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Salk and Holley's Miked Up and Answer the Question - 05/09/13

May 9, 2013|

Is that dude calling from his shower?

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-- Mean it's so rude I can't believe that -- so yeah. Now. This is around you your friends. -- -- -- And lines unfortunately all good things come to me in the weeks and Mike doubt we've -- and Ali I have -- -- and blow it. OK Mona Mountain View high right now you -- Elmo yeah dial 6177793535. In that no I don't court. I go to. For the reversed if a kid and now. My job to do have a problem turn off his nation it off weeks salt can holly. Love this in the AT&T -- like you do it screws loose yes if you are not annoyed by the start of overtime with Jack Edwards obvious passion for Toronto. Castle and there are fans after every guy who just loved that game. Jack Edwards. Loves the game but I get annoyed by this. I got annoyed by the shots all the was shot into that platinum. In Toronto are going crazy. -- It's enough although the first one night they had -- that -- -- looked like Jewish prayers yells and last night they were playing -- that you. What is going on Toronto's -- mass conversion of the stadium on -- and so we -- the same the same crazy do with you -- that occurred. At all retire. About -- -- -- -- -- It's inspector that we're better regulatory group W is doing where's your regular thing I I've seen it on television -- over and over again today and is so that. How often turn away Mike approached by -- -- yet live available. On your iPhone android device brought to AT&T needs of the text to donate line to benefit the victims of Boston Marathon bombing. Boston -- -- 108 donate ten dollars to one on Boston. Gatorade may apply equal terms that India dot org and what we. It or be like. -- -- jogs off date. It felt like -- do Boucher. I would like to see as part of my I don't forward age on Sox -- is awesome man imitation -- -- to me who could do the best songs. It's it is excellent street where you use your opened my application and he if you listen closely -- -- this guy it is. They guys changes. On this -- political. Coaching you guys think that doc thinks next year and that's what it depends. I can think of doors of things in the shower. -- sending a message to a radio -- it. -- our -- -- appreciate the support. Scrub themselves there are aware of where you are ordinary and governor of the home stretch adapt your body or just didn't start you listen to one of those interviews on demand audio menu could take that thing -- anywhere to anywhere -- shower. That believes that might have been -- it -- this doll now that we should develop and that was regularly he's got an intense dream and I don't think it there guys -- through this. Problem on our Lola political. Coaching what do you guys on our our daughter -- next -- that was not. That's where that again if -- used it just taken a shower -- he he seems very thoughtful very serious -- honesty was political. I -- one of those dirty showers now and then -- was us deploring to seek it in which is not a that's less money. That being a Canadian hockey you know the only thing good to come Canada just made in the rock are all things. And that is the band rush. He can tonight. I think somebody -- got a garden tonight. About you gotta go to. Guys got to go. Equity I would go see them -- artists on this tour want to really long stuff from the we discussed in the first set of do you like a whole new album and as a -- much play in the entire new albums that much. Apart geographically. Is that Toronto and Montreal because I -- a I -- -- -- it's such an awesome are working political wit of hockey executive. But it would've thought it would roll why didn't think. And their. But big I mean I give Toronto a lot of credit addicted to credit the organization that spanned the great I want to talk about golf company in the -- And that -- our personal taxes summit is the right it's not praying. It would not ready with that that was that was a shower without a -- to I don't know it was alto area I know the sound of rain. And I notice ourselves and it was a shock to you know you know you can do you really understands -- -- he had errors -- means is. On this boat that the political. Coaching what do you guys think that doc thinks -- and that's what it depends I can be. I think you know what it is he's standing under literally lit on building coping -- all the rain coming down that's -- -- -- -- -- and he's taken us okay. -- maybe geyser I don't know. It's -- -- -- at least 300 miles between my Treo pro and then says that Russia's tonight -- only apparently 730 -- I was cannot inform us. So. Thought it would really irritating and -- Jack Edwards aren't you have to question in my -- but you don't horrible spot that he got. With the car being able zero plus one might want whatever was. Inaudible all political you -- good -- that it is not you have a little subtle thing about -- second victory on the catwalk. Can't go -- about it if you what was thought it would -- to get your story and everything. I'm working on that I'm trying to be more of an -- was definitely wrong about that -- project -- -- -- -- not have come from a huge -- -- I think -- was wrong and didn't know the rule I just thought he. You spoke it was wrong and approximately that's the sort of make him for all I think great -- Missing that. Now. That I haven't thought about it though in that context that you could make it now. Under wondered what you. I don't. And she's still she proved just silk -- physical. Is that right -- -- and -- -- is that -- corruption and went up now. Too much you're trying too hard. With soap box is just trying to our philosophy sick so boxers are problem for a different reason. That material that material can. Launches or whatever -- just kind of if -- Government. Now. So that guy with the -- yeah. Guys that was my open Mike I was under legends and as you -- -- off and let out a text or whatever or one throws out -- that out whenever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't. -- -- don't know. I'm Dennis sainthood. 33 out there. They go all about -- and football and boy am glad don't you start that -- old. To. Prepare. -- still don't look old and oh yeah -- do to. Combat. Well. Okay. Okay. Cannot. That's as annoying August oh yeah his left listening out there and done we're done but nobody -- a thing of the them people it was. That was spiked up powered by AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. The most four G coverage in New England to answer the question here. Then it's time or answer the question -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. Mikey Adams is with us as always brings to the question -- brought you by -- restoration specialists -- your property your facilities manager or an insurance -- -- storage -- you have a disaster. -- -- -- and how you plan in place of model 87 Stefan. 4611111. -- -- -- -- -- How did you live in our way. Let's originally thirty minutes East Asia is my third crack down. And then and then. Trying to make it -- -- -- was -- -- making it knowing that you have a government like we haven't heard that noise enough to get a crying baby. -- Guys are jerks. Speaking under last night in under your kids. Oh the leaders -- angels. -- Group would like to use it for. Wait scared -- like it should look cute cute or fallen -- its not that. You're never scared on the aides -- know. How -- for answering you go astray you know -- 32. Under your. House and explain you. -- -- You knew and in this clouds -- this place got the technical expert that you might that's a big weather dorks like you have doctor -- on them and go to like this big conference. Number might want -- -- -- there there he's on terror and death. And my -- his big 56 news guys knows it it will -- welcomes it was gonna rain the record. Next question. -- -- should I stay at my wife or move back in with my parents to be morally it's all. Well it depends with your -- Historically it will work -- support you more information or details. She once it was. Your -- that your parents which is probably if my life is any indication they probably don't add to your parents cook. If your parents took a good deal maybe like maybe -- But maybe maybe get in there with your parents little more freedom and regular and their parents. Instead it will probably information about 45 it's 48 key question please 122. Via okay. He's 53 you know I don't -- -- way to get out -- and he had a legitimate to -- started but is there 122. And have problems. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's Orioles. -- nice to want that woman was given last night did you know. Yeah potter story about that woman or the complete story on a daily plan for the whole story. It's it's a deal. With -- times. The -- showed. Well -- point. Am I gonna talk with -- issues. One up no worries it's pouring now it's gonna stop this is also in Minnesota is not coming back in this game will not be rained out I promise you. What does he. What is better sex -- X or a friend with a occasional. While that's a good one is on different sex with -- -- -- taxes and it'll benefit I would say they're for two different purposes of sex -- -- -- -- what you can get it would winners. Napster had sex with -- -- is about. So let's just be about slump with a friend is your little more reserved as they're -- your friend. It is some weird -- and asks if you're. This is right in Britain this is right and I'm not we'll integrate right into bids were to continue bit what else what are some of the other pros and cons don't I don't really -- much lower its. Mike yeah you could happen to -- criminal have to anymore after that c'mon man. Next text message depends on the next you know getting it depends on the friend -- in general hopefully she's a girl okay at you know that's the point where is the extra forward as the excellent. I think there should be act a mile thing like let them at the X is. 300 miles away or more sex with index is better. -- you travel that far no she can't come back to you had to be. To. Against the remains that if it. Guys are here to a restaurant bill comes to 85 dollars is twenty dollars too much for the tip with good -- Well and not throw a point 5% or so despondent. No question. The -- -- -- -- with great service critical hire -- if you -- powerful did you tip on the pretax. It's just all come on now yeah -- I don't there -- people though log on Google freaked. Are you guys to step in when my energy out you better know LA and pre tax and now can't do that land the full amount the bill the bill. It's laps aren't you and Brad as a waiter yeah it's a wonderful I'm so obviously there are people -- for the government -- the preacher who recently. -- 20% opposed to order -- percent. And hopefully. That are posted higher and you were in an Applebee's or summit chilies -- -- Next question. Are you ordered extra cream sugar coffee for me popular coffee -- drive there. -- you realized it was really a quarter coffee and three quarters cream when you're about three miles to go back in demand. -- -- That's how much time you have every right unit to three miles in traffic you know three miles of clear. Drinks of green it's greed drives the worst is when you get the coffee that is -- -- there for six hours to. -- disgusting taste entering. Duncan because the tests are you gonna find another coffee shop with any other walk of word review arson just get another copy you can't -- area around just go to any coffee -- You know that go in the orders for its oats or -- copy item is cream topping off the shaking our response to. Putin's. What does it because it's the same place if you if you go to the regular coffee -- you know who's good who's -- -- some people can really. Make a nice cup of coffee they have a familiar face. And you don't trust them and they give you that coffee and sometimes it is just really disappointed with the same person. Thought about it this WP that's yet. We don't get it -- -- -- -- this is it wrong to be a single man and own either a -- to -- simple answer yes I don't know like he had it coming up next. Stackhouse are -- -- -- -- -- single man annual and cat or multiple cats get down off of failure recently for awhile -- ago. They cattle owner whose male he's got two cats and he strained his -- to use the toilet. Does not have a litter box that too much -- cats cats the cats used that -- -- -- -- -- -- Pretty good stupid pet tricks tomorrow on -- and Ali Mike -- up next to YouTube by.

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