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Curt Schilling, ESPN: Shaughnessy is an "asshat"

May 10, 2013|

Curt Schilling joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Ortiz allegations, Clay Buchholz's use of sunscreen, and John Lackey.

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I'm joining us on the eighteenth the hot line Isa kicking ass on baseball tonight on ESPN is Curt Schilling cart not live Dario were up. Spent some time here talking about David Ortiz and what -- Shaughnessy wrote Joseph let me give you two words Dan -- ago. I know you love -- Well you know it was -- -- I love David I had a ball in the depth tonight I think a lot of what banners dominant life has been personally driven. But he didn't ask a question that people are announced themselves. And an end and that it's a Barbara Ann and I can't go back -- but -- as a player this is our fault. Well we did this week but -- -- topic we we have a campus stop that we didn't. I think the way it was done was kind of keeping I think you put it that there are there are people asking that very question. What I'm not gonna get the position -- -- defending Dan -- but I would say. Would you be more offended by your Dan writing that from some laptop computer somewhere or doing it the way he did which is going and actually talking to Ortiz. Face to face asking the questions directly. Well yeah I mean that that if you're gonna do that that's I think that's the only way you can do it and and and have an ounce of respect. Bit. Well you know. -- -- -- Told me that that there and I apologize for the birds gotta have a gun to shoot them in the -- -- My -- I would probably within you know when there's a problem. If you look around and figure out the source when there's a problem at times over the only common thread that problem is you. You need to figure out where -- -- wrong why did -- always. Every time we talked about articles like this are so it's always about what they're writing them. And then about -- -- yeah I'm obviously -- exaggerate a little bit. But that's the tired at -- -- players are frustrating part because he's almost looking to. Differences is that it is important to be a part of the story as it is to write this story and epithets -- players -- that. Why are I agreed to use any -- actually thought it was fair I mean I think we'd done it to ourselves I think that anybody. That is is getting older and continue to play at a high level we were talking before about. Oh it is unfortunate because -- to get off to a tough start -- are always bat speed is down and it comes out and you know the four point six is locked I mean he's finally some old right now there's no question about assuming it's up to a good start. And the frustration of guys. And we've seen him in his a lot of speculation -- about certain individuals but. There's somebody out there that's clean this being accused -- looked at differently. Of the -- more but there's -- once somebody the problem is well if you if you go through the top. Like the top ten players hitters and pitchers sort generate some like eight of the ten have been caught at some point -- bit but it. Again we have a chance in -- along multiple collective bargaining agreement and as a former player rep I'm one of those guys we could have stopped this and we did it in. And I think a lot of it was it was night activity I think there were some ignorant. But I think in the day it was you know out of sight out of mind and and it's coming back to haunt us and it will be. The reports departed there will be a grandfather clause that it and it will be this group that's generated in the older players as they ago. You're gonna see this column this this this Q were they around guys like that and and I want David Ortiz said that he's -- Michael's friend he's one of my favorite teammates. But then again I'm not sure the end was announced in the course of -- -- border and so. I guess the bigger picture Lou and I get into year actually -- -- -- don't you feel bad for those guys that are falsely accused and a big picture. I kind of sandwich you said that they those guys as a league and the ones that where there -- players that we had had -- abdominal. I have a hard time feeling bad for them because the league itself and the players union. Dragged their feet for so long to increase the testing. You know what it is imperative. I'm gonna tell you that I don't know the we dragged our feet as much as I don't think we have a handle on what how big problem once. I can remember that look I played with guys that don't know when I look back yeah they were cheating but at the time night I. I have my own like the way we don't -- -- might look I wasn't worried about what might center fielder was doing in the off season I would get ready -- -- that he caught the ball to get hurt. And and you eat it I wanted to bury your head in the sand mentality. But if you want one of the guys -- want it it wasn't something. People. People have this tidbit I think the club also -- -- -- -- there's there's twelve guys in the about getting dressed and there's thirteen guys in the bath and should not. And it was not like that in and it was never like I didn't you know let them. Would you say do you think it's probably. Can -- -- -- -- 25% of the players in the big who's using what I was playing. Maybe 20% yes but that I never ever -- you know not what I never saw it liquid form. I never sought in soap -- that Deborah. But my tickets were using I know what I hope I never saw it wasn't something that was out that you didn't. Also something to operate -- planted and it didn't want players that want doing it can no. Because that's admitting you're not good enough support. What are Biden. Now with the testing -- they have I don't think anybody's naive to think that in all of sports not just baseball we know that's the one -- always under the microscope. That it's still a -- ways. Well within -- I do believe that the blood including blood work with a game changer. Because now. And here's why would -- now know what you get caught you're either Manny Ramirez dom. Or you're going to such -- Detroit -- been -- -- what has that you deserve whatever it right this -- that our. It's obviously not gonna stop everybody. Put but when when the players association and rightfully so I agreed. Two duke blue blood testing into the cut that scene of the game changer for me. It was something that I never ever thought the players association -- -- up approved will be OK with it took up possibly dead. In terms of this team and you had speculated a couple days ago that it. The idea of sun screen is not the craziest thing in the clubhouse and my guess is that when Jeff passed and storing Yahoo! came out that. It's bull frog and it's onscreen and that's what. He accused clay abusing that that wasn't a big surprise -- this -- on across parts. I don't nobody accused. It's not what you're accused of using something. Yeah. Yeah. When it until I'm the one whoever hospitable woman whose lives intent -- -- kind of ironic that the bank. I did it. Their model and I didn't have been written quite that it would tell you there's no ball -- harder to -- baseball and then I don't. It is the hardest in the life its environment in the big -- what in particular I couldn't. I -- also provide -- optimistic them all the time you needed something to keep just to keep an acoustic equipment. Can't cheat by getting extra grip on the ball. -- RU TU you can Biden might get the ball boy in wet. And it that was quite was trying to do it -- -- but he would have been doing the opposite of what he actually did it. Want to let you want you want we want to be almost like come -- that book like water. And and he was actually use and that's up to keep a grip right and -- -- that he doesn't you have got back spinal care but that. We don't use something to be back tomorrow and back on the mound. The bad -- super gripped the rod and doesn't work unless there's -- -- -- -- -- -- guarantees you know I'm gonna be able to keep it sticky. Yeah. I don't think. That's the problem ruins talking about him cheating in those get an extra grip on the -- -- the -- -- really. Consider getting a grip on the ball cheating unless you were just blatant but -- talk all over your face and he was OK listen you've gotta Smart not let me ask you this. Guys in the big leagues right now he gave -- that -- best way to put under under had only think would know what to do with it. Nine or not I would pick and a ten of them would hit the mascot. It would be -- -- Equipment that -- -- I never knew the reverse way I never knew how. How or what pine tar would do as I know I used it. But I don't know how that was TD -- no -- -- you cheated with that I knew all the I was -- all the other ways and I saw all the other way. I thought some unbelievably. Ingenious ways to cheat but I can never do it I I was I was a good about it I didn't. The relative bit. It was not something that doesn't look simple immediately the day I needed to know what the ball's gonna do what about my hand and it and it spit balls almost yeah almost like in the local ball you have no idea where it's -- ago. Talking a Curt Schilling we open the short talk and John Lackey last maker not sure you saw -- outing but I thought was the best. John Lackey is looked until he's -- ground ball on a senator feel what you think it was out. I agree I think you know he talked himself -- he thought the team that game. And I'm sure he didn't have that that's that's fundamentals. Any -- assets after the game said I don't make it up plants are lost. And that's it but -- from a pitching perspective you've got to be ecstatic about what you saw. Again but that he he. As someone who had always had weight -- always equity issues in the sense that I was always trying to stay at a certain comparable weight. He is lighter than I've ever seen him and he looks better than I've ever seen him from not just not just physically pit stop. The ball coming out and it different his breaking ball sharply it fast or is it is got more velocity better commit all the things you hope he would have he has been. You know that they. I keep blocking them and I keep wondering. Where that where the hole -- to keep wondered where we're beyond the problems are going to be obviously injuries -- everybody has -- -- And -- deal with the bullpen stopped now and I think that they've done enough to help themselves. This doesn't mean that that's gonna have a bit -- upon summer. That because you've got Lester Buchholz who I think both of kind of figured out gotten back to where they need to be which which for the most part. You're not gonna be many of these five out of six is 607 on the bad side because those guys are so glad they're going to be in streaks stoppers and -- starters. And -- -- the number three but can potentially be a lot of funding need -- that to step up and I think it's just about winning big big games and compete. Yeah and Demps is another one it's given you kind of the outings that just like lack -- -- -- -- Dempster I mean numbers are about -- brought you just mention -- the kid comes up Webster after looking impressive -- the one outing but. Lot of times it's speculation last night that maybe they felt like he was tipping you finally had a game on video and that could have been the case who knows. But -- to brought. I see the -- to go down five miles an hour seeing shown up in camp out of shape and get ready for opening day but he got to wonder you know winners swears to commit we've seen this tournament before. What I this is what happened templates here's -- -- I have and I've never seen a -- show up at spring training behind the curve. Be able protects up during the season. You can't do it it's not possible to do YouTube because you're you're literally. Spending four days between starts trying to be able to get out and hit again instead of trying to maintain it and prepare. And for a young -- it's it's the death it's it's -- -- -- because. I don't need my young guys to be maturing between start and Dennis. To be incorporating. Something small something new something unique in preparation for their next. When you're young -- and you -- products are -- in spring training. You're literally spending time you're playing -- and you look back on the year and and I played with guys like this you look they look back -- the ago. While the rights to myself. And the and then -- -- the upside is generally for the most part he's never happens again -- but you're you don't want that now. And her great stuff appreciate you in the -- joining us -- Curt Schilling is human ESPN's baseball tonight on the eighteenth not libelous AT&T. Orgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. I think it would be an idea of the rest of the show here that is gonna give that up -- -- -- our house 6177797937. Warrior phone calls Pierre McGuire NBC sports and the Bruins. Yeah.

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