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May 9, 2013|

The Bruins have almost finished raking the Leafs, the Red Sox struggle from the mound, Miami Heat fans show their level of class.

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I'm no going to live -- -- He's somewhere around playing with my game -- stood there a planet -- do it high fidelity -- them sound with your. -- Toronto. That's right Boston Bruins preparing -- finish raking beliefs. -- just about 25 hours from right now. David grades you scored his third gold and -- thirteen 06 overtime Wednesday. In Boston Bruins a 43 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs. And a 31 lead in the playoff series. Ricci VGA driver was shot from the faceoff circle of them went way. -- dated Joseph when leading a best of seven series 31 three to one and a two run up to twelve and one. In their last fifteen games in Boston here's last night's number one start days. And you know we've we've found out today we -- down now you've also going to first -- back. And I got to -- going to be going and okay. Jack Edwards for the original call compliments of nests and in David -- course -- -- his life's been completely. On a percent hot. A quick check for tonight because you're heading to Fenway Park right now 59 degrees with a 50% chance of precipitation and -- in all 50% of right now. However by 8 PM precipitation probability drops 10% and then by 9 PM 0% so expect the ball game to replace him right now. -- Boston. The Red Sox pitching staff. Hasn't just pooped the bed this is like Al Roker does to girls and a cup after a taco fast. Washed out by pro Jews will -- the immortal trio moved Doumit and Garcia did the damage they were eleven for fifteen last night. The twins -- solo that Oswald -- RCA cable reported Jeep with a front of his name which is -- Between him and will -- in dim wit they scored six times and drove in six now. All of this adds up to a craft mastic jumping the RA for the rookie -- Webster easier rate which was ready now nearly twelve. Have a service and then do we do Brian Gay men did he smoke don't know. Well he had six earned runs in five innings and seven ads. Tonight Kevin Korean three to two point victory against John Lackey one point 23 point 52. And bad news. When the Red Sox. More bad news from the pitching department. The inside of his right -- Bruins badly discolored. Joel Hanrahan now has been added to the sixty day disabled list he plans to visit. Doctor James Andrews on Friday the results of the test administered to communicate nominee senator doctor Andrews but. It's stuff flexor pro -- strain of that forearm. Which could involve -- of the all of our collateral ligament. Here's the general manager of the Red Sox. We knew that -- was gonna require some sort of significant period of rest and as is the case that these things to include pitcher and and an -- issue. You know our our. Our initial. Work is always focus on trying to see if we didn't manage this situation -- certainly. You know. Did get a pitcher back on. Without doing anything invasive he's got a real injury and we just got to keep gathering information and ultimately allow him. Be comfortable with the decision. To have as. -- the worst case scenario would be Tommy John surgery -- -- -- and of course he could save some money by going south of the border and having me Tommy Juan surgery or going over Japan having -- tummies -- Surgery Miami. -- the number one employment opportunity is selling crack or being a cop. Game two last night after denying technical fouls to rejections in a whole lot of pushing and shoving. The end results were as follows. The biggest post season win in heat history. The biggest post season loss to Chicago Bulls history. And that of 37 point difference between the two teams Ray Allen. At 21 points in nineteen minutes -- meters ten for ten from the stripe that -- it's -- even cure. -- angered Turkey DG. And serotonin a 191. Went for the Golden State Warriors even matters series Klay Thompson a career high 34 points and fourteen boards. Stephen Curry had 22 for Golden State which had not won in San Antonio. Since 1997. Kobe Bryant says that he never gave his mom permission to sell mementos from his high school days in early professional basketball career. -- is in a court battle over whether hundreds of items can be auctioned off and his mother. Pamela Bryant says her -- holder. The memorabilia was hurts Kobe is up. Punk ass bitch she erased earlier this year to auction off through -- Verlander Jersey based in golden part auctions and received a 450000. Dollar advance. This week lawyers for Kobe Bryant wrote to the auction house demanding it cease the sale in June here's -- quote from -- I never told my mother that she could have my personal property let alone could cited for public auction. I confronted her about her false statement that I given my memorabilia her he wrote in his court filing which received by the Philadelphia Inquirer. I said there were mum. You you know I never told you can have the memorabilia. -- response was. Asked. Let's just do. It of course this is untrue since my wife and I request you return my memorabilia several years later I don't know what Kobe Bryant makes. But any shot up -- his mom keep the money and stop being a big jerk. A man arrested for trying to steal a case of beer. Had a very unusual accessory to this crime it was a mouse in his pocket. This is what those. You know so it is not so. John Jacobson -- when he allegedly took a swipe your case appears is being unloaded and -- cedar -- organ that was caught by the distributor who chased after. When he was taken into custody Jacobson. What was found with a live miles in his pocket. The suspect's father who has been contacted to claim possession of the mouse before his son was taken to jail and charged with robbery and -- No charges have been filed against in my house. And Marco leave Florida woman from broccoli allegedly threw -- dated so long kitchen knife and her boyfriend after he carded in her base. But it will ever and burns. Told the collier county detectives that arguments -- -- him -- watching TV -- says a portrait purposely asked gassed while walking buyer. On is always a part of we didn't catch it. When officers responded to the report of a possible stabbing me -- birds -- of the house with cuts on his abdomen and is left arm and a streak in his pants. The victim told authorities his stomach wound came when burns and he were arguing in the kitchen over money he said she through the night -- left the house came back struck him in the arm with a stick. According to report the victim makes no mention of the went flatulence what continually stated that if she returned he would kick her ass. According to collier county court records in the rest record -- -- -- eight times this is woman now. Between 2005 and 2012 including charges of cocaine possession billion -- show of support and assess as organized coupled -- -- We now know the identity of the Miami Heat standard decide to sticker middle finger righted Joseph Gibbs -- broken nose faceless -- her name is. Philip -- Tobias and she's the bird flip recordings were daughter in the sun sentinel reporting. The daughters that are -- wanna comment but. Tobias the mom is best known as the drug addled woman. -- divorced three times before marrying hedge fund managers set the bias. Whom she was been accused of murdering by -- Internet psychic. -- she also possibly -- of sickness at the buys on the six party circuit and maybe once kidnapped the gay stripper named tiger -- you have that written down I've got more for you. It's all according -- -- magazine story about set to biases death. America was tanking Phyllis were often appear at the office and demand cash give me 151000. -- dollars you would say. On one visit according to a staffer. She'd promised device that promised those who would stop using cocaine which she didn't believe him in -- fall of 2005 the couple was having dinner in Palm Beach and six other people. Just after sitting down it was jumped from receipts. Waste their lives over to -- -- and began sucking. She was searching for cocaine residue. That's a weird chick there. Saint Petersburg Florida Jarvis Sutton -- Saint Petersburg man accused of misusing the 911 system by calling. Eighty times in one day. To request Kool Aid burgers and we'd be delivered to him. Tampa Bay times reporting the 34 year old Sutton -- emerged number eighty times on a Sunday. He admitted to making these calls the Kool -- burgers and we did. We're never delivered but Saint Petersburg police say set to start chewing on the foam attached to his metal cage. This state history and birthdays Lane Kiffin USC head coach 37. Hall of fame point guard Calvin Murphy 64. Tony what is 52 Steve -- have been forty seven's hot actress Rosario Dawson is 33. The prince of Wales Prince Fielder is 28. Mike Wallace was born on this date in 1918 in Brookline Massachusetts but he is dead dead. And Billy -- turns 63 to. He's been alive for the longest time. May ninth 1970 for the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee opens impeachment hearings against Richard Nixon voting to impeachment recounts. The result of a scandal involving the bungled burglary of the offices of Democratic National Committee the Watergate apartment complex in Washington on May ninth nineties every three. That would be exactly forty years ago today Johnny Bench hits three home runs our future hall of Famer Steve Carlton. And on this day in 1914 president Woodrow Wilson. Issued a presidential proclamation. That officially established the first national. Mother's Day holiday. To celebrate. America's mothers. So for all you mothers out there in advance this is your weekend it's coming up. The daily planet brought you by a Mikey atoms -- doctors that's right he's my doctor doctor Robert Leonard he's the best look younger feel younger. Ditch your hair back for crying out loud call 1800. Get there.

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