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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 5/10/13

May 10, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't touched upon today. The Redskins name, another blown call in major league baseball, the NFL Top 100 and more....

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-- And now our -- -- -- school. For a Fuller and more powerful for. Me he. We've solved it -- On sports radio and WE. All of -- it's a different. Some different answers an hour per acre someone else's an -- takes -- 22 and a half -- -- Half an acre equals twenty minutes yeah it's about as it approaches that recorder maker to me about. Africa. And that was with a rider with a walk what -- -- good. Our understanding beat up plugin. That was. Yeah we will write. -- automatic cooler for -- directly that's not enough to going to be at -- -- couple hours here a couple of drinks. The first is as you Alessio more than five acres you need to walk. Five. Guys bombing in the -- -- don't push up. Oh what -- out four to go again I'm not allowed to have -- harder to governor of five record. The moment. And that'll do that's what it marks. -- -- Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder weighed in on the Redskins. Should change their name he said quote never changed the name it's that simple. Never you can use caps. To -- can seem to change their name just talking about a 1950s mentality because that's exactly what Dan Snyder's demonstrating here. I would like to see them change their name I don't understand how in this day and age we can have a team. With that name. But more than that I just sort of frustrated by the stubborn apps like it's so absurd there's a team called the Redskins and -- Why don't speak for most people but plenty of people said this is ridiculous this is something we need to change. And if he said look we've looked into it and it. We've talked to various. Various. Need America group right and maybe some of them study was. OK fine but to just sit there blindly saying we have me that we are never gonna make it changed. -- just sound -- Yeah it was it was so dismissive that's our problem it just shut down the conversation there have been two separate lawsuits -- one -- -- and then in 1991 right now. By native Americans. Who have says. I admit that his name is offensive it's racist it's everything. Okay. If you've got people. From different generations different times saying the same thing. At least entertain the conversation I don't understand his response right Israel's minority direct deadlocked -- it's it's it's Barry. From man's name and in Augusta at forty. It's very -- let -- go William H. Macy pleasant and already tired you know what it's as well. You'll feel ripped it out. I think there's something they have in the conversation that -- Daniel Snyder doesn't wanna have a sort of make you -- Hootie Johnson -- Woody Allen wrote on recruiting job that. It's amazing it's amazing that equality owner. Like Daniel Snyder who got so many things for the Washington franchise is a reasonable. Shocking depends on such a great job owning their team has me. About her to about two Derrick Rose and prolonged injuries and a lot of problems for Andy loves it and get off the Twitter. I'm watching people -- offers lack of knowledge from people. I've never -- on I've been very clear you're never -- -- I just my little postage stamp and CEO forum are willing very upset. -- -- -- okay well back to the bulls -- -- a month if you're bulls and what would you say to Derrick Rose. Take your time Brothers. Take your time injuries happened just because. People are coming back and record time. It's because Adrian Peterson. Has done this and and -- came back and was the MVP of the league just because Peyton Manning had the neck injury and he came back to play football and was great about to let. Doesn't mean that you have to rush back. From a major -- remember when major injury -- team's sideline athletes that's what's happening right now they're pro. Advisory Chicago Bulls -- what I would say that Derrick roses you verify yourself some HGH in quick if you wanna get your -- back out on the floor -- find yourself -- good age to -- -- talk to tiger talked doctor delay of -- in jail -- figure out who's still that is that is about to stay away from the media theory play but what is it every -- -- We said the court who. Enough. It's kind of making a spectacle so yes -- an HGH one. -- MLB umpires are in the news again for -- during another game last night. Britain has her -- Houston Astros manager Bo -- called for pitching after bringing in relief pitcher who didn't even throw it should. The umpires allowed this changed its much angels manager Mike justice police. Should LB umpires be held publicly accountable. Yes. But they never are. And this just here's the reason why it's so important. When you start losing faith in the officiating in any sport. The entire credibility of that sport becomes its day I think the NBA is -- Has been for the last couple years and he crucial juncture with their referees -- the questions every year get louder and louder action fortunately in this year's playoffs. You've heard it nearly as much as you have in the past there have not been those easy controversial calls we're like -- -- nobody with an I -- possibly call that the way you do. They're happening really happening we're just argue Stewart now maybe maybe that's -- they -- -- they've been bad people eventually starts to announce start to question the credibility of baseball's at a point where. We already wonderful balls and strikes we are to wonder why they fought so hard against instant replay for as long as they did. But if they're now gonna start completely missing basic rules of the game like they did -- I still can't believe -- or order -- missed the home run. They missed a home run that's worse than -- it we'll go from little how highlight how do you how do you miss a home run in the game after looking at the replay is and Major League Baseball looks that it says. Yet they got it wrong. But their decision -- final. The problem is is twofold it's what the -- with the umpires and their unions get to take some control it from them and that's -- Major League Baseball. It maybe it's embarrassing to that crew that same crew was gonna be there the next day -- that Oakland Cleveland game they absolutely. Should have -- played the ninth inning with the result of the home run and and that they both screwed up. Cool off and. San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates is -- pissed off about his ranking on the NFL network's top 100 of when he thirteen. The show ranked woman number 73. Who would you rank and number one. I go to Iraq -- -- golfer of the Congo are forced to get it from forced to give a name its price going to be Aaron Rodgers number one. Just because he's the perfect combination right now of everything you'd want from a drop. Hauser and -- -- seeing the economy running quarterback he's not part of the new school. He's not so young like Russell Wilson drew -- RG three rest of that group and some equipment and that's numbers but he's not heading towards over the hill he's right in Italy and that sweet spot and he's he's just such an excellent player. Trying to think of somebody yells like -- left tackle. Now nigh I don't want to analytical grade year that's got to be how would you -- quarterback. It's a court possibly running back -- and it can't be a dream Peterson. You -- can't keep it can't be I bet at the best player I don't think he's the best players -- about them into those -- NFL MVP is he the best player in the league like you're starting a ranch what is going to be today. If you're starting a franchise right in eighty DeWitt right. Not Internet you know I'd -- this guy's gonna be good five years in three years. You're starting a French or do you start with Adrien -- you can't start with -- -- I don't think an important I don't think the accents not that favors in the -- are two different questions. What would you say the number one player Italy right now yeah and that level right now is a court. Mr. Rogers. It gets some love and we'll talk about it it's just loved the book and the -- -- Manning and the lastly would this team. The best players in the league so it's. They're not the best player but I'm starting -- with -- why. I would not want us there my team that's why am I starting -- you boasting sort of with a quarterback automatically yes yes and if the position is that no I don't I'm I'm agreeing with I -- When -- thing. Couldn't possibly be a better player than them no don't necessarily so that while I'm thinking well it if there's and if there's a better as the example if there's a better player. Then Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady and there are not a quarterback I'll start my team -- I'd give -- player. Calvin Johnson now are -- said earlier now. Calvin Johnson better than -- Roch you know me better than Tom Brady now -- know it's not your defensive -- terrific. And even -- ravens go back Ray Lewis in line. The court okay Ray Lewis in the private -- also out there right now on now organic conversation Celtic or a quarterback. Got it right right right pulled out. But want money. -- top. That children are whining so -- -- -- Also have a lot bigger so I -- -- -- but particular Rogers of Tom Brady. -- look at that age I think some of its AG's in the he's in the exact prime of his career words Brady is now. He's at the end I -- -- -- Brady is probably and his extended primed to is is that is the question I was gonna hassled enough to people all last year the question first and opened up to everybody here 61777979. Victories textures that Patrick Willis now Dick Sherman now. Got to happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think when viewed by his peers in this list is being voted on by his peers in the NFL. I don't think at this point they'll still vote him out and they love I don't know they love them but I think they also recognize that is because. But got it wrong the politician. Is not like -- no politician is Peyton Manning. If so whether he's voted on by his peers -- -- is voted on. By members of the media or fans -- can he know how to play that game knows how to manipulate. And I are given credit for. -- I think he will based on that I think he will -- at a time. Well then you'll be annoyed like because it's -- -- a better player or yeah or better player. Not right now. Not anymore there right behind that which you could make a legitimate argument for both sides. I don't think you can make that case anymore -- stage in their career -- was very good last year what he did for that team was great. But I think he shows year after year. He throws too many of these clutch picks in big spots -- picks -- -- -- be exact opposite of crutch right query there was these big picks to lose games. It's just not think diet anymore he's still very good ES of the same or mastering the use do. He makes the most of what he has and he's still excellent. But I don't think you can put him ahead of Tom Brady right now you can put him and -- Aaron Rodgers right now us or what I don't know what what anybody had a Brady except for Rogers. I think I think Rodgers will be ahead of them. Are saying Peyton Manning just the way it goes a lot of Manning lovers in the league -- Manny will be a in front of them. And think maybe. You go where it's. If this is the NFL network's list. They'll throw wild card in there they'll throw the hey we can't just have all quarterbacks freeagent Peterson I've been there done -- that. -- ago. Rogers. Man named Peterson. And the ingredients for.

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