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ESPN's John Buccigross on Bruins Leafs

May 10, 2013|

The great Sportscenter anchor John Buccigross joined John, Kirk and Rob to discuss the NHL playoffs thus far. John was very high on the play of Rask and compared the Maple Leaf fan base to that of the Knicks in terms of entitlement..

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That's our number three Dennis and Callahan and nobody is in their glory this time of year more than -- ESPN friend John -- -- job -- on AT&T got like AT&T -- LT ER you enjoyed yourself so far coach. I am that's been just so we expected at the low scoring league now we're back to our. And interned in its own terms of gold per game and not always excited during the regular people to make her very close post season games and lots of overtime. I don't what you -- what you expect of Ronald the night given their herculean effort in game for the produced a loss I think you could make the case that was the best game they played even though they won game number two. They they put all that effort they emptied -- all the impede their tank and they end up with -- overtime loss what do you expect of them tonight on the heels of that. Yeah other women are fast -- they have tons of speed and to the bruins' defense you know sometimes it's as difficult I would back kind of speed. And I think they're gonna be ready to go and and we got to come out of hard obviously you know castle and then read site to get all their shots on goal armed. -- plenty of chances plenty of shots and so the Bruins are gonna feel a fast team it's going to be attacking them again and so two good gonna have to be ready. The stuff always fluctuates John could change if we talk 24 -- -- -- -- these look at it right now given the Pittsburgh has been shaky Montreal's out if you wind up Eastern Conference contenders right now had depicted. You know top to bottom would you put the Bruins -- that once spot. But -- hit so hard to talk to one series and in the -- of a match up looks them in the when you look at the -- -- roster is just it is offensively so daunting. You know they have Ottawa -- the Bruins if they -- if they win tonight we'll get big the ranger capital winner. So they know -- common. And I really thought the capitals were impressive the first two that I could kind of see them maybe be the favorite because how well they played down the stretch and they now have a second decent line. And four pretty good defenseman but then they did you know that rescue basket defensively late and they get New York. You wonder how how he is over the long term and I would like to capitals the way they're going. And looking at their roster but. The other girls -- does something to -- the got a great draw in Colorado it worked out well. And not for the they have their number as a team not overly physical but a lot of experience over the good first -- to get its gonna change. In the next round what is the Rangers or the capitol different kind of here. -- interest in your perspective of two guys -- have garnered a lot of conversation around here receives raskin Sagan. What's from where you're sitting how do you view those two players. Well you know two good step it up like you have to step up you. You know you don't win with good goaltending it would great goaltending that's papers that it had to be around 930 tonight -- the course Tim Thomas's amazing run. You know with the niceties save percentage in the under two goals against these -- we got to -- so he's going to be there and I kind of I've liked him as I've I think he's made big save against the you know like a team is really bringing it. And who plays very aggressively and I thought Tennessee as an aggressive team you know when he sees the Rangers have -- the Rangers back then. And the capitals at the one line in the Bruins should be able to match up against which are out of that in the especially at home. And so that'll be different in this kind of a difficult team they bring it in Sagan I think that you look pretty good actually. Up from the get go I think is is. Jam his effort has been a little bit higher than the regular season the whole team has brought it up and I -- is getting plenty of shots on goal. He's getting chances you know -- him as he gets more experience I think he's five and don't need him going forward. In the playoffs -- still Big Easy they're both how the player for sure on the -- And and therefore he's now start -- after the U ball would be in the best player. We're talking with -- ESPN's John -- -- and jot how much how we came to this the the last couple of days of the discussion on this radio station has been if you reversed the trade the Bruins get -- back and try to get Sagan and Hamilton would you make that deal. Yeah I mean that's a great question because. Right now Cassel is definitely the best player about a better player of the two. And that I argue I think in the OpenId he would not be most exciting player with the popular there was a vet can for awhile. I'll play in the off winging and going and coming down the icing going crazy but in my mind -- the most exciting NHL player with the park. Coming through OpenId to neutral zone with speed in the package shooting with the media release that clearly. I really do and so for the playoff series to further play up -- next playoff series you could argue that you may want cancel instead has taken but. Still overall. Going for it because it's like -- be the better player you never know that could start it could start. And I could start whenever he could then just go because of the page. Moving away from the series or maybe you're into would be this series what's been the biggest round one storage Cecil for. It would be throwing the penguins didn't you know yeah you know on the brink last night of going down 32 been outplayed not just the goaltender who was just -- probably brutal. Did the whole -- was being now played so that that would have been just monumental. You know for the for the of the fall down pre game to do. Every -- everything in the west I thought I thought Chicago and so they would win I think the box away in the rough 32 ahead then when he. And everything out there doesn't really surprise you very much in the east in that the race in the capital and write -- the -- what we thought that's good for the Bruins those two teams could really beat each other up. And I really takes -- the tanks of the Bruins can take care of business and have that here it goes seven. Back to be who helped them out to get going in the first couple games to get that lead they play great with the -- they play great with Hillary's lead. And that I could really work out well for the -- John do you understand the mentality of the Toronto hockey fan because we've spoken to columnists and broadcasters up there and and the theme seems to be the same and that is no matter how long it's been since they've been in the playoffs they love belief that in no longer and no matter how this thing turns out that say well that was fun and we got there it's it's almost like the fan base not the team. The fan base is just happy they are there they're wired like we are here in Boston. Yeah is built like a Hollywood believe it is in early in the -- sense of entitlement -- -- -- Miami of them may accelerate the mix aren't yet in the NBA history. And over -- Maple Leafs are in terms of you know impact in the NHL the NHL history since the late sixties. And I just thought I just I don't get it out I think in the what -- in the whole Canadian thing it's a strange how. Did you know -- the resentment they have a lot of USA born players. And and win and we're Americans and we love Canadian. Four players it's like if I feel good about that as an American. How how much we love the Canadian players how much we treat them down here off -- stay here you know political back again that'll live. So you know I always wondered and and and wondered how they feel about that affect how much we enjoyed -- is that Derek anymore place they resents. For USA born players. The Doherty -- the Bruins slamming. The end of the day. We tell it like this so the next series is going to be capital the Rangers and that's pretty good -- for them. Ultimately you look at them -- -- may beat the penguins he and they beat a mall in line in the Crosby line. And that those four lines they roll out there now again but I was defense is not very good. And their goaltender do you you know and politics soon be the guy go report will Marc-Andre -- come back. Those that -- they have questions so every team has questions. So in that regard the Bruins their players their best players are playing really well. And if they can get going and everybody else I just kept leap of Portland which you have turned the light switch on -- -- did not see that coming. I mean businesses they were clearly coasting and they just decided to turn it on -- it's unbelievable -- that should give broad as possible. -- John follow -- question here Bruin fans appreciate David -- -- what's the national view of this guy under rated under the radar what would you status. Yeah I I would I would say it's it's BO generally under the radar it was not a awesome skater he's not an awesome. Physical presence he doesn't have an awesome shot. A play's between two you know security guards -- -- any type of player. But he fought in the past -- I think -- or just certain amount of respect to the crafty guy. And and got it's an interesting situation going forward for the Bruins all the big guys get raises next year Marchand cap number goes up Lucci taken. Wrapped up in new deal Bergeron is a new deal after next year apiece helping you could argue he should be the highest paid skater. So great he's always in the guys do we trade him could -- have immense value going forward two years others deal. Good cap number 27 they could get a lot for him that they felt like they had to -- load their deep but. They did their edit window here where they could keep. You know belly for Stanley Cup. That was it with a cap -- those -- the questions come up and never would before but again they could get a load for David rates. JB I appreciate you taking the time this morning good to catch up but you'll talk to down the road. We Jon -- grocery us again with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TV.

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