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Joel Hanrahan pregame regarding his surgery

May 11, 2013|

The Sox reliever talked to Alex Speier and reporters before today's game about his decision to have season-ending surgery.

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Soon after. You. Decided. The in you know after talking of the doctors here thought -- to see -- This is confirmed we you know with the doctors here. Did surgery very much flexor tendon. It's. Some that. Afternoon doctors here are some prepared for it because. We reaffirm those -- It's good for the next week in this process. The you know food. -- -- -- -- decision to make and then after talking with him as he walked in the arm touched it -- Yeah there really wasn't a decision. I think the -- are privileged Colorado. Of the boats. It was a really the decision is this matter what kind of surgery it was going to be and that's announces that the that the -- here. And -- -- it's -- an excellent -- you know to viewers could be you know not as bad that. -- right now. Yet though with the new look at that when he's in there. You know on memorize that was pretty. Obviously don't want to speak. So is it going to look and see if that's if somebody's. Done or not let him as as of now it doesn't really. Bill Clinton and what's his size honest about that idea. It. Well absolutely it's only an insurgent go to. Particularly the flexor -- this kind of anywhere -- six to nine months grade. It's. Kind of 67 months for those of experiencing. On the -- times. Thank you do everything it can't be good -- -- -- That yeah. Yeah I mean you know to me like -- relatives are here these guys that are doing these days and the programs that they have. You know surgery but -- -- them than I mean you. It's kind of like. They're so good at their -- we. Because takes a lot of the worry out of everything in. It's -- for the program that they have -- -- you know you know it. It was a picture. Where. It's it's hard to say really. It's. Felt that I dealt with before then that's -- very good. Sometimes does little sort of done here they're -- This those are that was. So that was great my velocity and -- -- is finally. Because of progression that is. You know. You know it's still pretty new so we have got to that point we're just -- Notion -- -- that he doesn't win and Laird and what's gonna happen after the you know hopefully you know Doug -- -- You know try to fill the fans here you know we're kind of picture really. You know this is -- kind of middle Washington. You know notes that oil wash though. -- Stewart takes it from there. -- -- -- Yeah. For that matter did the surgery should -- for next week and you know the movement as well. The answer right. Three. Just got back late last night so. Is. Usher who also a little. Floyd is -- -- It's. These guys -- preview what it is -- them not to worry about it. It is -- educated. Hopefully next -- -- time. I think -- Toronto right now we just hockey game this -- is something that you know it's. -- that it would it would. Now. Document that is coming out with. -- So. -- and others who know they lost their lesser offense hit. We'll just you know instead of four -- could. None tested positive in you know look look at the right side of the Hillary haven't. You know trying to get better pictures and so it's like it's going to be here. It's yeah.

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