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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Dave O'Brien

May 11, 2013|

The Sox manager talked to Dave before the middle game of the Jays series. He talked about Jon Lester's fantastic work in the first game.

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Okay John thank you very much and John have you run out of words to describe what you saw last night from Jon Lester and it's not a shock to you but. What a performance you'd have to say the best pitching performance by -- such start this year. Well it was very -- there's no question about it and yeah I mean if there -- games that you can rank you know we've had a few that have been put so far this year primarily between heating Klain who fortunately -- golf course here today but. I think the one thing that really stood out to me last night is that he had his feel for change up. Right from the first pitch of the game last night and really establish some very good rhythm early on he got some early outs and that always builds. Not only relaxation and confidence in the starter on a given night and and he continued to carry that through the forma -- last night it was it was really fun to watch appeal. We quick outs too early in the game how much did that help of it helps anybody in any given the way he was able locate almost a two strike locations early in the count which against their approach which is very aggressive free swinging. It gave him the ability to have 67 and eleven pitch innings switched if you look up after three innings at the -- thrown maybe thirty pitches. And that just sets up. The game -- sets -- the remainder of the game for him to go deep. And then when we got a little breathing room with a -- seventh. It really opened up that kind of let him go out and continue to I don't wanna say cruise but pitch. In a comfortable pace through the former enemies work. Your baseball fan too so are you sitting there as he gets into the sixth inning with two outs realizing. No one's touch first base yet he's got a perfect game go all everybody everybody was well aware what was going on but. I think the one thing that really stood out was you know couple times you get it just got to 32 count. And the quality of the location in those 32 counts where you've got to make a pitch he can't just. You know just think about arm's gonna throw the ball over the plate somewhere he was still pitching the quality locations it was used as cover and 32 counts. And I think the the mound presence he gave off in those situations. Fully aware of no hits or nobody on base and pitched out of the wind up the entire time. He was still very relaxed and and and just in a good loose frame of mind out there really look like an east in the look like a number one that's what a number one's supposed to look like. Well it is and and not only just by their mound presence but. The the performance in the numbers in the zeros that are going up inning after inning but I go back to that those previous start in Texas if you look at the first three innings he pitched against the Rangers. Reminiscent of the nine innings last night then about that fourth or fifth inning that started to get a couple. Pitches up in the strike zone there was a note to Carter moral and he hits out the other way for the solo home run in any got to 32 fastball up to cruise and hits after the two run homer. But I think what he was able to do last night was take that work that he and wanna been doing between those previous starts leading into the Texas series. And really establish a further and carried it through those nine games last night. The other thing I thought and I haven't seen anybody relief center on this year it was John a couple of calls could have gone his way a couple of strikes that were. Borderline or maybe actually strikes they weren't called strikes he did not get upset at all about. Well I I guess we could say it's about time and and I mean that light heartedly because it's an area the John has been very conscious of he's worked hard -- -- You know maintain the composure maybe walk back up the mound and let out the frustration looking away from home plate. You know and that will be an ongoing thing from every player's got an ongoing. Inner battle that they deal with an and that's perfectly natural but I think the one thing in his position. Is to not be able to show it or not showing on the mound and and put it behind him go out and execute that pitch and that was certainly case last night. What a great luxury a great advantage for the Red Sox to come off of that performance with Clay Buchholz who has not lost this year. Well you know that that's where you you start to look at the strength of the rotation and really feel like even though we've had and some spotters on the way. This is a rotation and I feel is is strong when it's deep. When you back up last -- performance as you say what -- today and -- you followed up with Dempster on on on tomorrow the final game of the series and we went to Tampa where John -- lead things off the way he -- out of his last start. Now we start to get through this rotation a couple of times -- one continues to feed off the other it was as was the case in April. And we're gonna need it obviously no one's going away in this division so where our starters take this will be a key. Finally a Mercedes-Benz question of the day for John Ferrell Johnson -- will little Brooks actually swung the bat really well the last couple of days lot of doubles. But there's a report that he's playing with some separation of cartilage in the rib cage can you talk about that. Well I don't know if it's necessarily. Cartilage that's been separated I will say this he has been examined thoroughly multiple imaging tests have been done cat scans X ray MRI. And he had a pretty severe collision when he David Ross collided on a pop up the other night. So when he slammed the wall there's a contusion that takes place and what happens is protectively the muscle spasm a little bit so. In the course of a spasm. When the image was taken place it might show that a -- has been moved a little bit but to say that they're separated there's no fractures there's no cracks. That's repeated. Wills playing with little to the soreness. But by no means are we putting him in harm's way and they want it if you feel a little sorting of a couple of doubles every night we'll certainly take that but. There will grind it out he's fine in his way -- in his first full year in the big leagues and he's handling this in and it is good a fashion as he could but more importantly he who he is not in harm's way if he where he wouldn't feel. John -- good luck today -- strong thanks appreciate it. Our question with the manager was brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers in the new 2014. MB USA dot com today. John.

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