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Jon Lester throws a one-hit CG shutout

May 10, 2013|

Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien caught up with Jon Lester right after his great outing at Fenway vs the Blue Jays tonight.

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I thanks -- I think -- graduates kids that have to -- -- perfection that you could get yeah focused. You know the fastball by. So those Vick went. John great temple tonight look at him it's been a lot of change a few -- off balance like in little of everything going. Yeah it was good -- to do it. Recruitment and -- -- -- and take neutral doctor. You know -- -- a good job of books being the most slow him down you know so simple so easy but. You being able to it because it is -- -- you get so many outs early accounts in the beginning of the game you think that was her game plan to be aggressive. Yeah I think so I mean you know last time we faced in the they were a pretty patient as spoilers make me throw a lot of strikes but it wasn't able to do and you know I think they saw last game. You know obviously with the scouting we have nowadays. You know Texas and and if so that we are a lot more aggressive than than we were up there and I think things that -- tried to use that for the year and it's -- We were able to keep the ball down in the zone and I think it's you know quick outs and some ground out and -- easy levels. Was it out of some relief to you John obviously you only needed one run tonight you were that good but. To get those four runs in the seventh -- for the team to finally blow open score some runs seem like it was a nice a stress relief -- there. Yeah it was good. You know reflective that'll earlier in the game -- we won't complain about it -- -- a good your good rally together in that seventh and and and score some runs -- and you know this is testament to our lineup and our guys brother battle every at bat whatever. We're up ten or down ten and you know it's testament to tonight and their coaching staff been making us prepared. Jab was the pitchers Terry here where you wanted to do located yes absolutely. You know guy like that knows going to be aggressive. To the heater in and we threw for his changeup and and he did a good job with it you know get to dress themselves. Finally John the winning game like tonight not only to win it but to take pressure off the bullpen go all the way a dominating effort. With the way things have been on the Sox have lost six out of seven how big was that for you. It's big you know that that that's obviously our goal starting pitcher that is -- there's it will open regardless of you know the guy before he throws that gamer. We're goes warning you know you wanna see those guys it's a long season for them. Get up and down and you know we are able to do that tonight they've those guys and give her team could start and you kept in the ballgame you know few chances which runs -- -- well. Jana how do you think your performance tonight compare your stuff and everything to the no hitter. I think a lot different. You know. I think it's different circumstances different. -- different everything. You know I I got a better feel for how to actually hit -- line on my you know my catchers much. As far as you know like Jason and Tek back there. You know -- I just think it's you know it's completely different pitcher now than it was back then you know scores -- -- thrower to pitcher. The results are pretty darn near the city congratulations John super -- who -- our guys the adulation thank. It's our job last a one out away from a perfect game of one hit shut out and the Red Sox first complete game of the year. It's actually at five nothing -- -- the skid. Job.

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