know it's it's a little bit in disarray that happened. The guys back and people like and really that's that's what happened but I I wouldn't at this point. Be counting on -- to be able to dale or C. Well I -- Ruben Amaro junior the other day if he was willing to give up Jonathan Papelbon and sent back to Boston and he replied yes. And I'm guessing he was joking because you know Rubin as well as I do but when you look back at them getting rid of south Obama's at a mistake. Well you know I know what they're trying to do and and you know I think that they're so Ottawa -- -- was close you know on the decline -- -- -- that sort of a money in and they felt like -- it go and and -- you know elsewhere -- think -- think that though the one thing that and I think the reds are moderate a great job in their player from. This this spot he's. Hired in the he's the last couple -- record was spot that but I. But do you think that Papelbon -- news that he can handle Boston in the handle the ninth -- at the corner even. Apple -- and it you know 80% 88% state rate. Rather than 95%. Rate was plenty good enough impact that it was worth keeping him there but -- now now and yet. I've got to be a great job trying to cover up for that that would that would Bailey and that wasn't an app -- they've made a lot of other mistakes after they decide. -- that we can go back and talk about Bard moved to go to start but it at all -- -- battery act. They're career track record this you've been much much matters so I I would definitely higher degree of confidence that they can find somebody. Outcome in full time as the colder once once teams start decide to move moves over the bridge. Jacoby Els and we'll talk to Jim Duquette and -- B network radio former GM of the Mets and Orioles national baseball analyst. Wanna talk to the Jacoby -- there in the sees that he's having again I understand it's only may eleventh by. You know looking at the job that he did a couple of years ago when he lost that MVP just for a Lander which I totally disagree -- might I add they have there -- -- -- it's called Cy Young. Daddy entering today's game batting just to 614. Home runs and RBIs. Surprise. As the rest of us here -- and that will be Els Gary again in his contract deal with that with that agent Scott Boras and he's not playing better. I'm a little bit yeah I mean I I don't know you know that touched so many different health issues that I didn't view him. It you know a couple years of that and he keeps that knows it was one of those career where -- that you have and and -- I didn't. Really view him now think the met him majority scouts -- seen him play. View him as a 31. You're in Europe. You know you know -- more and out liar and a start the look at and that that fifteen to twenty -- For install base that party that when he did not get big steals bases -- -- 8% of what you look for. I think he would find time to recover. In play well I expected the play well. And if a guy that got a surprise you'd done done well so far been victory. -- played aptly. The lot loved in that spot spot in the ghost you guys have been you know early on as -- the upset when their. I agree. Talk about the New York Yankees to him what is how how many how are they doing this without your ride Jeter to -- and Anders. Can't bet against those guys. That you can't. Can't forget about you you cover them and the so you know what -- -- -- -- they have they have built muted first officers are good meters which is a huge part of it. But it also have a major weapon that most teams don't -- there. Yes it's Rivera -- might. Operate that that they were talking. -- wells. You know when it Cashman was trying to get a six or seven -- partly to wanna pay the money that need to look important and all the sudden it gets hurt. All it looked -- the money by your biggest they can change their mind and there are -- -- -- being -- get players that bulky can't. And you know I think wells well I think it's surprise a lot of people but. Travis. Actors also has surprised a lot of people you know bank might hit it separate and their pitching is what Medicare and an accurate. Right in -- mean what did you Vernon Wells Travis Hafner and Lyle Overbay are carrying -- -- yankees are now. I mean you know and and and and can no of course yeah -- But that is what you're hoping -- furious and stay around 500. Dull. Until those guys came back -- -- share -- and came back silly like came back here. And their plan out what a lot better than I mean there is going to be trio fourteen rates. And in the east and Iran so you know with the exception the last couple -- -- would -- -- they're not gonna be back I still don't think they can that far out of it. Near the -- and I think in the outcome it's on right to implement. I was speaking of those other fourteens Baltimore Orioles Mateen you're around the majority of the time. Can they stay where they are what are they doing right. Another thirteen. I mean -- that statement went out and word of spring training there are two teams that -- that I thought -- people were undressed and those Boston ball. All the Baltimore. -- You know their offense. You know it's lacking one -- but balked on the -- out a match they're pitching. It's just ordinary sort battered by their defense. It is. Well above that to make soup kitchens that look a -- that the bullpen it's. Is one of the strongest Q so you know again we -- pitching and yet he -- that the good combination and that's what. What I advocate a -- one guy I you'd give him a little bit of love actually is is that they're based -- any which a story in your old a couple of stat of the day at 84 gains he's lady fighting it now. Its first -- fort Gaines is number home runs batting average RBIs doubles are better. At the same point that that might travel. In bright proper work through their first eight -- an -- sent out that he'd been at this point in any then you know plus defender to. Let's give our fans that they relied on him for the past five years in and waited for the day he gets brought up to the majors. RA you alluded to a -- are you and I talked before the seeds in you took the blue jays to win the division. Do you wanna take back. Oh I don't idol I -- full -- it's a you do do overs -- -- -- typical I got to stick -- -- like oh my bet they expect that that you did I -- belt and they. There's today. I really did think they elect today but you wouldn't shortstop -- outside I think 45 this plays by and during the court during that while -- has been out. An that you that you don't have good about the defense is up -- all -- and you could be at first decision caliber. All. And you know luckily early pitched well -- made -- look like still early but pub -- yeah well. In -- yet pitch count them on the Yemeni at a bunch of problems right now. It doesn't seem like big about it so. I I AM I would love to do it do over about one in hindsight but I yeah I don't think -- I like gave -- the chance to take another team in the division so -- took the blue jays are sticking with that you will lose. And I love it and I will love what Tim did get an outing network radio things your time -- are again -- Sports rated WEEI still taking your phone call 6177797937. Week I'm going to break in a -- come back. In a few minutes after the paper and it's acted DDB -- which toppled ever anti about the Bruins last night what happened and that. Game five loss forcing a game six in Toronto tomorrow night DJ being WEEI dot com Bruins -- coming up next after the break.

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