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Dale Arnold: Bruins will be ready tonight

May 10, 2013|

Dale joined John, Rob and Kirk to discuss all things Bruins and Maple Leafs. Dale told the guys that the Bruins will not need any big pep talk leading into game five tonight as the veteran laden club will be ready to close out the series.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan it will be interesting to see how things play out at the garden tonight again tablet -- human nature joining us on the AT&T hotline. Propelled Dale Arnold good morning -- how -- Just -- a -- the nightmare team to the night RT. Well this -- show proper Sunday missed just a matter brought up -- -- Pay television all the Bruins are saying all the right thing and we've gotta we gotta raise our intensity level even higher the last game is the hardest one to get they also know all the right things and they could really use a weekend off bodies that -- missing plane out tonight. I think you hit it Viet giant carrot dangling at the end of the deck they know all well but -- they all the law. They'll probably be thrown out of the -- for Saturday and Sunday yeah back practice on Monday. I don't think -- Probably start the next hearing that they want until Wednesday. That's probably the most of important technical -- the Stanley Cup championship here they get it goes seven games here. But you're number two in that rotten with a four game sweep of the flyers. And it was shall accept them physically but the rest of the play all right crime and and I think they know the debate it's all the same not tonight. Arrests that they yet especially Kirk I'd like Chara Ers aren't -- Google would just be critical. Does it make hockey sense to you dale that the that Trotta will command here and -- and try to give it their best efforts early early on with a with a onslaught. And if the Bruins can withstand that and maybe get up by a goal or so. The mountain will be so big in troubles in mind that they'll say well it's probably not meant to be this year. Watched the Montreal Ottawa game -- but it sure felt that way right right you know I they had all the emotion almighty. And I had a winner go home and and they played their rear -- talked to start the game. And mystical start at the moment things are all part. I think it was the last thought political power play goal. And and Paul Maclean put his fourth all right now. As the power play unit out of respect to be opponents and if you look at back in -- well. They can all part of it gets when when things start to happen like. You make the case stale for the Bruins here when the whole thing. The rest he saw in the third period and overtime that's the guy you have to have right I understand he was all world but I mean you have to be kind of that sort of level now. I gotta be really good I mean I think it is better than it seemed at one yeah. I'm Stanley Cup cup leader okay all -- -- -- battery in my opinion the deeper I don't think they need -- Tim Thomas like. Performance. To be able when that this Stanley Cup with the technical and about about that. All the play again last night after the series set. It shouldn't call the game occupation all the colts and the because he'd chew up the colts and it you can whip and and I I think that that's where they're at right now. Well I I think this guy is a legitimate number one starting NHL goaltender I've felt that by prolonged time. He sees it that any help call any -- -- he like the direct polar opposite of Tim Thomas and somebody waves. I think the team Waltz played a problem. Date they love what he brings to the table facing the world. You know halos say news coming gotten some steam here in terms of the conversation I remember go back I heard too tight nit -- decided to trade. Yeah which one was -- I was Gerry Callahan yes but let's discuss dollars and plus star. Well what's the trade deadline today dale or I guess the the the so our game two we we have a conversation play him playing pretty well. What's your take on how he's playing him in the prognostication of him going forward if they do win tonight. Your example -- energy is earlier today. I did you think in the -- is that perhaps our last night when Oprah spot. Yeah I thought the last three were pretty good nailed it he was it was at the institute put it earlier frozen -- Other segment are in error. Getting lots of shots and legitimate scoring opportunities. And it's like you know Ortiz in the final three at bats are not falling right now. And at the moment is -- finding the back of the net. It not for lack of effort is not for lack of Koppel on the part of I put a lot of the last few days was not built -- and Tyler taken they're going to be I guess attached to get their entire NHL career I'm gonna say yes. One -- and people are gonna understand it completely in the same way I think Patrice Bergeron. Is one of the best players in the national hockey. I think that I ever say it's going to be a better player -- Phil Kessel -- activist court. He's gonna be a better player he's gonna do more -- it. He's gonna of one thing he worked in its -- and be patient capsule but no where the owner and it that the Ike it's in Italy he's going to be a better player in castle in the long -- Do we assume this team if if and when they move on dale might get better. When the production comes on Bergeron marsh and -- line. But scary to think about it right I mean -- it probably you know inaccurate -- to assume that that preaching and Lucci to Orton can. And continue to produce at the rate they are it's more like a court -- -- the way he was sitting in the first month of deceit and you got to compact and norm at some point. Are -- and they well. But I think that Bergeron and and -- and say -- back to normal which means their production gonna go up there and produce more. They're going to be better. Yeah I think this team as well they're playing time right now it's up more in the tank IP Seymour. Content can try to play any better than they played in the previous game a game that they lost. -- -- it's a great point and and it was one thing that I heard Randy Carlyle their coach say after the game and he was he was. Uncharacteristically. Frank frenetic -- coach here. He said the loss was like a vacuum because you know we couldn't get any more than we -- And -- and I think he was being brutally honest they emptied the tank and -- -- of -- It's why you wonder if there is such a thing it's helping psychologically scarred aren't they after what happened in India or the other. They recall mark -- because a boy chuck -- is that the deal. Well I think it makes the most sense believe it or not club doesn't call it tightened Tellme is included dead -- -- normally you'd expect -- what that. I hit it makes total sense that that's the case I don't know that it may be precautionary. And wanna make sure that like -- OK and -- have alternative. Beyond that he Hamilton he's not okay. You know I know -- was beat up as I said the other night on on the post and -- Hockey players -- property it would need to begin with -- -- -- -- -- the most occupiers. That one should see that Arctic blocked three shots into -- more after he was playing on one leg. Was an amazing thing to watch he would beat up pretty good it makes sense that he's the guy that they're there try to get some insurance or I don't know whether or not going to be able. It -- final question for me if you're Randy Carlyle what is your speech sound like before they take the ice tonight. What can you say to this team. Egypt and then I mean you're out all the normal cliches you gotta play it on -- for the time. Just when you warship just squat when you were -- this time out on the ice. He's got a real problem on on his -- that's right now he's got one good defense Eric -- sentence but not. -- put up jokes for a moment here at their best defense there. That he had collected the used that defense here for the most part against the Bergeron lie which helps explain. The lack of production from those guys. But what it means is that he's got a pretty sub pare some part expensive they're going out there against the great line and you see what's happening. He's got a site tonight. Like keep doing their shutting down Marshall -- hope we can outscored the other guys were quite move that defense pair that they're a little more physical against great line. And then take my chance that you know virtually all those guys walk like a rocket. He'll talk all the normal stop apart with -- -- don't worry about anything else one shift at a time one period at a time. And any -- -- and you know you've been been in tough situations before atop one out don't worry about it he'll find a way to get it done and I'm not sure they'll believe it but that's what they'll side. And my guess is down the hall Julian won't have to say much of anything if at all they know what the care -- that on the end of the stick right. In what I don't think -- -- -- I mean you're open normal you know your life like and dislike that sort of thing but I don't think there'll be any. Incendiary speeches from upload. They know exactly what's at stake here they've got a veteran leadership with in the dressing room. That they've already you know passed that message around they were probably -- -- middle plane on the way home from Toronto. I don't think -- not a whole lot to component that's. That's going to be fun would you Watson -- thanks for the time enjoy the -- enjoy the weekend. What part Lauderdale Florida with -- and -- I -- on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTE.

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