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Mustard and Johnson -- No Player is Safe from the Almight PED Question

May 11, 2013|

The always cynical Craig Mustard says no player is safe from questioning PED use anymore. LJ says he can't watch sports and feel that way about the athletes he is watching, but Craig thinks every athlete is under scrutiny at this point.

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6177797937. AT&T tax line at 37. Nine 37. -- -- in the 50 wait Larry says after 2009. When Ortiz could hit the ball off but today. I think Ortiz is something PD's also very advanced easy to hide another -- -- 781 says guy don't be so naive the masking agents far ahead of the tasking. There is no risk to these players and all they can get tested over all her. Dexter in the five white says -- every year we hear our team is talking about his contract. He's got a huge ego and no surprise. He's under scrutiny about PAD. Is at the -- I should say in the -- one says this was a win win for Shaughnessy. -- -- for poppy poppy a stunk up the joint the Sox wasted their money pop starts that's wrong. Then it's APD. Issue and I think that was the basic complaint that Ortiz had in the first place but again. Why is -- China's he writing articles and on Ellsbury. Is -- berries name on any now lists of suspected steroids or identified -- now. You -- all the years that he had when he hit over thirty home runs and he was on a roll right now you know then they introduce effective ever going to be doing testing. What differences may do you are right out from that -- -- Dan Shaughnessy and you're playing to write a column on. And you are suspecting. -- someone of PED -- all right in spite of the fact that tests indicate otherwise. Which player would you most likely cast suspicion upon our feet 3738. Years old certainly he's 49 -- I'm proud about what you next -- going to be because that's. It again. I do think is the is that textures have pointed out. I honestly and truly I -- just waving hands up and say oh well and it's becoming baseball's becoming like football and the like. You don't you don't -- you don't think you don't care if he's just let's just play the game because it's it's too much to keep track of in the fact of the matter is the the program that PEDs and -- labs and everything that did doing this so much money at stake. If I can make a four if I can make Friday million dollars I would spend a million in a minute to have a chemist come up with something new. We're not that chemist there was working for the step into at what. I liked as it is it is the -- of using it and even 617. 7797937. And Lawrence you're an expense -- radio IA guy. -- guys telling you do aren't got a client. I totally nude Ortiz doubled as the dead silent call. I'm cold because I think these guys are really missed the boat. The quality of our starting rotation you keep talking about follicles. And Lester they're terrific. But Lackey adapter that is very very well. I -- you I could do Bryant who came metal a lot of shape by Vizio only when I've requesting a little bit. I agree with you I think Dempster in the -- and not getting enough credit here I'll take the blame for that I just looked at the the sparkling star finally dominant performances -- both those guys we know they're capable but you know for whatever reason may be Bobby Valentine who knows. On May be the the after effects of the chicken and beer fiasco. Those guys really struggled. All last year they. Talk about the two guys the top of the rotation and so I what I did in his. OK I know you hear go yeah when it happened my only point. That you guys talking about -- and Derek -- Lynn you know how to -- and they won't let way. But they can have a located -- survive the usually get four really good starters and nobody else look. Know what I was still and I I I guess it may be misled. What I did is compared those two great seasons that low. In Pedro had -- winning twenty games. They have the wild card back that'd have to obviously -- somehow or another in spite of that went to twenty game -- not one that's. It's fun once in all of baseball these days at two on the same team. And not make the playoffs. Was amazing you know what that scenario could repeat itself. -- the only Adam the only problem. Is the only problem that you bring up that I agree with now is his strongest. I thought the bullpen most the strongest coming out of the gate but I think the starting pitchers I agree with you I think lacking in in Dempster I don't think people appreciated how much how effective they've been. But now winds that -- at Kohl's now that they're having trouble with the calls there's. Yeah kinda losing on the back and because you now you've got to move to is our op. Your -- you got to figure out you know you hit another with everybody has the move down the -- now. We you have a stronger position before nine you gotta start using people in positions that you hadn't planned on. No question about that but again. If these guys. Can avoid injury and of course that's Libya. I think in August September. You can see Lackey and and -- -- it's accelerating. Which obviously helped -- on the back and I agree you as a -- area and have people. And I just ask you this quickly be you mention of the -- beginning you -- you agreement Ortiz what did you agree on. I hate it can't get into -- and got. What nor can lose first look is that slowly -- -- because hot. Get to view. A few line drive hit the post subsidies and there. Google he would extend best the other day marquis. In April has been lucky. Those that have found holes. Now he's not so little -- hitting is is. You know a couple of days. They've got and withdrawn is kept in the volatile people are -- fine I think he. Agreed that. I'm because do you know what they did but it's because I've got to slow get and that is that I really want him right. But if you're not doing anything crying I was at Home Depot yesterday got about ten bags of mulch and a woman she's that's how I -- -- tenth. She's not laughing she said that finite pressure. And I said trust me at my age I'm glad that I need do is get arrested for shoplifting and we started laughing but the point is if there's nothing wrong. And I don't care she stands there and count them if David Ortiz his case. If from work and our dollar and I've come back in better shape. You can ask -- question it doesn't bother me any because I am. You know I'm feeling good my question would. Why would anybody wanna lift an expert wondered who back the alternates it's tough I -- -- -- -- it's a tough act that you should see my right put them on the wagon to move -- Six. I I don't know where to go out there except -- is the next day he's radio. Hey al-Qaeda. -- -- -- before you start attacks are asked when he rod comes back -- -- very goodwill Shaughnessy write about him. Now but maybe maybe it would go well on how about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rob maybe he needs to Carlyle why is Jose Ortiz ironical. You know what kills me about that every mile. I'm one of the key -- into -- like Ortiz and I mean I respect the guy. But every time he opened up the -- he makes he makes himself look -- where were -- complain about constantly complain about RBI. He is always complain about what they are not you know what debut on the list -- All right -- -- went okay and we're still waiting for the chemists they're -- getting to the bottom of this have bigger what happened. Still working holidays and yell -- You know what they're all out brawl but it's something I would. Every -- meant that when a man so is everybody doing it is Jeter and Rivera doing it. Well it. Larry at the way I believe now and I used to believe that you know there are clean but now I -- I go to the belief that they're all doing -- that. Right Obama to try what is now -- news and world. But I -- small ball what has happened in the world. I don't I don't think the -- doing out that you could do it but. Don't know. There's not a very strong and to say you you really think we're very Jeter or doing something. I don't know I can I do not. I do -- This is but Steve I really -- -- -- articulate Steve let me articulate this for you -- Larry can understand it. We all now would would not be shocked should grand. To know that they actually did do something at one time we would be I don't think we are anymore would that -- -- are correct statement makes. The epidemic so it now cartoon about the gloom broadens our. -- Realistic separate. I'm tired of hearing about all this stuff that you hear you know it it it. All right there's so every time -- turn around there's something that comes -- baseball you know the umpire situation that happened this week. And I was delightful. Isn't a home run a resident. -- -- Can hide who couldn't get the picture we'll wait and make -- You know don't to you know look at the governor at the line this week you'll love this state -- only get three guys in the world to the other to do it all the rabbit -- -- There are -- they have a good week by -- crowd violence 79. 7937. I think Steve sums it up for me. -- my fingers all these guys that we have looked at looked to be baseball idols. Blob of ray couldn't possibly be involved in all this morning or immorality. Now I think everybody has the pain with the same brush no one is in me as shocking as that. -- intern who watch in effect cheating because everybody is competitive everybody wants an edge that's the nature of competition. Were not morality play we're not trying to win the -- commercial humanitarian award we're trying to play baseball. We're trying to get --

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