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Slugger vs. Scribe: David Ortiz vs. Dan Shaughnessy's thinly veiled steroid allegations, who you got?

May 10, 2013|

We discuss the topic of Dan Shaughnessy vs David Ortiz. Shaughnessy has leveled some speculation David Ortiz's way lately that he might be on performance enhancers. We try and explore all angles of this story and take your thoughts on it as well.

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Well he really said that many times in the -- -- that more times. He said about a 145. Times. The history there. Our history show playing -- too easy chilling image RC that's RC about shelling -- he'll bring up Rhode Island didn't. 38 studios you ask. Selling about Shaughnessy in the makes -- popular go on and on and on these unfair problem. -- -- -- So no big no no big deal there but against this Dan Shaughnessy store. This David Ortiz response to the Shaughnessy column. Is pretty -- And -- been a few responses now random and we played some of the audio yesterday from sports senator today he responded it. In Spanish and so we only have a written translation here what Ortiz said but look -- -- He's he's now picking up on one part of what Shaughnessy. Brought up when Shaughnessy was explaining it. Why he fit the profile of somebody that might be using it. One of the one of the pieces of evidence I'll put those words in -- pieces of evidence he he acknowledged was that David Ortiz was -- And I think Ortiz understandably upset about that he writes he says. Yesterday the guy came to see me and asked him questions about steroids and when you see the writing it basically focuses on the fact that I'm Dominican. And that many dominicans have been caught using steroids what about Americans -- he -- If your from the Middle East because there are some people there who put bombs in terrorize civilians I have to see you like that as well. If you're white American I have to call you racist because white Americans were in the Ku Klux Klan. The thing that stung me was a statement about dominicans you mean they -- Dominican Republic there are no players who try to do things right we are on the same boat. And the people here who have been caught does that put every one in the same ball. By the way our -- been an anti racist every day and so Americans at at -- but I was just supposed to do I don't know I'm glad that I've escaped to the the the or at least that's. Or well all right up a lot of space the fatalities to escape the accusations -- getting getting everybody plays just relax. In in the case of Ortiz hitting about not about well let's let's be what the shark that bit -- issue and others say that circuit Britain where -- I'm not -- shore wary of government from. Com David Ortiz is saying. And then the now and say this the beginning of the story. On espn.com. Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz said Wednesday that Boston Globe column questioning whether his strong start this season has been formed drugs. Is ethnically discriminatory. Problem with that and that's not Ortiz saying at the the right or. Of the story. -- -- -- Ethnically discriminatory and the fact that. He's Dominican is part of the story he says what about the Americans opt out to about the American David. Barry Bonds. Mark McGuire. Roger Clemens. Right and brought to go on and it has nothing to do with. All we ignore. Americans. Who are accused of taking performance enhancing drugs we focus on Dominican that's not it at all the reason. I'm Dan Shaughnessy asked the question I think. Goes back to 2003. Ortiz a great player dramatic and he's 37. And he's having a great season. If you look at it if you look at that but why include an -- Why do you -- do you include him and I mean I know I've been a very good reason. You include -- because of the Dominican Republic exactly -- -- it because you can you can get things there it is not regulate I would say one thing to -- it is if I were David Ortiz speaking to Dan Shaughnessy and I wanted to critique. The story that -- had written. And and I don't have an -- me so I believe I have this right back checking a second but. I think I would say -- it's not that I'm Dominican them from the Dominican Republic and I Timmy that would be the mistake made. If you're gonna say a -- to build -- case against David Ortiz and I want whenever circumstantial evidence I can come up with I don't think being Dominican is part of it. But being from the Dominican Republic may be and I know that sort of splitting -- parents -- -- there if you're from the Dominican Republic -- are too dramatic but but but what about -- -- don't want he's someone living in the -- -- -- that the difference is in is in what you're insinuating if I say I'm worried that -- dirty because you're Dominican. Suggest that there's something in your heritage there aren't radically make you predispose got to being dirty -- fair because you are of the race you thinking a certain way. Where is if I were to say you're from the Dominican Republicans on suspicious when I'm really saying is. There's a lot of illegal crap going on in the Dominican Republic and all the buzz around baseball circles is that if you're down there there's a good chance you're using because it's readily available and people are so desperate to to to be good ball player to get out of there that did that there's a lot going -- There's a huge difference in what you're insinuate. I think that's a good point but here's the other thing -- David Ortiz. I don't I don't know if he's doing think he said he answered the questions the right where you the other -- Dan Shaughnessy went to see him. And he gave his answers I loved his chances. I thought he did agree -- But the larger picture to me with David Ortiz is this. He seems to be easily distracted. To not allow yourself to be easily distracted by the things if you're gonna be distracted by Dan Shaughnessy column that's what it takes. Well maybe you need to stop reading the papers are listening to radio stopped doing everything. Because I I've I'm just gonna guess. The dash -- will ask more questions down the road you'll write more articles that you don't like that you don't that you don't think are fair. Which cannot allow that I mean this is eight he is going on a campaign. Against against Shaughnessy against this suggestion. And now we're in date to -- date -- here. The problem here's the flip side of that end and I go two ways what you just said. One is what has changed with David Ortiz in the last few years because you can start to build the case that this is not the first time he's been distracted by something so what -- changed with him the last two years and is a quote it's intriguing right under the quotes I just read you -- I spent many years in Boston and -- don't know the right way to do things. Do it right or do wrong. If you do wrong the finish you if you're doing well both finish you too. There is no area where you feel safe. So clearly something over time has occurred and Ortiz where he's gone from being lovable big popping the can do no wrong to believing that there's a group of people that are coming out to get him so where did that suspicion and that what was the word you used it as sensitivity where where did that come from. The second part of it though. The second part of it when I'm kind of forgive us but the thing you've you've got me so wrapped up in this first part WG setting up. I don't know I don't know that I was detectors as why can't be right back I wanted to fight back but I do want him to fight back. What are supposed to do yeah that's certainly as is everybody who. Everybody who is accused of steroid use we say while you were really clean that. You would go out there and you would start campaigning you would sue the writer and you would you would do all these things why are you doing it must be because your dirty but he -- -- Equus -- at this salt. He was questioned and in his mind at saint can't Shaughnessy asked them questions about and it's the same light and heat. What I'm saying look folks wisely asking anyone else gates did a great. David Ortiz did great in that interview based on what I read it maybe doesn't think he did maybe think that was unfair or Shaughnessy. Concluded that he's doing steroids I don't care what he says I didn't get -- and Shaughnessy column. I got a guy asking questions. That have been asked by many fans out here that have been talked about with reporters as sharp as he went to his face and said hey this is what I am this is what -- think our social what are you guys make and that he gave his Obama. You have you see what's going on with David Ortiz UC which honesty has either accused him of or the very least questioned him about. What do you make of it at this point we got people on hold -- -- grab as many calls possibly your salt and -- on WB. David Ortiz the Dan Shaughnessy the battle rages on. -- I heard uttering I like Ortiz yeah I editor aren't just let's let's simplify this into a more prominent simple if Michael wants none of that art is a game entering whatever. All right -- got to ask that justice unfair you'd have to call in the authorities who he got a forty yard dash. -- -- zero oar Ortiz yeah Ortiz. -- her yet are you a 100% sure there's probably today. Longer -- where some -- Ortiz I don't know professional athlete I don't designated -- -- don't run for us to say because he's. You think he can run a mile. You think -- -- -- I think it best the issue I don't know honey it's aren't quite so that's what I'm gonna do to for the sake of this discussion. So things won't get twisted around to turn around. If you put me understand. And use said today we make certain date today on May tenth. 2013. Michael -- do you believe. David Ortiz is doing steroids right now we're seeing now. I think right now no he's not. An interesting question. Stiffest opposition. Think he's not accusing him of doing steroids I don't think he's doing steroids I believe him when he says he's been tested several times this year. There have been no reports that he failed a test. I don't believe he's doing steroids. But what's your name is on that list. -- -- You would ask that question he's -- he was he was questioned and he didn't like it right he's not being questioned because the Dominican. He's not being questioned because he's 37 years old he's not being questioned because he's coming off of an injury. The number one reason. Put that column goes back to a New York Times story from 2009. That's the number one reason and everybody is believing that out so what about the American baby question to. If we have and they be questioned even more different Ortiz has -- beautiful ride here. After that story came out you would think it would just be crazy. But he's our guy. He's lovable he's a copy these people 1 o'clock she's delivered two championships. So we have not jump all over. This -- kid gloves compared to you what it could be and yet as you pointed out there's an element Ortiz that is become a little bit more sensitive over time. He's not the same guy for shore that he was when he first won a championship in 2000 form right. Were it or were everywhere he went even have to buy a drink anywhere Boston. And we've seen this pattern of Boston athletes before where they go from being they can't do anything wrong to something starts to rub them the wrong way whether it's a person or members of the media. The the pressure of being in this town the intense spotlight it's always on them. We've seen over the last few years or whether it's just contract issues. Things have changed a little bit with a Ortiz is outward demeanor. I think so I mean we've seen that -- the storming in the -- press conference. Because he didn't get an RBI still strange is still the strangest they Ortiz a -- off on the official scorer. A guy didn't 25 bucks a game PP deputy dollars a day whatever it is that they're terrible they're they're against us know the official scorer at Fenway Park. Is not against -- is not supposed to be for you but he probably is for you. If if you really wanted to get down to it most of my local guys they're paid by Major League Baseball. -- wanna see you do well they're looking at the game. What are you talking about and Dan Shaughnessy. So Dan Shaughnessy writing a negative column well that's news Dan Shaughnessy wrote a negative column and a surprising. Won't happen again -- it saw. I'm gonna guess that it will you won't happen no there's no way get a little LA -- -- can't disagree with you there I think that it will happen again. I'm I'm I'm putting out their Michael Dan Shaughnessy will be negative again I've said it right here in -- The question is why is Ortiz who used to not have to have a problem this what is he now. Or did he always have a problem that he just could do no wrong in the beginning and so there was nobody that criticize him for anything. Or maybe he was built up for so long and also any criticism. Starts to feel wrong to you that you feel entitled and you get built up in this city and we talked about it athletes are treated for -- -- donated any other city in this country. We do it. You've done it I've done it -- guilty guilty yes he's our guy if he wore in New York. And they win a couple of championships. In 2000 they went in 2004 they went in 2007. And we think that one of their clutch guys we find out there what are clutch guys is on that list. -- -- -- Look at this broad look at this guy get them not fair are likely are we got -- the cost -- the cost of the championship but he's charged. So this at -- for that but that's the first time a long time. Everybody has even come up with a question but how many people Michael stated Dan Shaughnessy why don't you think that way. Why don't you think he's -- why are you trying to get in the middle white trying to cause a problem why are you trying to go after him now. And and ruin the guy that is ours because that's how they view. And is a large group of people rightly or wrongly and I know we're gonna get that the calls -- second my guess is we're gonna see people on both sides of the ledger who say. Dan we don't want you to do that. We want you to just support it David Ortiz we don't want you to dig stuff up. Now credit you that you were nice and you went in needed just write it. From your ivory tower that's nice OK fine we'll give yet will give half a point there and credit you for not doing it on the U of -- championship game there which has been done before right so -- you for those two things a -- and you think actually credited those things. But quite frankly we don't care. Don't really care whether David Ortiz is on the Jews we just want to enjoy watching -- I played baseball shame on you for bringing it up you should be witness not again. I don't know I don't know if he's from that column and I and we haven't again and I read it when it and came out. My take away from it was that's an interesting back and forth an interest in conversation. I wonder what Ortiz was going to -- column I didn't get the sense. That Dan Shaughnessy at the end that I don't believe anything you saying. He's doing -- let me just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- honestly he did say you're from the Dominican Republic he did not say you're from you you're Dominican. In the colonies as your from the Dominican Republic. He doesn't say you're Dominican to set something up the year that I thought was who was pretty good and talking about the Dominican. Whether saying you're Dominican as browse to hear from the Dominican Republic if you say you're dramatic and therefore you must be doing performance enhancing drugs that is. Racist right. As racist that is assuming something about a race of people. But saying you are from this location where we know steroids are you are running rampant in the rules are much less stringent than they are here. It's not about race that the body location specific place where you know there's a problem. I and a I don't see any racism there and I don't think I don't think Ortiz is right when he starts and ball you know it it's all about the way I look it's not. It's about where you're from an end there's an actual. Your his physical problem and your history I think that one thing and I said this from the article came out. The only thing David Ortiz get -- done better. In this column. Because that thought he handled himself very well on the column within could've done better here or elsewhere is to break down. 2003 you know I was on that list there okay here's what he -- exactly what happened. Isn't exactly what I took you can believe me or not. What I'm gonna tell you how I wound up on this list that was supposed to be confidential. I did this this in this. And shockingly I mean he is still there that he took a couple of over the guaranteeing that he didn't realize they were mixed again and he saw or heard -- -- -- But you're right there's been no specific -- detailing. Of exactly what happened -- a whole bunch of time for you guys to weigh in here before we give away Red Sox tickets at 330 this afternoon we'll start with -- map. -- and car what's going on. I'm curious this conversation. You know he can look at the right -- you can take at this current he has. Sure he has made a career. Let's. -- -- -- If you look at the match in sports chant began -- -- suburban cities that protect cards and they're in no -- He has nothing but. Circumstantial. -- That backs aren't that Ortiz is supervised. By MLB career and -- testing program has never. Had never. Violated in yet -- -- -- in that she suddenly. -- -- it started this island and now you people. This fire right you are a number five starter. -- don't know what you don't know and I don't announcing battery just up there now knows -- sports it's it's sports in Boston weaken we can talk about a number of things including the number five starter including the Bruins tonight a close out game. There's no secret the sucker for building -- up but Matt. The only thing yes. You can -- anyway you want about Dan Shaughnessy and I try to change your opinion you have it and it's valid -- one thing. You said is McCarthyism and is not based on any fact. Why -- we keep leave leaving out a little piece of information from 2003 and you are two words very carefully he said he didn't violate. The policy because no policy was in place what is there was on that list. But his name was on that list that's the reason for this home. Okay here's or without -- though. World war chest -- one to show up and let. I don't know that's what exactly that as I said earlier Matt that's the only thing he could've done better I thought he handled himself great. In this under questioning. By -- the -- the prosecution. Dan Shaughnessy. But one thing you didn't do is get into 2003 but that's. We're in 2013. -- wet -- something and he's probably the system by an all. Well wait a minute now I'll bet comment. Do you feel that way. About anybody else who was on that list you feel that way about okay Sammy Sosa was and I -- 2003 but he probably stop Barry Bonds. It's too much on the -- -- and argued. OK okay and that's and that's cool -- doesn't that put Matt does that put you in the category than of people who says about Shaughnessy I just don't want to disturb any trouble for my team. I don't care where you're right or -- lazy or hardworking industrious. I just don't want to disturb any crap about the team who has the words -- Red Sox on managers. I read I read an excellent book I love that I thought it was -- -- and diligent. Piece of reporting and I look at about Werner Lucchino and those guys and I know he's not put him in jail anymore because that would -- were tornado that was honest. Nobody thought about Larry looking you know. You like your. Okay that's why. Twice this they had. Yeah apparently easy but he does a -- -- your state Austria's when he that you just laid it out just laid it out you don't like you like David Ortiz. You don't like Larry Lucchino. Larry Lucchino if that you could say I was lazy as well let me put it just a matter of who you're rooting for. It's easy needed to dump on Larry Lucchino and Tom Warner. And and John Henry I didn't actually swing the bat. If you're in that twelfth inning didn't deliver this data and -- that the court the journal for more apparent almost seven on the field. I think that same Dan Shaughnessy who wrote that book nobody change. He's built a career on this and that and laziness and here here's the problem the problem until it got a little upset. This people don't want acceptable mr. Dan Shaughnessy unfortunately. For huge portion of this population. Represents the Boston sports fan I know you made up really represents you maybe didn't vote form. You know we see this all the time of the Ahmad president I didn't vote -- -- at all times published in a different group says it about Obama fair or unfair I -- involve maybe Belmont. I didn't vote for a -- unfortunately still represent. And when national people come to Boston looking for take what they go to. Answer honestly -- you can love that you can hate it you can -- when it's one guy you know when it's the it doesn't matter. Those are the people that represent the city of Boston when it comes to national eight. On the sports fan here you can you can say whatever you want but Chauncey is when you write something like this. He has a certain Graf -- us that you have to take seriously. He gets lazy in this doesn't mean anything but I don't be lazy reporting here. I don't think Dan is making any reports there's rumors out there are they're not rumor rumor of course there are you keep our anywhere around -- press box without people -- -- -- Asking each other -- thinks. You things out of any. -- I haven't tested them I don't know -- even how the process works entirely. I don't know if there is designers -- I don't know that but at least I'm curious because he's 37 hitting what was what was before -- I think the other thing is the opposite aren't lazy yeah I let. The guy why I think the other figures. His his job is not to do what Matt Watson -- Well Matt wants him to do in that case if -- David Ortiz met once tempt you to stay with more jesus' old ten years ago -- big deal. But it in the case of the Red Sox book. With with Larry -- Larry Lucchino is evil or any story you have about Larry Lucchino is fine. There are things in there there there there's an interview there interviews what they're looking you know in his Red Sox book but they are also stories from other people about Larry Lucchino. They might be true they may not be true. And that's okay with that because you know like -- more just like -- -- that that is more information against 66 ones that I -- evil six or 777979. 37 that's number -- in Bridgewater hi Tony. There you guys they'll tell me what's up man what's up well let let me add up like -- Let the law -- would get. Back in the rookies that are quite strike at auto that we can score tractor -- in the old war match out of all the contract. OK let's say there are you sure he did the wouldn't drop we understand I think I have been. The BMP noble book he wrote it all while -- it's okay but what -- what I think I'm back at saint. It is the -- -- this thing in the world to you that I. Think we're looking at war on. For all that you 1520 Albright -- know you take you up and dropped it. And it -- went into it and I switched to that okay. They go well they go to spring training February 20 this guy it would have been -- -- already if you still okay it would. Echo what that it -- I don't know. I don't I don't think less and less than Tony got I said earlier I don't believe. That years. A lot of I I have no I have no I have. No I. Sure that you are so stated that the not cool okay. What you want to feel like the -- this. We all all that great at but at the -- indicate what Pete -- if you play because -- got a couple early. Does temper and -- Tony I I heard from Al spear and others who are in the in the clubhouse. He hasn't been angry about this he's been calm under control he hasn't angry fighting. Are desperate search at as a jet had to get his -- but would you appoint all about. -- just about a second Tony is that -- point your point about yes four home -- you can reducing its four home runs in 73 plate appearances. So it's not like he's been playing the entire year. Michael. Would still be like let's senate feel like quite a bit and made all the right field -- look at it hit -- well not let the ball -- and eaten and I don't mean I I can go. It did. Tony do you think Dan Shaughnessy came out and said I think this is only disagreement here Dan -- c'mon say David Ortiz is doing steroids. Darn I don't know what you liked. But yes he did. You think you've finally by asking the question. I I think it's amazing I -- a lot of a lot of people are saying why did he why did Dan have to do this what Dan really did. Was asked a question several of them. I you know -- all wrecked. People saying and that you know that include how they. People are saying that Tony Tony Tony the difference -- -- people are saying it. That the only thing that look if if he was making this up if -- just have an agenda to go after David Ortiz hasn't made up some crap about people saying this all around. But people are saying that. I've heard people say that Tony I guess but come down to this for me an answer honestly if you want. If if David Ortiz on his next drug test tested positive parade banned substance. Would you be so blown away that you just wouldn't believe it. Just no way it's impossible without. Who is anybody got cap I Tokyo who -- I would not be surprised exactly pretty eclectic. And certainly somebody -- have been some success at age 37 which -- history who's tested positive ones before. You wouldn't -- At that point when it went -- trying to say it's. -- the ball like got Cabrera -- look Cabrera that would Olmert left to right right where we. When power like it. Many home runs it was a hit for high batting average. I don't know it was all well we hit some home runs but he was -- more than anatomy was just hitting the ball away by the great innovators open your. Yeah he made himself into a an all star player and he wasn't that. Or grab a whole bunch warrior cause you guys are all over 6177797937. David Ortiz is sensitivity David Ortiz responding backed. To Dan Shaughnessy wish honesty in the right in the wrong to ask these questions to begin with. You guys are all over it plus gonna give you a chance to -- the Red Sox tickets will do that next Salk -- WB. All the thing that is going on with the testing program. Many of those led to those guys walk in. Mum on the descended before if this is my time. I go there and do whatever it takes two of them out. I think these this stage in my career that. He had never crossed my mind you know -- -- involvement of cut and anything related to BD and now. But he's heard -- the same time you know when when did you start to work work work give better give better -- better than. And people Amalia. -- David Ortiz talking about this Dan Shaughnessy column that has. A lot of people fired up. As you fired up because you don't think we should be talking about it are you fired up because you respect Charlotte sees. Obligation as a columnist you wanna start the conversation get things going ask questions. -- -- with the if this texture is correct on the HTT tech are -- possible the sectors direct. And that Dan Shaughnessy. Actually said. Somewhere else that he believes that Ortiz is taking something. That changes the conversation -- together as I'm looking at his column now. And I didn't think especially with the the way the column -- sometimes columnists have that last word no one liners seeing. OK get the final whistle and leave you thinking about this is what Dan Shaughnessy last word was an account actually the words. A David Ortiz. If I can't get it done anymore because I can't get it done I go home but not because of that -- -- -- steroid performance enhancing drugs. I guarantee you that later you were not going to find out that I tested positive for some -- it's not happening guarantee. Guarantee. Based on this column that look like he's accusing him but it he has since said I think David Ortiz is taking something. Therefore. That's why I went in and wrote the column asked the question. Did the right and that's that's BS but I think if you just. If you're listening to think you get your ear -- ground as a columnist for the Boston Globe the paper of record as they say in town. And you hear these things. I think it count on the shore go to Fenway Park culture that they'll find out. What's gone on I'm not sure both can't be true all dressed in -- segment -- gay yeah yeah we giveaways and tickets for -- again let's giveaways and free ticket Friday which is a good thing for you and very simple now please listen carefully because every week this gets screwed up so pleased. Do yourself a favor if you want to win the tickets list. Listen heart too big -- and -- the ninth caller right now at this number 617931. Listen for a 0937. 61793109372. And a pair tickets. To see Boston take on Toronto at Fenway June 30 plus with her in a twenty dollar gift card to -- -- a Mexican grill WEEI we'll have three chances -- -- when Boston baseball -- every Friday. All season long or 6179310937. Right now to wind brought to -- Q -- Mexican grill town fair tire. Ninety Nine restaurants and your FM home from Boston baseball you know that -- Sports Radio 937. WE. Here's the only thing that's a pretty good deal on. Whether you believe thanks Joseph Torre -- whether you believe that. David Ortiz uses steroids or not is almost irrelevant. That the shot I. Whether I believe it or not whether you believe in and out with a something else that I have no evidence. Right -- -- and go out there are saying I think David Ortiz used steroids and this is why. But in my heart of hearts you put a gun to my head and said hey I've got a truth serum right here for David Ortiz. Guns to your head if you get this right your fine if you get this wrong your dead do you think this guy is using. My answer might be very different than what I would tell you hear on the radio because I don't wanna slander lie I have no interest in going after David Ortiz and Mike or something I don't know but that doesn't mean I don't feel one way or another. Mike and wanna give you some advice if you're dealing with people. Who have -- speaker just to get an answer to a sports question to what the wrong type of big debate that's true anyway just like. That -- -- answer the question that rebellious stage of living with my parents are just trying to rebel with the wrong people and maybe tick them off for some but I guess I guess you know if if you put it that way I guess it's. Akin to. The way it used to be like that anymore but he used to be. Where you have these journalists these serious journalist for a the New York Times and CBS news and ABC news and they were covered politics and they would never vote. It wouldn't vote because they didn't want. To appear partial. Either party so they wouldn't do it it's okay that's what happens when they did but you can happen anymore -- but they would have a feeling. They would they would be partial to somebody about it much and also -- -- Odyssey believes one thing. But that didn't filters that it trickle into this column does look like a little loud I don't know if I don't think it did. I thought it was a very. Balance thing now those who were upset with the you might be upset because you just don't we -- the topic at all you're mad at the topics are no matter what if he came out instead. Some questions about David Ortiz and here's what he said and he wrote a transcript. Of every grunt. Of every arm and you know or anything that David Ortiz said over the course of fifteen or twenty minutes. -- have a problem with that because it's just that topic a lot of people only get 6777979837. Robson Attleboro Ira. -- you know. Israel at the -- he really. Tight lie in the credit and that is ridiculous. The award here is -- We're not -- a -- it's not a problem and I've heard it -- heard it. Oh on the -- of the station's orbit -- brave for going down there XP should be or. Well what all the public while the other calls that something like this and what I'm hearing is that it. He -- he beat you and perform and it broke. No beach food in order. To ensure that he liked it to. -- -- -- -- That's okay that's our I think -- -- hit it does get the information anyway you can get you well any any way within reason to get the information that's all that matters. Whether we start off by saying. I think you're doing steroids or. I heard some her some guy on the radio Robin Attleboro says you're doing -- didn't matter how we start the -- it's it's I mean that's -- -- is continuing the interview out yet you're right. Anybody calling them the bravest too much out. -- Balls he what are our -- and he's not -- himself. Another point of contention here would lead to release a way out people saying -- hole there's a rumor about favorite. -- you won't think about the ability. Are you hanging out in my press box well -- got it in the fairway press box rob are you tell me -- it in listened. If -- if if the answer is yes okay get an up. You're telling me there is no one you don't have you have you ever come across anyone we haven't thought yourself. I wonder what's going on David Ortiz since there was that situation. For years ago the New York Times article are you saying that that's ever happened -- you. I talked to all people put sport this is not that you guys that is not what. I have not never. Well you -- it personally if you ask me into your home you -- it. And I've had multiple conversations about it the last three weeks. Shell off the air to speed just conversations about sort -- -- -- What -- opened the floodgates are open all the not opening floodgates. -- Shot you want because it's now replaced are about him again you know political and another reason why this is ridiculous but. Q if you. The media in involved in -- but it didn't appear on. The don't talk. A huge difference Ronald got -- a lot -- like a second hole -- There's a huge difference between wondering about something and saying I think David Ortiz is using I have had multiple conversations with people. Wondering people they what do you think. I think about -- a lot because I believe it's rampant. The rough sport I think is rampant in the NHL ramp and there are steroids -- ED -- NF all ex NFL I think it is rampant in the NFL and I think it's a joke that when guys test positive in the NFL it's swept decided that it's nothing even if it's your defensive player of the year. -- -- A big deal just football we'll just leave that stuff right side Rodney Harrison and no big deal to sweep that's a -- that he was just trying to recap it's okay but in baseball my -- we don't I'll heart attack about it. I think it's rampant in all of the major sports it's not an uncommon conversation. For me to have with some delicate what do you think what do you think thinks this I think that I think this course I think -- to -- about we talked about what Batista. We talked to Joey the Encarnacion. Talk about it Encarnacion and all the time David Ortiz is name comes up because -- as his has been on the list for our. I just think it might -- the field that we're in where we're talking all the time but I just. Have a problem in general whether it's sports and NPD's or anything else anything controversial have a problem with this 1950s. Mentality of let us not talk about it in it will go away no it won't go away. Let's talk about it if there's something controversial answer is just too. Move on to something else to talk about as what a -- said earlier talk about the fifth starter. But the fifth starter when it's necessary. Or if it's something that moves you might it be necessary to really wanted to I would fifth starter we can do that. It's a legitimate topic now it is also legitimate to say. I think the writer it's all of it. He's crazy and here's -- one -- during this is why it's stupid it's also legitimate to say I can understand why ask the question. I don't like that he did it put Ortiz -- response was interesting. And there's so many ways to go with that would just I know. These are 20. In different ways from a media field from a media perspective. -- from a sports perspective. These are two big personalities. In this town. And one guy as you can -- you hearing today one guy has been around long enough Dan Shaughnessy. Have a lot of fans and a lot of enemies. And the other guys. Despite some of the controversy. That he's encountered in ten years in Boston. Is beloved for the most part so is it really the story or are beginning to the story or is it. I'm gonna come on -- Right -- Monday and Ortiz because of who you lie wrecked a lot of it comes down that I mean. The idea that it would be unreasonable to assume a 37 year old who was having a -- a great start to a year. An -- has some of that the warning signs that David Ortiz has. It. -- it sure does not coming out of nowhere. -- -- like he just randomly started attacking a player that nobody had ever thought of before. It happens to the player that we all love happens to the player that means a lot here in the city and they need to distraction to the team we can address that here a moment but shots he's not coming out of left. Healed and before going isn't random -- earlier. I just wanna put this out here. This is a preemptive strike. This is not a defend your own defend the guy and the media. I would love to sit here at any crap on Dan Shaughnessy because lord knows he's done it to us many times. On this station in particular. But I just got a call it the way I see it here now maybe there'll be another time where -- will join him. And I will bust Dan Shaughnessy and I'll say this and I'll say that but in this case just looking at case by case bases. I think it's. I think it's fair Taylor -- what overrated since this article came out. -- operator O for nine since the column came out he has not hit the last couple games after his -- start of the season it is distracting them. Is -- starting to affect play in the field what does that mean for the Red Sox in general as for the first time they're faced with -- losing streak. A -- were a fallen out of first place by percentage points they -- bad baseball -- making errors and David Ortiz is under attack for the first thing this year everything is not all roses for the Boston Red Sox. Now that affect them on the field and doesn't matter -- an axle and volatility. Correction David Ortiz over ten. Since Dan Shaughnessy column came out is that affecting him. Small sample size obviously but the guy had been on fire and foul for ten since then. And I I bring it back to what you said Michael a ticket on warrior calls here excellent 77797937. -- back to what you said that. Just got to be a lot more sensitive. Over the last few years got a good trend I think you find often in this city is it. Either more sensitive. -- he was in the past war. -- more expressive. Adding he was sensitive before. Putting ever talked about it and there was no reason to question him about it because. This is is that the heyday of the Red Sox. That 2003 team close and he got he went on a great run it was fantastic in the playoff 2004. The -- 2006. And all the home runs that he had 2007. You know doing it again raking. Maybe 20082009. Things starts view goes south form especially in 2009 season. -- 2002 and Tito calls and back to the dugout. At the pinch hit form in Toronto. It only starts here are some things start to see some things worried about the contract. I don't know is he always been like this or just just things are getting too -- He is. He is as beloved baseball player here as we've seen in what. Ever an Indian Wells -- get their modems. In normal all huddled around -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He was climbing just yet he is almost not personally responsibly -- heroes to baseball team but. More than anyone else I think he'd be symbol of the Red Sox winning the World Series became more embrace the -- man. Bigger name like Nomar was here before it was more worried about people farmers Obama he blows any of those people aren't -- was more collective -- the moment that they're most -- in the community. -- always put our great community it's not just this is about your York. I don't think it's a whole the whole package I think he's the biggest things since. Roger at the beginning Roger always had a a year relationship with -- her body there was never that connection. Biggest things instead Williams. I think I mean it would we -- we -- you factor in the championships and his role -- -- David Ortiz is that big deal I think this. And it and maybe that's what it is looks at and says. Why should I have to deal with David Ortiz and the -- -- -- the answer is this and it comes back to a text message that we got here as well Michael you wanna. Go all the way we the year 1950s analogy sometimes asking a question of public forum is tantamount to an accusation -- senator Joseph McCarthy. Well the problem is flat but Joseph McCarthy just I don't listen I'm not telling anybody who's on it and then -- but he could've been. What here's what what -- China -- is saying is there's a list we all know what's on it we've seen this list and it includes David Ortiz. Now I'm asking a question again in the previous colors that McCarthyism to wouldn't go there currently is animal knows that that which -- just like just going out destroying out there well you -- you look a certain way or. You're in a certain industry here in films so therefore you must be doing something are you a Communist Party you are -- atomic. It's not that. It's we know now you can criticize the list but we know about the list. And we know some names that were leaked they should event. But we do have knowledge of it therefore we the have gone forward and said OK he's on the women's what does that mean. We had a press count there was a press conference the players association game that the head of the players association is -- Yankee Stadium depending David Ortiz. The whole deal. Ericsson -- what's going on there. -- commitment on center Eric. Not just real quick I want to sit. I think an issue that goes through David Ortiz or. -- -- that the real. Option is. Is this reporter really aren't allowed even speculate. What do you -- When you get credit you know this whole little story can go to the story that you wrote in -- don't ask an area talk about -- all at all. Yeah I mean I think it's funny because when when -- that the heart of the steroid era took place in the late nineties and early 2000. There were a lot of people afterwards criticize the media to what were you doing. You were there you have suspicions nobody wrote about it nobody went to try to figure it out you'll note this. Supporters -- another and the ball player's pockets left and a hundred years. Well Mayweather that's what that's true or not there there are those that did believe that the reporters at the time should have done more -- should fit Shaughnessy got jumped out of pocket. Navy I don't think Jonas has ever been and -- pocket police no player that's not that's not the view of the huge honestly I've always at Ankara flaws but I don't think that's one of them. It's hard to us today. That that the industry screwed up in the late nineties and early two thousands. And then at the same time Rick Shaughnessy for asking some question well but then then you'd you run into this. Because you screwed up on something because you missed you've missed the boat. Don't blame me and come back in overdo it. When the era has -- I think this is all eyes are doing it well what I I don't think this is over don't accuse you made the connection of a lot of reporters. Were asleep at the real. In the 1990s the steroid era. I don't written by their own admission and I think yes I think you have to -- our I was there in 99. Home run of India all star game and in 99 and everybody's praising Mark McGwire. Even for -- for the home run derby. He's -- is now girls at his grave is a celebration of baseball. And -- part you can Mark McGwire another -- and over the monster or lower the heartache it's incredible. Dirty. We've -- since we watched all of these things. Happened and some of the game the evolution of the game but that was that era. You missed it you can't come back in 2013 and -- -- -- -- -- this but that that's not justification for a SATA based on the best -- breaking baseball's not clean. Baseball is -- sure I guess clean I totally -- so I don't exactly I don't think it's right in front of us like the latest we -- cleaner. -- will -- -- -- but you don't think it's quite never giving exporters can never be. 100% that's right so would a guy wants to ask some questions I'm probably it is leaded there is something to be said that he singling out one player and asking questions only about what's caucus like say okay. You've got baseball. Baseball the ninety's. And early two thousands was probably 88% -- it was fill -- okay it was a very courteous can narrow -- now covers say it's 20%. It was a right if we were edit we were in the mud in the felt. And we just kept singing along. And now I think it's a completely it's a completely different animal crossing can it is totally clean. But it's not like what I don't know that I have a problem with the insurance asking a few questions about it writing want columns he's going on a one man crusade against David Ortiz and he's made it his mission. Like what's the guy's name Nowitzki who used to work for the failure whereas our Jeff Nowitzki and his personal quest up against Barry Bonds and the to relax just take it down I've read game of shadows like. -- looks like the worst human on the planet in game of shadows Nowitzki looks like second works just like dude relax. It's OK. You have a -- delightful survive without you -- to Barry -- just crash just calm down Nowitzki only shot she's doing that a few questions he went Ortiz announced days in Framingham Dave what's going on. They -- the problem where this whole thing is maturity. Is not breaking this story he's creating a story. He jumped in there and stirred the pot like shocked. Can break the story I've heard the story be broken that's what college is positive. -- supposed to go to you know. What you wrote that's on here -- -- back with apologies to Michael and John is that is the name brand columnist for Boston along with Bob Bryan. And they have been for almost my entire life. No I think if you've got to as a columnist you are starting a discussion you're leading the discussion. I don't think he created a story like out of nowhere David Ortiz is distance floating along -- -- here's this columnist from Boston who brings -- steroids. There's never limit to four it has been mentioned before with David Ortiz. And -- as far as the news in this little little. A little nugget there that baseball reporters probably were little jealous of and that is that. David Ortiz. Told Dan Shaughnessy on a contestant this year can testify at times we do know that Olympic. Then in its -- viewers and I'm gonna be tested later today. Or I was tested yesterday there's something it was unbelievable. Dave let me ask you this how would you prefer John C analyst as he is is he your view need to wait until. Other somebody else comes up with news about Ortiz or whomever in order to write something about. Now I read this article I -- pit stop but it would appear why aren't coming -- he's been injured for accurate in acute trauma back. He hammered home to help this team you don't think -- Archie duke and shot that he. Why did angle it's gonna Condit controversy in order to talk about early at exactly what I thought I read an article that. Here we go WE we got a -- for the next week and now it's awful irresponsible shot agreed with Jerry Google like. He not a writer he -- what he would want an incredible writer who wrote about people about stories. Like. -- Have a column I wrote about people and certainly. With this. -- -- but it gave I don't I don't disagree that -- because ordinance at times the dance show on Saturday I don't I don't I don't run to the globe every couple days to make sure that I read everything you write for a lot of those same reasons. But I I just disagree on this I don't have a problem with him. Writing about something that a lot of people are talking about wondering about I got -- group that is job. I work with him for ten years. His article so -- -- he's always been a little sour in print. And I think this day he does one type of column over and over. Is is not quite fair now he does there's a certain type of subject that he's drawn to. And stuff like this and it's led the heat overseas. The vs Lucchino and it's the overs of the keynote he loves -- that's soap opera he loves that stuff. But I think. It's a bit. At the Specter remember he's going to.

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