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Leafs and B's showcasing why the NHL Playoffs are the best, period

May 9, 2013|

The NHL Playoffs are ALWAYS exciting. And we want to crow about them with you.

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-- upcoming appeared fifteen minutes and then right after that answer the question jerk which means we need questions please good wants any question you got. Well we're saying yesterday -- does not have to be either war. It can deal why it can be how it can be a should I do this she might not do this. It can be like -- we can help you with your life Michael is a successful -- So I can help people with their lives her -- daughter -- But you gotta wonder about my agenda. Longer you do well I don't know you're good if you if there appears today what we view what would you do in this situation. Well maybe I'll tell you something that I should have done or wish. I had done that may not necessarily be the right thing for you. May be trying to correct some of my mistakes from the past. And then I'm gonna tell you something wrong of me Ford I would go to you -- you have to be very selective. Now if you -- let's -- relationship advice. You're good with that I'm a good regulation 379837. Any question you got we will try to answer coming up. Just after 545 today 37937. The reason. I feel better about the Bruins and I did at any point leading into the playoffs is to grass and he is playing at a level right now. It is different from what I've seen from him before different from when they were he was the goalie in the playoffs a few years ago -- they lost to Philly he different from anything I've seen during the regular season. He's playing with such poison more than that such confidence. I have confidence in the whole team because it just seems like okay. What that is -- -- I don't know if you have questions about him coming to the playoffs -- -- I don't mean I had questions like I didn't think he was a good goalie but I didn't. Think he would play as well -- confidently. As he has for the first four games of the -- which are certain Jack Edwards was here for an hour and at 3 o'clock hour. And we talked about Tuukka -- they've they've brought it up last down the broadcast to talking about some the vezina trophy finalist. Tuukka Rask is not one of those finalists and they had the stats comparing him to other other guys in the league. Do you think that the stats or inflated I don't. Maybe -- -- if you look at Tuukka Rask on paper did this took arrest on paper match the guy. That you saw during the 48 game regular season he'd look I -- give it looks better him. Well -- -- during the regular season. The goals against average was two -- Very strong save percentage. Oh wanna share of you know what good number of games. Did he look like that guy. Because I know we had a conversation a while ago where you thought the the stats. Didn't really capture. Who he was hidden there may be played better he didn't play as wells the stats say he did with -- -- I was send our -- with -- restaurant rigorously yeah I. I think with a Rask I think that your eyes can -- you a little bit because it he doesn't. He doesn't sprawl around like Tim Thomas to make too many spectacular saves he just is in front of every -- And I think that's what he did last night I know we gave up three goals but given the amount that the Toronto attacked him. I thought he did I thought he was fantastic and everybody reserves in the game Texas as arrest did you guys you don't watch last night. Too many -- -- in one goal that was the -- was screened on another that he was he was he was great last night another one. Federation -- -- real -- Another -- You let up three goals last night they almost lost how is that good night hours -- -- -- I guess you and I watched different games I I I sought to grass last night that that was great they kept them in the game even after that the leaves that scoring chance after scoring chance I'd like he was so good last night. Duties of Braintree was gone and. I got a question we're looking like in the morning challenges like the guys and keep the peace. Once you thought you talked -- witty and England TV and the that it won't be ridiculous topix rose -- that was great -- -- luck. Until all of them. A lot of good work I -- that we want appreciate that is absolutely. I'm Bob -- gain weight you were talking about the Bruins -- what you do what goals scored yeah. Just what you guys said. I would put that out yeah I clapped like closed my own baby was gone. I couldn't believe the way that globally and I just should look like there are about to let him on every shot they turned it around and scored. Yesterday's price the two top moments in my life the birth of my daughter which at least to some clapping and then also when the Bruins scored last time Michael game four against the Toronto always remember that -- aim Michael. Yes I think that holiday. -- -- -- I am not surprised to. Turn my holiday stress that -- Johnny -- on. He got up. He got all -- It's still early and India score or the senate I have just recently started watching hockey. And I know how so hard and that all like this sport. Or you know whether it's you know there are the heart racing in the overtime appeared to note one on diet or. Why -- -- inherit my I hit -- but it I just. I like how -- Everett never -- and a sport so basically. Like orchestras are not locked in any game out. And I understand that you know what I understand -- -- being played out in this great sport at all. -- expect it a great lover and an update on a Mike at bank. Our Johnny and I think you you you mentioned this before about. You know casual fans. I think you get get get casual fans. Just by that the game being compelling on its own don't think you have to do anything. Different you don't have to. -- have to change the rules of the game we don't have to. Don't take away -- opposite take away this take away that -- -- still think you have to do with hockey and what you have to do to get casual fans. If you're watching playoff hockey. You just make sure it is it's accessible people can see it. And I think you get. And that Johnny NHL figures that out the wolf find out whether or not right out of John in the NHL gets back on ESPN double figure out whether or not like that to be back area because right now when you talk to people outside of of cities like Boston who truly want to find it. They don't even lowered his kitchen not for -- they don't they don't find -- Michael. They don't they don't know that it's on they don't even know or indecent or is let me say this diplomatically out of be diplomatic. He's smarter. Can't find a hockey -- everybody. Everybody. And OK there's a remote. As a remote -- you pick up that remote and you push guide. And you can find their way to keep it. Companies make it easy for you now introduced. If you're looking for sports and nothing else. You don't want the that's fine you don't want HGTV. That's fine you know -- you to -- all the sports that are on tonight -- sport by a sport by sport you -- -- -- I -- Gary Bettman is job one -- remind me not to hire you was the director of marketing because the just telling people to be smarter argument. Probably isn't gonna work for the NHL so they've got to find a way to convince people outside of some sort through -- that forget our Gary -- here for -- to which you really believe you think. It's acceptable. In 2013. Or somebody over the age of let's say nine. To say while I can't find it I've -- to watch the game and they're legitimately. Interested in watching the game. It is probably aren't they in the neighborhood of 7 o'clock maybe eight -- dirty. They wanna fight it it's acceptable -- -- I can't fight. You have a team. I haven't I think it's embarrassing for those people are unacceptable all right now it doesn't mean I don't want them as they hands in this or any of stupid people out there who can't final hockey game. -- that but that doesn't mean I don't want them we're watching my product. I want their eyeballs on the television set and the and it just that a pretty poor job around the country of doing so -- on the camp -- A pager or I -- I wanted to good talker aren't the callers said you know. Can understand why he never watched. NHL and -- You know I think in regards to it's just been truly locked out that have taken place over the. Iron Man. I don't know the ratings went up after the lockout both times. Certainly this time I'll have to check my facts the first -- may have been when they -- TV networks may be wrong on that -- are the first time you know we went away from ESPN it was lights out so -- Outdoor Life Network but this time in -- vs this time the ratings went up when they came back they were so excited to get to gain back the paper ratings went up. That's great surprise that it is the other thing art art -- So greens and any Albert the other sports regards. The regular season -- the playoffs in just a lot. It's a whole it kicked it up as a -- the number of matches. Think even more suddenly NBA -- even more than the MBA. I I I -- they still think there's that. Just. Eighteen of tighter competition in cart again they are I I don't eat as many people -- As -- -- losing streak or -- break -- the end when it but that's my. -- out of appreciate the phone call there I don't I think. Look at it it doesn't matter we're not sitting here to try to market the NHL that's not our job -- enjoying watching here from Boston right now and trying to figure out who this Bruins team is -- and whether or not what we're seeing for the last four games is the real deal. I'm inclined to think it is I'm inclined to think that they are playing at a level similar to how they did 2011. When they went all the way and one thing. And I'm inclined to think that Tuukka Rask will be different from Tim Thomas really being the most significant difference between teammate and team -- Is what was in that that a -- zone that Thomas got himself in to about halfway through that playoff run. It's pretty darn close in the eighties he's just were playing without much confidence and so different he's so big he's so well positioned he's so calm back there. That when when you see some of those breaks -- -- we've got a dead to rights. It looks like he's got the perfect angle and every shot that's it's impressive rates of the -- -- -- -- -- the NHL here and view on the we're so focused on the series. With beliefs and have you zoned in on another series. And have you found a team especially in the Eastern Conference have you found a team. That you're either looking forward to playing or team that you fear playing in the east I'd still like to play -- I don't think they're that good even other probably can take down -- hope that happens tonight I'm a little afraid of the New York Islanders if they do get past Pittsburgh. They're part of a lot of confidence but I probably gotten to watch more games in the west. And I'll although they are they are enough in the and a battle. With the blues I still really like that can steam I and so loved watching them last year for the Bruins were out and found myself rooting for the discuss the style they play -- it. And I Chicago and I -- I started after a great start and -- start I'll be honest I'm not see them as much class have you know. Now can I am not not all is watching Golden State got up at night. You know look at that and I I gotta admit the Golden State San Antonio in game one. Al Golden State had a five minutes left some out there. Gone State's gonna win this game and they were shocked to have to learn the next morning how often does that happen. And that in the Twitter in the Twitter rage. Where you wake up -- in find out that. That a team that you thought was was out of it actually won the game in overtime so and I haven't. It mean with the with with hockey. I'm just looking have been so locked in on the series I'm really paid attention anybody else Bryant and at a Wal-Mart -- It just so where there are career oriented. Holidays. Expect holiday house you know -- don't. Eight great -- the other girls and older -- there approximate number of playoff part you really. Just a couple quick things I don't know about you guys watching I know. Ali said he EU to delay it for a little bit listener radio and not let. I love Jack Edwards please see our outlets that -- nineteen times what the Toronto Maple Leafs fans were cheering. Go -- go. It was driving. Bunkers. I don't think those are fortunate or. Gold chart is go. -- she's making her seat something -- -- we -- -- what they're saying import poster art art art tiger at the super. Tomorrow you watch that game last night your take away it was the Jack talk too much about the crowd. Are there are other things image adolescent the Bruins were one of the most exciting games we've seen the that make you happy by the end. -- I thought it was certainly not so what you are saying about their illness was phenomenal and I ended up doing a Good Will Hunting when they want. Or -- up and Apple's alerts. Back so I enjoy that yeah I mean up and down fast paced back and forward and he took the rest Eric had. You know -- preaching that Patrick it was last. Has Gregory -- a pretty fun nice to see them win last night -- more fun to disclose this thing out tomorrow night and they want to dissect -- detector. Dexter says. That is a four year old -- Picked up the remote Arafat and Ann -- or your I believe it I didn't say it was powerful Smart people I'm sure war heroes -- -- four year old son. Could tell the babies that are affected you know the -- -- go to channel twos 63 that's where my show if I can do I can help you with it.

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