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Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson Kicks Off -- The B's Couldn't Close Out the Leafs

May 11, 2013|

Craig and Larry get today's show moving with B's talk and how the Bruins lackluster performance last night was not enough to get the job done and finish off Toronto. They don't blame Claude or Tuuka, but who should be to blame? They discuss the lack of goal scoring and LJ wonders if people will start pointing fingers at Tyler Seguin. Although Game 7 would be in Boston, the boys aren't sure that the Bruins would want to flirt with that type of emotional game early on in the playoffs against an overachieving Toronto team.

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Well last night was Toronto. Vs Boston times to you have the blue jays in the Red Sox over Fenway Park in just across town I'm causeway street. You -- the Maple Leafs and the Bruins have yet to pick Larry Johnson. Which Toronto Boston showdown you wanted to go the -- way would you pick the Red Sox blue jays. Or the Bruins may police what you want if you had to act. Which Boston team in these this ultimate rivals showdown with the -- -- from the north. Which one you -- to a prevailed in which he wanted to well obviously there's more its stake. If -- for the Bruins games so I would depict the Bruins because you thought they -- really come out. In a frenzy. And one of things we learned about it the Red Sox and Bruins have in common is -- one of them member calls. They don't know how to close out a series obviously the Bruins don't they have an opportunity. -- Invade they came out I don't know how you can come out sluggish. -- home. You -- chairs just say just say the word you wanna say it might want blurted out body language you know you wanna say they came out hot -- all that's obvious say it plays to say it. They came out with no air no that's the spot now that it's artistic -- -- flat that's obvious right anybody could anybody who watched the game last night. It reminded me of a price fight where light for the poorest eight rounds this boxers. Boxing around the ring using the entire -- jab and -- and we've been coming in for Florida and back him back out again and he's winning the fight and everything. -- around the ninth round he gets tagged with a punch. Then the -- stats to turn in by the end of about the -- for restated the animals ready to stop it. Because now the boxer is being pummeled his back is against the ropes. And that it's like to -- once had like an eleven minute power play in the third period. I never art -- party for years I've never seen eighteen ran out of gas. The way Toronto did it was unbelievable. The third period and yet they could not put the park in the goal Roemer had to put that -- -- AM best. -- -- was repaired last night signs of the old Eddie Johnson used -- about sixties -- of the game agreement had 43 carrier reminded me optically that -- in the second all your promised a council hopes that stick sale went round and that -- Bergeron but then again. Bergeron had the time. He's got -- it's like he's had an eternity. In all he has to do is lift it. A couple of inches off the ice in he's got a goal top shelf any steady shoots it right into the stick. Gross the other play younger had a great chance at the near the end of the third period in the I like the announcer says that I got -- up market the stick Adams and myself well let's not a lot of us that it for a meeting did hit -- went top shelf. But I thought this is -- which could be about to game Greg. If you're gonna tell me. Bit did I'm Kara. In -- chick really came out and played really solid games because those of the two I have been after. I would assembled -- how much of government went by because most seem to be -- to really steer the drink a -- Arab as -- but had a great offensive defensive game. -- he got the goal. -- very aggressive on offense and leading pitch dodging in and certainly had a breakaway yeah at every Iraqi. I nearly did it low -- I thought you know I've been out on him all year. But I thought he was he is such a force he is so incredibly strong that with people gore to check him it's as powerful army. Hummer which each and it's and the problem that -- of that -- them all year long. Where was the in the first period. When really the Maple Leafs carried the play. They at all the energy they came out as if they were playing for their playoff lives which apps will they were. And I bought. Even though was a scoreless tie at the end of that first period. The momentum and everything else was with the maple absolutely and -- in a lot in even when they were. Hide in the game even before that shorthanded goal. It was -- though was dominating that game -- that stem the -- is cut because when you first come out. You to marry younger team. You know it's been years since -- -- in the playoffs. It all process has to do is punch them a couple of times in the mile and angels over the games. And Lucic showed up in the third period. Fine that's when they were play in a rope to -- police were doing their -- impression against Foreman. But where was he where it was to our way or the rest of the blacking gold teammates. In the first period I don't on the series I'd understand it like I don't honestly you don't like the worried but I don't know what other word you could you date they just came out. Flat pop what questions that people are asking are they wanting it in we've got to get over this thing about boom between. Am. Horrific Greg great players when I know council didn't wanna play here. So we're angry about that. But the Rihanna I'm Tanya he eased by 51 of the best players on the ice castle is in your mind W one -- I wanna watch he's just our Mike cry she scary he is. A reference to watch. In comparison your -- Sagan and this and I don't know I know we -- I know early on remember he got. Penalized -- a sent out a game 'cause the 'cause he missed a breakfast -- something that they had going on. I don't know what he's like away from the game whether it's social activities. Outside that he's not committed as he should be so I'm not gonna make that comment I'm not close enough to them with a team of -- to know that. But I do know people are out -- are asking in -- question he's got the speed. He doesn't seem to wanna take chances. Sometimes the more chance more aggressive than you you'd like to see him. Magnificent skater got great speed. I don't know what I don't part of their practices so I don't know what kind generals they do and everything but it's always been a case for them when they can't finish. The play offs in a lot of times they make the goalies look great because they sure right epic all late well went -- on top shelf route driver did not look -- certainly in the first four games of the series -- I think one of the reasons why a two run bomb cells one polls I'm very shaky. And you know the story of the week has been when analyzing them -- throttle series this. Juicy rebounds as Jack Edwards would say. All of those juicy rebounds dried up primer finally got it last night that was his game it was -- right -- Coming out party now with the Bruins at the do I would think the -- back on his heels that entire -- police team simply. Go out to what the Maple Leafs did to them last night. When they go -- to tomorrow night. Just out there and play great first period. Take control of the series again. Get this thing over with six games to rest up a couple of you know like you can't blame the -- I love the way they appreciate the game last night they level away apps in Atlanta a couple of is a playoff hockey at the guy. Trips or something nobody can't call every play like that but they call -- -- I was a great game. You know allow the wall of the game to happen I think took harassed has been everything you would ask the -- to -- you can't you can't hang this on two car. I I think it's a case with the Bruins where they just make it so difficult for themselves they gonna have a couple of days off. Got Brett rested for the next series instead they got -- back up to Toronto again in front of a frenzied crowd. In this if you've got to make police right now -- Got nothing to lose well you hit it in in ones that you party won because you -- supposed to be there you go on the road you go up against the yet. That one of the better teams in the playoffs the Bruins and you take it to warm. In their own and I wish I was amazed. Though. How they ran and they gave everything they had in the first and second period and by the third one man. They're -- hang onto the ropes it was it was like a twelve minute power play you knew that her when you knew when MacArthur scored that goal two minutes in the third period it's just what they do in the national holy you know is that what you're -- -- -- -- talking to myself that from sitting here by myself. I said whoever scores the next goal. That's that's going to be the goal because of the upper wintertime escort and obviously they would -- but. -- Toronto scored that second goal even -- -- balls I've goal was pretty shorthanded goal or two unassisted. Goal where you cut back in front of the just like -- did back in the day -- marriage and your agency beat these just short I'm older -- refrigerator I'm out there it's amazing. So are we certainly can talk about that region to analyze and dissect the the Bruins who you think his playing well. -- she certainly had the game of his life the game before about the hat trick and you know I don't know how much do you blame the -- forty blame him and you come out flat like -- I I don't get it here here's the question I would ask them big picture again. We know the load delivered a Stanley Cup a couple of years ago you could make the case that. Really that was Tim Thomas. Turning in a super human. Effort doing things that none of us that are receiving goaltenders do. And our long years watching the National Hockey League but quotas have this annoying habit as a coach. His teams particularly with the Bruins have not been able to finish off. Teams. In 2711. I think it was a record as they kept saying it I think at three and 5% -- game seven elimination we all they want to game sevens on -- way. To the Stanley Cup actually three game sevens on the way to the Stanley Cup couple years ago a lot of that was Thomas. We saw what happened people forget the flyers the before the won the -- at three nothing lead is only two teams three teams in the history of the National Hockey League. Ever come back one of them is the flyers and one of the teams that allow that happened was the Bruins had a 31 lead against Montreal before that they blew that. -- is it possible. Is there panic out there and growing city. -- people believe. That. The Bruins could possibly collapse based on. Certainly a very poor performance in the first period and a half -- well I don't want -- I don't feel as confident MM going after Toronto again. They were very fortunate to get out of there in that regard for intelligent -- now fortunate to people that people -- stick pretty ripping his at a Bergeron. It Bergeron detect who looking at it because they've -- they want to figure out in my shot. But both of these guys have had concussions this year. Bergeron shortly to a more serious -- so I don't. No. How much you can jump on them and and I mean this to hockey is you -- hide out there they will find you -- At at at at. I says Jack Edwards I -- not by the way I don't area why I I think Edwards at Brinkley or to their best play by play -- certainly in this town. By none. Because what I love about them is it that when the teams playing great I want a feeling at that moment and he brings all of you saying he only other play by play guy and I I like about -- -- than all the other -- yeah I think so I don't mind saying that it is and I think the analyst pot. Is debate team does not playing well I need you to tell me that -- why and I think they do that better than anybody. I think -- Red Sox situation is okay. But I don't I don't hear the criticism of that team as I do the Bruins. -- -- And the -- wasn't on today they would say they would tell you that that a -- that while they're flat or whatever. Patrick you want the celtics' situation I might think is no but Betty analyst -- ninth and is telling you when the team is not playing well. -- -- -- right now army could and has forgotten more about basketball that the rest of us I don't I don't enjoy the -- for re baiting that he does because I think that it takes away from. You're trying to separate reality from. You know up from just somebody trying to be a homer and I wish he wouldn't do that is much. I think -- and -- that those guys -- great job over the green and do a great -- sorry -- -- announces John Edwards as you -- not -- -- I'm just telling -- I happen to enjoy his style that's home to -- doesn't -- nobody -- an -- and I just never know like his style I would agree that both of them were very forthright in handed in their assessment of the Bruins played particularly through the second isn't that what you want but when you when you watch his team you know. Apps don't tell me it's raining out -- regret that obviously great analyst I think you should be doing more national war. And he is as good as as it again it's he was completely he does on the radio. No one's -- the signal once more analytical Bill Murray is excellent or maybe just these hockey guys it is different than just come out and tell you with the team stinks like month you -- it's everybody name. And I was surprised they collide the -- he came right out any said that they get -- They got to step it up I mean he does -- he can't say that guy isn't calling people out. And we know the Bruins. Are better hockey team from Maple -- they certainly have. Some interest in players to watch as we just talked about and I'd give them credit for those unassisted goals very pretty goals -- -- looking at from the -- standpoint. But the Bruins are better -- lol about them from two years ago remember they got bounced out people forget this. They got bounced out. In game seven last year against Washington. They lost the coughed up three nothing leading suppliers the year before the cup they've blown a 31 lead to Montreal. Record in the post season now opening a big asterisk next as if they'd witnessed it up but there have been errors with the Bruins have. Managed to fall apart. Just when you thought they had control I do think we have attendants which is the better treatment which team you'll -- that patriot. It's up there I -- did that Abed better than the giants lose to throw for balls human they lose to other ravens. But the patriots were -- team -- and in the end the school war. Dictate who's the better team on that day Callahan and the greatest line after the patriots lost Super Bowl 42 that was the sixteen in OT in the eighteen you know team. In Jerry's line was -- the 43 best team in the history of the national -- because that's right before Super Bowl champions. And the patriots who did not win the Super Bowl right it's all bottom line. I think the Bruins are better team -- Toronto. They certainly showed it in the third period last night just couldn't get -- And the net twice and and let's face it if they were able to tie the sport regulation now. No doubt that's it yeah no doubt anyone can tell you Toronto was hanging on by the -- but they couldn't get to him. And as we always do on Saturdays we we have the advantage of of of looking over. Different stories that happened during the week in and hopefully you'll agree with what we pick out to be the major of stories and the second story that we're going to be talking about is the David Ortiz she honestly. Incidents that took place the answer is that incident welded it according to the rats are says it's and it is something another -- -- incidents. It was something that there was fine -- Internet and was going -- until Dan decided. To go out in interview. Ortiz in that asking him questions about his Merkel Scott. -- -- -- -- -- -- Was he driving around Morrissey boulevard he's coming in -- randomly just stormed toward the Boston Globe and and and it's action Odyssey for his inflammatory remarks now as we always do -- people always ask you this about a product that shoals of the various ones. We refused to discuss anything about this before the -- for the light went on because we want fresh opinions and I don't know your perspective on but I'll start off by saying this table and we start with a break and then we'll come back into seventies I'm wresting control of the rhythm no it is entities yeah I came out of little flap and now mom my game -- and I've been I've been skating much more sharply and crisply and -- it in right now we're talking to Larry Johnson of Larry Johnson not dot com and aggregate data and then. All right all on the line. Joseph Bob ray -- well -- go example. What should hold out to get to your calls coming up right activist.

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