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Mustard and Johnson on Shaughnessy vs Ortiz -- Was the Infamous Column From Dan Fair to David?

May 11, 2013|

A hot topic in Boston and around the country has been Dan Shaughnessy's column on David Ortiz in which he lists a variety of reasons for his suspicions that Papi may be using PEDs again. It has been a polarizing issue for Sox fans who don't like to criticize the popular player while others have suspected Ortiz for years. Craig is siding with Shaughnessy and says he was just doing his job - he was questioning which is what his job entails. We get caller reaction on the issue as well.

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Mean we we have it we have a team that's. You know business and fancier or -- means -- we -- that's really tough game. And so but I don't I can't really your call anything ever being easy you know offer for any team you know I guess at Windsor. Difficult to get this time here and they they have to be. Earned and I mean she just you. The association of match a team to be gonna gimmick guys. -- -- -- couple holes it is very. Stuff to -- center. That is a Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference he had a role -- -- spotting of you -- -- the blue jays the Maple Leafs a goal he was the guy that. Gave up the puck on the power play just when it looked in the second period halfway through that period that the Bruins are about to get some control of the game and perhaps even go up he gave up the pocket -- -- scored. And that was pretty much yet as far as the Bruins for concern couldn't get out of the -- came out flat as Larry Johnson. Opined to the top of the show sew up the Toronto. May police Bruins game number six tomorrow night. And they'll wait of course the winner all of Washington in the rangers' most likely of Pittsburgh does manage to close out the islanders which has not been. -- easy test to -- released because they do re seed in the National Hockey League unlike the NBA by village CA that. Heat and bulls. I did shouting match last night game I still can't get over to our corals and the fact that he's. Cleared by the medical staff and he's sitting on the sidelines in his suit me warms up before the game and every being -- -- I don't know how he come back to that team next year but that's another story about one guy who did not come out flat. After coming back from from from an injury has been David Ortiz he -- on fire. I'm hitting for average hitting for power. So Wednesday. In China C decided to go now to Ortiz and an approach from and is marker. India started asking him questions he says the number of players from the Dominican Republic have tested positive for a story injuries to the Achilles tendons. Are consistent with steroid use is it natural for a guy to hit 426. Out of the gate without benefit of any spring training. And the debate is the -- show honesty out of line. For. That type of question today. Well I I think gets it in front according to the Red Sox -- are tardy was out of line. Asking him that sort of a question. As a matter of fact. You probably. Have seemed to have not. Tom Warner called -- question of whether Ortiz abusing drugs to enhance his performance by Shaughnessy quote. False. Inflammatory. -- basis. I should we not speak out and insist upon solid journalistic standards. And not stand by complacent Leon's silently lamenting the car roll version that -- advocates -- necessarily. About. The issue itself but his larger. Larger philosophical questions asked about the state of journalism. How dare Dan Shaughnessy as a columnist and reporter. Ask questions that lets face it nobody. Outside of New England are asking if you're watching David Ortiz at age 37 coming back from Achilles heel surgery. I hitting the ball better than ever without benefit of spring training. The numbers going up instead of down at 837. And we are just coming off. A besmirched. Era. In Major League Baseball where everybody is question is somehow or another guy that was on that 2003 list is he immune from. I don't think so yet -- last question on this for who turner. Piece was. -- -- asked a question bowlers who publicly ask questions. Must take responsibility. For their words. But here is. My first impression of this whole piece. Is I -- trying to -- credit because he wasn't throwing rocks. Com from a lot of -- -- he went in the house he went to Ortiz. Face to face he went in the lions' Dan. Any simply asked him. Listen. You know there's speculation out there in the light that for guy your age. To be hitting the way you lie hitting and the fact that your name was on a list and are quite a few Dominican players. On the list for possible steroid use some back -- -- 34. PP ED's in the testing. Any asked about it. But well he's a great guys stand -- guy I appreciate the fact that that we were able to do this and and you didn't know a little bleep off I think that that's has a lot of opportunities to kind of guy -- is in the he's right I understand. If he starts off with a terrible label like -- get about a -- cement and -- starts off Killen at the like hey what's going on if this doesn't look right I understand that to know what position for him but. You know he's a professional athlete he's faced great pressure he's faced Mariano Rivera in the seventh inning of the ninth inning of a seven gay males CS. He's used to pressure he handles it well and in in my view as a professional athlete. It's it's OK to go back and forth with these kind of questions and answer. There was been charged in sports center and I you know I'm out. Big fan of Chauncey and a lot of people don't think the it's hard for fans of the local teams if you're a die hard supporter. Of any of the four local teams you're not like Chauncey Chauncey does. About what what fans really don't want columnists or reporters to do. They don't want their teams to be questioned. And less they're losing less there mired in last place or have a continual problem with success that's okay for columnists to question. But when David Ortiz the guy is the greatest clutch hitter in the history of Major League Baseball certainly of this they -- -- all those great post season hits. Is being questioned cross examined withering -- By Dan Shaughnessy -- doesn't have a whole lot of popularity began when it. They're going to be a lot of people against -- area temerity the -- the ball. Angeles is supposed to do about it right you're exactly right Larry. No other reporter we -- that's wish policy is the best columnist in this area probably the best -- in the country because not only is he a great writer. Now does not capture story in telling narrative he has the courage. To go into the locker room for you as you say the lions Dan. And do exactly what any good reporters should do well. The other question asked is if I'm sitting and I'm watching a game in these people media people have access. Replaces that I don't have an outright I've mentioned earlier about how much I appreciated the hockey coverage where Edwards and Brinkley because. That's what you want you want people to tell you the truth you want them to tell you things from what the is seeing what they know may be that you don't know. I think to date whit Clay Buchholz who is off to a terrific stock. And then Jack Morris and in the yet Toronto announcer calls him out because they body was on the mound like he was doing some strange stuff with sun screen and resin and in the alike and of course then it has since been reported that. No you can you can use you just can't use a substance like resin on the ball itself for something but again. I I guess what I'm asking is are we so provincial that we don't want anybody asking questions about any. Yes. My my my one syllable answer is yes. That's exactly yet. You know as well as I do you take any of her prolific. Slugger. Who is aging and -- whose numbers are actually improved over the last several years if you were playing for another team. You know they're Red Sox fans would certainly. Be raising their eyebrows but it's it's it's the beloved. Big -- why shouldn't your fan you want to believe these guys have no flaws that aren't. -- -- why does baseball fought in you can do it join in on this as well collars and textures were. Why is baseball above all the other sports of the such scrutiny. It cheating -- mean you know about Rodney Harrison we know about doubt Ray Lewis with that here's Brit. We know about all of that but it doesn't seem to bother. Us in -- hot member and you know Britain via memory member of the hockey game when the one of the players stick the curve on his stick was a little bit on Israel on king -- -- -- Reagan they waited until the right home read their volatile right. And a goalie pads though like like nobody really get hung up on any of that but with baseball. Not only at least that's statistically. Driven by it we scrutinize. Every movement the size of the glove is there a substance in the -- of -- we all know vote Gaylord Perry of me animals laugh about it. But why is that so -- in the other question is that people really care. Would you like -- to answer the question I -- -- -- -- -- -- just what you cutting me off guard go ahead I want to -- a comfort to us and tomorrow it sure yeah I don't rationale for priority in my house -- is like this dress rehearsals and our number chapel and miles if you'd like to -- only placed preaches in Wellesley graduate five days a week brother. Well do you really. I -- five days a week about open entered 26 of Wellesley high school -- and I train jets for kids from coming out about that now prop them. So you go into that please. Though do we eat it right is based on knowing I -- it's it's a statistic. -- historic sport we care about the history of the game. We care about the numbers of the game we care about the hall of fame more so than the other. Three major teams sports. It's all about. Numbers. History at all that's what it really comes down to -- and people are very protective. They -- guardians at the statistical historical and hall of -- game. And that's why people care -- and now especially all the all that stuff about head trauma coming out. We excuse Rodney Harrison now because he was a patriot because he's a gladiator. He's almost literally putting his life. Is -- is body on the line and every game in fact we try to get somebody like that. The plays safety year exam you want to head on to -- but -- but is there coincidence. When Ortiz they got the red -- ten hits last night and he went out over three again. Senses Arco has come out man he has hit the wall -- -- a lot and I thought charity had a very good point you know 400 hitter. In one week will be 200 hitter in another week and you combine the 40200. You become a 300 hitter which is basically that's fine you know the -- that's fine but tiny being. Of this. Is different you know what that and Chauncey why the F the rain event and got a parade whatever it better it sort of thing I don't come. -- just followed just rule for the TE. And nice uniform DQ where -- the -- and come into the press box every day. I guess I don't really and truly beat this is what kills me like. People wishes further stopped behind the scenes. Now he's after -- I tell you I start a Ortiz try to beat out a ground ball -- -- -- -- -- Hussein -- IPO last night. Going down that first place dried as that and I'm healed. You're we don't. So is I don't see anything wrong when asking a question. But Q what Lee the way Shaughnessy did it I give him credit he -- he met the guy at his locker. Face to face demand for me and and asked of a couple of quite. To -- you know what it is not easy to do all handle. Dan has perfected the art and it really is truly an -- there are a lot of people can take shots for us we criticize anybody work in this insular. Wiggle rom that you Kiev to get through five security guards to get up here we have to get through five security guards negated here who got his and then there was a time retardant right in Shaughnessy will go right in there. You know you Europe terrestrial like on -- -- senate passed even -- radio if you're gonna take a shot you better make yourself available to these guys. In the clubhouse leader and Shaughnessy makes himself available -- to make himself available. He confronts them and that's what his job is his job as a journalist in your wrong Tom -- you should know better -- in the media. Your job as a journalist is to question that's what they call -- the state I want guys to be fair. But I don't want suck ups it in the media that's all that's tarmac beat that don't have an agenda. But on the same time you represent -- your readership been listening. That you want people to get -- get information that they can't get because you have privy. Access to a profit that's -- is meant absolutely it's fail that's always -- of course I think I a six 77 out of nine settlement. I 837 -- the telephone number of your calls kimono. Howard ever to -- mustard and Johnson it was all Toronto Boston all the time last night in Boston sports over at the fans it was the Red Sox riding the -- One -- performance of Jon Lester perfect for five and two thirds. They shut -- the blue jays five nothing meanwhile the at Toronto. Boston matchup but most people were watching. Bruins had a chance to close out believes in five games on the strength of the two game sweep up in Toronto games three and ward did not do it. In his Larry Johnson as he's done over the years he's so presently. In in -- police said. The Bruins what are they do. They came out. -- -- And or flat came down which I don't understand -- -- because you gotta do is get -- punch in the -- -- now -- yeah literally or figuratively and it didn't happen for the Bruins so they play game six meanwhile. The controversy continues to swirl as it always does around. Mister Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe. Who I thought did a terrific job. Going into the locker room asking tough questions questions that most people. Would like to ask David Ortiz if Ortiz on the flip side credit for answering them I wiped out. We're -- just up -- I wonder if most people because the reality is is. Like the last caller Craig you know when everything's going wild that you don't ask the questions. I figure it when Jermaine Cunningham showed you know this year when he shows up to play of the defensive end position for the patriots you know. When he was playing well. Not only to people they don't think to ask the question they don't want to ask the question. If you look from a provincial perspective. You don't want to ask the question do you just want him you don't care are always getting there. It got cold -- Ortiz or anybody else for that matter. Just win baby that's that's all you really care about. That's right to have a a local writer. Raise the question it was the Toronto. Writers in Jack Morris who raised a question about park calls. Is what's so irritating to some people about Borges or Shaughnessy. Because just saying wait a minute you're not team. You know. In crank it wouldn't be a story of Ortiz were rake and the ball again right now. Just quickly and and I say this but our sincerity love to your mom is well she's tolerated me for many years being with you but. I lost my mom many years ago from ALS and but we got a phenomenal relationship. And I say this to anybody out there who's listening you've got his question you would you have the money. To do something special. Planned something special with your mom. Create. Memories. So when the time comes in and they leave this world. You'll be up for the live off from the memories and I had I have no regrets had a wonderful relationship but my mom and my mother used to always say. Give me my flowers while -- lifting so happy Mother's Day. Everybody out there really deal some floor shops I wish I did but not like if you have any issues are my mom and I don't get along we government speaking for awhile. You've got to take a moment and pass that up the hatchet pop in and it's not worth. The garage or the -- the issue whatever it might be. I'm take a moment and you'll have so -- peace in jury in your hot. To know how special they have been do you -- none of us are perfect in the old you've got the more you realize how different -- it is to be apparent. So while I'm saying is happy Mother's Day in if you are blessed. Did just have thousands of Collison and the bank account and you could do something to give mother run cruises something completely. If you Kenny and do it well -- I wish you. So happy Mother's Day to all the bombs. And now carry a camera talking about Ortiz were target about -- they were talking about the Bruins. Say -- and I are you pointing your finger in any particular Borough where are you disappointed you feel like some people -- be low. What they should be playing right now in the same thing we're -- with China sea as a as a writer. Are you angry with him who is -- to raise these questions right now it's none of his business. That's the position some people will be taking. Right and you know the die hard fan the the usual. Customer at Fenway Park. Wants to see or hear. No evil they wanna enjoy the game they can root root root for the home team they don't really wanna ask too many questions. That's what Dan Shaughnessy does what he does better than anybody. And in you know it's it's difficult PR ha ha it is you know no -- wants and I said this for years and and people are shocked when I say it. I don't think anybody in the steroid era should be called that the question and that includes. You geriatric players Wear pinstripes. Down in the South Bronx I'm talking about Derek Jeter who's on the shelf right now. And Mariano Rivera who was not on the shelf was on the shelf -- last year. Every body. Past the be scrutinized seriously no one is immune no one is accepted and you know -- and I always used to say this if Derek Jeter. Were exposed as being a PD user. I'd be shocked I wouldn't any -- Rosie announced 38 BO OK if he's not he's not playing right now obviously. But no one of them that are here -- I'm Rick is that you know we have not using kind of ironic part recovering this is where this right understand. Where Ortiz is upset because it's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. If he is injured. And therefore is aging series crumbling before our very eyes but it becomes out in smokes the baseball. That he has that the average while the other pot and that -- -- -- Ian story that some people irritated about is when he brought the Dominican. Perspective in two. Into the story that there have been quite a few Dominican. -- -- who had been not tested and and and failed the test and is that easy being discriminatory is he saying it will only these guys are doing it are. I think is so naive not to look at the biggest hit too big appears to have all of the stuff. I love Craig's point in India I am a Christian. And I will admit to you. If that if the moment came to me and somebody said you could be Rembrandt or this or that or whatever just take these bills -- whenever and everybody would like to say what they want to. But if you are that's right you have summit respect for a pro -- Maloney and adopt pocket alike anyway. There -- players they made it to the Major -- by probably a future as you know. Take a biting this apple and you'll turn -- you know Brooks Robinson as somebody. It's -- say you wouldn't enter your face with it. Right in you know I've always said this and we all know that sports would you like to believe it's the morality play but it's not it's a competition. People will use as many resources of the bury you optimistic here. As they -- and to take advantage of that competition. No one is trying to be the next Albert Schweitzer no one is is trying to be the Pope here when they don't play. The doing anything they can't get an edge in morality in the states. Yeah like I said am -- right about it you know if you can't get out of thirty million dollar contract right but see here's the point it doesn't register for these guys it's not on their radar screen it's a question or why I'd be moral to do with the right way. The vast majority of them what can -- do too. Eight may the team stay in professional sports again a big contract contract it's nothing to do with -- morality or lack there it's not you know in in that thing -- they have enough money now that. As he was saying beat this thing is changing so quickly went -- Canseco want this of that. As you cannot even keep up for by the way you're the one requested that kids can write the hottest guys -- -- -- in -- -- court in our front again. Punched out by. -- -- -- -- -- -- TV show who was found that it wouldn't Whitman now. That Canseco was the truth teller he was whistle -- he he might be a clown in a lot of ways brings down the truth. Would you admit that to a certain degree yes but I can't think each and -- if you even know -- -- -- -- that the -- -- -- talk about how -- -- climb -- I never took any thing and that nobody's ever accused. That he can't yet but I I think gee is it and it -- -- I don't think they all have to be pain with the same broad brush my team can't you're next on Sports Radio after morning. You know -- every once in awhile you stumble into the true right at the top you said outside of New England. 888 munchkin land. And our question more -- and that's the truth and Iraq. That deal it that -- it's been overlooked in this whole discussion. McCain was on the same list -- -- -- in 2003. Yet. -- -- I -- -- I worked for conduct your own independent poll of nit -- nation. I guarantee you -- to -- Jethro both been telling make clamp it -- valued -- work it never helps guarantee. All right you really think that they have turned this around and you might because where you know to sit here and it Hughes Ortiz of this being mr. Flintstones vitamins. In just a little Nike. Are being just a little hypocritical. I was I don't want I don't want and all the Derek Jeter was ever on the -- I don't want an -- Revere was -- on the Jews but to sit here in steadfastly. Beat being the guardian at the gate itself across a I mean hypocritical. I'm all right look you don't need to be unit BP. You. But about Jeter not easy to everybody's at the whipping boy for Yankee fans that's no big deal after all after the sacrosanct. Members sacrosanct member of the of the bank. State that we quite. Because of that I think that everybody in sports but -- -- What nothing in Minnesota. Comes up well then and I don't -- when you're alive and well they -- -- against lefties they are playing Shea Hillenbrand. Okay they. Not not the other way they're playing Giambi and not. Doing a job he was actually supposed to be the left standing DH. -- I mean if you don't. Even at that the Iraq and Iraq cannot be dependent at this point but what it was twenty years old in Seattle you have great. I don't buy any of that that's the Barry Bonds argument the laughter -- -- created. It's a golf quite I don't like Barry Bonds I mean you guys mr. Foley a liar. But you can tell me borrow it wasn't a terrific baseball player. He was. And that's but that doesn't excuse what you can write us and I have a private very philosophical almost cynical view they all did it. Let's just accept that Mo -- That I can't get up pass. OK. With these people they do not hold him to the same standard. What about -- went about Riviera. He's got thirteen saves so far he's got about a wind eighty something undermining our results are that -- on how was he doing that happened. Larry do you look at the guys. And I look at all of my eyes tell me that's that's that's. Well actually of Brigham and if you gonna take that point Ortiz has gotten smaller. He's got muscular. -- what you got Larry is that more must. It won't make any answer to the city -- has really been I don't Ziggy is any Democrat. He said he bench -- is Margaret -- -- Yeah nobody. -- -- -- -- objectively listen no one to believe and I admire Revere as much as you do but it's outside of VAR. Yeah sheltered world for a second. What. -- It's it's naive to think I can actually answer your question either yes or no the answer to ominous. Subtlety and it was not your strength Johnson. Let's hear it or or you might okay. -- Night -- it's not unreasonable. With at least entertain the possibility house that. -- not an act are welcome -- translate. They -- now might I agree with you Mike I agree review acting innocent until proven guilty in nineteen year. In I think Rivera. I think they take care of themselves. I think the same thing -- Mike let me let me test you right Matt -- that -- -- test just that your integrity on this matter. Do you think Schilling was on the -- No I don't I don't think Schilling was on the Jews oh no I don't have -- I think she's going to win -- -- So yeah oh but I read a -- I got collateral how. Are you have a lot of comic on the political front you're correct it breaks a rat in. About different president. We. Schilling is it. Think he didn't pick -- everything from like well. It. Not our computer games -- I don't think it again. Well so we know so -- that's right every week that is a lottery is it a little bit. Now that you know here's a -- example were showing. Has an opinion and everything and that's his jobs that's what -- guy he's excellent on here at -- watch him on TV what he's he's an excellent our guest on on this radio station and he's brilliant man ESPN because that's what. The original point yes what is the point. In your fourteen it was. But how about the other people whose names -- don't think that. My friend. Named in the release. -- -- All right my priority of attacks through once that question Wednesday wow lofty status the taxpayers paid like -- questions -- yeah yeah I don't read this we're worried it's his -- coli now. How many android's app pizza and that would not help in the clock from all the pressure of the world like edge of the. That is that it sloppily get -- This doesn't help -- -- eye hand coordination. That's me that's -- That's part of that's the hand part of me Ambac were. I think he was in the C Matt pond at the time I did a site from a health issues though does anybody really care. Well Larry it's you guys made the point it didn't quite make the point to look into it deep deep into because they called my -- in the -- You know it it doesn't matter. Yeah and you know remember when A-Rod was going to be the man that was going to sanitize the home run. Our race in when he when he when he hit that 755. Mark. That was going to be a clean quest has surpassed Hank Aaron and obviously that isn't the case either that's what we we -- for some reason. All wanna attach some sort of thanks for the call -- some sort of morality. Through these to these numbers they are I'll use the word again their sacrosanct. You know we we just such a good cherishing caught them is already is such a good point but. It's like there was a -- our favorite I don't pay any attention to the man behind -- but the reality is when he came out from behind the curtain he did solve their problems. So it's like -- baseball once the curtain has been pulled back. Aside from health issues. How much you questioned any of it anymore it's not that you don't care. But they're trying to. Become the more sophisticated means of testing. But as you said these guys -- make -- so much money that they have this so far ahead of the the system that they have protesting and you know why do you just throw your hands up in just say this and I hope for a big -- becomes -- and delivers. I know I want them back in the lineup. Right and you know but I don't think that Dan Shaughnessy is in the minority that think that more than a few people wonder. Whether or not which are not may -- David Ortiz does have a legitimate defense I don't know. But the only question that what I had actually and put them after -- Benny gets upset about it afterwards right. But when he was -- at which Odyssey wasn't at the time to go at weather may have -- like that question absolutely 6177797937. Is the telephone number tax line. It is working overtime get to some of those tax brought to you by AT&T it's 37. 937. Austin Johnson continues on Sports Radio.

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