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The Phil Kessel debate is moot: He didn't want to stay in Boston

May 10, 2013|

With Phil Kessel playing pretty well for the Maple Leafs this post-season, a lot of Bruins fans are re-visiting the trade and whether or not keeping PK long term was a better option. The problem, Phil Kessel didn't want to be here.

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Another Friday got to be a good mood today despite a Red Sox lost last night you'll figure what the heck has gotten into them. Bruins game five tonight at the garden beautiful weather Friday weekend on the way. I'm excited and head over the garden tonight. Are you should be excited this is the night to clinch so. Big Toronto tonight. Get all excited about round two. Had a out after the game. Clear skies. Weather is nice and nice. A nice ring. Evening is something cool little about drinks warm weather and hockey going to get the right food is when it's warm and they're playing hockey means -- teams start to advance into the into the right -- you talk about it what you like at five. What you liked about the series. You start to look forward. To the next round and go over those matchups. That's how we dried up now what will actually happen if Newton. Maybe something tells all well. I told you after game three series as -- series it's over. You unite. Here about -- Spans from our sister station Narnia what happened 6:30 this morning trying to wake up. They'll castle with a bullhorn I added I think it yet but that was that was best Hoss I heard the audio -- -- this is is. And if a disposal and yeah. -- you have to do with. I got out there with a couple pies or something -- -- trying to order -- out with a routine. To try to learn about any that are really yelled at mechanized attracted the personal look like a -- they usually usually that happens. -- comes sniff in the thing out he comes charging out silent. -- food for me to -- Bethlehem thank you usually that happens when we're gonna snout in the conference finals or something in around one. What are not a bullhorn -- round one I like it I fully supports -- in his efforts to two rows you'll cancel my. And I'm ripped it. Not illiterates anymore than they say that no longer the -- is that the Taj now. He's still screaming at her back well then it would lose them. I. Think you. Don't -- I don't I don't. I don't know what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What is going but I doesn't last very long. Well. I talked about it. But if -- -- The we. And don't worry ahead and I. And current. He's got the original smoky here we go Bruins into the let's go olive green like -- -- donor. On site and outside for a night I was I was thinking about the Bruins have taken it. Think in the last few games that they've played how much more fun it's been in the games they played in the previous five or six weeks leading up to it and just kind of it's different. You know I love hockey I will watch the Bruins essentially all year long ago regular season game post season game I was more excited for the -- Bret -- -- love watching hockey games so I will always be excited to watch him for the last few weeks of this regular season it became a bit of -- war. It became more of -- labor laws instead of something you truly like. He'll outline I don't know that the real team's initial -- I'm gonna be bored watching and they're not gonna give big effort. Under the deal mind your day and Saturday afternoon around watching them and not allowed. And I don't know that they built their day around showing up to actually play. And play -- a huge frustration factor watching them. And now all that is gone to win maybe they won't I think that you know advance pastor -- made them go another few rounds with another Stanley Cup but at the very least -- games have become must watch events again. And I love that that to me is the site. Well I think they're games are much want -- -- what we're gonna become much must watch events tough to say. As soon as they got to the playoffs that was my contention into our time playoff start. They'll be on now you start to wonder about the construction of the team the mentality of the team. Where something the psychology of the team boss psychology -- an understanding of their psychology was a little bit off because the entire season. -- -- Making excuses -- making excuses for. The regular season. Now an academic excuses for anything if they don't get the job done tonight I'm not gonna say it -- job done because. The regular season was all out of whack and and that they can't really find themselves you expect them at this point in the playoffs. With the normal schedule. To close out the Toronto maples it was it I get a safety is it I think they're the same team they were in the regular -- is it Stanley Cup or Boston for you. Now well I wouldn't go that far I don't know if there I would say Stanley Cup or bust if I felt like. They weren't the best team in hockey and one of the best teams in hockey. But now there's. The prohibitive favorites it's not like there's an upset. If the Boston Bruins don't win the championship. You know people up from coast to coast will be thinking you believe then -- -- so loaded -- thought they were the best team by far. I think I do expect them to get to the conference finals on. And there whatever happens from there and you know you -- it would happen and they're picking on Pittsburgh. Possibly Pittsburgh is that team. That I'm talking about everybody thinks Pittsburgh. In the interest rate -- everybody thinks Chicago is great. Nationally. People look at the Bruins on the same level but those teams I don't think -- I don't think you look at it quite at that level but on -- -- that they're too much farther behind them Brian and that's why we were saying before the series began if you don't beat Toronto. Then we're gonna have to re look at some things right if you didn't beat Toronto that's and all the sudden you start wondering about the future wondering if there's going to be housecleaning of the battle goes out the window now must somehow. EU UU choke away this series title see them doing it. I think at this point you know this this is core of the team is going to remain intact the coach is probably going to be back next year's rallies going to be back. They'll be some -- they'll be some little moves made -- I never thought we were at that point I thought we were. I didn't. It's hard to say because I didn't think we were at that point but I think that we were creeping up to -- if they didn't show up in the playoffs. Michael the team that he'd been in there for the last six weeks had shown up instead of the Bruins team we've seen the I think to be a lot more questions a lot of people be wondering hey this is this is not signed up for a lot more -- and half that you are more questions -- but I think the changes would be on the roster but not -- -- -- the coaching staff for the problem -- got a report not to have that debate now on him ready we had a couple weeks ago because it looked like it was heading in that direction. And now very clearly it's not. You you hopefully tonight get. Restaurant oh into the next round maybe it's against the Rangers awaits the and it got points -- had a somewhat successful season. You'd like to be that next team go up against hopefully Pittsburgh or whoever it's going to be in the in the conference finals and then everything after that is gravy I mean your your excited to be disappointed if you lose but. You'll feel as if this season at that point is definitely success. Yeah I don't know maybe you'll you'll look back on and ads as a success depends on where you where you where you exit. The accident the second round you you think about what could have been. If you if you make it all the way to the final. -- of the last series. You'll be devastated if you don't win. I -- does anybody get excited about a Stanley you're you're the runner up. And I there oh you're there at the end you -- four wins away from a from a cup from another cup how exciting is that not it's don't think we're at that point it's. Not an an and I don't mean to insinuate that it would be to it's that. Losing before your team is actually supposed to lose. Usually calls for changes to be made. Right voters -- -- by the first round right how do you look at maggots it and I really question how do you look at this game. You know it probably will be disappointed you know everybody Austin. If they if they lows around one that's just a flat out disappointment matter where you where you stand yeah. How what what are they are they paid. A certain conference -- Are they. Are around through team and with a little -- and they can win a cup. Is round two they're feeling. How do you view them. In between those two things intimate and you know -- and I don't think there are certain Stanley Cup winner. Idling and as I am fully with you they're not prohibitive favorite so they're not a certain Stanley Cup winner where everything below that as a as a horrible disaster. Right and and those teams come along that very infrequently and rep -- seven patriots might be the only example I can think of of a team as a head you know when the Super -- that's on you and that's a huge disappointment. Every other team out there you're like well be great if you win a Super -- World Series -- Sort of this year the heat don't win the championship. That's a huge disappointment. Considering who they are and how they've been -- they are prohibit. They are how they've been built and what they did this year but. With the ones aren't like that -- not like that even -- hockey though I'm trying to think. Win win Pittsburgh and Detroit back to back. The play each other back to back years so one year the red wings when it the next year at the penguins when it. Even those teams super team. If there is shocking that the red wings off to the penguins now is it shocking that the paint right off the red wings now it's very. Aren't they were both in the green about what goes out of championship caliber teams I would put the Bruins. Either in group -- your group the they're sort of right in between you know I mean -- group today is Pittsburgh and Chicago teams that. Are are really expected to be there they -- in group B. They should get past the Rangers team that today in the lower group they should get past Washington if it were to come to that they should get past the islanders if somehow they beat Pittsburgh which I don't think is gonna happen. Those -- teams that they should get by. And then you see what happens and hopefully get you the right breaks in the series you beat Pittsburgh beat Chicago if they end of advancing all the way to the finals or maybe the key latency. -- once you get to the finals. You expect. As you -- in August that matter no matter who you're playing at that point guard you start thinking about the journey and look what happened to us in round one than we did this in round two. -- in a conference finals. -- to get to the last series anybody who gets the last series feels like look at week. We got what tech who Concord were matched up with I don't care what you say outlooks on paper. We -- win a championship. Because -- you put yourself in position to make your own breaks at that point to -- -- becomes to supply and there's a difference that it was doing that kind of disappointing. And the disappointing we have to blow things up. You don't and in -- disappointing they never. You don't feel like they -- the them that their maximum they reach their potential appointees -- results there -- -- I mean they they they want maybe they didn't win but they've reached with their potential what they were if you don't win in the beat delete. You haven't reached your potential until I I think that they're going to. I think they'll get by -- tonight we can weaken and that higher commerce should be over should be over to an overseas company you know. I saw you come in early -- For the cross over. With with a lot -- and I know you had thought some about the debates that you guys have done or the debate that you did. I thought you were gonna come in here and talk some sense into those guys. About this whole Phil -- fascination they have that. Wouldn't you wanna trade what you wanna have -- castle on the team going forward just just for the playoffs. And and exchange you know exchange Hamilton and stay in protest. Don't get. They get it. Why don't they understand what you're gonna come in and tell them that. This is about. That. The two way player the system playing the game the right way this is not about the flash it's not about the glitz. This is going to the club and mechanically -- and what -- marry her calm down. I'm not showing you a little some. And mean this is gonna last for thirty years or fifteen years. To be honest Michael I didn't think I needed to de fault that I felt like the -- the -- of the tweeters their whole. I feel like only one has piled on to them that it's it's the unnecessary shot they are living in such denial of what and everybody thinks for good reason don't fall for pretty bright right on now -- permits right now it's embarrassing for both of the month thing. Although they both or is it just months. Well Lou was an intimate photos just model -- art and much more month what -- -- apparently progress in the case of short needs these trial are the Napoleon thing. It's difficult I feel bad for the guy. But but but on this trophy -- Cabrera got Vermont and he's got a tough league lose. Who was governor -- for God's sakes people loved me home Ronnie. -- that he could run for governor of the state at the time in. -- that guy so I feel bad for money you just are rubbing it in when he's. Off an engine that makes no sense whatsoever that everybody disagrees with and he's trying to be pro feel capsule. He doesn't need be rubbing it in that points. Lot of nice guy you know me now for our -- are nice I wouldn't do that the money he's asking about executed on I had a -- like that. My old zeal that made. About a great deal and I did it over here to play any kid like -- like young guys to elect. The many might it mean ago. Well I didn't mean and I just after -- guy like electric shock package Heilman guys to get a child who needs guidance and direction although you made them guidance and direct way he wants to keep up the bill -- thing. Jack said it perfectly yesterday on that debate you guys can jump in to six -- 77797937. Jackson a perfectly as we were talking to him and he just city to wanna buy him. You wanna be here. It's fine to talk about the skills and you're right this deal that Phil Kessel has might be beneficial to the Bruins in the east. It might be more beneficial -- what's taken an age 21 and Doug Hamilton is a healthy scratch and looked like that'll be the case tonight even with -- re not playing it looks like Murkowski made plain displaced as -- right left and not a rocket and when it doesn't buy in who cares -- that's relevant -- having them on your team. Best part for castles -- bars arrests which you mentioned you mentioned the I didn't mean that and and returning but. You took -- when the sister Alice stuff. Different word is he's he's poisonous. These boys OK let's call that. But with with. How -- okay Tyler Tyler say it. You talk about this -- Cassel has. The ability that he you know. And they can have the same thing Sagan has the ability. To do the same thing we just haven't seen while at Lebow not part of the frustration you don't think you think Tyler's -- Just in a second. It turn it on you don't think tonight. We'll get a -- house. Score thirty plus schools twice in the NHL as you know I don't like him as much as anybody and I'm just happy to rip them for being fat apology and in a crybaby and a doctor and everything you know Tyler -- -- star potential I think he does but for for if you're just talking about these playoffs there's a reason capital not performed better is four years -- it over the years capital is more proven right is a proven commodity out. He's a great score long term what would you say it tonight. If you live Tyler -- Has two goals tonight. Against Toronto I don't think anybody be surprised -- The response will be narratives. So we -- witnessing right okay now Tyler Sagan I think you -- take that into around you. -- -- -- But I don't think he's as good as Phil -- has right now I just think that castles are relevant to the Bruins. It ought to be here he's -- to them they don't like each other he doesn't like -- Julianne and even if you were to make a trade form right now it's a c'mon over gonna win a cup. I don't think you wanna do what is is going to be part of it that's his mentality and that's the problem that was always the problem. With having Phil Kessel here 6177797937. Chris is drive around this track what's up Chris. Got -- regularly like Michael I'll show. You real quick. At 848 and a shot early wearing sport to. Get the ball -- tactical vehicle -- a -- -- According to incredibly specific court order to orbit around you -- -- vision last night. I did I -- to attend the girl I citizen scored going to be Stewart now that they are. Not shut out. I don't think you all think short bit so what do you get if you're right I don't -- from -- I mean from you. I did a great weekend. OK I. Ascribe all you can ask workers appreciate a phone call it. There you go I hope Chris is right. And and I got a very good feeling about it and more than anything Michael we we can we can we can hit on all the little point about castle about the -- we can get on all those. What I what I love about this team is that these seem to have come together in the in the right manner and there is one thing. From from the from the game the other night that I think you and I and Jack and everybody else watching. We all saw it one way. The Bruins saw it as players a completely different way and it speaks to just how likable they are tightly with that is next alcoholic W yeah.

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