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The truth behind velvet deer antler: Lou Merloni interviews LuRong Living's Danny Putnam

May 10, 2013|

Merloni interviews former teammate Danny Putnam about his deer antler product and learns about how it helps athletes. Putnam says current professional athletes are taking the product and that there are many people around professional sports that want to see his product made legal.

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By joining me now is former teammate of mine Danny Putnam played together in 2007. Last year playing up there at Sacramento River cats in the eighties the managing director and co-founder of the wrong living in -- or talk about. You're product because. -- velvet really came. And some scrutiny -- -- on the Super Bowl -- Lewis. And Rich Ross the owner of slots at the time and there's lot of negative publicity about it but I know we've talked about your product before. A little bit something about -- velvet -- and hug your apartment be different. Yeah outside -- long story actually goes back in Lorie. When it -- initially broke. On Yahoo! Sports about. About a football players taking their products and more accurate and and a -- long story short. And nothing short. Very confusing. And damaging story and many athletes and now the PGA tour. Would be you're saying. Suing -- -- four an undisclosed amount. Very intriguing words I appreciate you let me let me jump on today and I got a buddy explained that the background what IDF really is. That is the -- controversy right that part of the product insulin like growth factor one known as IGF one and people saying well this is something and it. That if it's it's basically it's HG natured affects the different levels of it and that's why it's performance enhancing. Correct -- be all the controversies. I GF one and so out of one a couple of opening the big difference. In between our product -- product level and so they all would only be taking it needs trot down the outer. Without taking things out or without adding anything picture and so any novel idea would be a -- naturally occurring now just like. It and -- no -- way approaching. And in -- -- All those. -- an -- actually low low low levels but. These other products which have become really all cloud. -- the shadows of around that are are actually acted concentrates -- what was once national. Colin certain components -- Nigeria and concert at higher levels trying to Alter the way to. The body or it all the -- -- won't urgency Biden digest. But it actually a difference in openly what the final product and also intent -- the product. You mentioned Vijay Singh in the lawsuit with the PGA. How closely were you looking at that I would think that you know if Vijay Singh is trying to come out and prove. That this isn't something they'll enhance your performance so basically try to prove that maybe this isn't that big of a deal. I would think that you would look at and say well it's my product it is a big deal but yet it's not -- you guys -- be paid attention that. We're certainly paying attention but -- obviously is not a product say it's been. At alteration. Real or adult and it's pretty it's different yet -- talked about the spray and it totally different so. But -- we're following it very quote when he says. We have from very over a year ago when we instead of identity then let -- control over here. In trying to get that information out all the important people have been truth about how. Did you actually interact nobody can only -- government. So we think all the what could have been avoided at all -- -- which right now. We have been patiently you won't believe what he's certified as word people understand that you -- -- these are. You know we're certainly wanted to separate ourselves from -- and it is different. They got. Now if you've been that you -- -- insert it's been certified now by the banned substance control group dubious world CG in and you guys correct Maria from wrong with the only felt that Hitler product in the world that is certified drug -- And that's. The wrong living correct. Correct and that's kind of our commitment like you know wanted to tell you what that are not in our products like a true that -- you can trust -- actually understand it says it. We are that we understand what it's like there would be worried about what you think I get out there your reputation in one hour you'll play around and well. Don't know you know when he announced it will. It will workers where that the nation well. Put your targets did he put -- -- former teammate of mine managing director and co-founder of -- wrong living. And controversial theory Hitler is like you said I don't we actually talked to Mitch Ross. During that whole thing yet she came on. Somehow and I'd say Slobodan stable he made a wanna say that but I will but still he's talking about the how -- an all of these forms and like you said it's a big difference Reitman extracting it. Illegally into a spray is concentrate and what you guys do do you look at your product. The wrong living more bait a supplement. Let it protein or whatever it is daily vitamins rather than a performance enhancing. Yeah out of the big differences we're not trying to create an idea product fact you know -- what we don't even advertise it contains. I GF one minute I get pride because it irresponsible. To clean that all of the reason it works in based on an entry -- -- -- congressional. -- a group of Republicans are both Monica and had to collagen. And by the -- -- England and so but just we're joined now -- -- -- -- you know. They're very conflict nutritional source when you needed in the fall we want you know I -- would -- -- -- If you take an orange order a lot more than -- by the NC. It's all the nutrients that make up origin either earn their -- If all needed was extract all the vitamin C out of Orange no longer have warned you have a vitamin supplement. And it is a big difference in the actual benefit. So again aren't aren't available where and how. A lot of help that are based on the nutritional. Composition net -- -- -- very different from just taking a single isolated product. Yeah and I didn't -- speak from experience I'm taking a product now for a few months and and he can feel that I could feel a difference in and I think it definitely does work now. The BST this how do you get involved in -- are you currently involved in May be getting it okayed so athletes can now look at your product didn't know. That this is not going to be an issue in the future this is not going to be positive test because I think that as you know as athletes. We get supplements any in you taught David Taylor and in my career in your career that always have to go to the training staff. Will you get something like that the future so these guys know for a fact that little wrong living is fine. At least speak we are working with the right authorities and that happened in very competent at. Intelligent -- will prevail and we're very excited about. At some point in a way that happening where it was very like that we're where we're doing everything we -- In and explain the fact quality assured that the couple of them did you. Big concern right -- that idea one. In and I don't want to end up there they like what in particular idea actually what the reality is every -- we. Who ever played sports has taken -- one way when you talk about well. A glass of milk contains war idea -- and then. Eight it will serving -- -- Taylor -- in one. Wait protein powder can change. About twenty times more. So you're talking about idea one out of supplement. You're talking about. It naturally occurring in the food and supplements the -- every day in fact there is a whole bunch of research on the fact that you're being able. You can have a certain percent lower idea level -- glut and so many new areas product our regular. -- of supplements with where we're approaching. So as far as acting in -- leave for Asia levels. You're much more likely. You have a -- they are you eating needs and their product they would never thinking of in -- they don't buy artwork. Or you're gonna -- a so it very interesting from the fact that. These athletes because nobody understands what yeah is touting all the food we're talking about. -- You know what does. That acclimated here getting. You know very neat and that's -- that -- such forward it is a natural diet you can understand where. We elected. You know put their finger up and now everybody. Yeah given your experience in professional baseball and I'm guessing if you. Come across athletes currently right now that that may be our army be staying away from your product just to kind of get this thing all catering to people have conference. People that you know that particular government. I can tell you that it can happen there. -- small and growing army based -- conservatively. Going army everywhere from professional athletes through their agents and front office. Who would love nothing more than you know get all the players. So like -- will work for everybody to make sure we can look at all odd that the truth about you know because. We're not trying to do anything except if you -- nutrient so to be able. And perform and ailments of the late Arafat and something that they shouldn't be getting naturally we give people. You know the ability. It was in leopard and ultimately in order as well my interest on the DL so. It really kind of funny because agricultural it's partner -- line and look my brother mark of the injury they got hurt. How to handle our picture that I mean I need to be -- percent Koppel -- and need to be 100%. And that's what will work. Talk to any Putnam again managing director and co-founder of Lou wrong living. The natural form. Of the year velvet and I guess my question would be you know when they talk about. Publicity is no such thing as bad publicity or advertising. It seems as though the pebble this year the product has gotten your product individual but the deer antlers sprayed this idea once sort of -- things on hold for you. Or Portugal in two. Into the public might help in the long. All probably related good press bad press people talk about it when people talk about what they want it now. Political talk about it you know things need to be addressed and there's the question you know -- it the question. So it's good for a because it is as a chance that a lot of it is actually you know -- -- people understand what went on and you know be able to work after all this stuff so yeah it's great for me that we love -- we love it the challenging -- if it's a challenge to try to. Explain away the bad -- -- -- going on in Poland which -- about all the players were. -- should you have let that that small army you know conservatively kind of waiting. The other guys didn't back down other guys currently taking your product with no worries. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Based RBS in user addition I am totally dead and at least all the stuff that happened at all I don't know well. There there at -- There was of those conversations have when this thing kind of blew up to -- Guys that you know there were ticket come to you and say to hold on -- all the attention this thing is getting you to shore that I'm okay. Right of course of course we we you know that the vehicle when it happened and that we have conversation. With anyone get a chance explained the real deal and yes in the acting. No product it certified drug treatment obviously you know the tenured member. You know ever been involved in content. Many aren't going to explain that and explain the fact that words are never you'd do. And and here's all the -- by the -- well I -- and a -- -- there. I'm comfortable or hey you know what that -- that I can think the -- -- -- the problem is that this is where we're fighting war. We're fighting for treatment were fighting for the fact it should law. We professional. They're being -- getting it wouldn't be visible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And have the confidence I think certified by -- apple -- apple. I don't look at Beckett this Vijay Singh decision in UC. AA released in February 2013. What it came out and they're talking about IGF one is a -- look over spray may contain -- -- one in water recommends their for the athletes be extremely vigilant with this supplement. Because it could lead to a positive tests. Now they come back out in many of the same year 2013. Say -- -- spray is no longer on the list of banned substances. Because it won't effectively deliver the IGF one into the body. And basically it talks about how -- such small amounts of IG if one it's not considered prohibited so. What changes here in in just -- a couple of months to make wanna kind of changed your mind and they're rolling. That's a great question it's. Is it actually I can't speak for water but like I I would be surprised if it was a then I think things resource that we have they're presenting or they did their research other -- that they sound. Because we'll be certain law that would look for. It is true when you know their initial statement was there's no way of knowing it could lead to -- -- I imagine that. Initiative -- look into it and that's what they do it. As likely -- second. It doesn't only contain it right yet and when you in an idea wanted to breaks down in your gut that's the accepted science slot. You know there's just. There's a lot of -- idea ones specifically yet in India are they you know any of the drug policy. But now this statement. It available equally confusing because now they're saying well -- the idea or does that work. Now but it sort of -- something like I don't know I think it's its interest in because now they're reversing what was -- You're breaking we will now it is okay as. -- -- -- -- Decides it seems weird that. A lot of would come out and say it's illegal. And it may be spent two months actually researching you would think that both the book before they would say it's a legal they would do their research before it. Yeah and I can't speak for all of the actors -- did -- -- -- -- -- but I would agree with the fact that if all you're talking about it might yet take orally that's not why these products works on a totally different I don't agree. The fact that. You you should not be able to court -- make in Nigeria product has yet and to Alter idea levels to physically Alter that in your body. Beyond what would it normal you know normal I would do because and contrary but I understand what they're saying -- look. Is this type of format that such a low low level that it is definitely it factors in wouldn't. It's considered their four. According of that blanket statement our product will fit into the same category as being -- just like it was -- It -- lot of product or -- We've protein product which contains IGF one. Because -- lower level -- those sites there is definitely an issue that would be. Illegal in the same way so it kind of like dog look. We already know that they put -- -- in this that we journalists is it because that's what contained about not died yet anyway so that really is not an issue. Well I appreciate you joining me here today in and educating me as well as the listeners here on your products in the end of Belvedere Hitler now. I don't want audit and I absolutely love it how can others got to get some more information on your product and what do they go. I go to our web site. Www. Love of the dot com -- you Arlen Alan BI NG dot com one thing I'll talk people who. There was testimony on the are not in for real people who have shared because they want other people that -- and -- itself. Yeah we're about helping people are. Clearing up and that in the Norway's. In getting treated out there and help people look at -- they're essential certainly let you gotta love it and he got hurt injured yet. Yes you have you get a -- at those things -- locked in right now and -- appreciate those things and again. I think he's Danny Putnam he's the managing director and co-founder of Lou wrong living in Danny thinks there -- appreciate time.

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