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John Farrell postgame press conference

May 11, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference

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Yep both guys settled in and pitched extremely well on both sides in seemingly after the second inning -- really settled into a very good rhythm. As we know he works extremely fast. Live on the -- all game and other than in the third and fourth inning or they fought off a couple of pitches on buck. Cabrera with one base that. And once again you know they -- settled in and threw ball exceptionally well. Now that the 22 pitch the breaking -- those and get to the back -- that was intended to one on land for the sole run in. And then and in the bottom of the inning we have a chance to lead off double and and Jensen. Tire left handers ups and -- -- there's just a handful of runners on base early in the game are you sensing frustration in your batters and got -- -- runs across the plate early. We create and continually create opportunities for selves. Multiple times multiple innings and yet there there's little frustration but I can't say that's causing guys to come out of their approach. Have to give credit words do and and early. Made a number of quality pitching guys in scoring position. Was there any thoughts of bunting true. There. No because with the -- up there at a minimum the tomorrow take the bat out of his hand you know he's he's been drive in runs in this month it's been in pretty good place. Even if he pulls the ball on the ground it's gonna serve the same purpose. To move a runner over a minimum I'm unfortunate that to a cutter got it gets up and in and and he -- and for the infield pop up but. But with the three left handers come it'll take three shots. With that though over the course -- couple weeks. And just -- it. It is -- in different. -- No not not stuff. You know he's been as powerfully as had good secondary stuff with the exception rather the 22 breaking ball the doesn't get to the spot them. He can refer back to a 21 fastball he threw try to go down a way to tinker not shown for home run up in Toronto but. It's not been a matter of stuff. Still location is going to be the key in in any situation. -- -- -- Right now. -- that they're the middle or -- -- order. You know. They have a presence in there they've they've been productive and unfortunately that I can drive in runs every single day so. Although there's there's nothing to overlook -- that. It is what you see from playing. And what he's. 08 innings two runs. Is a very good day and as the game went on he got into a better rhythm became much more efficient. Was down -- Mazzone. From those middle innings on through the eighth more consistently so. A very strong effort on his part against that.

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