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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, Bruins haven't played A game yet

May 10, 2013|

Pierre McGuire joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Bruins Leafs series, the play of Phil Kessel and the elimination of Montreal.

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-- it's 12 just after 12 o'clock we're talking hockey that means our body Pierre McGuire what you do at the -- The -- and I've. Respecting heroes nominated for one lap to go while congratulate you here thank you. The best we -- -- everything we could look -- what do personnel and -- up against that. They would do in my opinion rendered -- result of -- to blow up here I. Talking to Emmy award winners go to Pierre McGuire next week that's a heartbeat yeah I. Let's talk hockey with Emmy award winner Pierre McGuire of NBC sports congratulations the air space allotment I appreciate literature much. -- you end up come on all of that and the Bruins open tonight Pierre to come home with a game five to sort of get past this series and put it in the rearview and get some rest and I guess let's take out these four games is that their best the Bruins are just a better team than Toronto Maple Leafs are. They're -- and all the Bruins have played very guinier they've traded spots where they did but hardly at all they've played in a game suburban truck on their radio. You know I think the biggest thing when you look at it. There -- teams that big battle hard Bob bought and they've got obviously a lot of still not much really played the most consistent hockey yet and I'd like what you guys are just sand. Mud -- about you know keep -- Seidenberg and chart together I think back to when they won the cup. In -- and those two guys were towers a power on the back end and no star wanted to play against the man I think that's you have to -- game like this. -- the two we look at the series at the goaltending I think Rask has been good has been. Couple goals you can question whatever but but primer at the rebounds this seems like they. They get it right -- puck Ottoman just crashed the net because they're Joseph CPA they're all over the place. You all part of the problem is there -- what you're watching and I change change play a lot even before it was in the NHL he's really exposed culture and he did he doesn't really have a great catching glove. And -- absorber compensate a lot of different areas and because of that they do extremely active goal in naturally she goes QG rebound. Once he refined should call and I think they will spend a lot of time work within. Are not -- -- -- -- whatever they're huge and all verbal forward. Arguably much better player you'll -- those juicy rebound. On the other hand -- talk about the played -- Rask in the series -- the don't want ever talk about. Tim Thomas and what he did but duke has got 45 saves he appear back to back games and whatever reasons left off the vezina finalist. Are -- you go that but of the goaltenders playing in the in the left in the playoffs right now I feel like keys. In that top group the guys remaining in his term. Here is there's no question yeah I'd watch and required person doing that entire series between the watching -- -- New York Rangers and one quick to me grateful he's been unbelievable ministers shall forge too -- Yeah I mean Corey Crawford unbelievably outstanding for Chicago. But not your -- took his -- I've -- a victory -- -- for a long time Wal-Mart where he was a goalie that turned on the heels six. The world junior in Vancouver he's a good player terrible mistake made by that. I try to mate we usually treated him for -- -- cropped the way back when and is -- real good scouting by bought shouldn't -- -- valuation by. The trial may pleased -- that management team is long gone in trouble in the marriage between the Boston Stiller but I'd look at didn't. That you could have very good player he's very competitive guy and I think most people don't watch it draws a much -- by the. You obviously you want your guys step up in the post season we look at that first line right now with great she -- Richard Horton. This -- inconsistencies may be throughout the year do you think a lot to do with the shortened schedule with physical play of that line and maintaining that may be the reason why now in the post season you see it. You know Lou I think to be using data and have a real good training camp they didn't play exhibition games I'll pick me love with a tremendous shape to start the year fact ignore it wasn't I'm not sure what kind of condition it was -- even though -- -- -- hard worker. Off the -- and for -- -- -- -- -- The word you use journal archive in terms of being treated like dogs by the owners. I think there are some met her demeanor I think it affected a little bit. So you combine at all I think that's a big reason why that line never really got a great start there first -- nearly they'd be different people -- it. Meanwhile much quicker I get to do is watch and play get to the point of attack is much quicker than he was. Nate does really dominating with a pocket now are creatures just want the book all the time so there's a lot to -- for that line now from Boston Obama booster and a lot of -- Irsay and Brad marsh and that he perpetrated murder are gonna get -- out factually what they do with the consistency that they show this year ought to going to be very tough vote. Let me ask you about that appear because opposite volume there always matched up against best line in Bergeron. You know they are all -- -- Bergeron is always matched up that's why he's a silky award winner or -- candidate every single year but yet. They still were able to scored during the season what do you see from them. Well I think it's a good point we just should they do put the acute change top flight -- usually do that. And you got an efficient player like Patrice. The Winger used to take charge you two they're playing with lectures that are playing against more offensive players and defense of players. I don't know others you again. This this small sample size of forty in scheduling there's a lot of due -- -- for everybody that played Little League this year I expect that line though at some point area right there on tolerate you all I'm new guys that are open trawler that like that vehicle is that they do they're gonna border novel water. Pierre McGuire NBC sports joining us I wanna go back to crate she -- site. I took a lot of reaction yesterday a -- AT&T text line here -- I don't wanna say he's David Ortiz clutch. But David -- she is trending towards that year he led the league in goals. A couple of years ago when they won a cup yet for game winners this year he's got ten points in four games he's a plus seven he's got 57 points in 63. Career playoff games this guy -- the playoffs he plays well what is the national perception of David great she's a player. It's growing all the time I'll tell you one thing that I think the Bruins deserve a lot of credit for I don't know what's being said -- bought and I would hear that you you guys all I've been I've been doing game -- -- -- -- some travel. But here here is what they're doing well I had the privilege of being part of that -- group to drop your memory jogger. Your armor yarder was very much like David -- -- when he was younger player turned to offensive and especially in a -- -- Boston went out and acquired year Murdoch I think that really. Like when the Philadelphia Flyers brought in your armor yarder really help you for a check it on the same all about yarder from I don't the Czech Republic. Czech Republic this small country but it's a very pro hockey country. And the one thing and all bought Czech players -- really Revere the guy came before that for you are -- yarder was -- -- and we traded to get -- DNA in Pittsburgh and it really helped charmer -- in eighteen in nineteen I think the Bruins getting your -- -- and so David -- unbelievably this went out dealer who believe that. Let me ask around the NHL because you did that game the other day in a lot of questions of -- Florian -- -- -- there and again maybe. People now -- back on that the Pittsburgh bandwagon that might have been questioning them a little bit those first few. -- normally couldn't be more appropriate -- their comments there are a lot of people particularly doubled -- its first play. Almost all -- and very capable goalies 36 years of age is not a kid I played the playoff euphoria actually had to play out shut out in 2004. So he's got the it. Play international against Detroit those are -- true red blinking as well Brendan Shanahan. He buys and then nick Lidstrom and Zetterberg and that circulation about forty which initially been down that road before. The ability he's not a very active guy. So it makes routine shade look routine he makes spectacular saves look routine. Because he's always wearing a bigger body. Any teams like talks victim should rebound controlled better eventually. For whatever reason in I don't know what it is and the penguins don't know what it is right now Marc-Andre Frazier fight in the pocket need to can have -- right now it -- -- simple. All right here we. It cut the -- favorite sport does enjoy when the Yankees lose in the Montreal Canadians blues and Montreal. Here they lose out and I heard the end of the CBC broadcast last night and it was well where last place last year to step in the right direction butter. Our Canadian fans disappointed in the way this thing and and expect to win a couple of rounds even after a pretty big jump when he finished last year. -- much our radio today that they want to coach fired. Liberal center. What they were able to do and I was runner for that general manager -- so I can speak to it internally what their -- all bought. To go were they were last year to where they -- this year. There's a tremendous job a professional managing by mark Berger -- that the news that that he put together they'd done a fantastic job recreating. The culture that should be the Montreal training culture and not what it was under the previous management team which. Was not very appropriate for my truck -- pain so. They're going in the right direction. But the fans are very upset that they did lose especially to a rival team like got a lot I think because this Dominic Moore they would a lot of the Boston Bruins. Rather than sit in Ottawa Senators. Match. Almost heresy the deck there are much change -- despite the Bruins much the bruises like -- but that knowledge -- That that's where that market is up there but I will say this I think -- -- -- well on the way to turn their franchise around. The -- at auto team I think a lot of people -- kind of turns some heads with all the injuries that they had. The -- hockey the way they were down the stretch -- Anderson has been lights out and nude colony Carlson Beckham was still a Spezza Z gonna be back before this that team to worry about. -- on I'd be very surprised look here back for the second round and I again talk to people love a lot I coached there for two years and all of stretch as pretty well. I'd be surprised if you were to be back. The one thing -- will -- all by Ottawa. It comes down to leadership -- you didn't pick up policy before when -- currently shipping it probably didn't carry it outside great leadership. And what they are all they have homegrown guys that are leaders Daniel Alfredsson drafted by the team players shall further Chris Neil drafted by a team plays shall further. Priscilla obstructed by -- team -- short birdie there all you guys have been tremendous leaders -- you had a real solid citizen like Sergey Gonchar. We won -- Stanley Cup that tremendous leadership and then they've got a bunch of kids that play the American Hockey League three years ago and they want a championship for Binghamton which is it was -- And they've been trapped and I think so it comes down the internal. Leadership to come out of guys appreciate you play and they are playing on it seems that trapped them and they're proud to be part of it. Here let's get job on this my last question I feel like Pittsburgh ends up winning that series of the Bruins against the winner capitals and Rangers is there -- is there a better match up there you know -- the capitals under at a votes have been a lot better end of the year the Rangers. We're expecting one of the top teams they barely get in in your mind better matchup for the Bruins around to. Probably the Rangers only because their power play. Is not as good. And that's been a big problem for the watching his power play has been number one. Most of the season. Has been very solid in the fall this city. -- -- -- it created a lot of moments with their power play. Orbit is playing really well right now but the problem for the Rangers in a matchup with Boston I don't think they have before -- generation that they need to have to play get to -- -- that's always been one of the big problems like found. Especially when you look at the way that. Pretty cheap plane Reynard but you know burger can do kick up Kelly really understand -- -- and Gregory Campbell I -- -- that's an amazing -- -- so I think that part of the problem. Does it seem like -- their overall that probably wouldn't be good enough. Unless I just -- -- whole week of daughter -- sound I'm -- dying for that you're kidding me that be outstanding. If you get all fired up. -- is good radio that's for sure so you with the Rangers capitals of the end now Peary bounced back before. -- doubts about the for a bit Rangers catcher noted that bird life's great in Washington late on Long Island Smart and there's GMT Sunday and whatever gains governors on Monday -- battles. That's why out of a tight whenever these folks who work your ass off like Pierre McGuire does the -- thanks you're time is always we'll talk -- next week. I love visiting the respect -- my take care little have a good weekend. I -- appear -- BC sports joining us on the eighteenth the outline AT&T for the treaty. Speed that the ten times faster in the three GAT TNT. Rethink possible like that as -- -- -- GM jobs like you talk about it is that it's good it's not welcome to get a media guide here is always a finalist for that -- guys -- -- -- organizational a little bit I was I was at the -- a -- -- talk about there breakdown of that. 61777979. -- 37 -- year. You've got again the AT&T. Live -- -- WE yeah I -- we can't listen my job out. Your text on the ATP -- line 37937. Negate your phone calls next.

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