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Mut and Merloni go at it about David Ortiz

May 10, 2013|

Mut and Lou have a spirited discussion about the Sox slugger and how he's handled the recent steroid allegations.

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Our George Butler and ID 37 WE ER body and Emmy award -- Pierre McGuire will join us just over hour from now heave NBC sports game. We'll get this take. -- we'll get his take on what's going on here with the Bruins chemicals that thing out tonight and it Pittsburgh right the ship of vocal and a -- he was there is part of that game at some point we'll celebrate a little bit a Montreal. Being out of the NHL playoffs and got blown out last night but the senators beautiful. They are gone they are gone home -- the season half hour from now Curt Schilling could join us 1130 some baseball she want talk -- about. Including this pitching staff and maybe -- catching situation on this team. Are you surprised that even a day after the day after. David Ortiz is still. Are responding to what Dan -- on the front page of the Boston Globe. By responding you what do you mean the earth -- interview while a couple different things he's asked about it again that's where the column had accusations. And represented a distraction not anymore what do you do about that Shaughnessy style who gives a bleep. And he went on to sort of defend his outing yesterday talked about -- hit a ball ball found her -- so it's all caught him poses response shows -- article. Who gives up there. If she's -- open but it wasn't real not ought to send. I mean you wanna say some pretty significant things I followed Pedro Gomez he sat down to a with Pedro Gomez of ESPN. And I mean he had some interesting takes there in terms of sort of again -- you're about this for you but for the Boston Red Sox. The difference in culture from a year ago to right now what is it like. Moral. I would say room. -- sort of body to function in the real world that you have a good days. In this -- life. This year for some reason. Home to see. Jon -- you're getting along we have to idea. How prepared to first where complaining about having any issues we his decisions. For the things they wanna do and that was something that was going. Left and right last year here and forget that that's this'll make a difference. For you personally you spent so much time on the disabled list last year you come back. You're hitting over 400 in talking to a couple scouts they're talking about your lower body. How that is really the key to what's happening right now what do you say in terms of why you're off to such a hot start to. Well. It got to my concern on -- there was because hall on that we -- -- or. -- I know what he takes. Two years in the waiting DPH me and I'm in pitchers every event. I I try to go all the way down did VPN because I know the -- to either game chasing bad pitches. For good spot which is for a moment you know because an off from a game changer so the one thing that I people -- since last year. Once I and other wasn't going to be able to give him playing this. How can stay consistent. What they do pretty much every day in anyhow I think people -- So there was a lot of media work a lot of heating or an armada. Mean. Consists and other things that I know that I need to to do to get to the point like I say earlier when I first are praying you know. I don't feel like I am. What I like to read. Every day at the beginning and I mean -- you know we get in there. The whole war no other you know and I and the beautiful on the did you know and then. I'm hitting walls keeping game hopefully continue. I look for what I work for that. But it is -- is now. Story appeared in today's Boston Globe. Bringing up the possibility. That you might be on some type of performance enhancing drug what is your reaction that. Well. They're on the same playing graceful you know YE IE. If I have faced -- situation -- in Boston. And that IE. It confused me sometime this at this point in my career that I saving and I don't know. What is the point that we need to be as a player for people to pitch your fans of the Fisher reporters to pursue whatever -- story. You know I have bad April's. They very meaningful -- reporter -- because of that. Have a good day broke his bed to remain. I will I need to know are we let somebody just claiming what is that causes of where I need to be. For. I think we have field for all still be in the right spot. Insisted on staying in arming if you clinical Molly -- because I'm -- due to -- thinking games. And -- -- in the newspaper late that porn. No reason I was say smarter way that this did last night so. Can do good to be sold to. An. You gonna may emulate just because I'm include conflicting games I mean it is and I'll -- it made no sense and my big. Family you know all the thing that has gone on with a desk and program. It's many of those led to those guys walk in. Mum on the percentage before if this is my time in the title there and do whatever it takes two of them out. I think. Does this stage in my career that. He had never crossed my mind you know to get involved and of cut and anything related to he'd be and now. But he's heard dog the same time you know when when you're used to it to work work work they're better give better -- better and and people who -- Common like that in. Start putting out some people hey you know when when you haven't done anything wrong you know is this this is what I guess that the -- would -- an -- -- today's day. As a lengthy sit down with posts and espn.com Pedro Gomez and David Ortiz. He robbed on wreaking a Rojas of espn.com. During a recorded conversation in Spanish. On ESP and -- -- affiliate. The thing it's -- me about this is Dan's statement about Americans. You mean in the Dominican Republic there're no players who trotted to -- true who try to do things right. We are all the same boat in the people who have been caught does that put everyone here. In the same bowl that was based on one line in Dan's story saying there's been a history of players from the Dominican and then write about this -- happily linked to. Ford's anti drug of steroids -- Major League Baseball -- -- against speaking out of turn it was one line in -- story and obviously. It bugged Ortiz enough where he talked about it and you -- related its -- things and sit down Enrique Rojas at espn.com. And through all this. He just still comes across the guy that. He doesn't want to answer the questions and he understands that this is certain Mary. Negativity megabit lined us up to me was a very few bad in April and there you go after you give a good. So he's got this thing it's me against the world right Ortiz feels like it is him against the media were I would argue. That for the most part the meat is treated David Ortiz -- Damn well around here I would agree during his time -- protests were still on go if -- -- a bad April -- -- If you have a good April. They still are LSU this is a troop. With David Ortiz got Regis and is he right. When he when he hits the ball well when he's -- yes yes yes wouldn't yes no yes no religious voter article. And was on ESP and he has yet is the media in general I think that the entire media OK okay so it shouldn't generalize. Who is Dan Shaughnessy. To say that guy is off in fourteen games. And he's in for 26. With a batting average of balls in play a 400. Which is way above ignored again which is a hundred points over career average app -- it is a four under. -- Okay reasons why it's in four point six. Now he's put the barrel on the ball consistently -- -- -- small but luck was that reason. -- so he comes out. And starts off -- It's a -- article about him -- starlets. He comes out as to -- April's. Any people talk about how Oscar's always lost pats beat. The debt not happen happen. To -- bitching about. Just it just stands out to be amidst all the the accolades he gets around majorities treated pretty well he deserves of but he still stands on that the media's out to get David Ortiz not -- he's talking about April you've already agreed that that -- that happened. I don't know. We don't you agree that it happened now you're upset. You started soft with -- surprised that he's still talking. You report after the game asset with a bunch of crap. Any moved on talked about is not written. He did an interview Pedro Gomez Reid talked about baseball and manager in the body in the head and everything else reputable Modesto nobody knew he was going to. To somebody writes an article it's a national story and accuse David Ortiz abusing TDs. And you would rather have him just hide in his locker he did that you would say. Why isn't David Ortiz talking you've done that before but again hold out -- he does talk ignite -- you feel like the man accused him of doing sit down ask some questions. You -- -- -- accused him of using steroids. Or was -- dance sitting there to a space is that doing from his laptop by the way you know next to ask him easily talk to rose to a space. What do you think. We think though -- about he was trying to -- are always -- just a way for him to hide about his own opinion. It's always -- -- on accusing whom he sat there with Ortiz asked the questions faced the pace bases rote answer by answer what Ortiz. -- asking in this day and age well because it a little thanks. You think about that quite safe I don't think Jack Johnson thinks he's on TDs right now you don't the depth article reflects why his success. Beijing Games so here's a guy a professional athlete. That is success is being questioned. And he's being accused basically nationally. Of the TDs and you're upset he's coming out defending himself for per day and a half or -- I brushed it off after the games and it's over with. You're upset about that if -- came out accused viewed nationally. You just put your head in the sand if you did you'd be the first one to criticize yourself but -- given the answer if I played in the league. That let this crap go forever and mining showed up on a list I might understand more than other players won a big question and defend yourself. Defend it by saying it's the media instead of saying yeah the league for a long time turned a blind got his steroids -- -- and EMI and it was on a list of sites like figure out I didn't he told the truth about the media. You agreed that happened. If you're including one person is part of the media when only one -- and he severed two months the only one person for two months. Back in what always don't know whatever that was used there were when he struggled in April may only one person immediate. Wrote that he was through only one person talked about that's the only one person said it was over. A lot of people wrote that -- mostly everyone -- Yeah but it's one is all they get after you and and his point is the media gets afternoon group they did -- didn't -- well. But there's been one media person this year out of this great start -- -- in the wrong way he's addressing this -- that our media and media -- comfortably you said the and shot several problem or it's okay that's that's probably you know that makes an accents. Because when he says he says that like that. That they asked you when you get out to a bad start. And their bad you when he got a good start well with one person who offended your it's one guy not the entire -- my problem is that -- corrected himself I feel like that's the only probably have any generalized media the biggest problem -- the second biggest problem is this idea when he says that. He says that like that over his ten year year. The media's been tough on David Ortiz and I would argue that on specifically in Italy I would agree I think in general adamantly. According general none have been hard on him but he's actually right. What he said when he -- we stuck -- look to specific events with three specific events he's talking about the media when he played poorly and then Dan -- this time. That I'm okay with -- when he says the media outlets talking about what I think he's talking about. The excuse and all the media for write an article about steroids I excuse and one guy would think that if you don't want quote. What a -- what -- he would do the same thing -- -- don't want quote just generalize at all. -- he calls honest Yelp I wouldn't think he's talking about -- you think he's talking about rob Bradford comic out of the first I don't clobber -- John -- first time has complained about the -- Eric what's again the media around here and about the atmosphere around here in it for so long -- expect. Was great atmosphere. I think some most players like me that's an atmosphere of people -- And talk about you played -- you what this atmosphere that's also Pena asset mr. times Dolan and his good battle everything. Talking about the bad. You know that you like to stymie -- don't -- -- loves everything a lot of money -- this time -- or kitten and -- knows this city get as he knows it. But yardages jumping wise you still harping on how do you expect to do if he didn't if he didn't come out defend. You all over him for not doing interviews are -- all all room. -- is the wrong word it's the focus on the media as a whole being negative went in this case it's one guy right and everybody one guy and everybody. That was debt. Isn't it generalize. I heard again why would anybody barely got -- on the -- once I heard it I said boy again he's -- in the media. So you're -- everybody. Well up I don't know why you don't get. But I think everybody realized that I was talking about the got a distraught the -- an article would have taken PD's -- why you can't get it nobody else does. Brian's a Boston on David Ortiz is -- Bryant. A good morning or what's up on you know. War report keys as the play the game here in two equal hopefully use that you know what. -- typical before he ever put on the US -- that's facts. And that a candidate to have an act I mean we're going to talk about people's past they would -- -- well we talked about intimacy -- past. Well I Bryant watch -- -- merely to go -- and he hung up non. No I -- this does not conversation trying to get -- to hear Steve's up in Maine hi Steve. -- Steve Steve. A guy that I don't. Tell. They are missing in court -- in Charlotte the thing I'll. I like the media. Molecule are obvious to you guys by the -- already talked or my -- -- leaders like myself. But they're gonna beat you are here to -- your -- players -- the lot. Above the media it is it a little yes you put. David are you Democrat -- -- but. Ever since it would. And here. Yeah -- the one of the plot Mort I thought you know it yet he did. It to generalize the media. You know and make mistakes he's human do we ask. I think what you just apologize public to go on the radio but -- but he didn't actually being. You know people make people. Always -- always that's Steve. Remember what I apologize or anything thoughts about this and you're thrown again as well as I'm -- -- -- the part of -- -- scenario and have a problem in Shaughnessy. General rising Dominican. -- do us out is it easy is it not fact that there's been a lot of players fat area that the -- media. A lot of the media here has been on him when those special occasion you stuck -- Back in April 2 years ago three years ago. I -- problems and generalize it and there's. Been thrown out of an article. Now all the -- -- partly you can't let these we have like your blood and Bloomberg get the what are you get what they regard well. But that you haven't string of expecting that aren't so worried actually in the -- are waiting on the ball and getting lucky eagle. All of a sudden he's you know he's -- I did you are and -- a mud again at the hands aren't we. Gain on this I don't think you're -- I'm honest here it's the back to back calls you wanna talk about Shaughnessy -- and for the most part you know I'm I sap their ethnicity does his job race. -- a columnist. All right and then he could probably sit there and say that 5050. Is even 5050 going critical. Bicycle elements. Are using when he does write it's you know and can be critical. David -- for so long but I don't think -- Now I don't know I don't think he's killed David Ortiz and in this this article can be questioned the middle of the people honestly my personal opinion. Is that people said it was it right at -- it was fair mean. Lot of people disagree with other people say that it wasn't fair. You know that he has no right to go out there and just accuse somebody -- put in paper but you would print but that's that's his job is get something that he's. Obviously been taken about obviously something has been bothering him. He went that a player he addressed the with a player any -- article he could've done it without talking dedicated. See you would have you and you -- had more problem with that -- got no problem anyway but you would have a problem that this was just fired away that -- and I just I -- I guess I got some I guess that it is a very touchy subject today. I think a lot of people realize that when you -- wall and you publicly accuse someone. Who was successful for and judging on fourteen games because and averages high. Based on but not look at the numbers and realizing that it there is a lot of luck involved. In this I understand. I understand that we did this to ourselves and as speculation a deal that whole thing is reasons why Jeff Bagwell doesn't get in Oliphant. There's reasons while the guys haven't gotten a hall of fame because it's been speculation so is there natural we get it to ourself. The reason why it's touchy is because you feel bad because of the guys is no work into becoming great hitter in not rewarded. You're accused. And that's is that sad. But that's the game yeah I'm not sure feel bad based on the sport treated and how players association -- it's that these guys are all going to be -- and that's part out of pat about it. If the sport had tried years ago attract cleanup may be at feel bad for bad about that one -- out -- this may be cleaned and is being accused of being good like. Feel bad I don't feel bad because these guys made millions and for years baseball didn't give a crap what were taking I feel bad you know it. I have had no. How they'll of that Adidas no and not don't feel bad for the players this clean. And it's -- that's being accused of being dirty in his success is being questioned you about that individual player -- in the sport seven ought to talk about the sport the sport that was an ordinary head in the sand for a -- let's -- that port it to themselves they keep talking about individual. Who's being falsely accused. And held out of the hall of fame it was clean. If they're out there speaking about the whole thing -- rubric. Ollie -- two things where we come back we got Red Sox tickets Curt Schilling is gonna join us that's next. Why you can't get it nobody else does.

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