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Where does Tom Brady belong on the NFL's 2013 Top 100 Players list?

May 10, 2013|

Aaron Hernandez is #77... where will Brady end up, and where should he end up on this 'voted on by peers' poll being conducted by the NFL Network.

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Operating the number one player in the league I think unanimous decision here between -- EU and -- were you on board this is well it ought to be number one. Your vote. Now. You. -- -- Number one human being on the play. And called off. I'm Margot at this for a while soft go to. Out of ghosts and -- all -- you guys know he stands. And he -- theater stand. I'm -- -- doing it this election free and Greg vertigo or some gifts for the third call this board is published and the -- oh -- -- too much I can do it expand. Not about kids. And the lowest you'd be okay with Tom Brady raid in the NFL 12510. I -- to. Michaels had 45. Well I mean really come up with the guys that you think are better. In outrage and telling you who will be on the list that you wanted to throw that logic yeah I like about trying to guess what get a lot of depicting what the forget predictions. -- OK with who could reasonably be at a time -- you can reasonably. Aaron Rodgers in front of them kept it reasonably put Peyton -- program I think so yes you know reasonably you can do now and Drew Brees. Thank you techsters. And haven't I'm out of football mode here so I forgot about my boy Drew Brees. I love Drew Brees I think he would be I was just what I think is that the thing -- -- com reported game then it's awesome the whole little Horrow pretty common. I love everything about -- like a huge Drew Brees with his handle be my own worst choice for a team -- vikings have one team in the league I would like to play to -- before he just seems like Canada fund. But clip that I would like to play with -- Corey Booker. Argue that. -- it was a good -- continue thank you appreciate that. But I heard your gold apparently all right you very much to get to put him -- number -- the -- Michael where would you put on race analysts right now. Oh my god I'm would be an example one and number eight of -- guaranteed. Well -- right so really like about it. Super Bowl that you want our history it's about right now -- one line. Right. Don't you guys think that there's a lot a lot -- doesn't -- -- getting to. Never mind winning Super Bowl yeah sure Alia I agree so. Who's who's been in the Super Bowl more during their career than Tom Brady -- -- re org or gotten close to. -- Michael let me just be clear though no one is debating who has had a better career Tom break here Aaron Rodgers there is no doubt. Tom Brady is that he better career than Aaron -- no doubt at all that don't that five times he's been doing Super Bowl three wins. Everything and a couple of Super Bowl is heading -- career again -- he's snowed out. The question isn't who's had a better career it's who's the better player right now today heading into the 2013 season. Well well okay well that's a little tougher but side to build and I'm a homer so I'm gonna ability and -- comps. C'mon guys. Well look I don't think it's I don't think it's being on homer to say he's the second best player in the inability -- 36. I don't think that's being you know ripping Tom Brady for sport. I just that combination. That Dave Rogers possesses the combination of the ability to be athletic and run around and still have a cannon and still make good decisions and still run a complicated offense. That's that's pretty impressed what does this list going to be announced when when we get the number one they're doing it -- tell it like one player a day or something they're doing like a few today does dryer in the it'll be training camp for you to gather in the eighties and anger like number eighty that are. They always figured -- Kind of like that any better thing you don't know what he's saying look at that that's sounds cool and that was a stunt double -- -- and -- -- heard. Could it get that changed its expression cities so they've got it they are timing this is their nice little training camp leading up to training camps -- and some of the selection and so far. About a -- crazy Bernard Pollard hit man is on the list. In they've got. They have ahead of and mumbled and -- 93. Or something I think heading on Bolden head of -- harvest now we're talking Noah had was that they had Iraq Hartman. Ahead of Anquan -- -- Latest -- no. You think you think person or one guy was just treated for first round pick the other guard -- set -- straight. -- -- -- -- general managers here electoral remedies stop talking about value it okay. Which my players -- value to about value. One guy get more valuable than the only about -- -- -- -- -- a better player yes pursue our right has been appointment mumble. If there if Percy Hartman. Is Joseph Flacco knows number one receiver in the playoffs the Baltimore Ravens when the -- completely different. That's right different domain with a isn't on reliable team it's and it's it's a team that's not trustworthy. It's a team that a pain in the ass. Because that's Percy Hartman is high maintenance he's either he's a brilliant talent. But you don't know what what's gonna happen. During the week that there's no way. I think even at the advanced age of these 3334 or five iron there. I take can't humbled. Any day over -- I disagree Johnny and I like both players Johnson Concord high job. I actually I was aware of on on even more importantly -- -- error occurred that would -- from the opposing player's prospective new. And if you're outside of the sideline who you look across the field and -- almost afraid to be leading utility whose. I would say that's -- Here Ryan Clark this week John Ryan Clark of the Steelers must be ready to retire he's talking a lot. He's talking a lot about Brady and -- Britain -- goes to babysit it was the toughest player in the -- Everybody said you know it's and they played they pressured. He -- when they when they step back in his own. Money is been a lot where you're talking about my comments from yesterday and I was like oh my goodness an active player says something negative about Tom Brady. But the truth is I was asked here as a as an analyst and as analysts I was asked to find vulnerabilities. And that is what I saw when you watch Tom Brady this the patriots mystique is Tom Brady -- -- Holland -- pocket delivering the ball downfield to his receivers. In 03 you know for even in 07 that is what you saw in late. -- did not include scenes and didn't -- him -- we're finding different ways to defend him if you watch him in the pardon me thinks Obama needs to be out of his hand. It's an actual -- It's not a situation to where he feels pressured or he doesn't perform yet to influences or -- is down when there and it's a place to be -- me. A chance for -- to stay out of the pocket he's more worried about the pressure being is about delivering the ball. Sony says it. I'm not saying and as a player comes in as an analyst but no -- Just don't inactive players -- -- -- important pretend right now analyst for a week. If that's what you gonna do now if you're downplaying that's another thing that. In 2010 we saw -- spoke with the jets in the playoffs. When Tom Brady gets pressured and when your man to man involved in those guys are making it hard for him throw he sees ghosts -- guys aren't. Go around and evil is not about to be -- When his clock goes off and is hated the ball should be out we'll see in doubt we'll -- influence and when you get somebody doing that is the whole New England Patriots mystique goes away. You think the patriots mystique is Tom Brady standing tall in the pocket on and receivers now. I don't either I mean it. That's part of -- -- not difficult it's a big part I also find it difficult to say what the patriots mystique is anymore I mean it's changed. And and evolved over time as far as I'm sitting here reading your book come more than halfway through now what what's really more or what your. What's your candles that your retirement about these -- about 56% to 6% with your block you really it's a great. It's a great description. Line of the changing of the guard of the patriots. And it's funny. When you're involved in it every day maybe you don't see -- that -- -- you know it's -- forest for the trees. But when you step back and read a book like that and again -- -- -- -- I thank you appreciate you guys should go pick it -- war room by Michael -- I would go find it somewhere free Kindle fine -- -- -- -- Michael and send -- one of the ones he has -- around the house that we can -- -- -- got three kids got to sit on the college by the -- -- like literally like rush. About the patriot that you for supporting education for children when you look at when you look at the patriots time things have changed man. Would beat the patriots vibe of the early through the first Super Bowl and even the next couple was all about not turning the ball over and be in the underdogs in fighting against it. And that everything from 2007 on is about trying to trying to be the evil empire and succeed right. Trying to have these giant offense that Belichick went to instead of having a defensive minded football team that became an -- -- football team. The whole patriots mystique went from being lucky and it should being to being -- -- so what sort. Well it sounds like he's right there Brian Clark if it went from. The Troy Brown of it is defined by Troy brown and Tedy Bruschi yes personal guys yes anything for the team and it moves on the Tom Brady. Then maybe Ryan Clark is on to something that the patriots mystique was. Never knew what to expect I think he's I I think he's absolutely on its own anime do you disagree without. I don't think that's it I only get -- that's a big part of it. Will try to boy got down to what the other part of the other part. Belichick. Belichick a big part of what makes this team go where -- you take. Player that it is a perfect example the guy from Rutgers -- we -- player. That it got from rockers in the third round the rest of the league says. Well. Are they -- -- are you can't a guy who's been lucky to be undrafted free agent so part of the mistake is. Bill Belichick sees something. That you don't. He's got -- of -- -- he's got to use this guy in a way that the rest of the league doesn't see and somehow thinking well everybody asks that you take these guys are you wind up in places that the rest of the league doesn't think that doesn't -- but often that's that's the more off the field in this -- in terms of how the team is built. On the field their personalities changed. Longer this and they don't have the same personalities and we like the -- last. But they've had to have a different personality David different body different mystique on the field than they than they had in at ten years ago right. With a team ten years ago was all about making that one extra little -- not making a mistake in waiting for you to screw up. Knowing the rules better than everybody else has or may -- just having a receiver lying unconscious out of bounds with -- smarter bigger just offer they just got it right and that and that and the mystique or the -- the image. Personality whatever -- you wanna put on it. It's now about being dominant team being this incredible offense it's it's it's built more on the old Indianapolis like an -- -- fellow citizens whether it's you say they're rooted in defense are rooted in offense. And the other part of the patriot mystique was. In -- down in the clutch. Now that is that's the part that has faded a bit. Where you're just always knew and and maybe this is unfair because we are talking about Super Bowls of replaying the team in the Super Bowl they're probably pretty good your opposition. But we've gotten so used to a close Super Bowl game and somehow I don't know how to gonna do it they'll find a way. Whether it's against the rams who were seen as the superior talent. Whether it was against the -- the upstart Panthers or against the Eagles. Achingly close. Sure even the patriots QB down late find a way they will pull this thing out. And now look at the patriots there's a little bit of and nervousness is is not the right word on easing this awhile I was really nervous and championship -- other house demeanor -- because. The problem with always being the team that made the play instead of screwed approach the problem -- being that team is that you're expected to always be that team. And all of a sudden you're in your fourth and fifth super balls and -- like OK well you know you still have to keep -- team right. And and nobody can keep that up forever especially with some of the changes in personnel. And again I think your book relief well -- take it does a great job of detailing. Howell the entire chemistry in the locker room changed in the idea of watching film changed and -- the whole personality changed Michael. So how can I hold them off to the same standard that idea of the first group patriots teams when they're completely different team. Right now 61777979837. Talk and patriots alcoholic WEEI. You can always -- -- exits the building for a few minutes and Ben takes over on the news delegate the horn dog on the ones to never get the horn dog young -- -- -- Always undermine what's. On what are we can -- Friday were teaching some men goodness brood stock in fifteen minutes. If ten minutes the clincher tonight certainly had a friend you -- now aiming for tonight at the garden. And you missed we have it anymore that's bad stuff. It was a we'll do our lives -- -- will -- it will do it at 5 o'clock -- in here sabathia try to go out go after really. On like on the ground and on the ground trying to hunt down like it. They'll cast like what he was up to a plea that sound coming up here fifteen minutes him getting after Phil -- hotel removable or in this morning. Also talking some patriots and Michael you bring up the -- clutch in the educated talk on the -- just because there's and a fellow -- -- phone network is coming up with the top 100 list of -- eight near an eighty's right now her low eighties. And the question is where does. Where where where would tamper with the appropriate spot for Tom Brady and then if -- -- places for 2013 it's not it's not your legacy the Brady legacy. Puts him number one amongst active players there's no doubt in my opinion and bring this up. Is -- the only guy in the top 100. Off of the patriot. Products and so you know that's an errant I think Vince Wilfork will be in the air and warnings. I mean incidentally pretty dominant player thirties at at the lowest I would think I would think he'd be in the twenties and thirties somewhere in the range to you about getting mental received -- in front -- or six Britney somewhere somewhere in the sixty range. Maybe maybe in the twelve yeah range brick and I don't think -- -- -- get on this list yeah. -- four hundred seventies and other companies other players get into the top -- from the pitcher turned. Mankins. Cat. And it is carrier you look at all of a ground rock. Hernandez to get into the top hundred I don't I don't I don't think -- -- -- Hernandez whatever and -- event on -- is there ninety's does Aaron Hernandez make it -- does I don't know. Be curious to see -- when you talked about the dynastic patriots and you'd you would say there's. I 681215. Ties that you have to put in the -- I don't I don't know that you feel that way anymore not that it's become a no name group but it is so much based on Tom Brady and his greatness. I think that that that the view league wide is a little bit different on the. Get a -- -- -- on the team may be slightly different slightly mean you have. Open at this. In 20032004. I don't think you would have had. Especially in 2007 of acuity -- Ryan Clark. Going on TV saying. -- not be. There there are okay what you're using 2007. While he may have he may have criticized immediately to Nicholas Smith do that -- that what happened. And as we know it's gonna have finance editor Clark and his teammates it can't conduct what are you talking about what are you doing. It was almost there was a fear in other words it was there repercussions. We're saying these things about the patriot because now. Tom Brady's gonna go after you've got to pick and you beat out Justin got a call about -- -- -- Logan Mankins is number 82 on the list. Aaron Hernandez on the list at number seventy -- Aaron Hernandez is on -- there in the seventies Aaron Hernandez's -- seventies I'm surprised by Joseph is it Wakefield Joseph without. They are the guys. -- so I would that we trade gradient top Korea I think it's debatable that you could -- -- -- -- there tax. And then. It took so -- number three or above you're happy. Yeah yeah over flew below your on. Yeah hoping -- -- JD Manning is it better and currently not and you guys on but it power to build a team around a quarterback. I don't even think Flacco beat top -- on -- -- And I think that played about -- -- -- at this moment is Adrian Peterson because if he if he got the ball he can call it an at any point. In the game and so it sounds like you'd be okay with radiate number fourth until you be willing to play it. At some point EJ Henderson in terms of entering the quarterback Brady is the question is is best player -- Oh yeah I mean you really think you really think Adrian Peterson is the best player upon knowledge you won the MVP but he is he the best player in football right now. -- -- regarding her I would argue street because he didn't he can run and pass and I don't know now I don't know about shuffles the best player in the game. Oh yeah but he can't that's the -- that's his -- -- his -- at. I'm sure that -- I'm not sure about that at all given his history given the injuries he's had before giving his inability to get out of trouble once he's run around in the open field. I'm not sure about that at all I love RG during these incredibly exciting. But until I see him play sixteen game season in the playoffs not get hurt I don't know that I believe. I mean he's -- -- enough player that. He's gonna realize that he can't take you can't because you know took the wife and I are because you're trying to do too much he was a rookie and he -- -- he was -- cabinet team. I guess there are -- at Joseph I think he's got a I think he's got a bright future that he's an incredible talent number one well. But the best player in football right now and we didn't mention -- and -- know mile. When you -- -- -- in the UN. What I think you guys good that he's in the next year. I think he's in the top top theories in the he's in the here after that RG three while these incredibly exciting and and the potential for him off the charts. The idea putting any of these young kids in the air right now c'mon. And that's what I was talking about the force here -- a mutt yeah just give. It up. Is -- we we really willing to give them to hand it to them right now. Adding up -- such such a desire to want it in the league over this next group that guys like Brady get amazingly is weird as that sounds. Overlooked a little bit disrespect. I think -- an -- that's happening I think. They look at. Now the that it the the trend is -- is is looking at these guys who can run for a whether -- Cam Newton. Whether it's Andrew Luck can -- -- absolutely oh whether it's Colin governor Rick Russell Wilson look at -- he's got a -- future. These guys these pocket quarterbacks -- dinosaurs. I'm not so -- and it. People might say they're dinosaurs. In the case of Tom Brady don't -- think of Tom Brady. He just can't do it anymore I don't hear that. I don't mean to suggest any Arabic I don't I'm not on and I'm not saying that Norton I think people are I think they are just starting to may be taken for granted. Like I am -- there he's fine he's still really good let's talk about Russell Wilson RG. I mean there's just there's such an excitement. To talk about those guys here that I think some of the buzz around Brady is as has diminished and that the pocket quarterback is did but the completely in mobile quarterback I think he's in some. I don't -- you can did it everyone's gonna need to run around like caller our project but I think that. Going forward. It's hard to be quarterback if you can't move at all if you're just -- Jerry that guy right now. Can't move. Manning at this point -- Peyton Manning. Brady really can't move well well OK got it at that think that in that gavel if if there's another Peyton Manning. In five years he'll be fine. Is Manning can't move right. But because it is a study habits because of his brain because of his talent it's OK I think if you have another Peyton Manning and five Virginia there -- I think they'll be there be exceptions to the rule but I think that the way the dean is evil. Watch that have a little bit of mobility you gotta run around like like even Aaron Rodgers. But just be able to move a little bit like Joseph -- as a good example Joseph Flacco was running quarterback or anything like it. But he doesn't look like in capable of movement back there's the -- right. I didn't asked -- he's not a great athlete. He's not stuck behind his line of scrimmage on -- able to go anywhere. I think there's going to be that -- on the ability to just move apparently Brady and Manning in their primes at some of that to other orbit around a little just enough to shift in the pocket and make Brady doesn't run much now. I mean it could be a couple of yards the only time the only time Brady is running. Is on a short yardage play when he's not running great leaving the great leader not necessarily a rubber balls and mr. up what's up all. Exactly dog always meant. A subject like this so that -- wired or while. Forest or -- -- -- they're the best all play. Out the right now all out. But you know -- -- -- -- if you protect and operate. If you GOP I got up. Street or hold Huckabee all come out that that that that -- -- -- that they are out but it used to wearing down our. That what -- -- -- -- right in the way they eat smaller air acutely felt so yeah it would go out in this week. Which Brady. As well anybody ever. If you protect them -- the -- vote goes. But he gets all the races you'll be ready for -- only weakness as. All the way -- let's go bad or -- out of always the movie that it will maneuverability back pocket the no quickness no ST EP get a get away. And he realizes. He has. -- those limitations are concerned. That it got that got Singapore upon the other thing that Leo Ryan Clark mentioned. On the clock in his head with a clock and his head is a good thing. A quarterback in new discount. Have a sense. That the rush should be here right now or don't have that much time that actually affects your decision. There -- some guys. When they don't have that clock a Mark Sanchez and -- -- o'clock at times. Tony Romo doesn't have a he's. You know pretty good -- a completely different day you know what it. It doesn't he know he's got the clock it's -- it's crunch time time to throw the ball to the other team so I don't have a problem with the flinch because the pledge is actually coming from. Being well schooled in. And being the the are responsible quarterback forget about the clock in my head the clock right in front of me says it's almost 5 o'clock which means we -- two hours away from game five tonight at the garden Bruins. And Maple -- It also means that there was a clock of the castle hotel room this morning that he did not wanna see at the time -- was outside screaming enemy got to hear the sound next or patriots calls talks of Bruins as well coming up -- -- Camellia.

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